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  1. EGN

    Leslie Grantham

    If he does die I wonder whether he'll pop Charon in the back of the head with a pistol to avoid the fee across the Styx?
  2. EGN

    John McCain

    Is Moscow near Wellington now?
  3. EGN

    Where Will The Next School Massacre Be?

    The problem in the US isn't guns, per se. Its gun culture. Why do we like fish and chips in the UK? Is it because it is the most fantastic lovely amazing dish ever concocted? Objectively, it isn't. But there's a chippy on every corner and we've been brought up to eat it, so we do. Guns are the US' fish and chips. They don't know why they like them but by god they'll create a fuss if you tell them they're bad for them. The whole 'criminals dont care about laws' argument is bunk. We know its bunk because, as has been pointed out elsewhere in this thread, banning guns has been effecive in every country that has done it. The reason behind it is simple; crims are business people. I'm not talking about nutters. Raoul Moat got his hands on a shooter easy enough through back channels but hankfully that's quite rare. If a crim doesn't need to take a weapon on a job, they won't. Sadly, the US model of everyone having a gun forces all crims to carry guns, with the consequences you see often. In the UK, they rarely bother because the heat brought down upon crims who use guns isn't worth the effort. With regard mass shootings, I'm not sure what else they expect in a country where a gun is no more extraordinary than a hammer. Its not a big deal to get a gun. Its not a big deal to carry it. Why would it be a big deal to use it? The 'I need it to be safe' argument is similarly bunk. Statistically, a weapon owner is far more likely to be injured and killed than someone who goes without. Unless you are highly trained and competent, you disproportionatly elevate your percieved threat level, without significantly elevating your actual offensive ability. I've seen a lot of our American cousins talking online in the last 24 hours about how if everyone was armed, this could have been prevented. It just demonstrated to me the ignorance that peole have towards their national obsession. A few saturdays down the gun club does not a response officer make. I've been highly trained, and by coincidence earned my 'Expert Combat Pistol Marksman' medal from the US Army during a joint exercise, and I wouldn't fancy my chances at safely removing the threat of an active shooter in a school. Seems like every fat softbody idiot who paid $500 dollars for a concealed carry permit is now a FIBUA expert and a crack shot who could safely put two in the chest of a moving target at 50 meters. Until they restore the respect that firearms deserve, this situation wont change. While half the country thinks the answer is more guns, it wont change. Its absolutely heartbreaking.
  4. EGN

    The Dead of 2018

    As the video suggests, yes he was in cheers. No, he wasn't the same caracter. They had to retcon Frasier's back story for the spin off, as he had previously claimed not to have a brother and that his father was dead. The latter was explained during Ted Danson's cameo in Frasier as being a throwaway comment made after having an argument with his dad on the phone. I can't remember if they addressed the claims to be an only child. Interestingly (okay, that's subjective) Kirstie Alley is the only member of the main Cheers cast not to cameo in Frasier. Not because of any bad blood; she refused the offer because as a scientologist she cannot be seen to endorse psychiatry.
  5. EGN

    The Dead of 2018

    I'm very surprised that he was only 77. He was playing the dad of a pair of 40 somethings in the 90's!
  6. EGN

    Joey Feek

    The logical conclusion, therefore, is that she must die after 1 Mar 16 as in this timeline he is prohibited from entering until after that date.
  7. EGN

    Joey Feek

    With the greatest respect could you hold off on the reset option till the 7th March, and allow Paul Bearer the greater chance to win having been the one who is exploring the long route. The gap between the 18th Feb, of Uschi and PB's pick is 12 days. Thus a further 6 days grace on the far side would naturally be favoured to better compensate the risk of playing the long game. Sorry, but new bids will be accepted from 0001 hrs UK time on 2 Mar 16 to allow the game to start afresh from that point. A line had to be drawn under the game when she lingered longer than expected and this is fairer than allowing multiple picks, which would enable people to benefit disproportionately from short guesses. There's no compensations for taking risk in life, let alone in death, therefore there are none in this sweepstake.
  8. EGN

    Joey Feek

    Fairly standard 'Not long left' article. The comments, however, show the upswell in feeling against the husband for whoring a corpse, while she gets it in the neck for not getting pap smears / Downs checks.
  9. EGN

    Joey Feek

    Because 'Murica. Also, seeing as I've started another new page, the remaining original sweepstake places are: Toast: 5 Feb Deadsox: 10 Feb Death Impends: 11 Feb Gcreptile: 13 Feb MPFC: 14 Feb Spade Cooley: 15 Feb Lozzie: 17 Feb Uschi: 18 Feb Paul Bearer: 1 Mar If there's no winner by end of play 1 Mar 16, the sweepstake will reset and all those who were wrong will, in a gesture I'm sure a good Christian like Mrs Feek would appreciate, be forgiven their error and allowed to guess again.
  10. EGN

    Joey Feek

    There is a moral conundrum as to whether she is foul of the 'famous for being ill' rule, however, she WAS a legitimate country music singer with 5 or 6 albums to her name before the cancer announcement, so it (IMO) is more a case that her already present fame was merely enhanced by the illness and circumstances surrounding it. I hereby dub this the 'Jade Goody effect'.
  11. EGN

    Joey Feek

    As promised, here is the updated sweepstake: Charon: 20 Jan 15 Shaun OTD: 21 Jan (nonscoring bidders: Morbidkid, Sir Creep) YWIWT: 22 Jan JiroemonKimura: 23 Jan Rotten Ali: 24 Jan Book: 25 Jan DirtRacer19: 26 Jan The Unknown Man: 27 Jan Switch: 28 Jan Phantom: 29 Jan Bibliogryphon: 30 Jan Radguy: 31 Jan Grim Up North: 1 Feb Eesti: 2 Feb EGN: 3 Feb (nonscoring bidder: Time) Handrejka: 4 Feb Toast: 5 Feb Deadsox: 10 Feb Death Impends: 11 Feb Gcreptile: 13 Feb MPFC: 14 Feb Spade Cooley: 15 Feb Lozzie: 17 Feb Uschi: 18 Feb Paul Bearer: 1 Mar If there's no winner by end of play 1 Mar 16, the sweepstake will reset and all those who were wrong will, in a gesture I'm sure a good Christian like MrsFeek would appreciate, be forgiven their error and allowed to guess again. Edit: Argh, out of my own sweepstake. The ignominy of it all...
  12. EGN

    Joey Feek

    The 'official' sweepstake post, as updated most days by me, is at page 4 and will be re-posted at the top of page 9 as and when we reach it. If you can't see your entry its likely because its there and not on one of the quotes people have made from it, which I can't edit or update. I have entered all the requests above apart from Morbidkid. As Radguy said you don't get another go just because you were wrong. Also, you were a non-scoring bidder on your original guess because you bid for a date someone already had, not the other way around. I have entered PB's bid of 1 Mar, but will not accept any later bids than that. If we reach 2 Mar without a winner, the sweepstake will reset and everyone (including you, Morbidkid) gets another guess. However, this is all moot because clearly she's going to kark it today. *crosses fingers*
  13. EGN

    Jimmy Savile

    I think the issue is probably more a case of what Eddie Large once had against him. Show us on the doll, Morbid...
  14. EGN

    Joey Feek

    Not at all. I shall also re-post the sweepstake at the top of the next new page.
  15. EGN

    Joey Feek

    Is Peter Falk dead?

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