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Found 627 results

  1. The Mad Hatter


    Since less and less people are believing in god I wanted to ask the question do you believe God is real or not
  2. Godot

    Yogi Berra

    Coming in to deathlist territory he's 80 now and I hope he lasts for ever. His Berraisms certainly will. Does anyone know which ones can be authenticated? The one above would seem appropriate for Ariel Sharon http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yogi_Berra
  3. Sean

    Brian Sewell

    The controversial art critic Brian Sewell is now 84 and was diagnosed with metastatic head and neck cancer over a year ago which is now in his stomach and lungs.He was also being treated for a heart condition and has previously said he wants to kill himself.Surely a must have for next year if he is still breathing ? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2657993/How-cancer-left-Picasso-ear-Art-critic-Brian-Sewell-ebullient-surgery-firing-withering-barbs-enemies.html http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2974199/Cancer-stricken-art-critic-Brian-Sewell-stealing-paintings-trusted-friends-culprits.html http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/fameandfortune/11485082/Brian-Sewell-My-biggest-fear-is-mansion-tax.html http://www.thesundaytimes.co.uk/sto/style/homes_and_gardens/My_Place/article1536246.ece http://www.mailonsunday.co.uk/home/event/article-2970559/Brian-Sewell-facing-death-year-lucky-alive.html http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2362630/How-Im-going-commit-suicide-Brian-Sewell-A-shockingly-honest-beautifully-elegant-confession-Britains-celebrated-art-critic.html
  4. weatherman90

    Bb King

    And the Last Minute thought for 2005... B.B. King - Blues Singer, he's got diabetes, he's overweight, and he's 80 next year. Also claims to have had 15 children with 15 different women....IMDB [Thread created from various posts in different threads - ff]
  5. Coffin Filler

    Cheeta(h) the Chimpanzee(s)

    I notice that the chimpanzee that played Cheeta in the Tarzan movies of the 1930's & 40's is still alive and swinging. As Chimps live to around their mid 40's in the wild and to their mid 50's in captivity , This makes Cheeta the oldest known Chimp in the world at around 74 ! My question is that as Cheeta is most definitely a celeb and according to Darwin almost one of us. Is he eligible for entry onto the deathlist ?
  6. sidburyman

    Edward Heath

    http://www.deathlist.net/forums/public/style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/cool.png I think a near-certainty for next year is former Tory PM Ted Heath. Given the fact he's now in to his eighties, overweight and fresh from a recent(ish) health scare his inclusion would seem wise.
  7. Stayin Alive

    Marlon Brando

    80 years old and in the Daily Mail today: in a wheelchair with some breathing apparatus and a plethora of life supporting medical devices beneath the chair. It looks like he might of even had a tracheotomy, but I didn't see the picture for long enough. No doubt DWB can advise further on this, as he is a reader of this paper Recent scares: In 2001 he had to pull out of "Scary Movie 2" owing to ill health (pneumonia).
  8. Anubis the Jackal

    George Cole

    Pushing 80, Never been the fittest of men, not sighted recently, even in a Alan Bennett 'let the old duffer sit down' role Worth a punt for next year perhaps?
  9. MadMac

    Rowdy Roddy Piper

    What about Canadian pro wrestler "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, just diagnosed with Lymphoma? Only 52, and certainly passes the "fame" test. Got to be worth considering.
  10. Grim Reaper

    John Nash

    The John Nash thread.
  11. Davey Jones' Locker

    Omar Sharif

    Has Alzheimer's: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-05-27/film-legend-omar-sharif-has-alzheimers-disease-agent/6499958 Soon to be a mummy?
  12. DevonDeathTrip

    Sir Nicholas Winton

    Sir Nicholas Winton, 98, war hero and Nobel Prize nominee, hospitalised with heart problems during a visit to Prague.
  13. Necrophage

    Joan Rivers, Please Lord

    What are the chances that this wicked witch will bite it? I just hope she dies before plastic surgery is so advanced that she becomes immortal.
  14. Grim Reaper

    Chris Woodhead

    The Chris Woodhead thread
  15. Quite fascinating reading about all these old celebrities that time gets the best of. I wondered how long Dick Van Patten (from the last 70s early 80s show 'Eight is Enough') would last, especially since he suffered a diabetic attack recently. I've also seen the dad from Different Strokes but he looks quite healthy so I think he'll be around for a while. All fer now. Silent
  16. Grim Reaper

    Oscar Niemeyer

    This is the place to discuss Oscar Niemeyer
  17. Anubis the Jackal

    Christopher Lee

    Veteran Actor, soldier, singer and golfer Christopher Lee is 86. Still working, darling but for how much longer ?
  18. Grim Reaper

    Kirk Kerkorian

    The Kirk Kerkorian thread.
  19. Guest

    Tariq Aziz

    The former deputy to Saddam Hussein , Tariq Aziz may have less than a month to live after a severe stroke acording to his lawyer.Story here
  20. Godot

    Charles Kennedy

    Will Charles Kennedy's liver see out the year?
  21. Guest

    Erich Priebke

    how about having a real nazi in the list? from wikipedia i found out that there are only 2 major nazies known to be alive and a few others believed to be. my favorite pick would be: Aribert Heim (born June 28, 1914) is a former Austrian doctor. As an SS doctor in a concentration camp in Mauthausen (where many Spanish Republicans were sent), he is accused of killing many inmates with sadistic methods, such as direct injections of toxic compounds into the hearts of his victims without painkillers. he was nicknamed doktor tod "doctor death" and i think he probably most of all deserves an appearance in your list but as that is going to be quite hard to verify it would be a risky pick. he was believed to be dead but then he was seen in spain when an cold german bank account of his, with lots of money on it, was used again then after just missing him in spain they they have chased him arround claimed they again nearly caught him in chile where one of this daugther seems to be living and now he is suspected to be in denmark or something. there is a large manhunt going on called operation last chance initiated by the simon wiesenthal center, but who knows if he dies before he is caught who is ever going to know? so again i think that it would be a very risky (but so much fun pick) as the chance of him dying and beeing noticed is far smaller than just dying http://en.wikipedia....ki/Aribert_Heim http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,13...1827007,00.html http://www.guardian.co.uk/secondworldwar/s...1593885,00.html http://english.ohmynews.com/articleview/ar...06&rel_no=1 http://www.smh.com.au/news/world/no2-nazi-...8796751320.html http://www.polizei-b...hndung_heim.htm so if it turns out that you don't want to include doctor death i want to propose the two surely living ones: Erich Priebke (born July 29, 1913 at Hennigsdorf, Brandenburg, Germany) is a Nazi war criminal. A former Hauptsturmführer in the S.S., he participated in the massacre at the Ardeatine caves in Rome, on March 24, 1944. 335 Italian civilians were killed there as revenge after a partisan group had killed 33 German soldiers and an unknown number of civilians. Priebke was one of those who stood responsible for this mass execution. After the Nazis were defeated, he got help from ODESSA to flee to Argentina where he lived for over 50 years. Søren Kam (b. November 11, 1921) was a German Waffen-SS officer, an SS-foreign volunteer, who served with the 5.SS-Panzergrenadier-Division Wiking during World War II. He is a Knight's Cross winner. On September 21, 2006 the 85-year-old ex-member of the SS was detained in Kempten, Bavaria in accordance with European arrest warrant issued by Denmark. Kam is wanted in his native country in connection with the assassination of newspaper editor Carl Henrik Clemmensen in Lyngby, a suburb of Copenhagen during World War II.
  22. Grim Reaper

    Richard Pryor

    This is the place to discuss Richard Pryor
  23. Death Watch Beatle

    Geoff Duke

    I am looking for a bit of help with this one. Geoff is in his 80's now (unless he has already left without telling me). I wanted to find out how and what he was doing but info. seems a little scarce. Can anyone help out? I am trying to get a few more different candidates onto the forum as new blood is a little hard to come by at the moment. DWB
  24. Guest

    Walter Cronkite

    TV news anchor; "CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite" (1962-81). Voted "the most trusted man in America" in 1973. Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom (1981). i say hes a definit 2005 canidate
  25. Red Flag

    Percy Sledge

    Reportedly diagnosed with liver cancer Surprised he's only 73 tbh

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