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  1. Academy Award Winners

    First DDP-hit of the year for me. RIP.
  2. Dead Pop Stars

    Maybe Olivia Newton-John. She was No1 with You're the one that I want in the summer of '78.
  3. The 1st Death of 2018

    It would be nice if the new year starts with a big bang - Kirk Douglas!
  4. 1. Kirk Douglas

    Kirk at No. 1 again? How boring!
  5. The Hartlepool Deadlypool

    I'll try again: 1. Marieke Vervoort 2. Rayya Elias 3. Leah Bracknell 4. Lassie Lou Ahern 5. Dorothy Morrison (actress) 6. Teddy Johnson 7. Vanessa Goodwin 8. John McCain 9. Joanne Woodward 10. Elizabeth II Subs: Prince Henrik of Denmark Desmond Tutu
  6. The 18th Death of 2017

    I need another hit, so I say the Pope.
  7. Passed-Punks & No-Wavers

    Tina Weymouth of Talking Heads Gillian Gilbert of New Order Maybe Lene Lovich?
  8. Gala Atari

    Her nick name is Gali. She turns only 64 in December. There is a Eurovision thread. And I hate tags. What a pointless thread.
  9. The 17th death of 2017

    King Michael
  10. The 16th death of 2017

  11. 20 /20

  12. The 15th death of 2017

    A king is needed to break a record.
  13. The 14th death of 2017

    Quick quick... King Michael
  14. The 12th death of 2017

    King Michael I.
  15. The 11th death of 2017

    Billy G.