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  1. Amazed we have gone so long without a hit.Lots of low hanging fruit.Reminds me of penny slot machine where the coins are hoveribg over the edge.
  2. Bets on the next on the list on page 1 to die next? I am going with Gord Downie.
  3. Assassination would make him a matyr.Impeachment would disgrace him and the republican establishment would gladly bury him and his legacy.
  4. Annie Glenn widow of John is worth keeping an eye on.
  5. Isn't Roy Jenkins wife still going?
  6. We need a QO first.
  7. John Wraw is dead.No QO as of yet.
  8. He isnt.He is in very bad shape but not a dead cert.
  9. You need to replace Xiaobo.
  10. Zsa Zsa's leg needs 1 new name.Jiroemon Kinura needs several new names.
  11. I am astounded that he is still going.Looked like death for over a decade now.
  12. I had a similar encounter.
  13. Nanci Ryder born 1952 diagnosed in 2014.Doesnt have a wiki but very obitable as the publicist of major hollywood celebs.
  14. Aaandrew Aaaandrew
  15. Gascoine is pretty famous.Certainly a household name for anyone over a certain age.