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  1. Magere Hein

    Deathlist 2005

    Good list. I see that Pervez Musharraf and Clive Dunn didn't make it to the list, but that Hamid Karzai did. A fitting job description for Liz Taylor, too. Oh, and a happy 2005 to all. regards, Hein
  2. Magere Hein

    Dead Losses (2004)

    OTOH, being shot rarely only results in a flesh wound, despite what's shown in the cinema. But then, duels were not fought with high powered rifles. regards, Hein
  3. Magere Hein


    That's Unix Geek. Beer is piped through nose to keyboard. regards, Hein
  4. Magere Hein

    Things to do while waiting for Death ... 2004

    B|N>k regards, Hein
  5. Magere Hein

    Lord Scarman

    DeathList's second best performance ever, and there are a few days left in the year.... BTW: it seems Britain lost a good man in Lord Scarman. regards, Hein
  6. Magere Hein

    More Ideas & Possibles for 2005

    According to this BBC News article of May 5, 2004: I recommend this soldier for consideration for the 2005 list. regards, Hein
  7. Magere Hein

    More Ideas & Possibles for 2005

    Another oldie I thought was already dead, but isn't: General Vo Nguyen Giap, of Vietnam War fame. Born in 1912, he's in his nineties. I've no idea about his health, though, but he could make a nice outsider. regards, Hein
  8. Magere Hein

    Prince Bernhard Of The Netherlands

    It's getting draughty in the vault of Delft's New Church. regards, Hein
  9. Magere Hein

    Prince Bernhard Of The Netherlands

    News broke tonight on Dutch TV that Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands suffers from cancer of the respiratory tracts, apparently unoperable. It looks the English language news bureaus haven't picked it up yet. It seems like a good boost for his candidacy for 2005, at 93 years. regards, Hein
  10. Magere Hein

    More Ideas & Possibles for 2005

    I did some research on living Nobel Prize winners, and found the following possible candidates for 2005, all 85+ years old: Hans Bethe (Physics, 1967) born 1906 Joseph Rotblat (Peace, 1995) born 1908 Rita Levi-Montalcini (Medicine, 1986) born 1909 Ronald H. Coase (Economics, 1991) born 1910 Maurice Allais (Economics, 1988) born 1911 Naguib Mahfouz (Literature, 1988) born 1911 Julius Axelrod (Medicine, 1970) born 1912 George E. Palade (Medicine, 1974) born 1912 Milton Friedman (Economics, 1976) born 1912 Herbert C. Brown (Chemistry, 1979) born 1912 Willis Eugene Lamb (Physics, 1965) born 1913 Norman E. Borlaug (Peace, 1970) born 1914 Renato Dulbecco (Medicine, 1975) born 1914 Raymond Davis Jr. (Physics, 2002) born 1914 Thomas Huckle Weller (Medicine, 1954) born 1915 Charles Hard Townes (Physics, 1964) born 1915 Henry Taube (Chemistry, 1983) born 1915 Saul Bellow (Literature, 1976) born 1915 Paul A. Samuelson (Economics, 1970) born 1915 Norman F. Ramsey (Physics, 1989) born 1915 Jean Dausset (Medicine, 1980) born 1916 Robert F. Furchgott (Medicine, 1998) born 1916 Vitaly L. Ginzburg (Physics, 2003) born 1916 Andrew Fielding Huxley (Medicine, 1963) born 1917 Christian de Duve (Medicine, 1974) born 1917 John Warcup Cornforth (Chemistry, 1975) born 1917 Herbert A. Hauptman (Chemistry, 1985) born 1917 William S. Knowles (Chemistry, 2001) born 1917 John B. Fenn (Chemistry, 2002) born 1917 Frederick Sanger (Chemistry, 1958) born 1918 Arthur Kornberg (Medicine, 1959) born 1918 Ernst Otto Fischer (Chemistry, 1973) born 1918 Frederick Sanger (Chemistry, 1980) born 1918 Kai M. Siegbahn (Physics, 1981) born 1918 Jerome Karle (Chemistry, 1985) born 1918 Edwin G. Krebs (Medicine, 1992) born 1918 Nelson Mandela (Peace, 1993) born 1918 Paul D. Boyer (Chemistry, 1997) born 1918 Jens C. Skou (Chemistry, 1997) born 1918 William N. Lipscomb (Chemistry, 1976) born 1919 James M. Buchanan Jr. (Economics, 1986) born 1919 Joseph E. Murray (Medicine, 1990) born 1919 Owen Chamberlain (Physics, 1959) born 1920 Fran├žois Jacob (Medicine, 1965) born 1920 Baruj Benacerraf (Medicine, 1980) born 1920 Lawrence R. Klein (Economics, 1980) born 1920 Nicolaas Bloembergen (Physics, 1981) born 1920 E. Donnall Thomas (Medicine, 1990) born 1920 Edmond H. Fischer (Medicine, 1992) born 1920 Note that I didn't check their health, so more research is needed. Source: the website of Nobel Foundation. regards, Hein
  11. Magere Hein

    Arafat's (Inevitable) Death

    An aide of Arafat says his illness is not fatal, according to this BBC news article. I remember several heads of state whose expected demise was denied untill (and after) death, but I do hope old Yasser keeps on breathing another few months. I can't help thinking many Palestinian politicians who aspire to become Arafat's successor do the same. regards, Hein
  12. Magere Hein

    Alex Ferguson

    That's also possible, ranting is serious business after all, if pointless. I apologise for a silly joke, the kind computer programmers make when confronted with a logical 'or' question. regards, Hein
  13. Magere Hein

    Alex Ferguson

    Yes. regards, Hein
  14. Magere Hein

    Dead Losses (2004)

    Francoise Sagan, French author dies. More infromation in this BBC obit. It's bad news for the Darby Dead Pool. The numbber 2 had her as a unique pick. Adieu Tristesse, Hein
  15. Magere Hein

    Miep Gies

    I suppose she is. She's in her nineties, and I think I remember a TV thingy about her health deteriorating. Will she pass the famousness test, however? regards, Hein
  16. Magere Hein

    Pope John Paul

    It seems to me JPII is working hard at meeting his maker. According to this BBC article he Dutch television news sources say he made a remark that he suffers from physical discomfort. Go, Johnny, go! regards, Hein
  17. Magere Hein

    Derby Dead Pool 2004

    Well, it looks Fay Wray got Deathlist.net back at the no. 1 spot in the Derby Death Pool. It's a shame Red Adair wasn't included. regards, Hein
  18. Magere Hein

    Dead Losses (2004)

    BTW, there are quite a few very old Nobel Prize winners alive out there. They'll all pass the "fame test", so this may be a good mine for 2005 and on. regards, Hein
  19. Magere Hein

    Dead Losses (2004)

    Francis Crick, Nobel Prize winner and co-discoverer of the structure of DNA dies. Obituary Looks like another mised one. regards, Hein

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