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26 minutes ago, Dying Probably said:


Self-identification is merely how you identify. Think of it like a multiple choice exam.

You have two questions, and three boxes, similar to gender. Now you can answer it like this:

image.png.84808d3120d5d51d9a89805ee39cedde.png Or even like this: image.png.ddcf6390d26cdc314dcac7647f3d47fa.png


You see, the "sex" bit is the biological one.

The "gender" one is self-identification.


Now, if you answer Question 1 and Question 2 has the same answer, do you leave it blank?

Of course not.

Lol yes. Have you ever thought that its there because intersex people may want to identify as M or F

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Is there a point to or this anyway?. I am quite aware people can be a biological sex and identify as another, that wasn't the point I was making. If no one has the intellectual prowess to read and understand what I said then lets just leave it there. 

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A foreign source says that conservative social scientist Judith Reisman has died:



Among her classics are: "Today's youth groups for gay kids are like the Hitler youth", gay liberation created the Nazis, and porn viewers have their minds brainwashed, do not have any more "free speech", and their opinions are no longer protected by the constitutional right to free speech.


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