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Found 721 results

  1. Saint Peter

    Harvey Korman

    Harvey Korman looks like he will not be in the saddle any more. Maybe not famous enough, however it was one of my favourite films.
  2. Octopus of Odstock

    Patrick Allen

    The actor Patrick Allen has died. He was 79 Obituary. Now whilst Smith & Richmond were on my DDP long-list - last year Allen was on my DDP top 20! Having said that, I'm surprised he's died as he seemed well.
  3. Catherine

    George Best

    Experienced many personal difficulties in 2003 after a highly publicised return to the bottle. I think he could be a prime candidate for 2004.
  4. faustus

    Jeremy Beadle

    The Beadle is currently fighting off leukemia according to ITV teletext (it will be on the beeb as well i guess)...I suppose it it quite sad really....but there again he is just another Talentless Celeb...one to watch out for !...
  5. The Kuwaiti parliament has voted to oust the state's new emir, Emir Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Salim Al-Sabah, because of his ill health. He is definitely one to keep an eye on. Ailing Kuwait ruler ousted by MPs
  6. Death Star

    Arthur C Clarke

    This thread is the place to discuss Arthur C Clarke.
  7. Typhoid Harry

    Deborah Jeane Palfrey

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/7378654.stm If this is a suicide, I'm the Queen of England. She was on the Alex Jones (American talk radio blow-hard) show a couple of months ago talking about how she would be "suicided" and went on the record saying that she would never kill herself. Heres the interview: http://www.infowars.com/media/230707palfrey.mp3 No way this woman killed herself, her sentence was bound to be light and publishers were salivating like Pavlov's pooch to buy her story.
  8. Applecool Downunder

    Alfredo Reinardo Shot Dead

    Alfredo Reinardo, East Timorese rebel leader shot dead in assassination attempt again President Jose Ranos Horta who was shot in stomach but is alive.
  9. The oridgional captain birdseye is dead... apparently he stared the role in the late 60s and only finished playing him in 2006 dont know wether this is right but alas he has finally gone to davey jones locker....
  10. Azraelle

    Anthony Minghella

    He's dead but I don't know how he died (apart from not breathing).
  11. Grim Reaper

    Francis Pym

    This is the place to discuss Francis Pym
  12. Saint Peter

    Paul Raymond Dies

    The man that taught me what women bits looked like has died. Doesn't say if he died on the job......
  13. DevonDeathTrip

    Janez DrnovšEk

    In addition to the recent suggestions of ill health for the men in charge of Equatorial Guinea, Guinea, North Korea and Japan, I have unearthed yet another disease ridden leader. Janez Drnovsek is the President of Slovenia, he is also lives a rather unconventional lifestyle, not entirely befitting of a President: This article raises interesting questions about his attitude to a cancer that he was first diagnosed with nearly 10 years ago. Drnovsek claims to have "cured himself" and he has not seen a doctor since January 2005: Worryingly though - He's not in the least bit worried: But will he though? The article alludes to cancer of the kidney, liver and lung. Deathlisters will know that, even with medical help, the prognosis can be bleak for such a diagnosis. As he lay dying,John Diamond, Nigella Lawson's cleverer half, wrote "Snake Oil and Other Preoccupations", which amounted to a scathing attack on "The protagonists of alternativism are, at best, gullible and misguided, at worst, con-merchants and quacks." It might be an idea for Janez Drnovsek to read a copy before too long.
  14. deadsox

    Fawza Falih

    What are your thoughts on Fawza Falih? Is it really possible that this is going to happen? I work in Salem, Massachusetts but they stopped this a little over 300 years ago.
  15. Deadly Doug

    Phil Drabble

    Naturalist Phil Drabble is now 94 years old. I've heard nothing of the old boy for a while now. Makes you wonder.
  16. stuartfanning

    Barry Morse

    Barry Morse, actor. Most famous for The Fugitive and Space 1999, has now died according to......... http://forum.casebook.org/showthread.php?p=132238
  17. Saint Peter

    Bobby Fischer

    Chess legend Bobby Fischer has died. I was still waiting for the return match. At 64 you would of thought he still had few moves up his sleeve.
  18. Alright, it has been a few years since his telly appearances but quietly after a long illness must have been worthy of inclusion. Probably helping St Pete improve his productivity by now
  19. Poor Jane Tomlinson is she going to make the year out ? Bless
  20. Typhoid Harry

    Laraine Day, 87

    http://www.iht.com/articles/ap/2007/11/12/...Laraine-Day.php LOS ANGELES: Laraine Day, who appeared in nearly 50 films including the Alfred Hitchcock thriller "Foreign Correspondent," has died. She was 87. Day died of natural causes Saturday at her daughter's home in Utah, where she moved following the death of her husband of 47 years, producer Michel M. Grilikhes, earlier this year, said publicist Dale Olson. Day starred opposite Joel McRea in 1940's "Foreign Correspondent" and also appeared in such films as "Mr. Lucky," "I Take This Woman," "The Story of Dr. Wassell," "My Dear Secretary" and "The High and the Mighty." She appeared in her last movie, "The Third Voice" in l960, the year she married Grilikhes. During a break in her film career, Day co-starred on a national theater tour with Gregory Peck in "Angel Street," and also took the stage in "Lost Horizon," 'The Women" and "Time of the Cuckoo." In 1951, Day became one of U.S. television's first female talk show hosts in "The Laraine Day Show." More, at above link.
  21. maryportfuncity

    Chad Varah

    I think wev'e discussed him before but not sure he's had his own thread. The founder of The Samaritans was born in 1911.......and he's still alive. Time to phone home?
  22. Catherine

    Deborah Kerr

    I'm sad to say that the great Mrs. Kerr is not in the best of health. I read that she was too ill to travel to London to receive an OBE, MBE (summat like that) She is "frail but in good spirits".
  23. Grim Reaper

    George Melly

    This is the place to discuss George Melly
  24. Lard Bazaar

    Alan Coren

    BBC reporting Alan Coren dead - no link yet. Link
  25. I just finished reading an article on Marilyn's death (this month's Playboy mag...which also has a great interview with Pacino and another good read on Super Bowl tix bookies.) I'm not an expert (although I admit to being a Forensic Files junkie), there were a few points that the article brought up that really make me wonder how it could have been classified as an "apparent suicide" and not further investigated as a murder. Though this might be fun to discuss...as I'm sure everyone has an opinion on theory. Feel free to add your thoughts: 1) Her house was completely bugged, under 24/7 surveillance from all sorts of people (FBI, CIA, Hoffa, etc.) So how could no one have heard, or even better, had a tape of what happened that night? 2) The autopsy report was compromised, with a majority of the substances reported "missing"...including that from her stomach (her death, they say, was caused from taking 30-40 pills...but how could that be confirmed without proper testing?) 3) She was planning to re-marry Joe DiMaggio (according to his niece), so the idea of killing herself (and not really leaving a note, or calling him) doesn’t seem to really make sense to me. Mike

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