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Found 699 results

  1. Sean

    Tony Booth

    Chainsmoking heavy drinking actor and womanizer Tony Booth is now 84 and in terrible shape.He was diagnosed with Alzheimer`s in 2004 suffered a stroke in 2010 and was diagnosed with heart failure and emphysema in 2014 but somehow is still going.His wife Steph states that he doesn`t really remember her anymore and that his lungs are so bad that "it sounds like he is drowning" and that his heart failure is so severe that nothing can be done medically to help him.He was also admitted to a nursing home briefly a while back when his wife had a cold as "a simple cold could finish him off".Definitely one to include for next year if he makes it to next year.He is best known as the scouse git out of "till death us do part" ad was the president of equity an actors union.He also is one of the few actors to feature in Coronation Street Eastenders and Emmerdale.Also known for being Cherie Blaire`s Dad and Pat Phoenix`s husband for 6 whole days as well as being a prominent left wing activist . http://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/health-family/i-have-on-more-than-one-occasion-wondered-why-i-go-on-caring-for-tony-1.2634426 http://www.mirror.co.uk/lifestyle/health/fiona-phillips-meets-tony-booth-3130078
  2. Grim Reaper

    Jake Lamotta

    This is the place to discuss Jake Lamotta
  3. Guest

    Liz Dawn

    Vera Duckworth (AKA emphysema-suffering actress Liz Dawn) meets her maker on t'Street tonight, eyes pecked out of her rotting skull by Jack's pigeons after electrocuting herself in a massage chair. Flamin' nora.
  4. widnes14

    William Gladstone Stewart

    Richard Whitely being dead makes me wonder how long the fifteen to one fellas got left
  5. Death Star

    Ian Brady

    This thread is the place to discuss Ian Brady.
  6. Vaagheid

    Harry Dean Stanton

    I just found out through some random surfing that Harry Dean Stanton who starred in Alien, Paris Texas and a lot of David Lynch films is turning 88 this year (i thought he would be atleast 10 years younger).... Just wondering if there is anything know about his health?
  7. Guest

    Alistair Cooke

    Things are looking hopeful for a long awaited first success of the year with today's sudden and unexpected announcement from Alistaire Cooke that he is to retire. I think the most promising aspects of this are firstly, that he has already retired and there will no no farewell Letter from America. The BBC and the highly egocentric Cooke would have insisted upon 15 minutes of reflection on 72 years at the sharp end of political journalism in the USA at the very least. And secondly, that he has retired at all. Cooke, though brilliant, has survived so long because he has a deep, insecure sense of self worth coupled with immense vanity and pride. When the new wave of modernisers came in when Cooke was in his 80s, he kicked up such an almighty public stink, they had to keep him on. So I think it must all mount to a sudden trauma on the health front.
  8. DevonDeathTrip

    Leonard Nimoy

    Leonard Nimoy is recovering after undergoing emergency abdominal surgery.
  9. themaninblack

    Terry Pratchett

    Documentary tonight on Sir Terry's plight.... Living with Alzheimer's I wonder how long he'll last?
  10. murderface

    Don Rickles

    This guy has been around for a looooooooong time. I mean he was old when he was in Casino, and that was like 15 years ago! He's awesome but his time has to be coming up!
  11. Gravedigger

    Jerry Lewis

    I saw a picture of the rubber faced comedian (77) earlier in the week, and boy does he look in a bad way! Just released from hospital, after ballooning to 110Kg from an adverse reaction to SPAM, which he was taking to treat pulmonary fibrosis... A quick background check shows he's been declining in health over the last few of years, suffering from viral meningitis, diabetes, chronic back pain, addiction to painkillers, a heart attack and prostate cancer. If he can keep this performance going for the rest of the year, I think he's a good candidate for the 2005 list.
  12. Typhoid Harry

    Julia Child

    Just saw her today at a fundraiser. if she holds on till January, she's in my top 5. Of course, I'm showing my hand, but what the hell?
  13. JR976evil

    Barry Norman

    I see Barry Norman's live show at the Plaza in Stockport has been cancelled for the second time this year due to his being hospitalised, I had a ticket to see him in February but was cancelled on account of the flu. Much as I wish for him to make a full recovery he could be worth keeping an eye on, is 82 now
  14. Misanthropy-life

    Helmut Kohl

    Any chance of a departure from the ex-chancellor?
  15. Octopus of Odstock

    Ian Smith

    Ian Smith - for two reasons: http://www.news24.com/News24/Africa/Zimbab...1867280,00.html Grief & ill-health.
  16. DevonDeathTrip

    General Jaruzelski

    Wojciech Jaruzelski, former President of Poland and the last Communist leader of his country, is seriously ill with pneumonia and 'other complications'.
  17. Guest

    Steve Irwin

    crikey !!!!! http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/steve-...7222051512.html Steve Irwin stung by a stingray
  18. Tempus Fugit

    Brian Cant

    UK children's TV legend, this man must have his own thread. I fucking love you Brian.
  19. Death Watch Beatle

    Manuel Noriega

    I was scanning through this article about the former Panamanian dictator's blood pressure problems when I read that he has an apartment suite in prison. Tough life ain't it! http://www.miami.com...10352165.htm?1c DWB
  20. Davey Jones' Locker

    Dennis Ritchie

    I have just learned that Dennis Ritchie has passed away: http://www.electronista.com/articles/11/10...t.with.illness/ http://en.wikipedia..../Dennis_Ritchie Really sad about this one. He did far, far more for the computer industry than Steve Jobs, IMHO but his passing almost certainly won't get anywhere near the media attention. I wouldn't have the job I hold today if it weren't for his pioneering work co-developing Unix with Ken Thompson. RIP to one of the real fathers of the computer revolution. Not an exaggeration to say that I personally consider this the most significant death of the year thus far due to his impact on computing.
  21. Grim Reaper

    Joost Van Der Westhuizen

    The Joost van der Westhuizen thread.
  22. Grim Reaper

    Errol Christie

    This is the Errol Christie thread
  23. weasel

    Adam West - Batman

    Last commercial I saw with Adam West (Batman from TV series....see my avatar), he was looking kinda slow or something like that. Any updates on him lately?
  24. Paul Bearer

    Ian Paisley

    Just watched BBC Ireland party political broadcast with Mr Paisley..... He does not look a very well man. If he doesn't pop off this year, I think next year will be his last
  25. Windsor

    Tom Weir

    Late night TV on ITV Grampian pointed me towards Tom Weir. (b.1914) They still show repeats of his programme 'Weir's Way' up here. It is all the excitement you need. His sister Mollie died in late 2004. He is fairly famous in Scotland I suppose but I'm guessing no one else has heard of him. There is so little material on him that he may even be dead.

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