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Found 738 results

  1. weatherman90

    Merv Griffin

    Merv Griffin, American entertainment magnate and host of the Merv Griffin Show is apparently in intensive care after his prostate cancer returned in July. He is in "grave condition" at Cedars-Sinai. He will likely be gone in the next couple of days in my opinion.
  2. Death Watch Beatle

    John Inman

    I have left the topic description free 'cause I couldn't think of a witty line to put in it, I'm sure someone will help me out. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/t...dio/4082691.stm Anyway, good ol' Hep strikes again! DWB
  3. Deadly Doug

    Nigel Dempster

    Nigel Dempster, or as they "Eye" had it, "Pratt-Dumpster," self-styled "greatest living Englishman," is no more. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/6895649.stm
  4. Phantom

    Alan 'Fluff' Freeman

    Alan Freeman has died at the age of 79
  5. Deadly Doug

    Derek Dougan

    The Doog has bitten the dust: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/t...ers/6234726.stm
  6. Kain

    Bob Woolmer

    Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer found unconscious in hotel room. Not sure if this is the right thread, but after yesterday's result....?
  7. Guest

    James Doohan

    James Doohan (Scotty, Star Trek) has been diagnosed with altzeimers don't know how progressed it is but worth a mention
  8. Gross Urnings

    Don (w)Ho?

    hello...newly registered to the forum...used to occasionally post as 'Guest Yank' but I'm all in now! Anyway - legendary Hawaiin crooner Don Ho has apparently got heart issues to the point where he just went to Thailand to get an experimental stem cell procedure not legal in the U.S.A....food for thought for the '06 list. Link to story: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20051209/ap_en_...eople_don_ho_11
  9. MadMac

    Bobby "Boris" Pickett

  10. Deadly Doug

    Arthur Milton

    Attend the passing of Arthur Milton, the last man to play football and cricket for England: http://www.bbc.co.uk/gloucestershire/conte...t_feature.shtml
  11. Deadly Doug

    Alan Ball

    After a heart attack, Alan Ball is now "covering every blade of grass" on that great pitch in the sky: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/6590715.stm
  12. Where is Kurt Vonnegut?
  13. DevonDeathTrip

    Andranik Margaryan - Pm Of Armenia

    Prime Minister Andranik Margarian of Armenia, has died of heart failure at the age of 55.
  14. Typhoid Harry

    Brad Delp

    Brad Delp, lead singer from the band Boston, dead at 55
  15. Deathcorner

    Sally Clark Dead

    Wrongly jailed mother Sally Clark has died, aged 42. http://news.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30000-1256260,00.html
  16. Jimh

    Bit Of A Gareth

    I wonder how many different types of coffee bean there are in heaven. BBC are reporting that Gareth Hunt has just breathed his last at 65.
  17. weatherman90

    Art Buchwald

    Art Buchwald, 80, is missing a half a leg, and had a stroke in 2000. In addition, he is refusing dialysis. One to watch if he survives the year. Final Days Wikipedia - if you are asking yourself who this is [merged (eventualy)HCW]
  18. crypt_factor

    1989 Ray Moore

    I do like the offbeat style of this website - and I'm sure that Ray would too! However; dear Ray Moore was only 47 yrs of age when he died - not 55 ! He was a true professional in the world of broadcasting and perhaps the nicest man anyone could hope to meet! I hope your admin. will correct this error. Best regards jw
  19. football_fan

    Maurice Papon

    Convicted Nazi collaborator, Maurice Papon looked extremely frail on a French language television station today. In 1998, he was sent to prison for complicity in crimes against humanity for his role in deporting 1,690 Jews to Germany as second-in-command of Bordeaux area police during World War 2, only to be released a few years ago due to ill health. At 95, he is now suffering from a number of ailments, including heart disease and is now bedridden. It looks like he will soon be meeting his maker.
  20. Arnold

    Norah Baring

    Norah Baring, Alfred Hitchcock's leading lady in his 1930 film "Murder!" will be 99 on January 1 2006. I think the only problem we have here is this - does this lady pass the famouseness test? I'm not 100 per cent certain she does. But if we think so, we could have a very good candidate for next year. It's perhaps one for debate. So here are the pros and cons as I see them. The pros: 1 She is a Htichcock leading lady. There were around 50 of them and they all exist as a movie sub-genre in themselves. 2 She is British and will be natural fodder for a Daily Telegraph obit. 3 She starred in Hitchcock's second talkie, very early in his career and will be seen as something of a pioneer. (Anny Ondra, wife of Deathlist success Max Schmeling, was his first and received numerous obits when she died in 1987, despite making only a handful of British films and retiring in 1951.) 4 Virtually all Hitchcock leading ladies get an obit in the broadsheets. 5 In "Murder!", she is a devastatingly stunning brunette (rare for Hitchcock, who famously cast blondes). Her uniqueness to the obit writers is again enhanced. The cons: 1 She retired from films in 1934! (Although this could make her more of an enigma for obit writers). 2 We have no idea of her health although one very poorly put together website is following her longevity with interest, along with other ancient movie stars - http://www.totalblowhole.com/new-4688533-4676.html. Opinions gratefully sought.
  21. Dr Hackenslash

    Brian Peppers

    http://www.wikitruth.info/index.php?title=...d:Brian_Peppers Surely he must be a good shout?
  22. morbidillo

    Roy Castle

    What does everyone think about the idea that the late performer Roy Castle contracted lung cancer through passive smoking? Did he really suck that much in through his trumpet, or was it something to do with tap dancing in working mens clubs in the 50s/60s/70s?
  23. Cowboy Ronnie

    Benny Parsons

    former NASCAR driver Benny Parsons to be treated for lung cancer http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2006/raci...s.ap/index.html would very likely pass the fame test in the US, not so sure he would in the UK. Anyone on this side of the ocean heard of him?
  24. Poetry Man

    Barbara Kelly

    I was sorry to hear that Barbara Kelly died, she of 'What's my Line' fame, and I think, Criss Cross Quiz many years ago. Although I may be wrong on that.
  25. Drive-by Flatterer

    Robert Anton Wilson

    I searched and couldn't find mention of Robert Anton Wilson, counter culture godfather and friend of Tim Leary. Could be an 'early doors' bidder for 2007. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Anton_Wilson Quote: "On June 22, 2006, Huffington Post blogger Paul Krassner reported that Robert A. Wilson is currently under hospice care at home with friends and family. [1] On 2 October 2006 Douglas Rushkoff reported that Wilson was in severe financial trouble.[2] As of 3 October the front page of rawilson.com contains an appeal for funds. Slashdot, Boing Boing, and the Church of the Subgenius also picked up on the story, linking to Rushkoff's appeal. [3] [4] These efforts succeeded beyond expectation and raised over USD 80,000 which will support him for at least 6 months.[citation needed]"

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