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And a whole list of Death mongers ...




Or in full


Cash 4 Cadavers - provides a haven for death mongers and puts the fun back in funeral.


Celebrity Death Pool - possibly fatal swimming hole reserved for politicians, musicians, and other unevolved groups of famous people.


Dead or Alive? - tracks whether famous people are dead or alive. Includes interactive quizzes.


Dewey's Death Pool - win a Hollywood death tour for two.


Ghoul Pool - we don't wish celebrities dead, we only predict it.


Guess the Date of the Next Skyway Bridge Jumper Pool - put in your guess as to when the next jump will occur off the Skyway Bridge in Tampa Bay.


Halloween Dead Pool - yearly dead pool where teams are picked fantasy football style.


O.B.E. Celebrity Death Watch - tracking the demise of the rich and famous for fun and games.


Rotten Dead Pool - choose ten people who you think will die in the next year.


http://www.stiffs.com - going for the gold that lies in the back teeth of the rich and feeble.


Who's Alive and Who's Dead? - keep track of which famous people have died and which are still alive.


You Bet Their Life - a celebrity death pool with cash prizes.


And about 100 more



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isn't there one called DeathList? :lol:

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The 5 Stages


Kubler Ross famously listed 5 stages for grief & mourning for the death of a loved one :


Denial and Isolation - You deny the reality of the loss, and you may withdraw from family and friends. You can't or won't believe that this person is actually gone. This stage may last only a few moments, or it may go on for weeks.


Anger - You may be come upset and angry. The anger may even be focused on the person who died for leaving you. Or, you may blame yourself and turn the anger inward. Or blame someone or something completely unconnected. This anger is not rational, but can be very strong and long lasting.


Bargaining - You may try to bargain with the supernatural. "I will do anything if you just take away my loss." This may be related to your own feelings of guilt, the belief that you could have done more, or that you could have done something to revent the loss.


Depression - You feel numb, down, and totally discouraged. Life without your loved one doesn't seem worth living. It may seem like you'll never be happy again. You have few interests and little energy.


Acceptance - After a period of time, months or even years, you come to accept the reality of the loss and get on with your life.



Though these could also be applied to many other situations ...

Take a dead battery :


1. DENIAL --- What's the first thing you do? You try to start it again! And again. You may check to make sure the radio, heater, lights, etc. are off and then ... try again.


2. ANGER --- "%$@^##& car!", "I should have junked you years ago." Did you slam your hand on the steering wheel? "I should just leave you out in the rain and let you rust."


3. BARGAINING --- (realizing that you're going to be late for work)..., "Oh please car, if you will just start one more time I promise I'll buy you a brand new battery, get a tune up, new tires, belts and hoses, and keep you in perfect working condition.


4. DEPRESSION --- "Oh God, what am I going to do. I'm going to be late for work. I give up. My job is at risk and I don't really care any more. What's the use".


5. ACCEPTANCE ---"Ok. It's dead. Guess I had better call the Auto Club or find another way to work. Time to get on with my day; I'll deal with this later."

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Thanks for these. I love those dead or alive sites. Anyone else do the quizzes?

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