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Found 721 results

  1. themaninblack

    Lou Reed

    Lou Reed is recovering after a "life saving" liver transplant...
  2. CaptainChorizo

    Rob Ford

    Rob Ford So it has been going around there is a video of Ford(Mayor of Toronto) smoking crack. He held a press conference stating ""I do not use crack cocaine,"Nor am I an addict of crack cocaine" If this turns out to be true he seems like he would be a good candidate for 2014 as the only obese crackhead the world.

    Iain Banks

    Iain Banks has terminal cancer.
  4. Paul Bearer

    Richard Griffiths

    Breaking news. Harry Potter and Withnail & I actor Richard Griffiths has died after complications after heart surgery. BBC link Didn't recognise the name, but knew the face as soon as I saw it.
  5. CaptainChorizo

    Valerie Harper

    http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/people/2013/03/06/valerie-harper-has-terminal-brain-cancer/1966543/ Valerie Harper,73 who played Rhoda on the Mary Tyler Moore show has terminal brain cancer
  6. DevonDeathTrip

    Sam Simon

    I'm only judging his fame by the size of his Wikipedia page, but The Simpsons executive producer Sam Simon might be worth keeping under observation. He has provided a photo of his medication on his Twitter page (you need to go through his media gallary to see). There is rather a lot of it and the only pills I could make out the name of are used to combat nausea during and after chemotherapy.
  7. Guest

    Dale Winton

    TV presenter Dale WInton doesn't look very well,underneath all that botox & mahogany tan.
  8. Grim Reaper

    Peter O'toole

    Hard-living actor announced his retirement from acting in 2012 at the age of 79...
  9. Grim Reaper

    Pete Seeger

    American folk singer now 93...
  10. Grim Reaper

    Richard Adams

    Watership Down author now well into his 90s...
  11. Grim Reaper

    Gough Whitlam

    In March 2012, Bob Hawke quoted as saying "Gough is not in good shape"...
  12. Grim Reaper

    Mikhail Kalashnikov

    Inventor of the AK47 in intensive care as of 20 December 2012...
  13. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    Nicholas Parsons

    Looked in great shape on Pointless today, can't believe he's 89. Better than his partner Rick Wakeman, anyway.
  14. the_engineer

    Lord Mcalpine

    So with the rumours going around about him and him denying sex abuse claims you think it might take a toll on his health if the rumours are true lets hope so . http://news.sky.com/...use-allegations
  15. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    Martin Crowe

    Former Kiwi captain Martin Crowe has lymphoma.
  16. Spade_Cooley

    Grace Sung Eun Lee

    So this story isn't gonna go away, huh? I mean it will when she does within the next few months, but she's so large on the radar now that those of us who fancy the next Terri Schiavo/Whatever That Italian One Was Called as their DDP captain will already be praying she holds out past Christmas (do they celebrate Christmas in ultra-orthodox Christian Korean families?)
  17. maryportfuncity

    Ray Price

    Ray Price turned up on the BBC's Joy of Country recently. 86, looking lived in but still all there mentally. http://en.wikipedia....Price_(musician)
  18. Lewd_Squirrel

    Michael Clarke Duncan

    How long do you think he will last, concidering how he just had a heart attack last week, & is now on a respirator?
  19. Bibliogryphon

    Gerry And Sylvia Anderson

    Not a death sentence but Gerry Anderson has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's I am surprised he and Sylvia don't have their own thread.
  20. Davey Jones' Locker

    Andy Williams

    I have just been reading about Andy Williams and thought I'd see if we had any info on him. He doesn't seem to have a thread yet but I noticed Windsor had him as one of his picks in his footer so I suppose his health issues are already well-known. According to his Wiki page, which cites Fox News, "On Friday, November 4, 2011, it was reported in the press that Williams has been diagnosed with bladder cancer. He is undergoing chemotherapy treatments in Houston and will then move with his wife to a rented home in Malibu, California to be closer to cancer specialists in the Los Angeles area." Any news since then? What is the survival rate for bladder cancer?
  21. Davey Jones' Locker

    Mohammed Merah, Gunman

    In the spirit of the Raoul Moat thread, do you think the as-yet unidentified Toulouse gunman will be taken alive, shot by les gendarmes or commit suicide?
  22. Prince Friso of Orange-Nassau went skiing, found an avalanche and is in hospital and 'critical condition'. He's an unremarkable man, his only claim to fame is that his mum is Queen Beatrix. regards, Hein
  23. Grim Reaper

    Harper Lee

    The Harper Lee thread
  24. Spade_Cooley

    Gary Speed

    Hot damn, here's one nobody saw coming. Gary Speed dead at 42.
  25. DevonDeathTrip

    Smokin' Joe Frazier

    Boxing legend and former heavyweight champ "Smokin" Joe Frazier is suffering from advanced liver cancer.

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