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Found 1 result

  1. Wormfarmer

    Inverse Survivor Dead Pool I

    Here are the rules for a new survivor style pool I would like to try out: I will post at the start, a list of roughly 60 of the usual suspects in the deadpooling game (names like Leah Bracknell, George HW Bush, etc) It will include some surviving names from the drop 40 from the Derby DP, plus a selection of others that I see circulated about in deadpools. It will not necessarily include everyone on your favorite list - - so don't fuss if there is a big name not there that you expect will not last until tomorrow (you wouldn't want to pick that name anyway). At the start of the pool, each player must select 10 names from this master list. Your first name is worth 10 pts if they die and your last name is worth 1 pt. Of course with the word "Inverse" in the title of the pool, your goal is to select 10 people who will survive the month. You do NOT want to score, you want to get out of the month with a zero. The player with the highest score after the first month is ELIMINATED and the rest of us move on to month two, again selecting 10 NEW names off the master list, which I may (or may not) update to replace any names that died (or any that miraculously have recovered from whatever malady they had the month before). You cannot select any name in consecutive months. Again we will eliminate the highest scoring player at the end of month 2. In month 3, you may use up to 5 names from month 1 (and no names from month 2) to make your new list. In month 4, all names from month 1 are fair game, but only 5 from your month 2 list, and so on. We proceed like this until we get down to the championship match, mano a mano for the title, which I intend to make happen in Dec of 2019. That's it in a nutshell. If you are still interested, here are a few finer details: For an inverse pool, there needs to be a penalty of sorts for players that delay getting their teams in. Otherwise, this is of obvious advantage while the rest of us are risking a big score. So once the month starts, if there is a death any player without a list will be subject to 3 point penalty PLUS the value of the highest hit scored by an active list. This applies even if no active list contains the dying name (late submitter gets 3 pts) A second death on the master list earns the same penalty, and so on, until a team is submitted. So late is not good, it could eliminate you fast. You may submit your team at any time prior to the end of the month to avoid these potential penalties. To further separate late entries from each other, beginning on the 5th of the month, a point is scored for each day a list is not submitted. This penalty is in addition to the +3 pts penalty. This allows someone who submits a team a week late to still beat someone who submits 2 weeks late (or not at all), and eliminates someone even if there are no deaths for the month. This rule was proposed on page 6 of the thread and received no negative comments so I am implementing it starting in Feb. If a pick dies before the start of a round, a replacement may be added - AT THAT SAME SPOT. Lists can not be reordered to accommodate the new name. Ties may be common. There are several ways in which we will break them: If we have a month where NO TEAM scores a hit (hopefully unlikely, but sometimes it gets slow . . . ), all lists will carry on into the next month, no changes allowed. The following round will add an extra elimination - the two highest scores will be gone. NEW RULE ADDITION: I may specify, for a given month, that previously earned points that did not lead to elimination from the game, may be used as tiebreakers OR in scoreless months to create eliminations. In the early rounds, if two or more players end the month with the highest score, we will back up to the previous month and look at their scores. If that doesn't break all ties, we will carry forward one month, and those two (or more) teams will go head to head to see who stays and who goes home. We will carry those head to head matches into a third month if needed, at which point it will become sudden death = the first one of those teams to score any hit will be eliminated. In the later rounds, say when we are down to 6 players or less, we will back up to the previous month and look at the head to head scores, then if still tied, we will go straight to sudden death. If I get a lot of entries, I will need a way to cut the field down faster to keep my goal of ending in Dec 2019. So there may be months where all tied players may be eliminated. I also may select certain months (say this Dec, and Jun 2019) and indicate those as multiple elimination months, even if there are no ties. Later rounds I may require teams to bulk up to 20 names per month, to help insure that we keep getting hits and eliminations each month. Be advised this pool will require a monthly effort to submit a team and last up to 16 months, depending on the number of entries (and how good you are). So please do not sign up if you know you are going to bail out after a month or two. 11 players indicated interest, 10 of those submitted teams, plus another 7 late comers = 17 players for the inaugural edition of this DP. Welcome to theoldlady, Mad Hatter, The Unknown Man, Skinny Kiltrunner, Quim Reaper, Bibliogryphon, msc, Grim Up North, Sir Creep, En Passant, John Key, Captain Chorizo, Clorox Bleachman, Joey Russ, paddyfool, QTips and Wormfarmer. One of us will be the grand champion at the end of next year. And one of us will bear the shame of being the first team eliminated at the end of Sept. (goodbye John Key) Here is the list of names in play which will be edited and updated for each subsequent round: Leah Bracknell (died sep/oct), Kirk Douglas, G H W Bush (died nov), Prince Philip, Clive James, Olivia deHavilland, Vera Lynn, Beverly Cleary, Herman Wouk (may), Norman Lloyd, Robert Mugabe, Doris Day (May), Nobby Stiles, Jimmy Carter, Fernando Ricksen, Greg Gilbert, Linda Nolan, Jill Gascoine, Marieke Vervoort, Devin Lima (died nov), Prunella Scales, Simon Ricketts (died dec), Leslie Phillips, Jimmy Greaves, Denis Norden (died Sept), Henry Kissinger, Queen E II, Le Duc Anh (apr), Genesis P-Orridge, Jose Jose, Pete Frates, I M Pei (may), Katherine Johnson, Sheila Mercier, Lucia Hiriart, Sumner Redstone, Bob Dole, Carol Channing (Jan), Bob Barker, John Paul Stevens (jul), Dilip Kumar, Kenny Rogers, Norman Lear, Pierre Cardin, Yasuhiro Nakasone, Al Jaffee, Javier Perez de Cuellar, Luis Escheverria, John Cruickshank, Hugh Downs, George Shultz, Carl Reiner, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Ric Flair, Don Lusk (dec), Richard A. Overton (dec). Added for Round 2 (Oct) Kane Tanaka, Pope Benedict XVI, Roberta McCain, Sachen Littlefeather, Valerie Harper (aug) Added for RD 3: John Mccririck (jul) No new names added for RD 4. Added for RD 5 : Jean Louis Trintignant, George Alagiah, Andrew McGahan (feb), Jerry Stiller, Tim Conway (may), Kathleen Blanco (aug), Olivia Newton-John, Johnny Clegg (jul) No new names added for RD 6. No new names added for RD 7 (apr). May is a carryover month and no new names added. Added for June: Micah Bowie, Sam Lloyd, Lee Kerslake, Clarissa Eden. No new names added until the final round, see post on page 13. Elimination history: Our first to (embarrassingly) hit the road is John Key, who had 4 pts for Denis Norden. Rd 2 eliminations are The Unknown Man and Mad Hatter, neither of which ever submitted a valid rd 2 team. Skinny Kiltrunner eliminated in Rd 3 with 3 pts scored for Richard A Overton. Simon Ricketts also passed with no one having him in Dec. Quim Reaper is our Rd 4 elimination with only 1 hit for 2 pts: Carol Channing. Joey Russ had earned one pt for his late entry, but barely survives thanks to Miss Channing. Andrew McGahan dies on Feb 1, but does not appear on any roster. However, late rosters have now incurred the 3 pt penalty. The lateness penalty (and a severe case of apathy), claims Sir Creep in RD 5. He exits the game with 6 pts. Clorox (5) and Capn Cho (3) breathe a sigh of relief that someone was later than they were. 11 clever, talented, smart little children remain! No scores in March, so no eliminations! April will be a double elimination round (Top 2 scorers will both go home). Le Duc Anh passes in April but doesn't appear on any current lists. Another scoreless month as the drought continues. Will Kirk Douglas become the oldest living man in the history of the earth?? Cripes I can't believe no one in this group of black bananas has dropped off the tree in over 2 months. Plan on seeing some new names for June, whether we have much scoring or not. Also see the new rule above regarding using previously earned pts as tiebreakers and in non scoring months (above in red). Finally! Doris Day gets fed up with all the stagnation and decides to spice things up around here! 5 teams score pts, with Joey Russ, Clorox, and Qtips now on the bubble. Still time for thinks to change again, which I feel they shall . . . . Herman Wouk and I M Pei both die to close out the month, but our contestants are all too smart and wily to have either of them on their list, so the standings do not change . . . . John Paul Stevens goes in July, but everyone is (very surprisingly) too smart to put him on a list. Johnny Clegg and John McCririck however cause some damage . . . . Aug gives us two late month hits: Kathleen Blanco who no one touches, and Valerie Harper who sends en passant packing, due to his 3 point late penalty which breaks an otherwise tie with paddyfool. Things progress to only five alive . . . . . .

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