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Found 1 result

  1. Not sure this belongs in the conspiracy thread it's more philosophy. This seems to be something my mind has settled on. I admit it sounds a bit far-fetched but when you dive into it and learn the more likely it becomes. There's also scientfic evidence to back it up too! 1) computer code in our DNA and not only that , there's also malicious code written into our DNA that infects computers like a virus. I'm not sure they're the same strand of DNA though or two separate ones. https://techcrunch.com/2017/08/09/malicious-code-written-into-dna-infects-the-computer-that-reads-it/ 2) Particles act differently when observed. Nick Bostrom described this as like when your in a computer game the room you're in and what you're avatar is observing will have all the computing power aimed at it , to give you a full HD experience. But the room next door in the game will be pixelated A) to save processing power and Be) as there is no one there to observe it,it doesn't need to be rendered. On top of that when to many things happen at once in computer games it tends to slow down. We've heard people say many times it was like time slowed during a near death experience or an accident etc. We also know time slows down as you get close to the event horizon of a black hole. A black hole could be like a large recycle bin for corrupted data or to get rid of unnecessary or unwanted data. We've seen how for computer games have come in the last 30 years and we're already approaching in the next 30 years graphics indistinguishable from reality. In fact I think in 30 years they won't be called games but simulation experiences, Combined with VR or even full body immersion. Has anyone played wipeout PSVR on the PS4? It's an incredible experience! We could say in the 25th century people wanted to create a simulation of 21st century or ancestor simulations either for fun or science, we've already ourselves created simulations of the past and simulations of our universe though rudimentary compared to what is possible in the future.I think they could easily in 400 years time fully simulate our reality now. Also with each simulation that kicks up new glitches and bugs they could easily be ironed out. Could explain why we don't or rarely see any clues we're in a simulation other than the few mentioned. 3) we've already simulated our universe kind of... https://comp-astrophys-cosmol.springeropen.com/articles/10.1186/s40668-017-0021-1 It would explain everything. Reincarnation, ghosts , dark matter/ energy, why we're so susceptible to believing in creation / a god. 4) The rare earth theory . Many people think the universe is teeming with life but we haven't found no aliens and not even a hint of life outside of our planet.It becomes implausible we're alone in a vast universe but there is an explanation for both. What if this universe was created explicitly for us? The fact that earth exists is remarkable. A very rare planet like jupiter protecting us from space debris to the moon have just the right amount of impact on our planet to do it good rather than do it harm. We're in the goldilocks zone. It really does have the pattern and precision of design. https://player.fm/series/the-end-of-the-world-with-josh-clark/ep02-great-filter Anyway this is something I wanted to share with everyone and wonder what your thoughts are.

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