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Derby Dead Pool 2013

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Bring on the 'actually they're fine' responses (I'm looking at you, Scott Thorson)


Daniel Faraday's Notebook:


Ryan Buell

Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter

Sir Henry Cecil

Hugo Chavez

Van Cliburn

Katherine Crowe

Bob Dole

Bonnie Franklin

Annette Funicello

Damon Harris

Clive James

Sandy Jardine

Penny Marshall

Bernie Nolan

Jack Pardee

'King Robbo'

Scott Thorson

Joost van der Westhuizen

Anne Williams (J)

Michael Winner

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Scott Thorson only has stage II cancer, btw.


Happy new year!



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Thomas Jefferson Survives


Bashar al-Assad (worth taking the risk)

Stefano Borgonovo

Henry Cecil

Hugo Chavez bwB7R.gif

Van Cliburn

Katherine Crowe

Bonnie Franklin

Werner Franz (Hindenburg survivor, mostly put on in attempt for an unique)

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi

Superstar Billy Graham

Damon Harris

Clive James

David James (mildly successful musician but in the news moreso for hospital controversy... covered by Daily Mail but I'm hoping that the circumstances are enough for more obits)

Sandy Jardine

Wojciech Jaruzelski

Karen Muir (taking the obit risk)

John Nkomo

Tony Sheridan

Scott Thorson (can safely say I got Lee Evans'd...)

Michael Winner


It's Time to Dim the Lights


Muppet Show guest stars


Charles Aznavour

Kaye Ballard

Harry Belafonte

Carol Burnett

Carol Channing bwB7R.gif

Petula Clark

Roy Clark

Bruce Forsythe

Florence Henderson

Cleo Laine

Cloris Leachman

Hal Linden

Loretta Lynn

Liza Minnelli

Roger Moore

Rita Moreno

Jaye P. Morgan

Jim Nabors

Jean Stapleton

Jonathan Winters

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...and by the way, Clive James' cancer is in remission...pleased I caught that one with a day to spare!

Should never have trusted that gobshite, especially after he denied saying he was on the way out

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I nearly picked Werner Franz, and then didn't...


The team team and my personal team picks are in my signature.

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Mine are, as always, a cobbled together at the last minute team, Guy Innes-Ker stays until I find out more about his state of health, not being a native Borderer I am not privy to much info about him.


I think I fretted too much about TMIB's 'Click here to enter' on DDP, not everyone has Outlook, I don't. I had to click a few times to get the address for DDP 2013. I had to watch and write the email address down as it flashed up briefly at the bottom of the screen, perhaps I am doing something wrong but then read his post about a form, so reluctantly I booted up my work's laptop which has Outlook to get the format and have had to retype each name after pick. I am sure this should not be necessary but I worried I may be excluded if I didn't submit in the right format. Anyway, here are mine.



Team Name: Grendel's Graveyard


Joker (Pick 1): Hugo Chavez

Pick 2: Muhammed Ali

Pick 3: Henry Cecil

Pick 4: Guy Innes-Ker

Pick 5: Prince Philip

Pick 6: Ian Brady

Pick 7: Zsa Zsa Gabor

Pick 8: Eli Wallach

Pick 9: Lindsay Lohan

Pick 10: Nelson Mandela

Pick 11: Margaret Thatcher

Pick 12: Peter Tobin

Pick 13: Dick Cheney

Pick 14: Michael Winner

Pick 15: Clive James

Pick 16: Bernadette Nolan

Pick 17: George H.W. Bush

Pick 18: Terry Pratchett

Pick 19: Katherine Crowe

Pick 20: Michael Douglas

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Was hoping Rubin Carter would be a unique pick, damn it all...


You and me both.

Scott Thorson only has stage II cancer, btw.


Happy new year!




Eh, I'll take my chances. He seemed pretty bleak in his interview.

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Main Team

Team Name: Pooill Vaaish


Joker (Pick 1): Margaret Thather

Pick 2:George Blake

Pick 3:Brian Cant

Pick 4:Fidel Castro

Pick 5:Kirk Douglas

Pick 6:Aretha Franklin

Pick 7:Bob Godfrey

Pick 8:Rev Billy Graham

Pick 9:Wojciek Jaruzelski

Pick 10 Irving Kanarek

Pick 11:Hiroo Onoda

Pick 12:Reg Pressley

Pick 13:Ariel Sharon

Pick 14:Gil Taylor

Pick 15:Annette Funicello

Pick 16:Clive James

Pick 17:Jeremy Thorpe

Pick 18:Tamara Press

Pick 19:Gretel Bergmann

Pick 20:Hywel Bennett

I don't know if my theme teams made it in or not, but here you go

M*A*S*H goes to the afterlife.

Joker (Pick 1): Bernard Fox

Pick 2: Alan Alda

Pick 3: Allan Arbus

Pick 4:Ned Beatty

Pick 5:Gary Burghoff

Pick 6:William Christopher

Pick 7: Andrew Dice Clay

Pick 8: Bud Cort

Pick 9: Robert Duvall

Pick 10: Jamie Farr

Pick 11: terri garr

Pick 12: Sally Kellerman

Pick 13: Johnny Mandel

Pick 14: Burt Metcalfe

Pick 15: David Ogden Stiers

Pick 16: Gene Reynolds

Pick 17: Wayne Rogers

Pick 18: Marcia Strassman

Pick 19: Loretta Swit

Pick 20: George Wendt

Theme 2 - German language writers

Team Name: Falling like the wall


Joker (Pick 1): Isle Aichinger

Pick 2: Wolf Biermann

Pick 3: Volker Braun

Pick 4: Tankred Dorst

Pick 5: Hans Magnus Enzensberger

Pick 6: Christiane F

Pick 7: Gunther Grass

Pick 8: Jutta Heinrich

Pick 9: Walter Jens

Pick 10: Judith Kerr

Pick 11: Sarah Kirsch

Pick 12: Siegfried Lenz

Pick 13: erich Loest

Pick 14: Monika Maron

Pick 15: Ingrid noll

Pick 16: Erica Pendretti

Pick 17: Marcel Reich ranicki

Pick 18: Ruth Rehmann

Pick 19: Alice Schwarzer

Pick 20: Martin Walser

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One of my DDP theme team picks is Theo Bos, a Dutch footballer and footy manager. Everybody, Bos included, is certain he'll die from pancreatic cancer soon. I picked him for his scoring potential, but I'm rather worried he won't get a UK obit. What do my competitors think?




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Doubt he'll get one from the BBC, which is usually the best place for sport obits. Slight chance of one from the Guardian or Indy, though


I had slight doubts about Borgonovo's obit potential but I guess he'll get one from somewhere. The Guardian have covered his story before - http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2008/oct/08/europeanfootball.serieafootball

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Guest Pedro

Here we go then with my first efforts


: Pedro’s catacomb collective


Joker (Pick 1): Zsa Zsa Gabor

Pick 2: Lord Campbell of Alloway

Pick 3: Kirk Douglas

Pick 4: Jake La Motta

Pick 5: Peter O’Sullevan

Pick 6: Lettice Curtis (Aviator, ATA spitfire girl)

Pick 7: Duke of Wellington

Pick 8: Ken Wallis (inventor)

Pick 9: Bob Larbey (TV script writer)

Pick 10: Helmut Schmidt

Pick 11: Keneth Kaunda

Pick 12: Ronnie Biggs

Pick 13: Lily Safra (Rich woman/Philanthropist)

Pick 14: Queen Fabiola of Belgium

Pick 15: Nelson Mandela

Pick 16: Jackie Stallone

Pick 17: Keith Martin (fat man)

Pick 18: Doyle Brunson (poker player)

Pick 19: Andrew McLaglan (film director)

Pick 20: Maggie Thatcher


Reserve Pick(s): Peter Carrington, Cleo Laine, Monserrat Caballe.



Dreaming of UP's with Lettice and Lily ?


My theme team, is all actors from individual british sitcoms. No UP's though i would imagine.


Team Name: The Stench of Brit sit-com


Joker (Pick 1): Peter Sallis (First of the summer wine)

Pick 2: Bill Maynard (Oh no its Selwyn Froggit)

Pick 3: John Nettleton (Yes Prime Minister)

Pick 4: Robin Parkinson (Allo Allo)

Pick 5: Warren Mitchell (Till death do us part)

Pick 6: John Horsley (Fall and Rise of Reggie Perrin)

Pick 7: Robert Fyfe (Last of the summer wine)

Pick 8: Gerald Sim (To the manor born)

Pick 9: Bill Pertwee (Dads army)

Pick 10: Carmen Munroe (The fosters)

Pick 11: John Savident (Yes minister)

Pick 12: Peter Cellier (Keeping up appearances)

Pick 13: John Clegg ( It aint half hot mum)

Pick 14: Peter Vaughan ( Citizen Smith)

Pick 15: Ken Jones ( The Squirrels)

Pick 16: Brian Murphy (George and Mildred)

Pick 17: Jane Wenham ( Porridge)

Pick 18: Elaine Strich (Two’s Company)

Pick 19: Donald Sindon (Never the Twain)

Pick 20: Richard O’sullivan (Robins Nest)


Reserve Pick(s): Graham Stark ( Dads army Radio version) Tony Selby (Get some in) June Whitfield (Terry and June)


Florence Welch, get that boy in your song working for me !!!!

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Here's the full team after an unexpected blinding start.(actual date of submission for any doubters)




From: OoO

To: ddp2013@derbydeadpool.co.uk

Subject: RE: '13 - Unlucky for Some? (DDP 2013)

Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2012 23:13:50 +0000

Team Name: Octopus of Odstock


Joker (Pick 1): Christopher Martin-Jenkins

Pick 2: Bhanu Athaiya

Pick 3: Dora Bryan

Pick 4: Henry Cecil

Pick 5: Hugo Chavez

Pick 6: Van Cliburn

Pick 7: Sir Robert Edwards

Pick 8: Ian Farmer (Former Lonmin CEO)

Pick 9: Janet Fielding

Pick 10: Bonnie Franklin

Pick 11: Kate Granger

Pick 12: Damon Harris

Pick 13: John Nkomo

Pick 14: Jack Pardee

Pick 15: Mike Porcaro

Pick 16: Adolfo Suarez

Pick 17: Michael Winner

Pick 18: Annette Funicello

Pick 19: Reg Presley

Pick 20: Bill Pertwee


Sorry Bert, Granger won't be unique. If Farmer and Athaiya are, I'll be pleased.

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Sorry Bert, Granger won't be unique. If Farmer and Athaiya are, I'll be pleased.


Farmer's on DDT's team. Nice spot with Athaiya, "debilitating brain tumour", why didn't I think to search for that?

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Here's my main team:



Joker (Pick 1): Margaret Thatcher

Pick 2: John Bardon

Pick 3: Patricia Knatchbull, 2nd Countess Mountbatten of Burma

Pick 4: Dora Bryan

Pick 5: Emile Ford

Pick 6: John Glenn

Pick 7: Eldon Griffiths

Pick 8: Gerald Harper

Pick 9: Francis Matthews

Pick 10: Sheila Mercier

Pick 11: Les Munro

Pick 12: Pete Murray

Pick 13: Bernard Haitink

Pick 14: Peter O'Toole

Pick 15: I. M. Pei

Pick 16: Nosher Powell

Pick 17: Dudley Simpson

Pick 18: Mike Stoller

Pick 19: Peter Wyngarde

Pick 20: Jimmy Young


Reserve Pick(s): Toots Thielmans; Albert Finney; Tony Book


Book has been benched in favour of the previously untested Patricia Knatchbull, 2nd Countess Mountbatten of Burma, while the disappointing Asil Nadir has been dropped in favour of renowned conductor Bernard Haitink.


On the theme team front I'm fortunate(!) enough to be able to field my 2012 team '...and it's goodnight from him etc.' in its entirety, while on the 'Roger and Out' team, I only needed to replace the already-deceased Took; I opted for former Dallas Cowboy Roger Staubert, wilst also taking the opportunity to rest Roger Milla, bringing in Roger Etchegaray.


Here are the full line-ups


Team Name: Roger and Out


Joker (Pick 1): Roger Penrose, Sir (Mathematician/Physicist)

Pick 2: Roger Alton (Journalist - Exec ed of The Times)

Pick 3: Roger Angell (Writer - The New Yorker)

Pick 4: Roger Bannister, Sir (Athlete)

Pick 5: Roger Cook (Investigative Journalist)

Pick 6: Roger Corman (Film Producer)

Pick 7: Roger Daltrey (Singer)

Pick 8: Roger Ebert (Film Critic)

Pick 9: Roger Etchegaray (Cardinal of the RC Church)

Pick 10: Roger Moore, Sir (Actor)

Pick 11: Roger Norrington, Sir (Conductor)

Pick 12: Roger Protz (Writer)

Pick 13: Roger Sainsbury (Retired Bishop)

Pick 14: Roger Sloman (Actor)

Pick 15: Roger Smith (Actor - 77 Sunset Strip)

Pick 16: Roger Spottiswood (Director)

Pick 17: Roger Squires (Crossword Compiler)

Pick 18: Roger Staubach (Dallas Cowboy)

Pick 19: Roger Taylor (Tennis Player)

Pick 20: Roger Whitaker (Singer)



Reserve Pick(s):Roger Milla (Footballer)


Team Name: ...and Its Goodnight From Him, and him and him, and him, and him, and him, and him, and him, and him, and her, and him, and him, and him, and her, and him, and him, and him, and him, and him, and him





Joker (Pick 1): Ron Suart

Pick 2:

Pick 3:

Pick 4:

Pick 5:

Pick 6:

Pick 7:

Pick 8:

Pick 9:

Pick 10:

Pick 11:

Pick 12:

Pick 13:

Pick 14:

Pick 15:

Pick 16:

Pick 17:

Pick 18:

Pick 19:

Pick 20:



Reserve Pick(s): Ronnie Biggs, Ronnie Flanagan, Ronnie Corbett

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Curse of Fame DDP 2013:


1. Johan Friso

2. Tariq Aziz

3. Alice Herz Sommer

4. Ana Wing

5. George H.W Bush

6. Enrique Bertolino

7. Bernie Nolan

8. Michael Winner

9. General Jaruzelski

10. Roger Ebert

11. Hosni Mubarak

12. Morgan Morgan Giles

13. Olivia De Havilland

14. Ian Brady

15. Richard Attenborough

16. Islam Karamov

17. Isaias Afwerki

18. Blake Fielder Civil

19. Lindsay Lohan

20. 50 Cent (joker)

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Here's my main team:


They're Dead, Y'Know!

Joker (Pick 1): Bernie Nolan

Pick 2: Albert Reynolds

Pick 3: Clive James

Pick 4: Henry Cecil

Pick 5: Stefano Borgonovo

Pick 6: Dave MacKay

Pick 7: Margaret Thatcher

Pick 8: Hugo Chavez

Pick 9: General Wojciech Jaruzelski

Pick 10: Reginald Turnill

Pick 11: Kenneth Pitt

Pick 12: Leslie Phillips

Pick 13: Fidel Castro

Pick 14: Michael Winner

Pick 15: Richard Attenborough

Pick 16: Ysanne Churchman

Pick 17: Michael Charlton

Pick 18: Joan Quigley

Pick 19: Bob Symes

Pick 20: Jeanne Mockford

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Star Dust 2013...


1. Stefano Borgonovo (decided to hop on the Borgonovo wagon this time since he's reached the amount of time his dead fellow player had the disease)

2. Theo Bos (joker)

3. Ryan Buell

4. Hugo Chavez

5. Van Cliburn

6. Katherine Crowe

7. Bonnie Franklin

8. Superstar Billy Graham

9. Damon Harris

10. Peter Harvey

11. Clive James

12. Wojciech Jaruzelski

13. Candye Kane

14. Grace Sung Eun Lee

15. J. L. Lewis

16. Nelson Mandela

17. Hosni Mubarak

18. Jack Pardee

19. Arpad Pusztai

20. Marcia Strassman

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Good luck everybody.


Master Mind


Hugo Chavez (Joker)

Jiroemon Kimura

Van Cliburn

Henry Cecil

Clive James

Jack Pardee

Run Run Shaw

Sandy Jardine

Ray Price

Nguyen Ngoc Tho

Bonnie Franklin

Reg Presley

Clark Terry

Chris Woodhead

Zsa Zsa Gabor

Ronald Coase

Masao Yoshida

Stefano Borgonovo

Nyanasamvara Suvaddhana

Manoel de Oliveira

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Sent mine to TMIB on NYE but thought id best stick it on here too as i have not received receipt of entry confirmation yet.


My list looks remarkably similar to lots of other entries posted on here. I'll be very, very surprised if I have a unique pick this year which will be a bit disappointing to be honest.


Wouldn't mind seeing DDT's list if he decides to post it up :)


Team Name: Going Underground.


Joker (Pick 1): Anne Williams

Pick 2: Kim Kyong-hui

Pick 3: Van Cliburn

Pick 4: Henry Cecil

Pick 5: George H W Bush

Pick 6: Reg Presley

Pick 7: Fidel Castro

Pick 8: Bonnie Franklin

Pick 9: Damon Harris

Pick 10: Peter Harvey

Pick 11: Bernie Nolan

Pick 12: Michael Winner

Pick 13: Ryan O'Neal

Pick 14: Dennis Frederiksen

Pick 15: Hugo Chavez

Pick 16: Kim Fowley

Pick 17: Paul Madeley

Pick 18: Roger Ebert

Pick 19: John Edrich

Pick 20: Katherine Crowe

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Ronnie Biggs

David Bond (last surviving British gold medallist from 1948 Olympics)

Felicia Boots (post natal fuck-up)

George HW Bush

Sir Henry Cecil – JOKER

Van Cliburn

Katherine Crowe

Felix Dennis

Barbara Gibb – bee gee mum

Dr Kate Granger

Clive James

Grace Jones – the old British one

Jiromen Kimura

John Nkomo

Bernie Nolan

Christine Ray (claims to have had Jimmy Savile’s daughter)

Margaret Thatcher

Mary Tyler-Moore

Ann Williams (Hillsborough mum)

Michael Winner



Two theme teams as well, one of people whose death wouldn't be a complete tragedy (murderers, controversial politicos etc; frankly, the same team as last year with subs on for Sihanouk etc) and the promised twenty dubbed "The Pussy Perishes Last" (20 oldest women on earth). Not exactly expecting a high score on either theme team, though I do think my perishing pussy posse could hit the heights in terms of casualty numbers inside 12 months. Quietly confident the main team can better the (frankly abysmal) = 138th showing of 2012.

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(Pick 1):Ian Paisley

Pick 2:Omar Abdel Rahman

Pick 3:Lindsay Lohan

Pick 4:Bob Barker

Pick 5:Ronnie Biggs

Pick 6:George H.W. Bush Senior

Pick 7:Fidel Castro

Pick 8:Dick Cheney

Pick 9:Rev Billy Graham

Pick 10:Zsa Zsa Gabor

Pick 11:Stephen Hawking

Pick 12:Ed Koch(former NY mayor)

Pick 13:Hosni Mubarek

Pick 14:Robert Mugabe

Pick 15:Prince Philip

Pick 16:Ariel Sharon

Pick 17:Nelson Mandela

Pick 18:Courtney Love

Pick 19:Demi Moore

Pick 20:Pete Doherty

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My totally uninspired list for next year


1. Bernie Nolan

2. Mikhail Kalashnikov

3. Henry Cecil

4. Nelson Mandela

5. Gough Whitlam

6. Wojciech Jaruzelski

7. Joao Havalenge

8. Hugo Chavez

9. Margaret Thatcher

10. Hosni Mubarak

11. Rochus Misch

12. Ronnie Biggs

13. Dora Bryan

14. Bob Godfrey

15. Reg Presley

16. Zsa Zsa Gabor

17. James Garner

18. Anna Wing

19. George H.W. Bush

20. Penny Marshall

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