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Helma Kisser, is actually Helma Kissner, or Helma Maaß.

She lived in a retirement home in Neumünster at least until 2017. Was "acutely ill" at one point and so, unfit for trial. But recovered after that.

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On 08/02/2021 at 07:38, Sir Creep said:

A 95-year-old German woman was charged on Friday with complicity in the murders of 10,000 people, for her work as a Nazi concentration camp secretary during the second world war, according to CNN. 
While the woman has not been publicly named, due to Germany's privacy laws, a reporter with German public broadcaster NDR interviewed her in 2019, and referred to her as "Irmgard F.
Prosecutors said Irmgard worked as a stenographer and secretary to the commander of the Stutthof camp from June 1943 to April 1945, according to CNN. 

Stenographer!!?  She may as well have pulled the trigger!  Guilty!

We have a full name: Irmgard Furchner.


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Apologies if mentioned elsewhere but can't see it in this thread.

Another new name is Friedrich Karl Berger, 95. BBC article from a few days ago.

@Prophet, if you're still around, can you please add these two names to the masterlist?

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Reinhard Hardegen (1913-2018) 

Hans Sommer (1914-1987)

Günther Schwägemann (1915-1987?)

Fritz Jauss (1917-2014)
Josef Scheungraber (1918-2015)

Veikko Kasslin (1919- )

Michael Karkoc (1919-2019)

Hans Lipschis (1919-2016)

Ernst Pistor (1920-2011)
Walter Schuck (1920-2015)

Hubert Zafke (1920-2018)
Rudolf von Ribbentrop (1921-2019)

Oskar Gröning (1921-2018)
Algimantas Dalide (1921-2015)
Heinrich Boere (1921-2013)
Sören Kam (1921-2015)

Charles Zentai (1921-2017)
Gerhard Sommer (1921- )
Herta Bothe (1921-2000)

Siert Bruins (1921-2015)

Vladimir Katriuk (1921-2015)

Reinhold Hanning (1922-2017)

Otto Carius (1922-2015)
Joachim Boosfeld (1922-2015)

Karl Münter (1922-2019)

Wilhelm Karl Friedriech Hoffmeister (c1923- ) 

Helma Maaß (1923- ) 

Jakiw Palij (1923-2019) 

Johann Robert Riss (1923- )

Alfred Stoerk (Stark/Stork) (1923- )

Ernst Tremmel (1923?-2016)

Aksel Andersen (1924- ) 

Jakob Denzinger (1924-2016)

Aarne Kähärä (1924-2020)
Helmut Oberlander (1924- )

Helmuth Leif Rasmussen or Rasboel (1924- ) 

Theodor Szehinskyj (1924-2014) 

Irmgard Furchner (1925? -)

Friedrich Karl Berger (1925- )


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Oh yeah, we track them Simon Wiesenthal-style.

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According to wikipedia's list of notable surviving ww2 veterans there are 4 people alive with a wikipedia page who served in the SS.

The only one with an English wikipedia is Gerhard Sommer.

The three others are interesting cases, all Estonian:


Raimund Johannes Piirvee (1923-2011) Forester and ecologist. The Estonian wiki for some reason hasn't marked him dead, but he died in Canada in 2011: https://www.marshallwdrivercremationandburialservice.ca/obituary/Raimund-Piirvee



Hans Ots (1921-2018) Scientist and engineer. Again, the Estonian wiki hasn't marked him dead but he died in Australia in 2018:



Ülo Lepik (born 1921) Mathematician and academian. Much more active and alive than the two others, even has a linkedin page and contact info, including his email


So actually there are only two.

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Alfred Stork dead. He died in October 2018 at 95.

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Another for the list.

(Not a new name by any means, just someone we missed as it's a historical case).

Jacob Luitjens (wiki), Dutch Nazi collaborator, deported from Canada in the 1990s. Turned 100 in 2019. 102 next month.

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Harry Paul Fritz Schulz (1925)

Ludwig Heinrich Sonntag (1924)

Werner Bruß (1920)

Hilde Michnia (1922)

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SS-Rottenfuhrer Sakari Haikala died on 23rd of May.


Haikala, born 1923, joined SS (Finnish Volunteer Battalion of the Waffen-SS) in 1941 at the age of 17 from "patriotism". It's unknown if he participated in any war crimes. A book about his life called "Koska kotimaa meidät lähetti" was published in 2016. He publicly defended himself and was often called "Hitler's bloodhound" for defending the actions of the SS and has said that he hasn't felt any regret for volunteering to join it. He has beaten up people for calling him a nazi and was also known for hating neonazis.



The Finnish Volunteer Battalion of the Waffen-SS had around 1400 members, four of which are still alive according to the article. Two of them are over 100 years old, other one of these being Veikko Kasslin.

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