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Found 687 results

  1. Grim Reaper

    Richard Adams

    Watership Down author now well into his 90s...
  2. Grim Reaper

    João Havelange

    This is the place to discuss Joao Havelange
  3. Banshees Scream

    Mary Tyler Moore

    Windsor - tell me what you think of a young Mary Tyler Moore? Just a random thought - Getting of the subject of royal woman with no body nor appearence.
  4. Jimh

    Jack Chick

    With JP2 unlikely to require an inclusion on next year's list perhaps it is time to consider a possible replacement for his holiness in the "Nearly Dead Religious Types" category. I would like to nominate Mr Jack Chick for this award. For those not aware of this gentleman's works (some claim him to be the world's most published author) you can check out his website >just here<. If you aren't keen on wading through that nonsense you can cut to the chase on his tract list page >just here<. Some of his best works revolve around some splendidly nonsensical decontruction of evolution and an almost beautifully simplistic solution to the whole Arab/Israeli conflict (convert the Arabs to Christianity). Whilst failing to turn me onto the word of God he has kept me laughing for a few years now. Mr Chick is now 81 and must be getting close to "going home to the Lord". Whilst rather reclusive (even finding his age is tricky) I believe he passes the fame test because of the sheer volume of works he has produced in his lifetime and the number of people who (perhaps without realising it) have read his ghastly little booklets.
  5. RobertMugabe

    Peter Sarstedt

    He has been ill for many years with progressive supranuclear palsy and is in bad health. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-3161595/Ephraim-Hardcastle-Queen-set-appear-Antiques-Roadshow.html He deserves his own thread, I know people like Sir Creep will not know of him, but then again that creep guy was born in 1997 and has no idea of popular culture. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-3161595/Ephraim-Hardcastle-Queen-set-appear-Antiques-Roadshow.html
  6. Lady Die

    Lord Snowdon

    Already posted in the "Lord Lichfield" thread.... I happened to glance at a well-known celebrity mag where they had photos of Lichfield's memorial service. Lord Snowdon was there & didn't look at all well. Maybe a possibility for 2007?
  7. Guest

    Brooke Astor

    Jesus! How long can this woman go on. Mind you I've seen pics of her from a few years back and she doesn't look bad for a 100-year old.
  8. Davey Jones' Locker

    Debbie Reynolds

    Well done, Carrie Fisher. You've killed yourself and possibly your mum with your lifestyle: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-12-29/debbie-reynolds-rushed-to-hospital-medical-emergency-reports/8152226
  9. VSBfromH

    Rick Parfitt

    Status Quo Star In Cancer Scare
  10. JiroemonKimura

    Piers Sellers

    Piers Sellers, the Oliver Sacks of 2016: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3404641/I-ve-no-complaints-spacewalked-220-miles-Earth-watched-hurricanes-cartwheel-oceans-British-astronaut-Piers-Sellers-makes-emotional-announcement-terminal-cancer.html Somehow still managed to get rejected in DSCDP, even though he has Wikipedia pages in no fewer than 20 languages.
  11. weatherman90

    Henry Heimlich

    How about Henry Heimlich, the soon-to-be 86 year old creator of the Heimlich Maneuver. Should be one to keep a watch on.
  12. BrunoBrimley

    Bernard Fox

    At nearly 78 (born May of 1927) I was surprised beyond recognition to learn this man was still alive. He does not look particularly healthy from photos and some randoms searches show his work load has slowed considerably in the last decade. Is it nearly his time?
  13. Grim Reaper

    Ingmar Bergman

    This is the place to discuss the late Ingmar Bergman
  14. The Mad Hatter

    Andrew Sachs

    The guy will be in his late 80s this year and is a household name might as well get his own thread.
  15. maryportfuncity

    Andy Fraser

    Andy Fraser, one time bass player with Free is HIV positive, has been for a while. He suggests on his official site that he contracted it during lengthy treatment for cancer in his neck. Oddly no hospitals or doctors are blamed, and it did take him a while to come out as gay. Was news to his wife and kids when he did! Either way, he's active promoting some re-issues of Free but, one to watch.
  16. Godot

    Leonard Cohen

    Ah, Cohen, wondered when someone would mention him. He seems to go on and on and on, have his latest CD, very good except his voice is deepening and slowing to such an extent it's like playing a single at 33 rpm. Great for black dog days. He has a thing about the word "naked" that I don't quite understand. Anyway not for a while I wouldn't have thought. I'm sure Canadian Paul will have a view. Must go and play it again.....
  17. DevonDeathTrip

    Leon Russell

    I'm sad to report that singer, songwriter, guitarist and pianist Leon Russell is in hospital after undergoing brain surgery. He has had recent health issues including a "brain fluid leak and treatment for heart failure and pneumonia", which doesn't sound too good. As well as preforming as a solo artist, he is probably as well known for his session work in the 60s and 70s, when he appeared on albums recorded by just about everyone. He is also the owner of a very fine beard, which would give ZZ Tops' efforts a run for their money IMO.
  18. Rude Kid

    Carlo Azeglio Ciampi

    There's gotta be potential for concrete boots if he carries on like this... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/4147411.stm
  19. Rachelle

    Janet Reno

    I didn't see Janet Reno on this list?
  20. Dia de los Muertos

    Pete Burns

    Pete Burns is in hospitalafter kidney failure.
  21. gcreptile

    Howard Marks

    Howard Marks, notorious drug smuggler in the 70s and 80s, has inoperable cancer: http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/jan/24/howard-marks-inoperable-cancer-mr-nice Sounds like a great addition to the deathlist.
  22. maryportfuncity

    Gene Wilder

    Saw him tipped on the possibles for 2007 list. I thought he was beating cancer. Anyone know any more?
  23. Death Star

    Cliff Michelmore

    This thread is the place to discuss Cliff Michelmore.
  24. Paul Bearer

    Brian Rix

    Flicking through the channels and came across an old film (the night we dropped a clanger) with Brian Rix. I thought he'd died years ago. Still alive, aged 92 and a Lord to boot. Most folk of a certain age might remember watching some of the farces he appeared in. Don't know anything about his health, but at 92, should be a possible future candidate?
  25. Spade_Cooley

    David Gest Checks Out

    David Gest dead according to the wires.

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