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Found 687 results

  1. Tempus Fugit

    Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi

    According to news reports Al-Zarqawi may be dead. This is probably just a combination of media speculation and wishful thinking on the US forces part. Even if he hasn't yet been killed, surely he can't evade death for much longer. After all he is operating in Iraq unlike Bin Laden who is most likely hiding out in Pakistan's North Western frontier. Being in the midst of the insurgency, his luck must run out soon.
  2. maryportfuncity

    Larry 'wild Man' Fischer

    Wild Man Fischer isn't doing too well. Was really saddened last night watching the documentary movie, 'Derailroaded' about his life. A paranoid schitzo who's been a legend of outsider music for years, despite averaging well under 1000 record sales a year since 1968. He went into supported living at the end of 2004 but his diet, mental state and general health are more fragile than they should be for a 60 year old.
  3. Arnold

    Val Guest

    I'm afraid I have no health report on this legend of British film. But anyone who acted as a scriptwriter for Will Hay and also The Crazy Gang, must surely merit inclusion for next year? He will be 94 this December.
  4. maryportfuncity

    Desmond Dekker

    Link to the story. Fatal heart attack at 64, his last big hit was the floor. But seriously folks: a pioneer who made his music more widely known, gigging up to a fortnight ago.
  5. Death Watch Beatle

    Richard Burns - Ex World Rally Champ

    Another sportsman suffering from a brain tumour is Richard Burns, the 2001 World Rally Champion. http://www.richardburns.com/news.cfm?flag=2&id=349 He is going through some treatment at the moment, so worth keeping an eye on him to see how he fares. DWB
  6. maryportfuncity

    Hilda Braid

    Looked well short of match fit doddering into the soap awards this week. b. 1932, can't find anything specific online about serious illness but someone out there might have an inside track on the information.
  7. maryportfuncity

    Eric Forth

    Eric Forth, tory MP with a safe seat, lost to cancer today. Got me thinking about the habit of MP's dying in the job. If we rule out the unfortunates - like the auto-erotic mishap of Steven Millican, dead with an eccentric collection of skimpy clothing and a satsuma up his safe seat - there's still a tendecy for MP's to die whilst still technically at work. Does anyone amongst us know whether they work through terminal illess to death because: i - The job attracts driven people in states of denial about their health. ii - The conditions of service mean there are financial advantages in the pension or lump sum dept to their next of kin if they die in the job. iii - Both of the above.
  8. Typhoid Harry

    Uzi Hitman

    This really belongs in the Dead Losses thread, and I'll merge it later, but this is too good to bury. Punsters, do your worst! Uzi Hitman Singer, songwriter and composer Uzi Hitman dies at 52 By Haaretz Service and AP The Israeli singer and songwriter Uzi Hitman, who composed the song "Adon Olam," died of a heart attack Saturday night, at the age of 52. Hitman, who was one of the most popular songwriters and performers in Israel in the 1980s and 1990s, began his career at the 1976 Hasidic Song Festival, where he performed "Adon Olam," a traditional Jewish prayer for which he had composed music. His famous songs include "Noladati Lashalom" (I was born for peace), "Ratziti Sheteda" (I wanted you to know) and "Kan" (Here), which was performed by Orna and Moshe Datz and reached the third place at the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest. Hitman later dedicated "Noladati Lashalom," to Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, the first Arab leader to sign a peace agreement with Israel. The birth of Hitman's eldest son, Ido, in 1978 also inspired the song, Ido Hitman told Army Radio on Sunday. After Hitman received a guitar from his parents at age 11, he went on to sing during his military service in the Israel Defense Forces. "Dad was married to the State of Israel," his son told Army Radio. "More than my mother, more than his children, he loved the country... He simply loved the state, he loved the land." In the early 1980s, Hitman appeared in the children's television program "Parpar Nehmad," and later in "Hopa Hei," another popular children's program. Igal Bashon, who sang with Hitman in Hopa Hei, said he was known for his sense of humor. "He was the king of the country," Bashon told Army Radio. "Uzi possessed great magic and the talent he was born with was rare." In 2001, Hitman was presented with the ACUM Prize (Association of Composers, Authors and Publishers of Music in Israel) for lifetime achievement. He was laid to rest at the Yarkon Cemetery, near Tel Aviv, on Sunday afternoon. Education Minister Limor Livnat was among the eulogizers.
  9. Octopus of Odstock

    Floyd Patterson

    Link Sad news.
  10. Moosey

    Billy Smart

    Billy Smart, heir to the £30m circus fortune, is 70, mentally confused & terminally affected with small cell carcinoma lung cancer. The Sunday Times reports that he has already outlived doctors' expectations and could die within 6 weeks. A rock-solid nominee for 2005, surely (if he passes the famousness test).
  11. Crispy

    Pat "bomber" Roach

    What is it with celebrities that choose to withhold information regarding their health? He has withheld the fact that he has cancer for the last 3 years. According to yesterday's News of the World, his days are nubmered. http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/story_page.../showbiz5.shtml
  12. Grim Reaper

    John Kenneth Galbraith

    This is the place to discuss John Kenneth Galbraith
  13. Coatlicue

    Eugene Landy

    Possibly only of interest to those who have worked in record shops, and huge Beach Boys fans. But Eugene Landy, 'psychiatrist' to Brian Wilson, has made himself comfortable and laid down on the couch for the last time. Landy notoriously cashed in his vulnerable celebrity client's fame wrote Wilson's money spinning biography http://xrrf.blogspot.com/2006/04/psychobit-eugene-landy.html
  14. Viva Voce

    Gene Pitney

    Gene Pitney 24 hours from nowhere
  15. themaninblack

    Denis Donaldson

    Denis Donaldson, the former Sinn Fein leader cum British spy, found shot dead in Co. Donegal The Secret Agent Considering the circumstances, this was inevitable...
  16. Anubis the Jackal

    Tookie Williams

    Tookie Williams is due to be executed on the 13th of December. A founder member of the Crips street gang who has since renounced violence and been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 5 times now relies on good ol' boy Arnie Schwarzenegger to grant him a reprieve, but would he still be decent DL material if a stay of execution were to be granted?
  17. Guest

    Wilson Pickett

    US soul s inger Wilson Pickett has died at 64
  18. Saint Peter

    Jimmy Johnstone Dies

    Wee Jinxy Johnstone has kicked it, finally! Sad, he was great to watch, even though he played for Celtic ! http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/t...tic/4800766.stm
  19. eejit

    Peter Osgood Dies

    Bit of a shock that one. Aged 59 according to BBC news.
  20. Anubis the Jackal

    Ivor Cutler

    Ivor Cutler has died Which is a great shame. Unless you had him in your DDP and Deadlypool teams. chuckle.
  21. Anubis the Jackal

    Ali Farka Toure

    Ahoy-hoy. Apologies for absence and all that... I hear that Legendary Malian guitarist Ali Farka Toure, much loved by middle-class couples who wear macramed headgear and dance in an interpretive fashion at WOMAD is suffering from cancer. No details on google yet, but well worth a shout for '07...opinion anyone?
  22. Guest

    Freddie Laker

    top business tycoon Sir Freddie Laker has died tonight at 83.
  23. maryportfuncity

    Patricia Neal

    B 20-01-1926, almost died of a stroke in the mid sixties. Surely she can't last forever. Does anyone know what state she's in today?
  24. Anubis the Jackal

    Ibrahim Rugova

    Ibrahim Rugova President of Kosovo.

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