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Found 1 result

  1. Wormfarmer

    Five4Three2One Deadpool - 2018

    Note: Entries are closed for 2018. Gonna try a new pool I've had turning in my head. This one might take a bit more work throughout the year than some pools, kind of like managing a fantasy football team, something almost every guy in the US does these days, it seems. This is a tournament of 12 months, with a cumulative score at the end determining the winner. The game: Submit your TEAM - a list of 5 names. Your top (first) name is worth 5 points if they die, your second name is worth 4 pts, and so on down to your bottom name which is worth 1 pt. Get your list in at any time beginning now, but this first list will score points only if you get a hit (and subsequent QO) during the month of January (I will use Wikipedia for the dates of all deaths). If you get a hit on the 31st (or last day of any month), you will double your points for that hit. So a top name would score 10 or a bottom name scores 2. Double points will also be awarded during the entire last week of December (Xmas through the 31st). This is the only bonus of the game. At the close of January, all lists become null, all names become free agents, and new lists can be submitted that will be good for the month of February, etc. You can only use a name once during the year at any given point position, and not in consecutive months. (So a max of 5 times for any given name). Also, once a name is posted at the top spot, no one else can use that name at the top spot for that month, same with the 4 spot, and so on. So any given name can only be on 5 active lists in any given month. But if a name is closed out in Jan, you will have another crack at it in Feb, and so on. If you get new intel about someone sick or injured, etc, you do not need to wait until the new month to post your new list. If you choose, you can post your next months list early (an inactive list), following the rules above which specify no duplicates at a given slot and no playing a name in consecutive months. NOTE: However, once you post your next months list, your active list is then void and you are unable to score for the rest of that month, (until your inactive list becomes active at the start of the next month). Which means you forfeit your chance at the month end bonus. I will post monthly standings, and try to police any illegal picks. New entries will be welcome until Jan 30th, but I may close it sooner if I get 20 entries (21 entries for 2018 were received). QO's: Any name scored by the Derby or AO Deadpools will be scored, or if they get a QO in the Associated Press. Last time I started a pool I caught some flak for putting my list out at the same time as the call for entries, so this time I will wait until the weekend to post my own team. I am sure there will be plenty of spoils left for me by then. I hope that covers it. Good luck and I hope to see some January teams soon! WF Final Standings 1 gcreptile (27) playoff victor 2 Captain Chorizo (27) 3. Sean (18) 4 (tie) The Quim Reaper (17) 4 (tie) Joey Russ (17) 6 Sir Creep (15) 7 (tie) Fixed Business (14) 7 (tie) Wormfarmer (14) 9 EXU (11) 10 theoldlady (9) 11 (tie) Prophet (6) 11 (tie) BOU1 (6) 13 Youwanticewiththat (5) 14 Yorkshire Banker (3) Bentrovato (0) Bibliogryphon (0)

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