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    20 /20

    Had a new idea for a Dead Pool.Fortunately unlike Death by Numbers it will take less input from me.Basically aim of the game is to pick 20 candidates from the 1920`s.You need 2 from each year of the twenties from 1920-1929 and you must have one male and one female from each year.Candidates only qualify if they have a BBC national news article about their death and or an obituary The game carries on until we run out of names. As soon as one candidate from anyone`s list dies the pool will be immediately restarted and it is first come first serve. You can even be a bitch and steal someone`s entire list if you wish. It is a competitive game. The overall winner will be decided when there is universal agreement that a full list can no longer be made under the requirements. The pool restarts as soon as a link from the BBC is posted verifying age of the deceased (by their own standard).No two players can have duplicate picks and the age given on BBC will be accepted as soon as the article is published and pasted to this site.It has to be decisive at the time the news breaks. As soon as BBC give an age that matches the year of birth you have given them the pool will restart. If the age they give is different to the year of birth you don`t get a hit unless it is amended before another death that meets the criteria of a hit. Person with the most hits wins: Here`s my entry.No limit to how many teams can join Male Female 1920 Javier Perez de Cuellar Clarissa Eden 1921 King Michael of Romania Carol Channing 1922 Denis Norden Lillianne Bettencourt 1923 Shimon Peres Glynis Johns 1924 George H.W Bush Mary Warnock 1925 Hal Holbrook Dorothy Malone 1926 Fidel Castro Cloris Leachman 1927 Bhumibol Adulyadej June Brown 1928 Bruce Forsyth Ethel Kennedy 1929 Roger Bannister Betty Boothroyd
  2. Sean

    The 5th Death of 2020

    Leslie Phillips
  3. Sean


    Well isn't that convenient !
  4. Sean

    The 100 Club

    Crikey centenarians are dropping like flies.Even more than one would expect
  5. Sean

    Georgian Deadpool

    Updated for Lynn Cohen: ZZL:46 Shaun:45 Davey Jones Locker:42 Bibliogryphon:39
  6. Sean

    Georgian Deadpool

    Sort of a reverse pool and the opposite of the Elizabethan Deadpool.Pick 50 names of living people born between 12th December 1936 and 5th February 1952.When the Queen dies the game ends and those with the most names still breathing is the winner.If there is a tie it will go to sudden death e.g if two teams still have 50 names alive the game will continue until one is down to 49. All entries must have their own wikipedia page as of today 17th March 2017. It is called the Georgian Deadpool as King George VI was the Queens father and Prince Charles will become King George when he is King.If Charles dies before the Queen the game is still valid but the title will be an epic fail. Entries open until 23:59 on the 20th April 2017.No entries will be accepted after this.Here is my team. 1)Prince Charles 2)Princess Anne 3)Donald Trump 4)Arnold Schwarzeneger 5)Bruce Springsteen 6)Jeremy Corbyn 7)Jane Seymour 8)Alan Johnson MP 9)Helen Worth 10)Twiggy 11)Paula Wilcox 12)Sherrie Hewson 13)Lesley Joseph 14)George W Bush 15)Elizabeth Warren 16)John Bowe 17)Peter Hain 18)John Nettles 19)Melanie Phillips 20)Peter Hitchens 21)Sharon Maughn 22)Michael Kitchen 23)Nigel Havers 24)Derek Hatton 25)James Mattis 26)Peter Gabriel 27)Wilko Johnson 28)Duncan Bannatyne 29)Jack Dromey 30)Harriet Harman 31)Martin Shaw 32)Peter Tatchell 33)Louise Jameson 34)Meryl Streep 35)Peter Frampton 36)Noel Edmonds 37)Brian Capron 38)Ben Carson 39)David Troughton 40)Jeff Sessions 41)Eugene Levy 42)Elaine Paige 43)Alison Steadman 44)Elizabeth Estensen 45)Graham Seed 46)Jack Straw 47)Virginia Wade 48)Duncan Bannatyne 49) Billie Jean King 50)Mitt Romney
  7. Sean

    Lewis vs. Trebek vs. Reid

  8. Sean

    26. Genesis P-Orridge

    Maybe the commentators know something we don't .
  9. Sean

    Roberta McCain

    I wouldn't pick her.Too old.Not enough points.Have set a limit of under 80s.
  10. Sean

    48. William H Gates

    Surely the John McCain one will suffice?
  11. Sean


    Like 20/20 and 50/50 pick ten names from the 1910s.First player to have no picks left alive wins (no murdering picks though).Obit rules for this one are any. worldwide professional news souces (In any language) including local news sites.An online link must be provided and the provenance of the source verified.Blogs do not count.If a pick doesnt have a wikipedia profile please list who they are in your entry.Picks dont have to be unique and if it turns out that someone on your list wasnt born in that decade you can replace them.Fill your boots.Here is my team 1)Zsa Zsa Gabor 2)David Rockefeller 3)Ken Hechler 4)Huston Smith 5)Hutton Gibson 6)Clare Hollingworth 7)Irwin Corey 8)Brunhilde Pomsel 9)Roberta McCain 10)Lupita Tovar
  12. Sean

    2. Kirk Douglas

    Nope biggest Deathlist hit since Zsa Zsa and Ronnie Biggs .
  13. Sean

    The 4th death of 2020

    Joanne Woodward
  14. Sean

    The 3rd Death of 2020

  15. Sean

    Rush Limbaugh

    Exactly like when Thatcher died and people we celebrating in the street.Made the left a target from the right.I do think Limbaugh would be disappointed if certain people didn't wish him dead.
  16. Sean

    Rush Limbaugh

    If he dies does that mean Michael Moore Tony Danza Lars Ulrich Malcolm Jamal Warner and Fred Savage all die?
  17. Sean

    Rush Limbaugh

    Rush Limbaugh will make the news when he dies in Britain.Wont be a newsflash or headline news but will by no means go unnoticed.
  18. Sean

    Rush Limbaugh

    Seems a stretch that he will see 2021.
  19. Sean

    5. Daniel arap Moi

    Headline surely will have to be "That's arap!"
  20. Seeing as there is talk in the media about how many famous people we have lost this year following Victoria Wood`s death it strikes me how many have come completely out of the blue to the public (Bowie ,Rickman ,Wogan , Corbett (although he was quite old) Gest and now Wood).So I thought seeing as our comprehensive research appears to be eclipsed by quite a few complete surprises maybe we should do a kind of informal pool to guess the next unexpected celeb or "national treasure" that conks out with no warning. Here are the rules: -1 name per user -Named Celeb must be 85 or under. -The celeb can not be KNOWN PUBLICLY to be afflicted with Alzheimer`s or any form of dementia , any type of cancer, MND ,Parkinsons,diabetes,or have suffered a stroke or heart attack IN THE PAST.They must not have been in rehab or sectioned in the last 20 years also. -Unnatural deaths count as long as it isn`t expected i.e death row inmates. -Celebs can`t be obese. -If your pick announces any issues with health mentioned above that is ok as long as it was announced after you posted them. I am going for William Roache
  21. Sean

    The Generation Game

    I know I said I would never do another pool but I have come up with a cracker.Pick 20 names from the G.I Generation (1901-1924) Silent Generation (1925-1942) and Baby Boom Generation (1943-1960) and the first entry who has all 60 of their team snuff it wins.Obit rules are the same as the Derby Dead Pool ones.Duplicates are allowed.I have got my definitions of generations from the Strauss-Howe generational classification.Fill your boots. Me: G.I Generation (1901-1924) 1)George H.W Bush 2)Jimmy Carter 3)Robert Mugabe 4)Billy Graham 5)Kirk Douglas 6)Michael Anderson 7)Lawrence Ferlinghetti 8)Peter Carrington 9)Dr William Frankland 10)Piet de Jong -Zhou Youguang 11)Norman Lloyd 12)Jeremy Hutchinson 13)Richard Adams 14)King Michael of Romania 15)Shimon Peres 16)Diana Athill 17)Mary Wilson 18)Clarissa Eden 19)Sheila Mercier 20)Olivia de Havilland Silent Generation: (1925-1942) 1)Dorothy Malone 2)Barbara Bush 3)June Whitfield 4)Honor Blackman 5)Angela Lansbury 6)June Lockhart 7)Ysanne Churchman 8)Cloris Leachman 9)Doreen Keogh 10)Queen Elizabeth II 11)June Brown 12)Jean Alexander 13)Cleo Laine 14)Fanella Fielding 15)Bruce Forsyth 16)Shirley Williams 17)John Noakes 19)Tony Booth 20)Nobby Stiles Baby boom generation (1943-1960) 1)Martin Peters 2)Freddie Starr 3)Tim Curry 4)Ronnie Wood 5)Keith Richards 6)Joe Pesci 7)Timothy Dalton 8)Colin Baker 9)Robbie Coltrane 10)Nicholas Soames 11)Peter Mayhew 12)Chris Tarrant 13)Ian Lavender 14)Malcolm McDowell 15)Chevy Chase 16)Joni Mitchell 17)Linda Ronstadt 18)Richard O`Sullivan 19)Piers Sellers 20)Malclom Young
  22. Sean

    Why no Indians ever in DeathList?

    Ravi Shankar?????
  23. Sean

    Linda Ronstadt

    Yeah seven years with PSP.A must have for DL 2021 and a sure Drop 40 candidate if she makes it
  24. Sean

    Linda Ronstadt

    You can last many years with Parkinson's PSP on the other hand not so much.
  25. Sean

    The 2nd Death of 2020

    arap Moi

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