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Death By Numbers 2023

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I guess you deserve an update...

Sorry for taking such a long time, but these few weeks were a battle between exhaustion and doing DDP work. However, I'd say the latter is almost done now. Collecting the new photos is almost complete (announcement in a few days).


So, I hope I get most of the hits in. Forgive me, if I miss someone. Missing names will be found though, as I will go through all the new names of this year and add the data necessary for this game.


But first things first - the technical: The formula for the score has been corrected. Everyone should have their points for Frank McGarvey now.

Two deaths that didn't deliver points were Christina Strutt and Mark Stokes. Christina Strutt's premature death in 2022 means that a sub gets used. She was on my team, so I actually had to make use of my ... fifth (?) sub. The teams who picked Mark Stokes might have wished that he had died prematurely, seeing that he has received no obits so far. The year is still very young though, but I do wonder where such an obit could still appear. Let's wait and see.


As far as the hits go, well, January wasn't exactly the busiest month, but Roberto Dinamite is a differential here as well as in the DDP and keeps Banana in the lead. He also had Randy Gonzalez, but is not alone in this as RadGuy had him, too and follows him with a yet unused younger joker back in hand. RadGuy would also benefit immensely from a late Mark Stokes obit. But well, for now it doesn't really matter that much yet who's in the lead. 

Other hits were, as mentioned above, Jean-Pierre Jabouille for three teams, Sylvia Sims, the former "Grande Dame of British cinema (wikipedia)" a unique hit for Gooseberry Crumble, then lots of points across the board for those who picked King Constantine II of Greece.

Lucile Randon was a hit for four teams and delivers four points each. Maybe that one is going to make the difference? Similarly, the old Canadian mayor Hazel McCallion delivers 21 points for three teams.

Italian A-list hit Gina Lollobrigida scores for two teams, Thatcher and chilean way. David Crosby was also a hit for two people, Mortal Caso and BuffaloPhil. Maybe one might have expected him on more teams?

Finally, Yoon Yeong-Hee was unique hit for Cpt Chorizo who went all in on this name, and it pays off.


If those are all the hits, then this is the result.... if a name is missing, tell me, but I'll definitely check a couple more times before the next update:


Rank Team Score
1 Banana 326
2 RadGuy 248
3 Perhaps 224
4 The Spinosaurus 210
5 Cpt. Chorizo 204
6 msc 202
7 ThereWillBeDeaths7 184
8 Toast 175
9 JoeyRuss 168
10 Funeralopolis 160
10 wannamaker 160
10 Grim Up North 160
13 Thatcher 155
14 DevonDeathTrip 151
15 TheUnknownMan 128
15 Wormfarmer 128
17 GuyFromFuture 127
18 Diego 125
18 Summer in Transylvania 125
20 gcreptile 120
20 Famous6Eva 120
20 Etushipushingupdaisies 120
20 Death Impends 120
20 Drol 120
20 Predictor 120
20 Book 120
20 Salmon Mousse 120
20 An Fear Beag 120
29 Buffalo Phil 105
30 DeathBecomesThem 104
30 Joltin Joe 104
30 Nick 104
30 The Old Crem 104
30 The Daredevil 104
35 TheOldLady 99
36 chilean way 95
36 Torva Messor 95
36 Sean 95
39 Annami 68
40 Gooseberry Crumble 65
41 CalebH 64
41 TheQuimReaper 64
41 YoungWillz 64
41 tracy 64
41 Mr. Wonderful 64
41 MariNisia 64
41 etib80 64
41 Hell 64
41 Pedro67 64
41 Mr. Custard 64
51 MortalCaso 45
52 John Key 40
52 Charles De Gaulle 40
54 JoeMoneypenny 0
54 Liz Lemon 0
54 Bibliogryphon 0
54 Cpt. Hemlock 0
54 Great Uncle Bulgaria 0
54 Ghostofchristmaspast 0
54 sam081 0
54 Lady Fiona 0
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Burt Bacharach for me here.

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Tim Lobinger is a hit for me here.

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4 hours ago, Gooseberry Crumble said:

Stella Stevens death a 'hit' for me here. Just days after Raquel Welch. 


Congratulations, @Gooseberry Crumble.

You're in great shape and you don't want to miss a minute, this is your year. ;)

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Both Simone Edwards and Slim Borgudd are hits for me.

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Anyone else share the hit for Augie Nieto with me?


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Betty Boothroyd a hit for me. BBC

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I got messages, so I need to clarify:

Yes, you can give me your subs at any point until 1st of July now, but they will still not score before then. So if you want to sub in Jimmy Carter now, he will not score if he dies before the 1st of July.


I just wanted to erase the one-day-period for the substitutions.


Edit: Next update will come in a bit. But I'm not at home next weekend, so it's probably not happening too soon. I am working on the DbN database (now that DDP is sorted).

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Just Fontaine scores for chilean way and me.

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Oh my, it is done... my database is updated. Now I can enjoy the rest of the year...

..let's see if I can get the full update.


Thank you for your notices above. Let's start with them:

Just Fontaine scores twice here (not 13 times...). Betty Boothroyd was quite the popular hit. Gordon Pinsent, (who I always confused with an old criminal) was a hit for Torva Messor and GuyFromFuture.

Nobody shares the hit of Augie Nieto with Wormfarmer - an extreme obit gamble that paid off. SalmonMousse scores massively with Slim Borgudd, Simone Edwards and Mark Pilgrim, who barely got a BBC obit, but he DID get it. Amazingly, these three names are all unique.. could this finally be SalmonMousse's year? Gooseberry Crumble only gets two unique hits, Raquel Welch and Bernard Ingham. His third hit, Stella Stevens, is shared, with Sean, for example.

Next, Tim Lobinger. I guess I was too dismissive of this german name and his obit chances, but quite a few of you were rewarded for the risk. 

Huey "Piano" Smith was a unique hit for Death Impends. Finally, the Deathlist hits of Burt Bacharach and Pervez Musharraf also score plentifully here.


Next, I noticed some 2022 deaths that I replaced in my database. I am probably not going to adjust the masterlist for a while, if at all... But rest assured, it's all in my game file. 

JoeMoneypenny missed that a japanese businessman (I already forgot the name) already died in 2022. Satoru Sayama gets in as a replacement. Somebody (Diego?) also picked japanese dance Yuriko, but that person also died in 2022. Norman Lear is the sub.

We also have a couple of names waiting for their obits, Steve Woodmore and Juan Velarde Fuentes, as far as I can tell. The chances are probably slim...


Next up, the hits of relatively old people not yet announced here. Dick Cheney's accidental target, Harry Whittington was a unique hit for Summer in Transilvania. The former chairman of the Toyota corporation, Shoichido Toyoda was a unique hit for LadyFiona. Now, another triplet of unique hits, this time for Diego: Felix Sienra, Hsing Yun and ancient Serbian actress Branka Veselimovic are all for him alone. Well done!


Aaand.. next ones, let's look at the yet unmentioned DDP hits: Christopher Fowler is a hit for three people, and Miroslav Blazevic is a hit for two people, Banana among them. Ricou Browning is the second unique hit in this update for Death Impends. Walter Mirisch is a unique hit for Daredevil.. You all really managed to pick them all! (except for Gary Rossington, I guess...)


I wonder what this all adds up to... but I suspect, we have a repeat of last year with Banana and Salmon Mousse battling it out.


Rank Team Score
1 Banana 486
2 Perhaps 377
3 Salmon Mousse 351
4 Funeralopolis 348
5 Cpt. Chorizo 319
6 JoeyRuss 270
7 ThereWillBeDeaths7 256
8 The Spinosaurus 253
9 RadGuy 248
10 gcreptile 245
11 Book 235
12 Death Impends 222
13 Grim Up North 219
14 TheOldLady 209
15 Toast 208
16 wannamaker 203
17 msc 202
18 GuyFromFuture 200
19 Summer in Transylvania 195
20 An Fear Beag 192
21 Wormfarmer 186
21 Diego 186
23 Thatcher 183
24 Sean 176
25 Gooseberry Crumble 175
25 Joltin Joe 175
27 TheUnknownMan 171
28 The Daredevil 168
29 Predictor 163
30 chilean way 157
31 DevonDeathTrip 151
32 Buffalo Phil 148
33 DeathBecomesThem 147
33 Nick 147
35 Mr. Wonderful 145
36 Torva Messor 125
37 Charles De Gaulle 121
38 Famous6Eva 120
38 Etushipushingupdaisies 120
38 Drol 120
41 MortalCaso 116
42 Hell 107
43 The Old Crem 104
44 tracy 102
45 YoungWillz 92
45 etib80 92
45 Mr. Custard 92
48 John Key 69
49 Annami 68
50 Liz Lemon 66
51 CalebH 64
51 TheQuimReaper 64
51 MariNisia 64
51 Pedro67 64
55 Lady Fiona 54
56 JoeMoneypenny 43
56 Cpt. Hemlock 43
58 Ghostofchristmaspast 29
59 Bibliogryphon 0
59 Great Uncle Bulgaria 0
59 sam081 0


Not quite... Perhaps has pushed beyond SalmonMousse. Funeralopolis is at a spectacular fourth place. Banana maintains the lead, not yet with unique hits, but by hitting all the must-haves.


I probably have missed this or that. Feel free to point it out.

Edit: Adjusted


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7 minutes ago, gcreptile said:
YoungWillz 64

I think I should have 92.


Bacharach - 28

Vialli - 64



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On 07/03/2023 at 11:26, gcreptile said:

Nossa, acabou... meu banco de dados está atualizado. Agora posso aproveitar o resto do ano...

..vamos ver se consigo a atualização completa.


Obrigado por seus avisos acima. Vamos começar com eles:

Just Fontaine marca duas vezes aqui (não 13 vezes...). Betty Boothroyd foi um sucesso popular. Gordon Pinsent, (que sempre confundi com um velho criminoso) foi um sucesso para Torva Messor e GuyFromFuture.

Ninguém divide o sucesso de Augie Nieto com Wormfarmer - uma aposta extrema que valeu a pena. SalmonMousse pontua massivamente com Slim Borgudd, Simone Edwards e Mark Pilgrim, que mal conseguiu um obituário da BBC, mas conseguiu. Surpreendentemente, esses três nomes são todos únicos.. este poderia ser o ano do SalmonMousse? Gooseberry Crumble só consegue dois sucessos únicos, Raquel Welch e Bernard Ingham. Seu terceiro hit, Stella Stevens, é compartilhado, com Sean, por exemplo.

Em seguida, Tim Lobinger. Acho que desconsiderei muito esse nome alemão e suas chances de óbito, mas muitos de vocês foram recompensados pelo risco. 

Huey "Piano" Smith foi um sucesso único para Death Impends. Finalmente, os sucessos da Deathlist de Burt Bacharach e Pervez Musharraf também pontuam bastante aqui.


Em seguida, notei algumas mortes de 2022 que substituí em meu banco de dados. Provavelmente não vou ajustar a masterlist por um tempo, se for o caso... Mas fique tranquilo, está tudo no meu arquivo do jogo. 

JoeMoneypenny perdeu que um empresário japonês (já esqueci o nome) já morreu em 2022. Satoru Sayama entra como substituto. Alguém (Diego?) Também escolheu a dança japonesa Yuriko, mas essa pessoa também morreu em 2022. Norman Lear é o substituto.

Também temos alguns nomes aguardando seus óbitos, Steve Woodmore e Juan Velarde Fuentes, pelo que sei. As chances provavelmente são pequenas...


A seguir, os hits de pessoas relativamente velhas ainda não anunciadas aqui. Alvo acidental de Dick Cheney, Harry Whittington foi um sucesso único para Summer in Transilvania. O ex-presidente da corporação Toyota, Shoichido Toyoda foi um sucesso único para LadyFiona. Agora, outro trio de sucessos únicos, desta vez para Diego: Felix Sienra, Hsing Yun e a antiga atriz sérvia Branka Veselimovic são só para ele. Bom trabalho!


Aaand.. próximos, vamos olhar para os ainda não mencionados sucessos do DDP: Christopher Fowler é um sucesso para três pessoas, e Miroslav Blazevic é um sucesso para duas pessoas, Banana entre eles. Ricou Browning é o segundo hit único nesta atualização para Death Impends. Walter Mirisch é um sucesso único para o Demolidor. Vocês realmente conseguiram escolher todos eles! (exceto Gary Rossington, eu acho...)


Eu me pergunto o que tudo isso significa ... mas eu suspeito, temos uma repetição do ano passado com Banana e Mousse de Salmão lutando contra isso.


Classificação Equipe Pontuação
1 Banana 486
2 Talvez 377
3 mousse de salmão 351
4 Funeralópolis 348
5 Cpt. chouriço 319
6 Joey Russ 270
7 HaveráMortes7 256
8 o espinossauro 253
9 RadGuy 248
10 gcreptile 245
11 Livro 235
12 A Morte Impende 222
13 Norte Sombrio 219
14 AVelha 209
15 Brinde 208
16 aspirante 203
17 msc 202
18 CaraDoFuturo 200
19 Verão na Transilvânia 195
20 Um medo Beag 192
21 criador de minhocas 186
21 Diego 186
23 Thatcher 183
24 Sean 176
25 Crumble De Groselha 175
25 Joltin Joe 175
27 O Homem Desconhecido 171
28 o Demolidor 168
29 preditor 163
30 jeito chileno 157
31 DevonDeathTrip 151
32 Búfalo Phil 148
33 A morte se torna eles 147
33 usuario 147
35 Sr. Maravilhoso 145
36 Torva Messor 125
37 Charles de Gaulle 121
38 Famous6Eva 120
38 Etushipushingupdaisies 120
38 babar 120
41 MortalCaso 116
42 Inferno 107
43 O Velho Creme 104
44 Tracy 102
45 Young Willz 92
45 etib80 92
45 Sr. Creme 92
48 João Chave 69
49 Annami 68
50 liz limão 66
51 Caleb H 64
51 TheQuimReaper 64
51 MariNísia 64
51 Pedro67 64
55 Senhora Fiona 54
56 JoeMoneypenny 43
56 Cpt. Cicuta 43
58 fantasma do natal passado 29
59 Bibliogrifo 0
59 Grande Tio Bulgária 0
59 sam081 0


Não é bem assim... Talvez tenha ido além do SalmonMousse. Funeralópolis está em um espetacular quarto lugar. Banana mantém a liderança, ainda não com acertos únicos, mas acertando todos os imprescindíveis.


Eu provavelmente perdi isso ou aquilo. Sinta-se à vontade para indicá-lo.

Editar: ajustado


The Yuriko I was referring to was Yuriko Mikasa, the princess, I didn't know there was another one, sorry


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23 minutes ago, diego said:

The Yuriko I was referring to was Yuriko Mikasa, the princess, I didn't know there was another one, sorry


Ah I see, we mostly call her Princess Mikasa.

I'll change it back, thanks!

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On 03/04/2023 at 21:20, YoungWillz said:

And just like that, Nigel Lawson is my fourth hit here.

A' hit' for me too

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