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  1. En Passant

    Scottish Independence

    Personally I'd have gone for Oscar Pistorius this year, though. That's just because he's got a fat head and no legs.
  2. En Passant

    Paul Gascoigne

    I'm not sure I remember how the scoring goes, but four words out of five incorrectly spelled and ALL CAPS is a reasonable attempt at a "bollocks in brevity" record surely? (allowing that GAZZA, is not a mis-spelling of course). Succinct of you to point out the purpose of your post in advance for those that might somehow miss the point however, kudos for that.
  3. En Passant

    Ebola and Other Viruses

    I woke up this morning in a terrible state, I was covered in lottery tickets. I dashed to the doctor and he said, "Ah, I've been expecting this, the uk's first case of tombola." Can somebody direct me to the coat rack? I'm sure I saw it on the way in.
  4. En Passant

    The Chequered Flag

    http://metro.co.uk/2...helmet-4902312/ Well I would imagine they have got a close up of the damage then? To the rock? Yes.
  5. En Passant

    Deathlist Swap

    This has been nagging away at me for a bit. Assuming you had the power, who is the one person (and only one) you would swap onto the deathlist to replace a current incumbent and why? in order that this is not just a free for all regarding the most hated people on the planet (or the most respected), perhaps there should be some similarity between the two choices, such as similar profession, or from the same country? My current choice would be Clive James off and the ever popular Piers Morgan on. Reasoning I guess is self-explanatory however for the record - James made me laugh a hell of lot and had a lot of pertinent and objective views (to my mind anyway, doubtless others disagree), Morgan is a self serving arsehole of the first order with no detectable humility at all. Similarity - Journalism. Since I'm still a total noobski, two caveats: 1. I did search for a similar topic using advanced search but came up blank with "swap" and "swap deathlist". Naturally it's entirely possible that I missed it anyway or that it was worded in a way I hadn't considered. 2. I suppose it is also possible this idea will elicit the ire of some guests by suggesting currently healthy people are more deserving in some sense of being on the list than those currently there. And/or that this is a step too far for current members sensibilities. In either case, or of course some other reason I've inevitably not thought of such as "what is this boring idiot thinking of?", please simply remove it.
  6. En Passant

    Deathlist Swap

    Oh, um, seems I have failed to make myself clear. I'm aware how the deathlist itself works, just I joined right at the start of the year and too late for an actual DDP entry (gives me a whole year to bone up before I do enter one). This was more along the lines of a wishful thinking game, hence it's in the extra-curricular forum rather than the actual dl one. I knew it was a daft idea and that it probably only appealed to my wild imagination.
  7. En Passant

    The 3rd Death Of 2013

    Clive James, because he's probably the one I'd least like to die (he's been so right about so many things and made me laugh to boot) and I'm usually wrong in everything else I do. So a kind of reverse psychology vote.
  8. En Passant

    The Weather

    Well for some reason I cant see the pic. If you are not ou fait with current UK news then, Im guessing, its not a picture of a horse shoved between a Burger bap. I can't see it either,[#10171] You do not have permission to view this attachment.,perhaps it's a horse burger in a pretty winter wonderland setting.
  9. En Passant

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2014

    He'll beat it.
  10. En Passant

    The Dead Of 2013

    Surely there is a separate thread for deaths of rare pygmies? There's a separate thread for everything else it seems. Yup and it's confusing this poor newby head. Twice found something elsewhere, twice looked for evidence here and failed at first to find any, twice posted and twice found it had already been posted somewhere I hadn't looked, twice had to go back and edit/apologise. <facepalm> (twice).
  11. En Passant

    Jeremy Kyle

    Don't suppose there's any history of people appearing on here as a wishlist rather that a sicklist and, um, it actually hastening their demise? Probably not I suppose since Piers Morgan is still around. Pity.
  12. En Passant


    /rant Football does my head in. Overpaid self satisfied wankers with opinions that they think others should listen to because they can kick a ball about better than most. People paying any attention at all to these jerks because they can kick a ball better than most. All over the news as if it were some kind of news. It isn't it's 22 twats kicking a ball about. Can't have a ten minute conversation with any of your friends about anything else without one of them mentioning some bloody football topic and the other sheep following. Constant Facefuck updates about some damn team/result/upcoming fixture/managerial issue/ etc etc. 99 page threads about it on a site about deaths. If there were proportionally this many deaths in football perhaps I could grasp that. Oh there's more, but i'd merely be fanning the very flames I am complaining about and miserable old git that I am even I can only rant for so long. /end rant If this isn't even vaguely amusing to anyone (particularly those with no interest in football) please delete it. As you were. NB. Yes, I am aware that anyone not interested in football is unlikely to be reading page 99 of a football thread, never said I was too smart.
  13. En Passant

    Death Links

    Man killed by William Hill sign, (sigh, and edit: less than a day late, but still in the wrong thread, getting closer)
  14. En Passant

    Irate Visitors Rage Here, If You Must.

    A million monkeys with a million typewriters are getting closer. Or perhaps not.
  15. En Passant

    Fat And Fearless

    I'm not sure Churchill would have been classified as morbidly obese firstly, and also he would have had regular access to far better medical care than Robert Chew ever did Not being picky but is the second part of that necessarily true? Winny may have had access to the highest standards of health care 'at that time' but I'd have thought it's at least possible that Chew would have had access to more recent medical advances? Ofc with it being the good ole' US of A I have no idea of his medical insurance status and whether that would have had any impact. Just wondering as much as anything really.
  16. En Passant

    1. Prince Phillip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Unelected heads of state have no place in a democracy in my view. I don't personally mind if only a tiny percentage of the population turn out to vote, at least we had the option. I shall now duck as any monarchists/royalists throw whatever comes to hand in my direction.
  17. En Passant

    Mindy Mccready

    Said boyfriends "Unknown causes" revealed as:- demonstrating how to do it if you mean it (he shot himself, for when this link dies) - rather than merely risky attention seeking. 50/50 in my view it turns out it was more of her attention seeking whilst transferring the "risk" part. Call me uncharitable.
  18. En Passant

    New Here And Just Saying Hello

    Thanks both. Hate thinking up usernames as a rule. However this one somehow felt appropriate to the subject at hand.
  19. En Passant

    New Here And Just Saying Hello

    Unlikely to be the wrong thread for hello. Never can be sure though, but hey take a risk, Hello. Sometime lurker finally got around to creating an account.

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