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  1. Sticky Threads

    Lord Merlyn-Rees

    Merlyn Rees apparently dead. A unique pic for the Going Green team. Well done them!
  2. Sticky Threads

    Oscar Niemeyer

    оно намеревается? ... наилучшие пожелания к Yeltsin. Weyhey! I made hatchetman! That's something to tell the grandkids.
  3. I can't get past 791. I only got past 400 by turning my laptop upside down and defying gravity.
  4. Sticky Threads

    Ariel Sharon

    Is he a 'gimme?' There's a whole bunch of folk on DDP who have him on their team.
  5. Sticky Threads

    Dead Pop Stars

    Not that I'm aware of. Rolled a fair bit of paper though.
  6. Sticky Threads

    Rotten Ali's 2006 Page

    Nope. His constituancy is up the road from me. He's always looked like that.
  7. Sticky Threads

    Charlie Drake.

    Was that a spelling mistake?? It made perfect sense to me.
  8. Sticky Threads

    Charlie Drake.

    Well I'd certainly rather be dead than an Arsenal fan.
  9. Sticky Threads

    Dead Pop Stars

    Nope, but in the absence of a gardening and paper aeroplane fatality thread, this is as good a place to put it as any.
  10. Sticky Threads

    George Melly

    I don't get it. Why is a Viz character on the death list?
  11. Sticky Threads

    Alfredo Di Stefano

    di Stephano has been moved out of intensive care. Is that good?
  12. Sticky Threads

    The Hartlepool Deadlypool

    OK, Mr. Godot, it is up. The Hartlepool Deadlypool Everyone please check their teams for inaccuracies and bad links. Thank you. I'll send out an email to everyone later today, probably. Notapotato, is it too late to enter?
  13. Sticky Threads

    Derby Dead Pool 2006

    Do you think Angelina Jolie is going to bonk him to death? That's how I'd want to go.
  14. Sticky Threads

    Near misses 2006

    Bloody 'ell. Did I just walk into this year's pantomime?
  15. That is so f*****g frustrating, mostly because I'm totally S**t at it. My best distance so far is 465! Not great, but something to do while waiting for folk to die.

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