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Found 633 results

  1. Lady Die

    John Forsythe

    John Forsythe (Blake Carrington in Dynasty and the voice of Charlie in Charlie's Angels) is being treated for colon cancer.
  2. Drive-by Flatterer

    Robert Anton Wilson

    I searched and couldn't find mention of Robert Anton Wilson, counter culture godfather and friend of Tim Leary. Could be an 'early doors' bidder for 2007. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Anton_Wilson Quote: "On June 22, 2006, Huffington Post blogger Paul Krassner reported that Robert A. Wilson is currently under hospice care at home with friends and family. [1] On 2 October 2006 Douglas Rushkoff reported that Wilson was in severe financial trouble.[2] As of 3 October the front page of rawilson.com contains an appeal for funds. Slashdot, Boing Boing, and the Church of the Subgenius also picked up on the story, linking to Rushkoff's appeal. [3] [4] These efforts succeeded beyond expectation and raised over USD 80,000 which will support him for at least 6 months.[citation needed]"
  3. themaninblack

    Dick Francis

    86 in October, has suffered from Prostate Cancer for 12 years and has published surely his last book after a 6 year gap.....
  4. DevonDeathTrip

    Janez DrnovšEk

    In addition to the recent suggestions of ill health for the men in charge of Equatorial Guinea, Guinea, North Korea and Japan, I have unearthed yet another disease ridden leader. Janez Drnovsek is the President of Slovenia, he is also lives a rather unconventional lifestyle, not entirely befitting of a President: This article raises interesting questions about his attitude to a cancer that he was first diagnosed with nearly 10 years ago. Drnovsek claims to have "cured himself" and he has not seen a doctor since January 2005: Worryingly though - He's not in the least bit worried: But will he though? The article alludes to cancer of the kidney, liver and lung. Deathlisters will know that, even with medical help, the prognosis can be bleak for such a diagnosis. As he lay dying,John Diamond, Nigella Lawson's cleverer half, wrote "Snake Oil and Other Preoccupations", which amounted to a scathing attack on "The protagonists of alternativism are, at best, gullible and misguided, at worst, con-merchants and quacks." It might be an idea for Janez Drnovsek to read a copy before too long.
  5. Tempus Fugit

    Hugo Bleicher

    Hugo Bleicher, according to most sources was born in 1899, making him 107 this year. He is quite a popular pick in deadpools but is he really still alive? Or is he another Norah Baring? The last time Bleicher seems to definitely have been around is way back in 1954 when his memoirs were published. I can't find any more up to date news than that. The man, if he is alive, is as quiet as the grave. Can anybody else give a link to a recent news source that verifies that Bleicher is still in the land of the living?
  6. maryportfuncity

    Andy Fraser

    Andy Fraser, one time bass player with Free is HIV positive, has been for a while. He suggests on his official site that he contracted it during lengthy treatment for cancer in his neck. Oddly no hospitals or doctors are blamed, and it did take him a while to come out as gay. Was news to his wife and kids when he did! Either way, he's active promoting some re-issues of Free but, one to watch.
  7. Dr Hackenslash

    Graham Crowden

    I've always wanted to come up with a name that fellow DeathListers think is worthy of consideration. I've checked this chap isn't listed and I give to you... Graham Crowden 30/11/1922 in Edinburgh - so he'll soon be 84. Most people remember him from Waiting For God, where he played the slightly-mad Tom - and he looked old then. He was still working at the turn of the year, but his blustering style could help him to an early grave. Surely he is worth a thread to keep an eye on him?
  8. DevonDeathTrip

    Kim Jong-Il

    Continuing my theme of ill dictators, this article implies that all is not well for Kim Jong-Il, North Korea's leader. "According to intelligence information, the 64-year-old leader from the reclusive states is suffering from diabetes and other medical problems involving his kidney and liver. " What have the Americans been putting in his tea? I thought I might start a thread called "Il ill?". That's just my two guineas worth.
  9. Guest

    Steve Irwin

    crikey !!!!! http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/steve-...7222051512.html Steve Irwin stung by a stingray
  10. You might not know the name (and to be honest I'm not actually sure it is her name) but if you're a certain age you'll definitely remember the story... Sheila Rossall was "the girl who [was] allergic to the 20th century" and swapped headlines every week in the News Of The World with Lena Zavaroni as newsworthy ill girls. Formerly the singer of New Pickettywitch - not to be confused with Pickettywitch, though to this day Polly Browne gets asked about her health due to this story - she was last heard of living in an oxygen tank in Texas, with not long to live because the money for her treatment was running out. Whatever happened to her? Did she get better? Did she die? There were rumours that she was a fake but nothing was ever proven. The net has scant information about her, and most of that is people wondering whatever happened to her (including a fair amount of posts from me, because I'm sad like that ). Opening up the gauntlet here - anyone?
  11. weatherman90

    María Capovilla

    Wikipedia's page for the world's oldest person, Marie Esther de Capovilla reports that she has died today, Aug. 27, 2006, at age 116 and 347 days. Normally I would dismiss it as vandalism, but it has been added in detail to her page, also to the recent deaths page, and on the bottom of the page the world's oldest person succession box has been edited to show her successor. In addition, the person who put this info on the page has a history of creating many articles about longevity and seems to be dedicated to the subject, so surely he can't be just yanking our chain? But no articles whatsoever come up on googleNews or any other website. Strange...
  12. Death Watch Beatle

    Stan Lee

    Just watched the Fantastic 4 on DVD - not a bad film as superhero live action goes. Stan Lee does his usual cameo as a postman this time. Hell, this guy is 84 and looks in better shape than people 20 years younger, so no reason to stick him on the list, but it does give an excuse to run a thread on comics and comic heros. I had a sizeable collection of American Spiderman, Batman, Superman et al stuff, but when I hit my teens only 2000AD did it for me. Any thoughts? DWB
  13. Anubis the Jackal

    Lee Hazlewood

    Legendary singer, songwriter, producer and eccentric Lee Hazlewood is on his last chorus
  14. Octopus of Odstock

    Alfredo Stroessner

    Bit surprised to see in a search, that he's barely mentioned anywhere, apart from me moaning that he hasn't died yet. Well, it looks like he might just soon: Stroessner in "fragile" condition, in intensive care. Stroessner in "critical condition" This thread may be a relatively short one if he dies soon, but if he somehow comes out of this, then he's a worthy candidate for DL next year. But OOO needs DDP points (especially if Sharon dies soon) & with Stroessner being a right bastard anyway, OOO would be most pleased with Stroessner's passing.
  15. Octopus of Odstock

    Patrick Allen

    The actor Patrick Allen has died. He was 79 Obituary. Now whilst Smith & Richmond were on my DDP long-list - last year Allen was on my DDP top 20! Having said that, I'm surprised he's died as he seemed well.
  16. MadMac

    Freddy Fender

    Apparently on the way out: http://www.nbc4.tv/entertainment/9623024/detail.html Don't know if he'd pass the "fame test" - I'd certainly heard of him. If he makes it through the year, a good bet for '07.
  17. Phantom

    Jesse Helms

    Former US Senator for North Carolina, Jesse Helms Born Oct 18th 1921, has vascular dementia. Rarely seen in public these days
  18. DevonDeathTrip

    Allen Carr

    The anti-smoking campaigner Allen Carr, has been diagnosed with lung cancer He says: "This has come as a shock but I remain very upbeat.” He might as well start smoking again.
  19. Phantom

    Charles Aznavour

    Until I glanced at the list this morning, I always thought Charles Aznavour was dead.
  20. maryportfuncity

    Alf Pearson

    The man's made fleeting appearances in the Brinsworth House thread but - b 1910 - the long time music hall legend probably needs his own thread for others here to truly appreciate his coffin dodging antics. He made an album aged 94! Most famous as half a double act with brother Bob, Alf resides at Brinsworth, might best be described as 'sprightly' but he's 96. We'll have him - in all probability - in a few years so it's time to get out the binoculars and give the pre-war star a taste of 21st century stalking.
  21. football_fan

    Ta Mok

    Ta Mok, 80, one of only two surviving leaders of the Khmer Rouge being held in detention, is in a coma. He was hospitalised on June 29th with heart, lung and respiratory problems, but recently his health took a turn for the worst, and his doctors are very pessimistic about his chances for a recovery. Ta Mok
  22. Godot

    Jeremy Thorpe

    My man in the West Country saw Jeremy Thorpe the other week and says he's a racing certainty for 2007 if he makes it through 2006. He has advanced MS, he says.
  23. Phantom

    Roger Ebert

    If he makes it to the end of the year, movie critic Roger Ebert would be a good pick. He's just had emergency surgery and is in a serious condition. Fingers crossed he can last out the year
  24. Abu Hamza al-Muhajir is believed to have replaced the late and very dead Abu Musab al-Zarqawi as the new leader of Al- Qaeda in Iraq. If recent news reports are to be believed, he's hit the ground running and personally executed two American soldiers, throwing in a spot of torture before dispatch. It strikes me that he's chosen rather a dangerous career path. No doubt American forces will hound him for the rest of his days. If he's still undead at the close of 2006, I would wager he won't see the sun come up on 2008.

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