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  1. Oh, hell, it does! водка!




    оно намеревается?


    ... наилучшие пожелания к Yeltsin.


    Weyhey! I made hatchetman! That's something to tell the grandkids.

  2. I hate to sound like a pessimist, but he is not going to make it. There is no chance of him appearing on our deathlist.

    Is he a 'gimme?' There's a whole bunch of folk on DDP who have him on their team.

  3. If he really did mean tomorrow morning then he is way behind. I don't think I can wait that long. I'm hoping it will be up some time in the morning.

    OK, Mr. Godot, it is up.


    The Hartlepool Deadlypool


    Everyone please check their teams for inaccuracies and bad links. Thank you.

    I'll send out an email to everyone later today, probably.

    Notapotato, is it too late to enter?

  4. I should have added Longthorne but left him out too since he's so unfamous he wouldn't even get on one of those crappy celebrity shows even if he was well.

    He used to, but probably wouldn't at the moment.

  5. My first stab at this. Hoping for no points, obviously.


    Team name: You Can Have Zsa Zsa Over My Dead Body!


    Team members:

    1) Brooke Astor

    2) Ronnie Biggs (JOKER)

    3) David Crosby

    4) Ross Davidson

    5) Olivia de Havilland

    6) Alfredo Di Stefano

    7) Tom Finney

    8) Joan Fontaine

    9) Gerald Ford

    10) John Kenneth Galbraith

    11) Paul Gascoigne

    12) Larry Hagman

    13) Lady Bird Johnson

    14) Joe Longthorne

    15) Bernard Manning

    16) Peter O'Toole

    17) Gail Porter

    18) Elizabeth Taylor

    19) Margaret Thatcher

    20) Boris Yeltsin

  6. Alfredo di Stefano.


    Which is a blow, because in my DDP I have Paul Gascoigne, playing the ball out to Tom Finney on the wing.


    Who will meet Tom's crosses if di Stephano joins the team invisible???


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