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    I am interested in classic nostragia. Carry on films, and On the Buses really interest me. So if anyone knows if anyone who stared in this sitcoms recently died, let me know please<br>Luv Em xXx

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  1. Hi, does anyone know what Reg Varney is up to at the minute? I no he must be hitting ninty this year, is he a good choice for the 2006 deathlist? If anyone knows where hes living and if hes ill, please let me know. Emma x [Now merged with existing thread - suggestion: use search facility before starting new thread - DWB]
  2. 16_f_herts

    Windsor Davies

    Does anyone think that windsor davies is a cert for deathlist 2006? I havent heard from him for ages but have heard hes still alive. Does any1 no what he is up 2 at da min and if he is a ill or anything?
  3. 16_f_herts

    Norman Wisdom

    Hi is 91 this year. What with all the stuff going on in his private life, i think at his age, he is ready to go now. What about Reg Varney, I dont no much about him except that hes roundabout the same age as Norman. Do u reckon he should go on the list too?

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