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  1. God

    Margaret Thatcher

    IMHO This green and pleasant land has gone steadily downhill since she was ousted. Maggie made England strong Kizzbo. I hope she lives to be a hundred.
  2. God

    Ronald Reagan

    More induction work at last! Infinitely better than treading clouds whilst running all these angel training courses.
  3. God

    Michael Foot

    Micheal Foot? Nope, sorry. Michael Foot? Ah! Now that's a different story. And I know where you live Debra, and everyone else for that matter. Unfortunately, I am bound by the laws of heaven to keep stum.
  4. God

    Stephen Hawking

    Strangely? God moves in mysterious ways, my son. Oh and by the way Horsemen (yes, all four of you), straighten your ties.
  5. God

    Stephen Hawking

    It's probably not JP Law, who incidentally starred in the film: Death Rides a Horse IMDb synopsis
  6. God

    Stephen Hawking

    I am a retard. It comes with the job. Take it easy, dude. Life is too short.
  7. God


    Shouldn't that be Maximum - with an 'm'? Okay .. enough Is it dead? No. Is it dying? No. So, why don't the pair of you take it to a spelling bee forum or something?
  8. God

    Dead Losses (2004)

    Jesus, man. Atletico Madrid owner Jesus Gil is in intensive care. Difficult to picture a worse prognosis than the one quoted here: "He's in a state of profound sedation with signs of neurological instability - he remains in an extremely serious condition," said the Clinica Centro. And today is Friday. See you Sunday then, son. Eh?... Oh, yes..... I am God.
  9. God

    Dead Losses (2004)

    Mick Doyle the Irish rugby legend has arrived, together with his erm......... "larger-than-life" personality. No more up and under - more a case of down and under now. Mick Doyle
  10. God

    Dead Losses (2004)

    Welcoming Anthony Ainley to pastures new. Who is The Master now? God
  11. You who call yourself Yeti, The frog is cool. You may be wise to keep it. On a side note, the 'Blue Peter' tortoise has been returned to your world. I was concerned that when DM arrives he would mistake it for one of those crunchy meat pies you earthlings appear so fond of.

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