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Found 732 results

  1. Dr Hackenslash

    Sir Bobby Robson

    Sorry if this already has a thread, but I could find it, so... From the Daily Mirror 6 May 2006 BOBBY IN CANCER BATTLE NUMBER 3 By Allison Martin FORMER England manager Sir Bobby Robson is battling cancer for the third time, it emerged last night. The 73-year-old had surgery this week to remove a lung tumour. Doctors spotted the growth when he went for an X-ray after injuring ribs during a skiing accident in France. His spokesman said: "He is convalescing and looking forward to getting back to his commitments." The ex-Newcastle United boss was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 1992. Three years later specialists found he had a rare form of mouth cancer and gave him just 18 months to live. He was told to give up his job but battled on and was back at work within three months. Sir Bobby has been treated at the Freeman hospital in Newcastle - which specialises in lung transplants - for his latest tumour. He is recovering at home in County Durham. He has been working as consultant to the Republic of Ireland team since January. Manager Steve Staunton said: "Knowing him as I do he'll be back fighting fit in no time."
  2. Death Watch Beatle

    Wendy Wasserstein

    Award-Winning Playwright Wendy Wasserstein Reportedly Gravely Ill. http://www.broadway.com/gen/Buzz_Story.aspx?ci=522061 She doesn't strike me as overly famous, but did win the Pulitzer Prize, amongst a whole string of other gongs, in 1989. Would be worth a consideration perhaps? DWB
  3. Grim Reaper

    Susan Atkins

    This is the place to discuss Susan Atkins
  4. Death Watch Beatle

    Mary Travers

    OK, OK, I know what you are going to say - "She isn't famous enough!" But I think she may just sneak in being a member of the well-known 60s group Peter, Paul and Mary. WDYT? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/t...dio/4077751.stm Better make your mind up quick by the looks of it though! DWB
  5. little sister

    Frankie Laine

    Frankie Laine - aged 90 with a illustious recording career and two heart bypasses under his belt. Can't last for ever, love and kisses little sister
  6. Paul Bearer

    Iain Cuthbertson

    Anybody heard how he is health-wise? Born in 1930 he's getting on a bit now.
  7. Windsor

    Dominick Dunne

    Thought I would start a thread on Dominick Dunne as I can't seem to find an existing one. Dunne is 83 years old and suffering from bladder cancer. He is a writer and investigative journalist. There was an article published recently where he said that the 2009 Oscars would probably be the last ones he'll see. It was also a Times source, so it looks like he will get a proper obit when he pops his clogs. I think there is a possibility that he may last into next year as he is still attending functions. He is, however, on my DDP...
  8. Phantom

    Robert Novak

    Washington Journalist Bob Novak has announced that he has a brain tumour. I'll post a link once one becomes available
  9. Banshees Scream

    Corazon Aquino

    Corazon Aquino, the first female president of the Philippines from 1986 - 1992 was diagnosed with colon cancer back in March. She has made an appearance on DL back in 1990 and some articles indicate that she is responding well to chemotherepy. On my radar it might only be a matter of time before she becomes a statistic. I think she is a top priority for DL 2009.
  10. Grim Reaper

    Caspar Weinberger

    This is the place to discuss Caspar Weinberger
  11. Death Star

    Vincent O'brien

    This thread is the place to discuss Vincent O'Brien.
  12. An Interested Observer...

    Danny Gans

    Coroner: Danny Gans died accidentally... http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/articl...uQ7ptAD98NETUG0 http://www.dannygans.com/
  13. Saint Peter

    Danny La Rue

    It appears that Danny won't be appearing again.
  14. Guest

    Edmund Hillary

    I'm from New Zealand - stick Sir Edmund Hillary back up for next year, let's just hope he holds out until then! Also, what about Nelson Mandela?
  15. Arnold

    Jack Cardiff

    Veteran cinematographer who will be 92 next September. His career goes back to the silent days. He even worked on the lond lost 1931 version of The Ghost Train, staring Jack Hulbert. A true ancient relic from a long vanished era. His son has been charged with paedophilia for the umpteenth time so he could do a Ronnie Barker?
  16. Beatrice

    Hua He?

    Anybody know if Hua Guofeng is still around? Born 1921, took over from Mao Tse-Tung as head of China, before being out-manoevred politically by Den Xiaoping. So I've read.
  17. IKYWN

    Natasha Richardson

    It seems Natasha Richardson might be attempting a late coup here. Though as she's not a hideous, racist old slapper, even serious head injuries might not be good enough http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7947826.stm [moved to new topic]
  18. Anyone heard Paul Harvey lately? His voice isn't sounding too good. He might be a choice for the 2006 list, providing he is popular enough outside of USA.
  19. Banshees Scream

    Willem Kolff For 2008?

    The so called 'Father of Artificial Organs' Willem Kolff will turn 97 next year and his genius has saved millions of lives and is considered one of the most important physicians of the 20th century.
  20. Grim Reaper

    Dai Llewellyn

    This is the place to discuss Dai Llewellyn
  21. Deadly Doug

    Helio Gracie

    Is there a forum for Jiu-Jitsu legends? Anyway, Jiu-Jitsu legend Helio Gracie has passed away aged 95. He was widely regarded as the father of Vale Tudo. Very sad news.
  22. Deadly Doug

    Reg Gutteridge

    Reg Gutteridge is knocking on a bit. Old tin leg may well be moving towards his final round.
  23. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    Sir John Mortimer

    Mentioned regularly in 2008, possible 2009 candidate (we all know how the DL loves old white British fellows), and deserving of own thread. BBC Four has a Morty Night scheduled for mid-January, so maybe they know something we don't. Includes the Play for Today which featured the original incarnation of Rumpole, A Voyage Round My Father and a new documentary summing up his life and career. If this thread reaches a second page before his death I'll be surprised - not too much hot gossip going on in the world of SJM.
  24. Guest

    Claiborne Pell

    Claiborne Pell (b. November 22, 1918) is a former Democratic United States Senator from Rhode Island. A prominent liberal, Pell is well known in the United States for his role in the establishment of Pell Grants. A New England "blue-blood," Pell, 86, should be considered for the 2006 list.

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