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The 2022 Crowdsourced Deathlist

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Yep only 2 in the top 28 as of now,the old  bedblockers are doing a good job of fending off the reaper so far this year.

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6th May 2022


Highly respected comic book artist George Perez has died, after a long battle with cancer, to give The Crowdsourced Deathlist another success. Perez worked with Marvel Comics from the early 70s, and became known as the principle artist for The Avengers. With their widely popular movie franchise, any "Emma Peel?" jokes here will be incredibly dated. (No, I cannot slip a Diana Rigg reference into anything, honestly...) Early on, he was interested with metafiction and multiverses, and in one case, drew a story where the Fantastic Four met their own creators. (An idea Stan Lee borrowed time and again!)  In the 1980s he moved to DC Comics, penning their highly successful New Teen Titans series, and rebooting Wonder Woman. He also come up with Crisis on Infinite Earths, an all star DC series involving most of their heroes in a multiverse, which sounds like every comic book film ever nowadays. Perez was widely respected in his industry and counted among his fans the likes of Neil Gaiman. He announced late stage pancreatic cancer last year and found himself on the list. 


We note that cruelty of fate that a man clearly beloved in his field is no more, yet that fucker Tobin continues to breathe.

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The full nomination list for 2022. Typos my own. If there's doublers (and there shouldn't be), the highest ranking one is the accurate one. I have no idea who a fair number of the lesser picked names are. Someone actually picked a forum poster under their real life name, but I've subbed it for their forum name even though its fairly well known, for politeness!



1.       Pele 1271 (NEW)

2.       Jimmy Carter 1251 (7th, 4th)

3.       Frank Field 1212 (NEW)

4.       Leslie Philips 1096 (7th, 6th)

5.       Gorbachev 1025 (7th, 8th)

6.       Pope Benedict XVI 973 (7th, 5th)

7.       George Alagiah 944 (4th, 36th)

8.       Bob Barker 915 (4th, 18th)

9.       Glynis Johns 896 (6th, 14th)

10.   Jean Louis Trintignant 832 (4th, 33rd)

11.   Sidney Poitier 816 (6th, 32nd)

12.   Jerry Lee Lewis 801 (NEW)

13.   Henry Kissinger 756 (3rd, 17th)

14.   Betty White 737 DNS

15.   James Whale 726 (2nd, 11th)

16.   Linda Nolan 707 (3rd, 15th)

17.   Angela Lansbury 671 (2nd, 43rd)

18.   Harry Belafonte 663 (2nd, 35th)

19.   Queen Elizabeth II 598 (3rd, 44th)

20.   Olivia Newton John 594 (4th, 19th)

21.   Joanne Woodward 575 (5th, 25th)

22.   Shannen Doherty 555 (2nd, 26th)

23.   Tony Bennett 548 (NEW)

24.   Bill Turnbull 519 (3rd, 45th)

25.   Tom Smith 497 (3rd, 13th)

26.   Monica Vitti 487 (4th, 40th)

27.   Milos Zeman 463 (NEW)

28.   Rosalynn Carter 460 (4th, 29th)

29.   Yoko Ono 449 (3rd, 20th)

30.   James Watson 438 (NEW)

31.   Tom Parker 433 (2nd, 7th)

32.   Barbara Walters 433 (2nd, 38th)

33.   Norman Tebbit 427 (NEW)

34.   Eva Marie Saint 416 DQ’d

35.   Francoise Hardy 411 (NEW)

36.   June Brown 400 (NEW)

37.   Imelda Marcos 385 DQ’d

38.   James Lovelock 381 (NEW)

39.   Bobby Charlton 371 (NEW)

40.   Nichelle Nichols 371 (NEW)

41.   George Perez 367 (NEW)

42.   Dick van Dyke 358 (NEW)

43.   Norman Lear 348 (NEW)

44.   Jiang Zemin 327 (NEW)

45.   Douglas Hurd 324 (NEW)

46.   Tom Weiskopf 317 (NEW)

47.   Prunella Scales 312 DQ’d

48.   Jake the Snake 307 (NEW)

49.   Jacques Delors 295 (NEW)

50.   Jean Marsh 292 (NEW)

51.   David Graham 291 (NEW)

52.   Vic Elford 273 (NEW)

53.   Susie Steiner 272 (NEW)

54.   June Spencer 271 DQ’d

55.   Noam Chomsky 269 DQ’d

56.   Gary Burgess 262 (NEW)


57.   262 points - Marsha Hunt

58.   239 points - Nigel Lawson

59.   234 points – Desmond Tutu (DNS)

60.   229 points - Sandra Day O’Connor

61.   226 points - Luis Echeverria

62.   217 points - David Attenborough

63.   201 points - Marianne Faithful

64.   200 points - June Plowright

65.   198 points -Cleo Laine

66.   194 points -Nehemiah Persoff

67.   193 points - Doddie Weir

68.   186 points Buzz Aldrin, Alberto Fujimori

69.   185 points - Robert Durst

70.   184 points - Gudrun Ure, Frankie Valli

71.   181 points - Duke of Kent

72.   180 points - Rob Burrow

73.   174 points - Antonio Inoki

74.   172 points - Sandy Gall

75.   169 points - Stan Bowles, Liza Minnelli

76.   167 points – Gina Lollobrigida,

77.   166 points - Loretta Lynn, Duchess of Kent

78.   165 points – Bob Dole (DNS)

79.   164 points - Joss Ackland

80.   163 points – Ozzy Osbourne

81.   162 points - Gianluca Vialli, Julie Goodyear

82.   153 points – Bob Newhart

83.   151 points - Irene Papas

84.   148 points - Mohammed Al-Fayed

85.   138 points - Michael Gambon, Peter Tobin

86.   134 points – Khaleda Zia

87.   133 points - Estelle Harris, Vanessa Redgrave

88.   130 points – Violeta Chamorro

89.   129 points - Eileen Derbyshire, Sacheen Littlefeather

90.   128 points - Jean luc Godard

91.   127 points - Mary Quant, Willie Nelson, Kane Tanaka

92.   126 points - Mel Brooks

93.   120 points – Rolf Harris, Rupert Murdoch

94.   119 points - Shirley Hughes, Tim Keller

95.   117 points – Vera Miles

96.   116 points - Cheng Ning-yang

97.   115 points – Gene Hackman

98.   113 points – Martti Ahtisaari

99.   112 points - Jet Black

100.                       111 points - Alice Munro

101.                       110 points – Bernard Cribbins, Juan Carlos I

102.                       109 points - Clint Eastwood

103.                       108 points– Jean Marie le Pen

104.                       107 points - Desmond Morris, Tomasz Schafernaker, Al Jaffee, Raul Castro, Shane MacGowan

105.                       106 points – Brigitte Bardot

106.                       105 points -Shintaro Tsuji, William Russell

107.                       102 points – Phil Collins

108.                       101 points – Sophia Loren

109.                       100 points – Linda Ronstadt

110.                       99 points – Alain Delon

111.                       98 points – Winnie Ewing, Christos Sartzetakis

112.                       96 points – Larry Storch

113.                       90 points – Milan Kundera

114.                       88 points – Carlos Bilardo

115.                       84 points – Isabel Peron, Rosemary Squires

116.                       83 points – George Soros

117.                       77 points - Doreen Mantle, Raymond Briggs

118.                       76 points – Lynne Reid Banks

119.                       147 points – Constantine II

120.                       136 points – Boris Pahor

121.                       125 points – Dick Cheney

122.                       117 points – Akihito

123.                       112 points – Russell Bishop

124.                       110 points – Lee Grant

125.                       108 points – Giorgio Napolitano

126.                       105 points – Larry Presler

127.                       102 points – Billy Connolly

128.                       101 points – Jeannette Lee

129.                       98 points – Iris Apfel, Dame Clare Marx, Josip Manolic, Bernadette Chirac

130.                       96 points – Kat Bjelland

131.                       93 points- Joe Exotic

132.                       92 points – Billy Bingham, Patricia Routledge

133.                       89 points – Bobby Vinton

134.                       86 points – Michel Bouquet, Nino Benevenuti

135.                       85 points – Connie Francis

136.                       78 points – Sidney Cooke

137.                       77 points – Dennis Skinner, Joe Biden, David Gulpilil (DNS)

138.                       75 points – Ryan O’Neal

139.                       73 points – Stanley Baxter

140.                       72 points – Donald Trump

141.                       71 points- Michael Schumacher

142.                       70 points – Philippe de Gaulle

143.                       69 points – Stuart Kelly, Alan Greenspan, David Crosby, Ray Illingworth (DNS)

144.                       68 points – Maggie Smith

145.                       67 points – Dick McTaggart

146.                       66 points – Michael Caine, Eleanor Collins

147.                       65 points – Chris Rea, Abdullah the Butcher

148.                       63 points – Michael J Fox

149.                       62 points – Nana Mouskouri, Malcolm Hebden, Kim Novak

150.                       61 points – Janis Paige, Pope Francis

151.                       60 points – Bill Clinton, AS Byatt

152.                       59 points – Elizabeth Kelly, Ted Turner, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Estelle Parsons

153.                       58 points – Alejandro Jodorowsky, Zhu Rongli

154.                       57 points – Pete Murray, Piers Corbyn

155.                       56 points – Brian Wilson

156.                       55 points – James Earl Jones, Tom Lehrer

157.                       54 points-  Jane morgan

158.                       53 points – Caren Marsh Doll, Penelope Lively

159.                       52 points – Derek Draper, Harvey Weinstein

160.                       51 points – Michael Parkinson, Len Deighton, Mette-Marit of Norway

161.                       50 points – Kris Kristofferson, Ady Barkan, Ion Illeiscu

162.                       49 points – Willie Mays, James Caan, Art Rupe, Lisa Liu, April Ashley (DNS), Johnny Gilbert, Igor Bogdanov, Ysanne Churchman

163.                       48 points – Bill Treacher, Tina Turner, Terry Venables, Barry Humphries

164.                       47 points – Leonard Fenton, Saturnino de la Fuente Garcia, George Boscawen, Silvia Pinal, Joan Collins, Raquel Welch, Nanda Prusty

165.                       46 points – Vin Scully, Ronnie Atkins, Lucia Hiriart (DNS), James Baker, Emerich Jenei, Gary Glitter

166.                       45 points – Fay Weldon, Thich Nhat Hanh, Morgan Freeman, Bill Cosby, Choi Yuen, Anouk Aimee, Aung Sun Syu Kyi, Richard Rohmer

167.                       44 points - Norman Jewison, Tin Oo, Tippi Hedren, Arnold Ruutel, Superstar Billy Graham, Rebecca Pan, James Buckley, Gaston Glock

168.                       43 points – Augie Nieto, Keith Richards, Ray Anthony, Monens Palle

169.                       42 points – Ruth Fainlight,,Ernest August of Hannover, Hazel McCallion, Jose Maria Marin, Queen Ratna, Wendy Playfair, Margaret Stuart Barry,

170.                       41 points – Terry Funk, Mwai Kibaki, John Gwynne, Lata Mangeshkar, Vic Seixas, Hans Blix, Lee Adams, Terry Medwin, Slavoj Zizek, Ivan Silayev, Joyce Randolph

171.                       40 points-  Chevy Chase, Norma Waterson, Janko Nilovic, Johnny Mathis, Betty Boothroyd, Woody Allen

172.                       39 points – Sunny, Mahathir Mohamad, John Hemingway, Roy Hattersley

173.                       38 points – Phylida Law, Abu Al-Qurashi, Rita Tushingham, Gino Paoli, Hwang in-Shik, Joan Copeland

174.                       37 points – Don King, David Lodge, Johnny Johnson, Nikocado Acovcado, Rose West, William Labov, Sylvia Sims

175.                       36 points – Roman Polanski, Yusuf Qaradawi, Renee Taylor, Tung Chee-hwa, Bernie Ecclestone, Bill Russell (basketball), Madhur Jaffrey, Placio Domingo, Luke Halpin, Richard Hadlee,Daniella Westbrook, Florin Perisic, Engelbert Humperdink

176.                       35 points – Song Ping, Miroslav Blazevic Brian Blessed, Stella Stevens, Valentine Strasser, Sheldon Harnick, Gheorge Zamfir, Gordon Pinsent

177.                       34 points – Harry Reid (DNS), George Crumb, Ethel Kennedy, Brenda Milner, Quincy Jones, Roger Corman, Peter Blake, Lucille Randon, Dionne Warwick, Cesar Luis Menotti

178.                       33 points – Roy Clarke, Jimmy Tarbuck, Timothy Dudley-Smith, Jeff Bridges, The Hong Piow, Terry Jacks

179.                       32 points – Nigel Starmer Smith, Wilfred Benitez, Carol Cook, Samu, Kim Yong-nam, Dr Ruth Westheimer, Anne Rice (DNS), Frank Williams (DNS), Lillaina Cavani

180.                       31 points – Rudolph Marcus, Jan Svankmajer, Queen Margrethe , John Williams, Rolf Schimpf, John Boorman, Berry Gordy, Amadou Mahatar Mbow, Mamie van Doren, Ted Kotcheff

181.                       30 points – Marilyn Horne, Henry Silva, Bobby Caldwell, VS Achuthanadan, Jacquie Beltrao, Alan Dean Foster, Bartholomew I

182.                       29 points – Queen Sirkit, Richard Franklin, Antonio Tejero, Marion Ross, Jose Sarney, Marla Gibbs, Colin Jeavons, Miiko Taka, Francisco Bermudez, Julie Walters, Hugh Hudson, Gordon McQueen

183.                       28 points – Katherine Jackson, Jack Nicholson, Mario Zagallo, Alan Bennett, Julie Andrews, Dalai Lama, Henry Sandon, Gene Shalit, Robert Kuok

184.                       27 points – Silvio Berlusconi, Frank Williams, Phil Read, Katie Price, Edouard Balladur, Ku Feng, Francoise Fabian, Rowshan Ershad

185.                       26 points – Bill Tidy, Jack Hanna, Ray Lawler, Cat Stevens, Margaret Keane, OJ Simpson

186.                       25 points – Carl Icahn, Kenneth Anger, John McPhee, Rick Davies, Ion Tirac, Kaikala Satyanarayna

187.                       24 points – Joni Mitchell, Jorie Graham, Lucille Soong, Elizabeth Dole

188.                       23 points – Ian Tyson

189.                       22 points – Ray Reardon, James Bolam, Queen Beatrix, Ayatollah Khamenei, Pat Robertson, Vivian Pickles, Donovan, Michiko

190.                       21 points – Robert Solow, Hershel Woody Williams, Wilfredo Gomez, Anthony Sher (DNS), Gwyneth Ho, Rhoda Wurtele, Jordan Peterson

191.                       20 points – Ebrahim Golestan, Ringo Starr, Marv Levy, Larry Niven, Alec Baldwin,  Doyle Brunson, Liz Sheridan

192.                       19 points – Jacob Zuma, John Ashton, Akira Suzuki, Helen Langevin Joilot, Iron Sheik, Bert Gordon, Chubby Checker, Derek Jacobi, David musugari, Mable John, Hariet Anderson, Dick Vitale

193.                       18 points – Ghislaine Maxwell, Nancy Pelosi, Fernanda Montenegro, Michael Heseltine, Luis Aparacio, Mustafa al Kadhimi, Bill Hayden, Joseph Fritzl, Martin Cooper, Angelo Sodano, Marilyn Bergman

194.                       17 points – Kenneth Cope, Yang Hyong-Sop, Edna O’Brien, Gerald Harper, Smokey Robinson, Aja Kong, Tom Baker, Princess Alexandria, Piper Laurie

195.                       16 points – Just Fontaine, Mick Jagger, Vince McMahon, Graeme Garden, John Prescott, Bill Wyman, Burt Bacharach, Carrol Baker

196.                       15 points – Amanda Lear, Tim Curry, Guy LaFleur, Carleton Carpenter, Frank Borman, Paul Gascoigne, Rachid Mekhoufli, Tommy Chong, Tom Courtenay, June Squibb, Mina, Shirley Bassey,

197.                       14 points – Jana Bennett, Dick Groat, Parnelli Jones, Neils Olsen, William Shatner, Richard M Sherman, Berniece Baker Miracle, Ornella Vannoni, Pamela Sharples

198.                       13 points – Pat Boone, Iggy Pop, Michel Pornaeff, Ismaele Laguna, Ellen Burstyn

199.                       12 points – Patrick Murray Albert II, Leonor Oyarzun, Johnny Ruffo, Alfonso Aaru, Michael Crawford, Rae Allen, Ann Blyth

200.                       11 points – Janet Baker, Salman, Geoffrey Boycott, Christiane F, George Lazenby, Clarissa Eden (DNS), Bam Margera, Butch Miller, Lee Montague, Paul Dooley

201.                       10 points – Farah Dilha, Philippe Bouvard, Princess Mikasa, June Lockhart, Gary Hart, Cesar Virata, William Daniels, Barry Cryer, Jack Higgins, Sonia Collins, Paul Sorvino

202.                       9 points – Meg Wynn Owen, Mihai Sora, Julia Reichert, Julian Pettifer, Peter Schickle, Manghistu Mariam

203.                       8 points – Liliana Cavani, Mike Yarwood, Qin Yi, Anastasia Zavortoynuk, Jacques Detronc

204.                       7 points – Sammy Chung, Orlando Cepeda, Jane Berbie, Michael Craig, Peter Marshall, Jane Elliot, Arnaldo Forlani, Phyliss Dalton, John Savident, Carmen Silvera, Barry Gibb, Jane Goodall, Roger Angell

205.                       6 points – Kathryn Crosby, Virginia Zeani, King Harold, Freda Payne, Jesy Nelson, Maribritt Morrison, Roger Donlon, Caterina Valente, Anita Pointer, Roy Chubby Brown, Dennis Haskins, Seiji Ozawa

206.                       5 points – Felicia Farr, Boris Johnson, Brigitte Auber, Kalpana Kartik, Ilie Nastase, Joe Benton, 6ix9ine

207.                       4 points – Gena Rowlands, Gwyneth Jones, Toni Basel, Su Pollard, Sally Ann Howes (DNS), Thelma Barlow, Patricia Shakesby, Dennis Hastert, Nguyen Thi Binh, Eric Idle, Ella Jenkins, Richard Ingrams, Chor Yeun

208.                       3 points – Adriano Celentano, Charles Njongo, Rosemary Harris, Frank O’Farrell, Frank Price, Alison Hammond, Hardy Kruger, Judi Dench, Teri Garr

209.                       2 points – Maryportfuncity, Michael Dukakis, Clive Barker, Lindsay Ellis, Prince Charles, Albert Eschemoser, Joan D Vinge, Irma P Ball, Scarlett Moffat, Lars Hogh (DNS), Dick Groat, Robert Wagner, Slavisa Zungul, Terry Gilliam

210.                       1 point - Emilio Eede, Tomicchi Murayama, Eugenie Cooney, Kurt Hamrin, Nia Jax, Bill Oddie, Catherine Wybourne, Grace Slick, George Mitchell


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26 minutes ago, msc said:

2 points – Maryportfuncity


Well I hope this was a random pick and not for health reasons.


And congratulations on exceeding the fame threshold Mary - I had no idea we were in the presence of greatness. 

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2 hours ago, msc said:

Lindsay Ellis,


Big shout, did someone think the "as if I had the capability to know what any of these people were even saying to strangers on Twitter while I was shitting blood for weeks on end" bit was a sign of her admitting bowel cancer?

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11 hours ago, msc said:

Gheorge Zamfir


:lol: Thanks to whoever picked this one.  I haven't thought of "the master of the pan flute" in years.

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22 hours ago, msc said:

104. 107 points - Tomasz Schafernaker

Good work people, but we can do better.

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On 08/06/2022 at 12:40, TQR said:

Good work people, but we can do better.

Jean Louis Trintignant is a hit for us!

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On 03/07/2022 at 13:23, Summer in Transylvania said:

Susie Steiner dead. Hit number 10.


Six out of the ten are from the bottom half of the top 50 and half of all the hits are first time appearances. All three of the positions 48-50 have now fallen


David Graham is in position 47!!!!

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17th June 2022. 


One of the most popular French actors of the 20th Century, Jean-Louis Trintignant has died after a prolonged tussle with cancer, aged 91. A highly regarded dramatist, Trintignant worked with all the greats of European cinema from Truffaut to Bertolucci. Taking to the stage early in life, he made his break through with roles in films such as And God Created Woman and The Conformist. But it was his role in Costa Gravas's Z which made him an international name, with the film even making the equivalent of over $150 in today's money at the US cinemas. That's for a subtitled film. In the 1960s. In America.  In Z, Trintignant played an unnamed magistrate who rallied against a cover up by the despotic Greek government of the time. With that government long dead, we all know now (as it was blatantly obvious at the time) that this character was quite closely based on Christos Sartzetakis, the future Greek leader who died a few months ago.  Trintignant won the Best Actor award at the prestigious Cannes film festival for this role.


Jean-Louis continued to star in European cinema, with a role in, for example,  the Three Colours films (Red) and in 2012, Amour, which was Oscar nominated. However, by then, he had sadly suffered what he called the key moment of his life - the murder of his favourite child, Marie, by her abusive partner. Trintignant had got Marie into acting, he blamed himself (unjustly) for her fate, and he never recovered from this bitterest of tragedies. In 2018, Jean-Louis Trintignant announced he had prostate cancer and was not seeking treatment. He said he wished he'd died 15 years earlier. As the years since have shown, it takes a long time to die from even untreated prostate cancer. 


On the announcement of Jean-Louis Trintignant's death, you didn't need to be bilingual to read the vast number of tweets coming through from French Twitter, all to a tweet pictures of a smiling Jean-Louis with his daughter, and the words "reunited at last." In the words of an old teacher, it'd bring a tear to a glass eye.  Jean-Louis Trintignant was one of the all time great actors. He also lived through a personal Hell on Earth for two decades. Now that he is the 9th hit for The Crowdsourced List in 2022, we can only hope he is at peace. 

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2nd July 2022


Popular crime novelist Susie Steiner has died after a long battle with brain cancer. Steiner started as a busy journalist with The Times and worked as the lifestyles editor for The Guardian for a number of years, during which time a decade ago she rather eerily wrote an article about the top five regrets of the dead. She left The Guardian to raise her kids, and write novels, and this turned out a smart choice. Her second DC Mannon novel, Missing Presumed, was picked for the Richard and Judy book club, and was one of the best selling crime novels on the planet in 2016. She wrote 4 well selling books before cancer blinded her. Steiner was making her Crowdsourced debut, and was the 10th hit of the year.

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Interesting that most of this list's differential over the main list is made up of  people who are common picks but (I suspect) failed the fame criteria for the latter


Susie Steiner is so famous she doesn't even have a wikipedia page

Elford had a GP career lasting 13 races, accruing 8 points, about 55 years ago (thanks wikipedia)

Trintignant may have been part of the furniture here for 2-3 years but is hardly a household name (outside France and DL forums)

Perez might be famous if you read Marvel comics, but would bet if you asked 100 people in the Uk who he was at least 99 would have  no idea

Vitti I had heard of before I came on here but how many could name more than one of her films without looking it up?


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14 minutes ago, Great Uncle Bulgaria said:

Interesting that most of this list's differential over the main list is made up of  people who are common picks but (I suspect) failed the fame criteria for the latter


Susie Steiner is so famous she doesn't even have a wikipedia page

Elford had a GP career lasting 13 races, accruing 8 points, about 55 years ago (thanks wikipedia)

Trintignant may have been part of the furniture here for 2-3 years but is hardly a household name (outside France and DL forums)

Perez might be famous if you read Marvel comics, but would bet if you asked 100 people in the Uk who he was at least 99 would have  no idea

Vitti I had heard of before I came on here but how many could name more than one of her films without looking it up?



Steiner I didn't know of (relatively new) - but was clearly a writer on the up. (Though Wiki is notoriously stringently edited when news writers pages are added, prone to delete them, my takeaway from that is that Wiki Editors are mostly cunts.)


Trintignant I knew of as my mum was a fan. More popular with an older generation, I think.  He was the most DLy name of the lot but so it goes. 


re George Perez - Msc Jr knows all about him - because McDonalds ran a Happy Meal toy campaign around Perez's creations a few months ago! Given they only do those for the massive merch sellers, I can only assume Perez is significantly more famous than folk like me thought! Not the sort of name the Cmme go for though*.



*Unless they're in a "we did shit last year, chuck anyone on the forum with Stage IV cancer on the list" mood like 2009 and 2017 of course!

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Susie Steiner would be known to readers of popular fiction.  I think at least one of her books was a Richard and Judy book club pick.

I read two of them - police procedurals, but centred too much on her main detective character at the expense of the actual crime and investigation.  The second one was even worse,  all about said character's domestic dramas and love life, so I never bothered to read the third in the series.  But popular if you like that sort of thing.  So yes, I knew of her before she fell ill.


The lack of a wikipedia page may have been from personal choice.

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2 hours ago, Great Uncle Bulgaria said:

Interesting that most of this list's differential over the main list is made up of  people who are common picks but (I suspect) failed the fame criteria for the latter


Trintignant may have been part of the furniture here for 2-3 years but is hardly a household name (outside France and DL forums)


Vitti I had heard of before I came on here but how many could name more than one of her films without looking it up?



While  not a household name outside of France,he was the lead of a film that was nominated for Best Picture at the Oscar's in 2012 and he was genuinely viewed as one of the greatest European actor of the 20th century . Films he was in like Z,Three Colours Red and The Conformist would be at the top of the curriculum if you were studying the history of cinema.


 Vitti was a pretty big sex symbol and international star in her time,and her films with  Michelangelo Antonioni in the 60's are some of the most critically acclaimed of that era.



Can easily see why though the committe passed up on Vitti if they are not specifically intl film buffs since they are backlogged with actresses.  And with JLT he was more a Daniel Day Lewis/Frances McDormand  (ie respected actor) then a box office draw compared to his contemporary countrymen like Belmondo or Deloin,so I can see the reluctance towards picking him.

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The grocery store I shop at has a small bargain books stand and I've seen Susie Steiner books there. Which threw a monkey wrench into my assumption she was a UK-only entity!

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James Lovelock at 100: “My life has been one mass of visions” - New  Statesman


26th July 2022


Picture this, back in the 1990s, when they taught us about the O-zone layer and global warming, my primary teacher brought up James Lovelock's name as that of an old scientist who worked in the field.


Picture this, as a teenager with a newly bought DVD player, I decide to stay up late at night and watch Edge of Darkness, instead of study for my Highers. Gripped by Bob Peck's performance as a grief stricken cop investigating the murder of his daughter, I was surprised by the timing - BBC had a documentary about that very series on shortly afterwards. Which focused on the series approach to Gaia theory, and interviewed...James Lovelock.


Picture this, a university student in one of the biggest university libraries in the world, and of all the books which can be read on loan, what appears out of the blue but The Quest for Gaia? That Lovelock fella was following me!


Picture this, my telephone number. No, wait, sorry, that's Debbie Harry.


A mercurial genius in his field I've been a fan of since I was a wean, James Lovelock departed Gaia on his 103rd birthday. Somehow he lived long enough to see his own theories proven correct, despite subjecting himself to radiation for scientific experiment in the 1940s. (It was more humane than testing it on rabbits, he said.) In the 1940s, working with early cryogenic theories, in which he was able to bring frozen hamsters back to life, he accidentally invented the microwave oven, when he was hungry and used the equipment to speed up his baked potato dinner. He'd hoped the un-freezing could save human lives, but physics got in the way of re-animating anything larger than a pet rodent! 


His ability to think outside of the box won him acclaim in the field and he was snapped up by NASA, where he invented sensors and equipment which helped spaceships and space probes collect information in the deepest realms of space. He was the most interested man in the concept of life on Mars since David Bowie. It was also while at NASA that he came up with the idea which made him famous (by scientist standards). The gist of Gaia Theory is that the planet Earth is a self-regulating biosystem, and that everything within contributes to the whole. He theorised that the planet would heat up or cool down depending on the situation, and suggested the world was on the verge of intense climate change. At the time, it was the more eccentric wing of TV science who followed his views, such as Kit "inventor of the Cybermen" Pedler and Patrick "Sky at Night" Moore (and the latter thought Gaia meant humans couldn't change the climate!). However, if you live to be 103 years old, then the world changes around you, and Lovelock's eccentric theories of the 1960s are now the main talking point of the 2020s. 


James Lovelock was prone to underselling his achievements, and spent most of his later life claiming we were all doomed. However he was not content to remain a Cassandra on the side-lines. While at NASA, he invented the electron capture device, the invention which proved there was a gaping hole in the O-zone layer. This evidence led world leaders (heavily pushed by Margaret Thatcher, who was an advocate of Lovelock's climate science) into signing the Montreal Protocol, banning O-zone harmful chemicals. As a direct result of Lovelock's words and inventions, the O-zone layer is now on schedule to be fully repaired by 2050, in one of the most successful pieces of climate legislation ever signed.


And that, if anything, sums up the importance of James Lovelock, a man who theorised the future, tried to prove it, and then sought to fix it.


Here is James Lovelock talking to Tom Scott last year, in an interview which went viral on social media. He remained active until a fall a few months ago, and as a result of his incredible health well into life, was only making his Crowsourced debut.



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Free Nichelle': protesters want to liberate Star Trek actor Nichelle Nichols  from conservatorship | Ageing | The Guardian


31st July 2022


Nichelle Nichols, who had a solid claim to being one of the most important actors on American TV, has died on the verge of 90, after a long period of ill health. Nichols had been a stage actress before her breakthrough, cast on Star Trek as Lt Uhura, a female bridge officer and one of the main characters. Given that the first pilot go at Star Trek failed because test audiences hated a white woman having a leading role in it, Nichols casting was a major breakthrough at the time in US TV. A fan of musical theatre, Nichols took the role for one year, only to be convinced to stay on by Martin Luther King! That one year became a devoted fan following of over 50 years, across theatre, film and convention circuit. In the role, Nichelle Nichols also had the first interracial kiss on US TV, when she and William Shatner's Captain Kirk kissed. To get this by the censors, both characters, already shown to care deeply about each other, obviously had to be possessed by aliens, because that's the only way such a thing would be acceptable in 60s America. Her work on Trek led to her role with NASA, promoting space exploration and finding astronauts of the future. This was her debut on the list.


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3 minutes ago, Summer in Transylvania said:

Tom Weiskopf dead. Hit #13. 



Olivia Newton John was also on the list

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14 vs 4... and all but Burgess and Steiner felt deathlisty enough.

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