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Found 3 results

  1. Deathray

    2018 5 for WTF Deadpool

    To retain an air of mystery to the scoring system; a few tweaks have been made and scores for last year will not be released until after entries for this years competition close. To clarify as you seem to be confused easily, YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO THE CALCULATION. Just send the 5 names. Welcome to a new pool that will run from 1st Jan 2017 00:00am to 31st Dec 2017 23:59. Each player must submit a team of five names and the score for each candidate on that team will be calculated as follows: 1 will be used for 0. International dialling codes of all nations in which the person has lived in + any regional dialling code that might have applied to them during their lifetime + the total box office take of each film they have appeared in + the total singles sales of all the records they have released / the number of children the individual has produced x (the year of their birth - the year of the death + the year of their mothers death if known) - the number of notable people that are listed as dead on wikipedia up to the date of calculation for 2017 / the number of family members listed in their wikipedia side bar with wiki links * the total number of followers any religion they proclaim to belong to has according to the most reliable source I can find x the number of shopping centres in the city/town that they are living in at the time of their death / the number of sexual encounters any person has publically bragged; the UK classification letter as a number (A being 1, B being 2) of any drugs the person has publically admitted to taking * the number of episodes their most recent television series appearance has had (if a series had multiple runs i.e classic/modern who or Star Trek T.O.S + Start Trek: Discovery etc etc then an aggregate of the entire run) * the number of search results brought up by google when their name is searched + the number of bing results brought up by google when their name is searched * the number of results if their name is searched on the BBC website * the number of professional snooker and or association football matches the individual has played in their life / the length of the longest rugby match they have been involved in + a random number between 1 and 1000 generated from this site= Your total score that death Deadline for entries is 23:59 December 31st 2017 If exacting information cannot be found for any figure (i.e it is clear they played some professional football matches but not clear how many, only the known number will be included (i.e the number of pro football matches we can be sure they played) Best of luck. EDIT: Teams must be sent by Private Message using this forum. All entrants must have a) their own wikipedia article b ) at least five news articles returned if google searched. I will aim for calculations to be carried out on the last day of the month in which celebrities die. Masterlist of Entries YoungWillz
  2. Lafaucheuse

    Our 2018 deathlist

    Heya ! in this topic you Will be able to put down 50 names as the real deathlist. Each time that a celebrity dies I will check your prediction and for each correct name you will get one point. You are able to put an extra-name in option, which Will count as the other ones. At the end of the year, the winner will receive a gift according to the high of his predictions. good Luck and don't... Fuck it up !
  3. JiroemonKimura

    Newcomer To DDP

    Hi, I am planning to join the DDP for the first time in 2016, and I have a few questions. Is joining the game as simple as emailing the list of celebrities and the team name to the host? Can I create and lead a team with just one person? Can I create more than one team? Is it a good idea to send the list just minutes before midnight GMT on December 31, to add celebrities in critical condition? I already have a preliminary list of celebrities for DDP, but will probably replace a couple. What happens if, when a celebrity on my list dies, it is already January 1 in his/her time zone, but still December 31 GMT? Can I choose a person who is mainly famous for being likely to die, but whose death will likely be announced on UK national news? Thanks in advance.

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