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Found 686 results

  1. maryportfuncity

    Natalie Cole

    Just read this morning that 58 year old Natalie Cole is a Hep C job as a result of sharing needles in her mis-spent youth. She also reacted to being trapped in a burning building by cooking up a hit of crack. Turning down the suggestion of the bodyguard trapped with her that they should shag. She's been clean for over 25 years, but that little time-bomb will never go away.
  2. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    George Michael, Innit Peeps

    Mr Panayiotou seems to be as fond of the Class A's as my previous sleb thread heroine, Amy W. Ladies and Gentlemen, do we have Faith that he'll live to be much Older or is he on The Edge of Heaven? (yes, I had to look all those up).
  3. Deathwatch Beetle

    Bhumibol Adulyadej

    This fella is hanging by the skin of his teeth and has been for years, I doubt he will be included in next years list as most peeps don't know him but I live in Thailand and he can't last much longer he's got every illness under the sun. Please don't tell anyone my name or they will come for me in the middle of the night and ship me off to the Bangkok Hilton for etnerity!
  4. Saint Peter

    Jane Goodie

    Looks like Jade Goody has had one knob to many. Looking at the picture, it looks like somebody must have been desperate.
  5. DevonDeathTrip

    Gerry Rafferty

    Not looking good for Gerry Rafferty That was on August 2nd, I don't think he's been located yet. This is such exciting news, that I was going to start a thread in his honour, but I managed to contain myself. Post from TAFKAG - Maybe he'll be spotted winding his way haphazardly down on Baker Street? Post from Maryportfuncity - That was on August 2nd, I don't think he's been located yet. This is such exciting news, that I was going to start a thread in his honour, but I managed to contain myself. Chancey mind, I mean, we could pick him for the CPDP only for him to turn up dead and decayed to the point he'd obviously died before Sept 1st. Let's hope they locate him this month. :excl:
  6. Phantom

    Robert Novak

    Washington Journalist Bob Novak has announced that he has a brain tumour. I'll post a link once one becomes available
  7. Dia de los Muertos

    Peaches Honeyblossom Geldof

    Peaches had a drug overdose
  8. Quite fascinating reading about all these old celebrities that time gets the best of. I wondered how long Dick Van Patten (from the last 70s early 80s show 'Eight is Enough') would last, especially since he suffered a diabetic attack recently. I've also seen the dad from Different Strokes but he looks quite healthy so I think he'll be around for a while. All fer now. Silent
  9. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    Martin Gardner

    Someone I can't find previously mentioned on the DL is the 93-year-old 'godfather of recreational mathematics' (i.e. he likes puzzles), Martin Gardner. I'd never heard of him till reading this article, and his wiki page suggests he's eminent enough for a suitable obituary - check the Escher and Tetris references. The article says he's too frail to attend the G4G conferences held in his name these days (though it also says he's still 'mentally and physically fit'), so he's a possible deadpool pick for someone willing to take a gamble.
  10. Saint Peter

    Harvey Korman

    Harvey Korman looks like he will not be in the saddle any more. Maybe not famous enough, however it was one of my favourite films.
  11. Senator Edward Kennedy has been hospitalised after suffering stroke-like symptoms.
  12. maryportfuncity

    Morgan Tsvangirai

    A marked man, according to the link. And planning to return to Zimbabwe. In need of his own thread I reckon, if only so's we get familiar with the right spelling of his name.
  13. Banshees Scream

    James Garner

    James Garner, a veteran actor, has been hospitalized after what is described to be a 'minor' stroke. Didn't Aaron Spelling also have a minor stroke? This post kicks off the very home of all further hospitalizations to be reported on www.deathlist.net.
  14. This is a bit "left-field", but Leonid Stadnick (Ukraine) should be considered for forthcoming DealthLists. Although he's only in his late 30s, he is currently the world's tallest man. His height appears to have now stopped at 8 ft 5ins, although earlier estimates have gauged him as reaching 9ft+. I'm not sure what happened over the last year to stop his growth, but THINK he had brain surgery (or treatment) to suppress a pituatry anomoly. From documentaries etc, he appears in pretty good health, however the increased mileage of bloodflow around his body places a huge burden on his heart. Personally, I hope he bucks the Giantism trend (of dying young).
  15. Typhoid Harry

    Deborah Jeane Palfrey

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/7378654.stm If this is a suicide, I'm the Queen of England. She was on the Alex Jones (American talk radio blow-hard) show a couple of months ago talking about how she would be "suicided" and went on the record saying that she would never kill herself. Heres the interview: http://www.infowars.com/media/230707palfrey.mp3 No way this woman killed herself, her sentence was bound to be light and publishers were salivating like Pavlov's pooch to buy her story.
  16. DevonDeathTrip

    Candye Kane

    American jazz and blues singer, Candye Kane, has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Goodbye Candye?
  17. The oridgional captain birdseye is dead... apparently he stared the role in the late 60s and only finished playing him in 2006 dont know wether this is right but alas he has finally gone to davey jones locker....
  18. Azraelle

    Anthony Minghella

    He's dead but I don't know how he died (apart from not breathing).
  19. Dia de los Muertos

    Patrick Swayze

    I would take this with a pinch of salt, but...
  20. Saint Peter

    Paul Raymond Dies

    The man that taught me what women bits looked like has died. Doesn't say if he died on the job......
  21. DevonDeathTrip

    General Jaruzelski

    Wojciech Jaruzelski, former President of Poland and the last Communist leader of his country, is seriously ill with pneumonia and 'other complications'.
  22. deadsox

    Fawza Falih

    What are your thoughts on Fawza Falih? Is it really possible that this is going to happen? I work in Salem, Massachusetts but they stopped this a little over 300 years ago.
  23. Guest

    Mel Galley

    Looks like Mel is rocking off to the big blue sky !! http://www.expressandstar.com/2008/02/07/w...ng-with-cancer/
  24. Applecool Downunder

    Alfredo Reinardo Shot Dead

    Alfredo Reinardo, East Timorese rebel leader shot dead in assassination attempt again President Jose Ranos Horta who was shot in stomach but is alive.
  25. Guest

    Hugh Hefner

    Hey, wondered if you had considered Hugh Hefner for next years list. He is already 82 and I mean, how much longer can he go with 3 demanding girlfriends???

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