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Found 633 results

  1. Grim Reaper

    Les Paul

    This is the place to discuss Les Paul
  2. Death Star

    Mickey Rooney

    This thread is the place to discuss Mickey Rooney.
  3. Guest

    Jonah Lomu

    I hear Jonah Lomu`s looking for a kidney transplant and the picture of him in the sun the other day didnt bode to well for him id say! hhmm concerned eh???
  4. You might not know the name (and to be honest I'm not actually sure it is her name) but if you're a certain age you'll definitely remember the story... Sheila Rossall was "the girl who [was] allergic to the 20th century" and swapped headlines every week in the News Of The World with Lena Zavaroni as newsworthy ill girls. Formerly the singer of New Pickettywitch - not to be confused with Pickettywitch, though to this day Polly Browne gets asked about her health due to this story - she was last heard of living in an oxygen tank in Texas, with not long to live because the money for her treatment was running out. Whatever happened to her? Did she get better? Did she die? There were rumours that she was a fake but nothing was ever proven. The net has scant information about her, and most of that is people wondering whatever happened to her (including a fair amount of posts from me, because I'm sad like that ). Opening up the gauntlet here - anyone?
  5. Sean

    Greville Janner

    Lord Janner turned 87 yesterday and is said to be receiving 24 hour care for Alzheimer`s disease which he was diagnosed with six years ago. His condition is said to be rapidly worsening however some have said his lawyers are exaggerating the severity of his condition to avoid him standing trial over serious historical offences. When the trial goes ahead albeit in his absence the speculation of his health will no doubt be clarified further. Certainly a serious contender for next year I think. Had anyone heard of him before the child abuse allegations though?
  6. Cowboy Ronnie

    Hugo Chavez

    According to this story, professional voice of reason Pat Robertson is calling for the Venezuelan President Hugo Sanchez to be assassinated. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/9047102/ Judging by how the vote went in the last election there's a lot of Robertson's supporters in the red states that Bush won, so maybe W will bow to the demands of his constituents. Although given the CIA couldn't plant, I mean find, any WMD in Iraq I very much doubt their ability to carry out something as simple as offing a Latin American president. Or, maybe we should just nominate Robertson for '06.
  7. Grim Reaper

    Helmut Schmidt

    The Helmut Schmidt thread.
  8. faustus

    Ludovic Kennedy

    Yep, he's 85 today, but will he make 86 ?...only time will tell...I hope he does cos I quite like him as a broadcaster and author..
  9. Kinnock

    Cynthia Payne

    Suprised she's lasted this long given her lifestyle... Cynthia Payne rose to prominence in the 70s and 80s as a sex party hostess and a sex laws liberalisation campaigner. I also almost bought her book when looking for Sylvia Plath poetry.. She is 81.
  10. Stayin Alive

    Luciano Pavarotting.

    I see that Pavarotti was unable to join his daugther on the beach, owing to his rather large demeanour. The man is a ticking timebomb!
  11. Phantom

    Jesse Helms

    Former US Senator for North Carolina, Jesse Helms Born Oct 18th 1921, has vascular dementia. Rarely seen in public these days
  12. Guest

    Al Molinaro

    Al Molinaro most know him as Al from happy days hasent been well lately hes like 85 and they say hes going Senile is he worth for 2005..?
  13. maryportfuncity

    Kir5Ty Howard

    The back-to-front hearted girl who befriended the Beckhams has made another recovery from the edge of death. But her shelf life is long-expired. We obviously have a problem with people who are famous largely through their terminal illness but we could always set up a thread a bit like a horse race for the likes of Kirsty and Jane Tomlinson allowing us to add commentry on the snippets of media coverage and their headlong sprint for that final finishing line. Whad'ya reckon?
  14. Grim_Rita

    Lord Howe

    Does anybody know his d.o.b? Ta
  15. BrunoBrimley

    Paul Prudhomme

    The mention of the King of Tonga got me to thinking and I realized another large (I mean really large) man still living is the Louisana chef Paul Prudhomme who hit 64 last year. Do you think maybe those magic spices Chef Paul sells are what keeps him going?
  16. DevonDeathTrip

    Sam Simon

    I'm only judging his fame by the size of his Wikipedia page, but The Simpsons executive producer Sam Simon might be worth keeping under observation. He has provided a photo of his medication on his Twitter page (you need to go through his media gallary to see). There is rather a lot of it and the only pills I could make out the name of are used to combat nausea during and after chemotherapy.
  17. The Mad Hatter


    Since less and less people are believing in god I wanted to ask the question do you believe God is real or not
  18. Godot

    Yogi Berra

    Coming in to deathlist territory he's 80 now and I hope he lasts for ever. His Berraisms certainly will. Does anyone know which ones can be authenticated? The one above would seem appropriate for Ariel Sharon http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yogi_Berra
  19. Sean

    Brian Sewell

    The controversial art critic Brian Sewell is now 84 and was diagnosed with metastatic head and neck cancer over a year ago which is now in his stomach and lungs.He was also being treated for a heart condition and has previously said he wants to kill himself.Surely a must have for next year if he is still breathing ? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2657993/How-cancer-left-Picasso-ear-Art-critic-Brian-Sewell-ebullient-surgery-firing-withering-barbs-enemies.html http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2974199/Cancer-stricken-art-critic-Brian-Sewell-stealing-paintings-trusted-friends-culprits.html http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/fameandfortune/11485082/Brian-Sewell-My-biggest-fear-is-mansion-tax.html http://www.thesundaytimes.co.uk/sto/style/homes_and_gardens/My_Place/article1536246.ece http://www.mailonsunday.co.uk/home/event/article-2970559/Brian-Sewell-facing-death-year-lucky-alive.html http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2362630/How-Im-going-commit-suicide-Brian-Sewell-A-shockingly-honest-beautifully-elegant-confession-Britains-celebrated-art-critic.html
  20. Coffin Filler

    Cheeta(h) the Chimpanzee(s)

    I notice that the chimpanzee that played Cheeta in the Tarzan movies of the 1930's & 40's is still alive and swinging. As Chimps live to around their mid 40's in the wild and to their mid 50's in captivity , This makes Cheeta the oldest known Chimp in the world at around 74 ! My question is that as Cheeta is most definitely a celeb and according to Darwin almost one of us. Is he eligible for entry onto the deathlist ?
  21. sidburyman

    Edward Heath

    http://www.deathlist.net/forums/public/style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/cool.png I think a near-certainty for next year is former Tory PM Ted Heath. Given the fact he's now in to his eighties, overweight and fresh from a recent(ish) health scare his inclusion would seem wise.
  22. Stayin Alive

    Marlon Brando

    80 years old and in the Daily Mail today: in a wheelchair with some breathing apparatus and a plethora of life supporting medical devices beneath the chair. It looks like he might of even had a tracheotomy, but I didn't see the picture for long enough. No doubt DWB can advise further on this, as he is a reader of this paper Recent scares: In 2001 he had to pull out of "Scary Movie 2" owing to ill health (pneumonia).
  23. Anubis the Jackal

    George Cole

    Pushing 80, Never been the fittest of men, not sighted recently, even in a Alan Bennett 'let the old duffer sit down' role Worth a punt for next year perhaps?
  24. MadMac

    Rowdy Roddy Piper

    What about Canadian pro wrestler "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, just diagnosed with Lymphoma? Only 52, and certainly passes the "fame" test. Got to be worth considering.
  25. Grim Reaper

    John Nash

    The John Nash thread.

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