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Your 2017 List ?

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Hi, sorry if there's already that kind of topic, but i don't find it.


No rules here. Just put your your 2017 list.


Mine is :


1: Mario Soares (ex Portugal president)

2: Joost Van der Westhuizen (Rugbyman)

3: Desmond Tutu (South African politic)

4: Kirk Douglas (Actor)

5: Hosni Mubarrak (ex Egypt president)

6: Javier Perez de Cuellar ( ex ONU secretary)

7: Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe president)

8: Olivia de Havilland (Actress)

9: Jimmy Carter (former USA president)

10: Stephen Hawking (scientist)

11: Noby Stiles (footballer)

12: Prince Philip

13: Hugh Heffner (businessman)

14: Danielle Darrieux (actress)

15: Ayman Al -Zawahiri (Al Qaeda leader)

16: Charles Manson (killer)

17: David Rockfeller (businessman)

18: Jake LaMotta (boxer)

19: Henry Kissinger (politic)

20: Sidney Poitier (actor)

21: George H. Bush (former USA president)

22: Stan Lee (comic writer)

23: Shannen Doherty (actress)

24: Liliane Bettencourt (businesswoman)

25: Jacques Chirac (former french president)

26: Helmut Kohl (former germany chancellor)

27: Simone Veil (french politic)

28: Jean-Paul Belmondo (actor)

29: Gordon Banks (footballer)

30: Akihito (emperor)

31: Charles Aznavour (singer)

32: Pierre Cardin (businessman)

33: George Soros (businessman)

34: Brigitte Bardot (actress)

35: Valery Giscard d'Estaing (former french president)

36: Abu Bakr el-Baghdadi (ISIS leader)

37: Raymond Kopa (Footballer)

38: Chuck Berry (singer)

39: Queen Elisabeth II

40: Buzz Aldrin (astronaut)

41: Jerome Golmard (tennisman)

42: Pierre Soulage (Painter)

43: Paul Gascoigne (footballer)

44: Mikhail Gorbachev (former USSR president)

45: Sean Connery (actor)

46: Albert Uderzo (comic writer)

47: Ali Khamenei (Supreme leader of Iran)

48: Abdelaziz Bouteflika (Algeria president)

49: Don Schulla (foot US legend)

50: Val Kilmer (actor)


what you think of it ?


and wait for yours !!!!


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My list for 2017 is in my signature.

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So can somebody delete/merge this thread?

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1 Duke of Edinburgh

2 Kirk Douglas

3 Doris Day

4 Carol Channing

5 Hugh Hefner

6 Burt Reynolds

7 Pierre Cardin

8 Mary Tyler Moore

9 Bruce Forsyth

10 Joni Mitchell

11 Dalai Lama

12 Pope Benedict

13 Lord Carrington

14 Mel Brookes

15 Robert Mugabe

16 George Bush Senior

17 Phil Collins

18 Desmond Tutu

19 Honsi Murbarak

20 Roger Moore

21 Dennis Norden

22 Chuck Berry

23 John Hurt

24 Noam Chomsky

25 Marsha Hunt

26 Chris Rea

27 Mikhail Gorbachev

28 Nobby Stiles

29 Ian Brady

30 Billy Graham (preacher)

31 Madeline McCann

32 Betty White

33 Val Kilmer

34 Jacques Chirac

35 Brian Blessed

36 Jackie Stallone

37 Jerry Lewis

38 King Michael of Romania

39 Cher

40 Wolf from Gladiators

41 Sidney Poitier

42 Ann Blyth

43 Rupert Murdoch

44 Tony Bennett

45 Rolf Harris

46 David Rockefeller

47 Michael j fox

48 Jimmy Carter

49 Olivia De Havilland

50 Peter Sarstedt

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