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Other Martial Art Practicioners

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A thread for the wrestlers and martial artists that don't fit in Wrestlers/actors (thread for wrestler-actors, WWE etc.) and the Boxing Clever? threads.



Here are lists of some of these, posted before in Wrestlers/actors:


List of alive prominent Sumo wrestlers who debuted before 1970 (40s and prior are all dead):



January 1950 - Haguroyama Sojo (born 1934)

January 1952 - Oikawa Teruhisa (born 1936)

May 1952 - Wakakoma Kenzo (born 1937) and Kanenohana Takeo (born 1936)

March 1953 - Wakanokuni Takeo (born 1936)

May 1953 - Kiminishiki Toshimasa (born 1937)

March 1954 - Myobudani Kiyoshi (born 1937)

March 1955 - Wakatenryu Yuzo (born 1940)

May 1955 - Okanoyama Yoshiro (born 1935)

March 1956 - Daimonji Kenji (born 1940)

May 1956 - Daiyu Tatsumi (born 1940) and Tensuiyama Masanori (born 1940)

September 1956 - Sawahikari Yukio (born 1941) and Kiyokuni Katsuo (born 1941)

January 1957 - Kitanofuji Katsuaki (born 1942) Yokozuna

November 1957 - Wakamiyama Kohei (born 1943)

May 1958 - Hanahikari Setsuo (born 1940)

March 1959 - Asaarashi Daizaburo (born 1943)

May 1959 - Yoshinohana Masaki (born 1943)

July 1959 - Shiratayama Hidetoshi (born 1943)



March 1960 - Hasegawa Katsutoshi (born 1944) and Arashiyama Jiro (born 1943)

May 1960 - Toyokuni Susumu (born 1937)

September 1960 - Futagoryu Isao (born 1941)

November 1960 - Tochiazuma Tomoyori (born 1944)

January 1961 - Dairyugawa Kazuo (born 1946) and Futagodake Takeshi (born 1943)

March 1961 - Yutakayama Katsuo (born 1937)

May 1961 - Fujinokawa Takeo (born 1946)

January 1962 - Oshio Kenji (born 1948)

May 1962 - Maruyama Takahiko (born 1946)

March 1963 - Fujizakura Yoshimori (born 1948) and Tochiisami Yoshiharu (born 1947)

July 1963 - Asahikuni Masuo (born 1947), Asanoburi Toshimitsu (born 1948) and Yokozuna Mienoumi (born 1948)

December 1963 - Genichiro Tenryu (born 1950)

March 1964 - Takamiyama Daigoro (born 1944) and Aobajo Yukio (born 1948)

May 1964 - Tamakiyama Masanori (born 1951), Wakajishi Shigenori (born 1948) and Teruzakura Hiroyuki (born 1947)

July 1964 - Kitaseumi Hiromitsu (born 1948)

March 1965 - Yoshioyama Osamu (born 1949) and Daiju Hisateru (born 1950)

September 1965 - Kaiki Nobuhide (born 1952)

January 1966 - Kurosegawa Kuniyuki (born 1951)

March 1966 - Chiyozakura Teruo (born 1950)

May 1966 - Daigo Kenshi (born 1952)

November 1966 - Banryuyama Takaharu (born 1951)

January 1967 - Masuiyama Daishiro II (born 1948)

March 1967 - Washuyama Yoshikazu (born 1949)

May 1967 - Kirinji Kazuharu (born 1953), Tamanofuji Shigeru (born 1949) and Kotonofuji Muneyoshi (born 1951)

November 1967 - Kotogatake Koichi (born 1952)

March 1968 - Daihi Susumu (born 1952)

May 1968 - Onishiki Ittetsu (born 1953)

July 1968 - Yokozuna Wakanohana Kanji II (born 1953)

November 1968 - Taiko Yoshio (born 1953)

March 1969 - Hidanohana Shigeyoshi (born 1953)


Debuted in 1970

March 1970 - Tamaryu Daizo (born 1954)

May 1970 - Hoshiiwato Yuji (born 1955)


Alive Yokozuna:


52 Kitanoji Katsuaki (born 1942) Became Yokozuna in 1970, still a commentator as of 2021. Mentioned above.

56 Wakanohana Kanji II (born 1953) Became Yokozuna in 1978, left the Japan Sumo Association in 2013 due to poor health. Mentioned above.

57 Mienoumi Tsuyoshi (born 1948) Became Yokozuna in 1979. Now a director of a Sumo Museum in Tokyo. Mentioned above.

61 Hokutoumi Nobuyoshi (born 1963) Became Yokozuna in 1987, retired in 1992 at age 28 due to injuries. Now the chairman of the Japan Sumo Association.

62 Onokuni Yasushi (born 1962) Became Yokozuna in 1987. Has had a ton of health problems including sleep apnea and leg problems, retired early but came back and retired again.

63 Asahifuji Seiya (born 1960) Became Yokozuna in 1990, retired in 1992 due to pancreas problems. Still a coach.

64 Akebono Taro (born 1969) Became Yokozuna in 1993, retired in 2001. Once weighted 233kg/514lb, has heart problems and unable to walk.

65 Takanohana Koji (born 1972) Became Yokozuna in 1994, retired in 2003. Has had liver issues and illnesses but one of the most healthiest people on this list.

66 Masaru Wakanohana Hanada (born 1971) Became Yokozuna in 1998, retired 2000. Older brother of Takanohana Koji and unlike him, hasn't lost as much weight.

67 Musashimaru Koyo (born 1971) Became Yokozuna in 1999, retired in 2003. A few kilograms heavier than Akebono Taro and has a kidney transplant. Now a stable owner.

68 Asashoryu Akinori (born 1980) Became Yokozuna in 2003, forced to retire in 2010. Has/had acute stress disorder and dissociative disorder, also a millionaire.

69 Hakuho Sho (born 1985) Became Yokozuna in 2007, still active. Was hospitalized in january due to COVID.

70 Harumafuji Kohei (born 1984) Became Yokozuna in 2012, career ended in 2017 when he assaulted another wrestler.

71 Kakuryu Rikisaburo (born 1985) Became Yokozuna in 2014, still active.

72 Kisenosato Yutaka (born 1986) Became Yokozuna in 2017, retired in 2019 due to injuries.



Ones that have died since 2016: 49 Tochinoumi Teruyoshi (1938-2021), 50 Sadanoyama (1938-2017), 54 Hiroshi Wajima (1948-2018), 58 Chiyonofuji Mitsugu (1955-2016) and 60 Koji Kitao (1963-2019)



Alive rijichōs of the Japan Sumo Association:

1998-2002 Yutakayama Katsuo (born 1937)

2008-2010 Mienoumi Tsuyoshi (born 1948) 57th Yokozuna

2015-present Hokutoumi Nobuyoshi (born 1963) 61st Yokozuna



Heaviest Sumo fighters alive as of 9.4.2021

1. Orora Satoshi (born 1983) 288kg/635lb, career 2000-2018

2. Konishiki Yasokichi (born 1963) 287kg/633lb, career 1982-1997

3. Yamamotouama Ryuta (born 1984) 265kg/584lb, career 2007-2011, appeared in this music video a while ago.


A suprisingly large amount of 50s sumo wrestlers are still alive.



Other Wrestlers:



List of Kōdōkan 10th dan of Judo

Toshiro Daigo (born 1926)

Ichiro Abe (born 1922)

Yoshimi Osawa (born 1926)


International Judo Federation 10th dan

George Kerr (born 1937)

Yoshiro "Yosh" Uchida (born 1920)

Franco Capelletti (born 1938)


10th dan, National Governing Body or Continental Union

Yi Bang-geun (born 1924)

Jim Bregman (born 1941)


Independent Bodies, 10th dan

Dieter Teige (born 1939)

Brian Jacks (born 1946)


Taekwondo 10th dans

Kukkiwon: Joon Choi (born 1950)

Other Taekwondo systems: Kim Pyung-soo (born 1939)


Hybrid founders:

Shooto: Satoru Sayama (born 1957)

Chun Kuk Do: Chuck Norris (born 1940)


Martial art school founders:

Kyongwon Ahn (born 1937) United Taekwondo Association (USA) founder

Steve Arneil (born 1934) International Federation of Karate founder

Nori Bunasawa (born 1947) Bunasawa Jukkendo founder

Juan Eduardo Castro dos Santos (born 1954) Uruguayan karate founder

Lucien Carbin (born 1952) Founder of Carbin All Style Muay Thai

Sam FS Chin (born 1954) I Liq Chuan founder

Hee Il Cho (born 1940) AIMAA founder

Chang Keun Choi (born 1941) Korea Taekwon-Do Association founder

Harry Cook (born 1949) Seijinkai Karatedo Association founder, sexual offender

Howard Collins (born 1949) Kyokushin Karate Sweden founder?

Sun Hwan Chung (born 1940) Moo Sool Do founder

Kwang Jo Choi (born 1942) Choi Kwang Do founder

Leo Fong (born 1928) Wei Kuen Do founder

Morio Higaonna (born 1938) IOGKF founder

Stephen K. Heyes (born 1949) To-Shin Do founder

Masaaki Hatsumi (born 1931) Bujinkan Organization founder

Thom Harick (born 1943) Chakuriki Gym founder

Mutsusuke Harada (born 1928) KDS founder

Hwang In-shik (born 1940)

Hiroyuki Hamada (born 1925) Nihon Koden Shindo Ryu founder

Nobuyoshi Higashi (born 1938) Knife defence aikido founder

Kazuyoshi Ishii (born 1953) Ishii founder

Antonio Inoki (born 1943) Inoki Genome federation founder

Ji Han-jae (born 1936) Sin Moo Hapkido founder

Kim Yun-sik (born 1943) Bum Moo Kwan Hapkido founder

Kim Yoon-sang (born 1934) Hapki yusul founder

Kim Bok Man (born 1934) Taekwondo pioneer

Glenn Keeney (born 1942) PKC founder

Roy Kurban (birth date unknown)

Kwon Tae-Man (born 1941) Hapkido pioneer

Takayuki Kubota (born 1934) Gosoku-ryu founder

Young Il Kong (born 1943) Another Korea Taekwon-Do founder

Miyuki Miura (born 1949)

Joko Ninomiya (born 1954) Enshin Karate founder

Tadashi Nakamura (born 1942) World Seido Karate Organization founder

Norival Moreira de Oliveira (born 1945) Capoeira Angola pioneer

Tsutomu Ohshima (born 1930) SKA founder

Jong Soo Park (born 1941) Another Korea Taekwon-Do founder

Norman Robinson (born 1936) JKA South Africa branch founder

Ki Ha Rhee (born 1938) Father of British Taekwon-Do

Chong Chul Rhee (born 1936) Rhee Taekwon-Do founder

Reinaldo Ramos Suassana (born 1938) International Capoeiro organization founder

Hiroshi Shirai (born 1937) SCI/WSI founder

Wong Kiew Kit (born 1944) Shaolin pioneer



Maung Gyi (born 1936) Introduced Bando to the United States

Jackie Chan (born 1954) One of the most known martial art practicioners.

Ip Chun (born 1924) Son of Ip Man, martial art practicioner

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Good, I genuinely thought we had a marital arts thread but couldn't find it, and they really dont fit into Olympians or pro-wrestlers.

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Just now, msc said:

Good, I genuinely thought we had a marital arts thread but couldn't find it, and they really dont fit into Olympians or pro-wrestlers.

Marital arts?????? Like getting a good blowjob off the wife?

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23 minutes ago, Bentrovato said:

Marital arts?????? Like getting a good blowjob off the wife?


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I would add Ip Chun (1924) to the above. Son of the legendary Ip Man and master of Wing Chun.

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