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Found 1 result

  1. I've been asked to bring this back by one of the forum statesmen... Ok, so with 2018 nearly history, how do you rate your success (or lack of) in the various deadpools you took part in? Hartlepool Deadlypool - Haven't a clue. Think doing OK, number of hits. None as good as that ER woman though. B- Hare's Pool - 16/25 died, however most of them died in January which is as useful in the Hares as a chocolate teapot. Only took 3 days of 2018 for jokering Rayya Ellias to look rather foolish. B- Deathrace - Finished before I'd even noticed it'd started. Mostly because I won with some right dodgy picks. A+ Death by Numbers - Pretty much been third all year, unable to get by DI or Reptile. B+ Alt Obits - Secnd time in, likely top ten finish. Could have gone worse. Completely overestimated the fame threshold, given some of those getting QO for it! B Scavenger Hunt - It's still ongoing. Need to be in it to win it, eh? Biblio's Movie Game - See above. DL Cup - Made Round 2, still underperformed due to being host. Was allegedly tetchy... (No Rating) DDP 1. Pan Breed - Much better than last year but not picking Falkholt or worse Francis has been killer. Still within 1 hit of the lead on 7th Dec - yeah, that's my unique Mr Piddington on a Christmas Day bonus, but you know, factually accurate... B+ 2. Here's Who You Could Have Won - A rag tag bunch of obscure programmers, musicians and the like which has done well above expectations to finish with 60+ points. C+ 3. And Yet You Had Space for Sinead O'Connor - Just a daft bit of theme team fun. Got 3 success from 20 names (Ditko just in the name of time!). B- Right over to you lot. Grade yerselfs, or no...

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