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Found 695 results

  1. Death Watch Beatle

    Stephen Hawking

    I thought at first the abuse, suggested in the papers, his wife was dishing out on the poor old professor might lead to his downfall, but I am now of the opinion that he will now be more carefully watched by his army of helpers . . . but you never know! DWB
  2. Soul Dracula

    Jim Bowen

    What about "Smashing, Great, Super" Jim Bowen of legendary Bullesye Fame? I guess he's still shuffling along quite nicely (another one who appeared in Peter Kay's Phoenix nights). "And have a look at would have you could have won"....what bloody good was a speedboat for 2 friends from land-locked Sutton Coldfield? "Stay in the black and out of the red, you get nothing in this game for two in a bed" (unless your names Sven Goran Erikson) And Bully's star prize.........
  3. Guest

    Bruce Forsyth

    Hiya, sorry if I'm posting the blatently obvious or am doing something foolishly wrong but this is my first post. I love him to bits and I'm happy he's not snuffed it yet, but surely Brucie is a red hot favourite to peg it soon? How old is he? In his 80s by now surely?
  4. Joey Russ

    Gord Downie

    Considering he has terminal brain cancer and he has a high chance of being obitable, I think it would be right for him to have his own page. Surprised no one made one already.
  5. He is in hospital with an infection now. Last year he was diagnosed with dementia.
  6. Thought it was time for a thread for the L`Oreal heiress and richest woman in the world Lilianne Bettencourt.Now 94 and has had Alzheimer's since 2006 and was put under a conservatorship in 2011.Not been heard of since which is unsurprising given her bad health.A good candidate for 2018 if she lasts that long I would think.
  7. Grim_Rita

    Alec Bedser

    Any info/thread on the cricketer?
  8. DevonDeathTrip

    Hannah Hauxwell

    Hannah Hauxwell. She was made famous in TV programmes about her simple farming life in the Yorkshire Dales. I assumed she'd died years ago, but it appears not. Anyone know her date of birth?
  9. wildstorm

    Ingvar Kamprad

    Ingvar Kamprad, founder of a small, family-owned, neighbourhood furniture store called IKEA (You might've heard of it). According to this article (Warning: Swedish) he wants to relocate back to his hometown, due to health reasons. Although he claims there aren't any 'serious' health issues, it's said that he's been cared for by doctors for most of his adult life. He also stepped down as chairman of IKEA a few months ago. It's not necessarily health related, but here are some other tidbits: He's a former heavy-alcoholic, he was fitted with pacemaker a few years ago, was really broken up over the death of his wife in late 2011, and turns 88 in March 2014. I was gonna keep him as a unique pick for 2014, but I just love sharing. Discuss: Is he one to watch out for in the coming year? Think he's a contender for the Official DL 2014 line-up? Or will he stick around a while longer?
  10. Connie Sawyer's earliest TV appearances were on The Milton Berle Show and The Jackie Gleason Show in the late 1940s. She appeared regularly on television, in such series as The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Rockford Files, Hawaii Five-O, Dynasty, Murder, She Wrote, Home Improvement, Seinfeld, Boy Meets World, Will & Grace, That '70s Show, 8 Simple Rules, ER, How I Met Your Mother and The Office. In 2012 Sawyer, at the age of 99, was one of the oldest members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Connie_Sawyer http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/meet-oldest-working-member-sag-790518
  11. Lard Bazaar

    Tom Petty

    TMZ reporting Tom Petty on life support after a heart attack.
  12. Crispy

    Basil D'oliveira

    There was an article in Sunday's The Mail regarding the very poor health of 73 year old Basil D'Oliveira. At present he's in a nursing home in Worcestershire. His wife is quoted as saying "Basil is very poorly" I doubt he'll make it through the year!!!
  13. Sean

    Rayya Elias

    :Saw this update on Elizabeth Gilberts instagram about her "wife" (they had a commitment ceremony not a legal civil partnership but oh well)No other updates on Liz's social media feeds for over two weeks apart from this .Old photo?Surely Rayya Can't make 2018!
  14. Grim Reaper

    David Rockefeller

    This is the David Rockefeller thread
  15. Guest

    Peter Sallis

    I dont know if any of you saw Peter Sallis (Clegg in Last of the Summer Wine )at the oscars ,or at the BAFTA awarsa,but hes not looking well at all.Hes so frail he was unable to walk on to the stage at the oscars for his award for Wallace and Gromit .I think he may not have long to go
  16. Grim Reaper

    King Michael Of Romania

    This is the King Michael of Romania thread.
  17. gcreptile

    Joey Feek

    The cervical cancer of Joey Feek, of country and bluegrass duo Joey + Rory, has returned: http://theboot.com/joey-and-rory-joey-feek-cancer/ Doesn't sound too good to be honest.
  18. Grim Reaper

    John Noakes

    The John Noakes thread.
  19. Death Star

    General Pinochet

    This thread is the place to discuss General Pinochet.
  20. Death Watch Beatle

    Muhammad Ali

    I'm not sure if this has been reported on the forum (I'm sure somebody will tell me if it has): http://15rounds.com/press/2005/10/102805.php/ I reproduce the article below, as links tend to go dead rather quickly sometimes. Ali Losing Battle With Parkinson's By John Raygoza Former world heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali is losing his battle with Parkinson's disease, according to daughter Laila Ali. Ali, 63, was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 1983, four years after his loss to Trevor Berbick. Laila revealed to the L.A. Times that her father's condition has worsen. "I feel like the disease is progressing," Laila said. "Different things start happening as you get older. I have noticed a change in him, something that goes along with the Parkinson's. It's painful for me because I would love to sit down and talk to my dad about the way he used to be when he was my age, when he was in his prime because we are so much alike. I can't really do that. I can't share a lot of things with him." "We don't talk about boxing," she said. "He might come to a fight and say, "You're bad.' But he was never one to talk much boxing with us. That was not him. And he doesn't talk much these days anyway. It takes him too much energy to talk. He has good days and bad days. He's taking a lot of different medications. Sometimes his speech is so slurred you can't hardly understand him. But he definitely knows what's going on. That's for sure. He sees everything." Earlier this year, Muhammad Ali purchased a $2 million home in Paradise Valley, Arizona, 10 minutes outside of Phoenix. DWB
  21. Sean

    Tony Booth

    Chainsmoking heavy drinking actor and womanizer Tony Booth is now 84 and in terrible shape.He was diagnosed with Alzheimer`s in 2004 suffered a stroke in 2010 and was diagnosed with heart failure and emphysema in 2014 but somehow is still going.His wife Steph states that he doesn`t really remember her anymore and that his lungs are so bad that "it sounds like he is drowning" and that his heart failure is so severe that nothing can be done medically to help him.He was also admitted to a nursing home briefly a while back when his wife had a cold as "a simple cold could finish him off".Definitely one to include for next year if he makes it to next year.He is best known as the scouse git out of "till death us do part" ad was the president of equity an actors union.He also is one of the few actors to feature in Coronation Street Eastenders and Emmerdale.Also known for being Cherie Blaire`s Dad and Pat Phoenix`s husband for 6 whole days as well as being a prominent left wing activist . http://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/health-family/i-have-on-more-than-one-occasion-wondered-why-i-go-on-caring-for-tony-1.2634426 http://www.mirror.co.uk/lifestyle/health/fiona-phillips-meets-tony-booth-3130078
  22. Grim Reaper

    Jake Lamotta

    This is the place to discuss Jake Lamotta
  23. Guest

    Liz Dawn

    Vera Duckworth (AKA emphysema-suffering actress Liz Dawn) meets her maker on t'Street tonight, eyes pecked out of her rotting skull by Jack's pigeons after electrocuting herself in a massage chair. Flamin' nora.
  24. widnes14

    William Gladstone Stewart

    Richard Whitely being dead makes me wonder how long the fifteen to one fellas got left
  25. Death Star

    Ian Brady

    This thread is the place to discuss Ian Brady.

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