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  1. TickTock

    George Best

    Just announced..the pumps have ran dry and George has passed away.
  2. TickTock

    George Best

    Okay I along with all the press thought he would pop his clogs last night, but since he hasn't, I'll go for a late afternoon 15.30ish sending off.
  3. TickTock

    George Best

    Sorry this was a test to see if my Avatar image worked...clearly it didn't hmmm can't delete it now
  4. TickTock

    Name Shame?

    Can I be changed to URNUMBERSUPM8 ? Cheers
  5. TickTock

    George Best

    Oh Balls!! How can I change my name ...the user profile doesn't seem to be the way to do it.............
  6. TickTock

    George Best

    Thanks scsibear! Party hats LOL ...She's as tough as old boots though, maybe she'll spend years in an institution suffering from senility before she pops her cloggs....what she already has?...Oh I see, from 1979-1990!
  7. TickTock

    George Best

    Sort of ironic that George Best is expected to die on the same day that the UK aged old drinking laws finally get relaxed to allow all night drinking...bet he's kicking himself!
  8. TickTock

    George Best

    Hi I'm new here . Re George Best, seems even his Docs given up on him now..I'm going for 04.00am..that's renouned as being a favourite time of night for humans to drop dead...Reckon since it's a dead cert that he's gonna die tonight, they should let him go happy with an intravenous drip of beer : What about Margaret Thatcher? next year maybe?

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