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Babylon 5

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Story editor Larry deTillio is being reported dead on B5 fans facebook group.


He also wrote a lot of the original Masters of the Universe animated series

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On ‎11‎/‎10‎/‎2012 at 13:54, Bibliogryphon said:

As promised the Babylon 5 thread.


Below is a list of the main players and selected guest cast. There are at least 5 early deaths. Is the show cursed?


Bruce Boxleitner (1950-

Michael O' Hare (1952-2012)

Claudia Christian (1965-

Jerry Doyle (1956-

Mira Furlan (1955-

Richard Biggs (1960-2004)

Andrea Thompson (1959-

Bill Mumy (1954-

Jason Carter (1960-

Tracey Scoggins (1953-

Stephen Furst (1955-

Patrica Tallman (1957-

Peter Jurasik (1950-

Andreas Katsulas (1946-2006)

Jeff Conaway (1950-2011)

Robert Rusler (1965-

Julie Caitlin Brown (1961-

Mary Kay Adams (1962-

Tim Choate (1954-2004)

Ed Wasser (1964-

John Vickery (1950-

Marshall Teague (1953-

Walter Koenig (1936-

Ardwright Chamberlain (1957-

Joshua Cox (1965-

Theodore Bikel (1924-

June Lockhart (1925-


J Michael Straczynski (1954-

Christopher Franke (1953-


D C Fontana (1939 -

Probably better known for her Star Trek involvement, Dorothy DC Fontana dead at 80: http://www.treknews.net/2019/12/03/star-trek-writer-dorothy-dc-fonatana-dead/


IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0284894/

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I thought I recognized the name from somewhere.... she also was the mysterious crashed french woman on Lost, Danielle Rousseau.

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If I had won the Scavenger Hunt Bingo one of the groupings that I was planning for the next round was the Transatlantic B5/B7 mash up.


Both shows are running out of cast and crew but hey ho June Lockhart is still alive

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