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Joey Russ

The Joker's Dead Pool 2018

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Once again, a new year has arrived, and that means a new year has come. Here are the rules you get know to know about.


Come up with 50 names total for this year. They can come from the list of people in the spoiler (warning: the list is not complete right now as I need to either wait for the first update to occur or hope for Spade to send me the complete list).


You can go for 25, but you get to start out with negative points.


They can either be put on this thread or PM'd personally to me.


You can come up with up to 5 subs


Each person is worth one point.


Nominate five of them as your jokers. Those people will gain double points.


So for people who are wondering how they could possibly win, they are heavily reliant on bonus points. However, the vast majority of the bonus points are in fact hidden, and will be revealed as people score those bonuses. Many of them are different from the Hartlepool, so that'll be where the fun will be. (Hint: If you do want to try to get ahead, look at the scores from last year, as those rules won't be changed. I will add a few bonuses this year though). 


I will reveal six of those bonus points besides the joker bonus for those five since it's required to compete. Those bonuses are:


1. If those people who are jokers are also unique DDP picks, they'll gain an extra 3 points

2. If those people who are jokers made the drop 40, they'll gain an extra 3 points

3. If those people who are jokers die unnaturally, they'll gain an additional 3 points

4. If those people die on the 13th of the month, they gain an extra 2 points

5. If they die on their birthday, 5 more bonus points will be given to them

6. There are random number of spots that have a total of two bonus points instead of one. Which numbers they are, however, will have to be hidden until they are scored.


Because I know the hidden bonus points and you don't, I'm going to be fair and make a completely randomized list of individuals so I don't gain a lot of points. I'll probably join the second time when the vast majority of those points should be revealed.


You have until two weeks after the first DDP update to enter. Anyways, enjoy. Or not...


Oh, and here are this year's jokers:

  1. Aaron, Hank
  2. Ackland, Joss
  3. Adie, Katie
  4. Al-Assad, Bashar
  5. Al-Baghdadi, Abu Bakr
  6. Alcock, Paul
  7. Aldrin, Buzz
  8. Alliss, Peter
  9. Anthony, Ray
  10. Anzaki, Satoru
  11. Athill, Diana
  12. Atkins, Ronald
  13. Attenborough, David
  14. Ayckbourn, Alan
  15. Aznavour, Charles 
  16. Baker, Colin 
  17. Baker, Ginger 
  18. Banks, Gordon 
  19. Bannister, Roger
  20. Bardot, Brigitte
  21. Barlow, Thelma
  22. Beaton, M.C. 
  23. Benedict XVI, Pope Emiritus
  24. Betts, Dickey 
  25. Bieber, Justin 
  26. Black, Tori 
  27. Blackman, Honor 
  28. Blakiston, Caroline
  29. Blanc, Noel 
  30. Blatter, Sepp 
  31. Bosbach, Wolfgang
  32. Bowen, Jim 
  33. Bowles, Stan 
  34. Bracknell, Leah
  35. Brenner, Syndey
  36. Briggs, Johnny 
  37. Brown, Ami
  38. Brown, June 
  39. Buhari, Muhammadu 
  40. Bush Sr, George 
  41. Byrne, Gay 
  42. Caballe, Monsterrat 
  43. Cameron, Earl 
  44. Campion, Charles 
  45. Cappotelli, Matt
  46. Carlisle, Clark 
  47. Carrington, Peter 
  48. Chivers, Sara 
  49. Churchill, Dick
  50. Clarke, Roy 
  51. Cocks, John
  52. Cole, Richard 
  53. Conway, Noel 
  54. Conway, Tim 
  55. Cooper, Pat
  56. Cribbins, Bernard
  57. Crider, Bill
  58. Crosby, David
  59. Cryne, Patrick
  60. Culkin, Macaulay 
  61. Darrow, Paul
  62. Davies, Rick 
  63. Day, Doris 
  64. De Havilland, Olivia
  65. De Obaldia, Rene 
  66. Del Paso, Fernando 
  67. Dillard, Harrison 
  68. Dodd, Ken 
  69. Doolan, Ed
  70. Douglas, Kirk
  71. Dr John 
  72. Dunlop, William 
  73. Duvall, Robert 
  74. Eden, Barbara 
  75. Elias, Rayya
  76. Fabray, Nannette 
  77. Falkholt, Jessica
  78. Fazlullah, Maulana 
  79. Finney, Albert 
  80. Floyd, James C
  81. Ford, Doug 
  82. Fox, Michael J 
  83. Francis, Dean
  84. Frankland, William 
  85. Franklin, Aretha 
  86. Frere, Albert
  87. Galyon, Donnie 
  88. Gascoigne, Paul
  89. Gascoine, Jill 
  90. Gilbert, Greg
  91. Goodwin, Vanessa
  92. Graham, Rev Billy 
  93. Greaves, Jimmy 
  94. Green, Seth 
  95. Hallenga, Kristin 
  96. Halpin, Luke 
  97. Harper, Valerie
  98. Harries, Richard 
  99. Harris, Anita 
  100. Harris, Rolf 
  101. Hawke, Bob 
  102. Hawking, Stephen
  103. Higgs, Peter 
  104. Hollingsworth, Mike 
  105. Houston, Thelma 
  106. Ivanov, Ivan (Afghanistan diplomat) died in 1948
  107. James, Clive 
  108. Johns, Glynis 
  109. Johnson, Wilko 
  110. Jones, Freddie 
  111. Jones, Terry 
  112. Jose, Jose
  113. Jowell, Tessa
  114. Kamprad, Ingvar
  115. Kara, Ritchii 
  116. Kaunda, Kenneth 
  117. Kay, Peter 
  118. Kelly, Elizabeth
  119. Kelly, Jim 
  120. Kilmer, Val 
  121. King, Clive
  122. Kit, Barys
  123. Kony, Joseph 
  124. Kraft Jr, Christopher 
  125. Kripke, Saul
  126. Kumar, Dilip 
  127. Lansbury, Angela
  128. Latham, Louise 
  129. Le Gros, Beryl 
  130. Lee, Stan 
  131. Lima, Devin 
  132. Lindsay, Ted 
  133. Lloyd, Norman 
  134. Loaf, Meat
  135. Lohan, Lindsay 
  136. Lynam, Des 
  137. Lynn, Vera 
  138. MacGowan, Shane 
  139. Macy, Bill
  140. Malone, Dorothy
  141. Maloney, Patty 
  142. Maren, Jerry 
  143. Masekela, Hugh
  144. May, James 
  145. McCain, John
  146. McDonnell, John 
  147. McNaught, Ken 
  148. McNee, David 
  149. Miller, Liam
  150. Minelli, Liza 
  151. Mitchell, Joni 
  152. Moffat, Donald 
  153. Moore, Sara Jane 
  154. Morison, Patricia 
  155. Morricone, Ennio
  156. Moss, Stirling 
  157. Mugabe, Robert 
  158. Nevin, Catherine
  159. Newton-John, Olivia  
  160. Nicholls, Nichelle
  161. Nicholson, Jack 
  162. Nolan, Linda
  163. O'Neill, Margaret Deirdre 
  164. Osbourne, Ozzy 
  165. O'Sullivan, Richard 
  166. Palmer, Geoffrey
  167. Parsons, Nicholas 
  168. Parton, Dolly 
  169. Perez de Cuellar, Javier 
  170. Peron, Isabel 
  171. Philip, Prince 
  172. Phillips, Sian 
  173. Pilcher, Rosamunde
  174. Poitier, Sidney
  175. Polanski, Roman 
  176. Previn, Andre 
  177. Price, Amy 
  178. Quaid, Randy 
  179. Rae, Charlotte 
  180. Randi, James 
  181. Rea, Chris 
  182. Reiner, Carl 
  183. Reuss, Woizlawa-Feodora Elise Marie E
  184. Rev, Livia 
  185. Richard, Cliff 
  186. Richard, Little 
  187. Ricketts, Simon 
  188. Ricksen, Fernando 
  189. Ronstadt, Linda 
  190. Rylance, Mark 
  191. Scales, Prunella
  192. Shaffernacker, Thomas
  193. Shantz, Bobby 
  194. Shatner, William 
  195. Sheen, Charlie 
  196. Shore, Mitzi
  197. Shore, Pauly 
  198. Skinner, Dennis 
  199. Skoglund, Erik
  200. Skou, Jen C 
  201. Smash, Chas
  202. Snailham, Amber 
  203. Soames, Nicholas 
  204. Sondheim, Stephen 
  205. St Clement, Pam 
  206. Stefansson, Stefan Karl
  207. Stiles, Nobby
  208. Stiller, Jerry 
  209. Stottlemyre Sr, Mel 
  210. Tajima, Nabi 
  211. Tambling, Bobby 
  212. Thomas, Geraint 
  213. Thorne, Bella 
  214. Trintignant, Jean Louis
  215. Trump, Donald 
  216. Tsvangirai, Morgan
  217. Tunstall, K T 
  218. Tutu, Desmond 
  219. Ure, Gudrun 
  220. Vervoort, Marieke
  221. von Sydow, Max 
  222. Walker, Clint 
  223. Walker, Murray 
  224. Webster, John 'Chick'
  225. Weinstein, Harvey
  226. Welch, Jenna 
  227. Westbrook, Daniella 
  228. Whelan, Eileen 
  229. White, Tony Joe 
  230. Williams, Shirley 
  231. Withers, Jane
  232. Worcester, Robert 
  233. Wouk, Herman 
  234. Zarin, Bobby
  235. Zeffirelli, Franco


Let's have a look at who picked who:


Joey Russ

Frankland, William

Higgs, Peter

Mitchell, Joni

Lynam, Des

Conway, Noel

Jones, Freddie

Osbourne, Ozzy

Brown, June

Bracknell, Leah

Fox, Michael J

Palmer, Geoffrey

Cameron, Earl

Campion, Charles

Houston, Thelma

Bowen, Jim

Al-Baghdadi, Abu Bakr (joker)

Byrne, Gay

Sondheim, Stephen

Kripke, Saul

Shatner, William

Ayckbourn, Alan

Jones, Terry

Poitier, Sidney

Zeffirelli, Franco

Nevin, Catherine

Carrington, Peter

De Havilland, Olivia

Eden, Barbara

Williams, Shirley

Cribbins, Bernard

Ford, Doug

Kelly, Elizabeth

Newton-John, Olivia  

Atkins, Ronald

Previn, Andre (joker)

Franklin, Aretha

Cole, Richard

Attenborough, David (joker)

Phillips, Sian

Moore, Sara Jane

Floyd, James C (joker)

Price, Amy

Harper, Valerie (joker)

Duvall, Robert

Anthony, Ray

Fabray, Nanette

Frere, Albert

Mugabe, Robert

Briggs, Johnny

Conway, Tim

Five subs:

Worcester, Robert

Nicholson, Jack

Weinstein, Harvey



1. Earl Cameron

2. Michael J. Fox

3. Nabi Tajima

4. Leah Bracknell (joker)

5. Matt Cappotelli

6. Kirk Douglas

7. Valerie Harper

8. June Brown

9. Liza Minnelli

10. Stirling Moss

11. John McCain (joker)

12. Devin Lima (joker)

13. Mitzi Shore

14. Herman Wouk (joker)

15. Murray Walker

16. Nobby Stiles (joker)

17. Marieke Vervoort

18. Morgan Tsvangirai

19. Sidney Poitier

20. Nicholas Parsons

21. Clive James

22. Stephen Hawking

23. Stan Lee

24. Jill Gascoine

25. Jose Jose

26. Greg Gilbert

27. Wolfgang Bosbach

28. Montserrat Caballe

29. Stan Bowles

30. George Bush Sr

31. Kristin Hallenga

32. Dean Francis

33. William Frankland

34. Barys Kit

35. Tessa Jowell

36. Dilip Kumar

37. Jerry Maren

38. Jerry Stiller

39. Vera Lynn

40. David McNee

41. Norman Lloyd

42. Ozzy Osbourne

43. Linda Nolan

44. Olivia Newton John

45. Charlotte Rae

46. Prunella Scales

47. Franco Zeffirelli

48. Shane MacGowan

49. Glynis Johns

50. Olivia de Havilland



2. Val Kilmer

3. Elizabeth Kelly

4. Rolf Harris

5. Freddie Jones


Unknown Man

1. Leah Bracknell (Joker)

2. John McCain (Joker)

3. Tessa Jowell (Joker)

4. Javier Perez de Cuellar

5. George H. W. Bush Sr

6. Marieke Vervoort (Joker)

7. Valerie Harper (joker)

8. Isabel Peron

9. Prince Philip

10. Olivia Newton-John

11. Fernando Ricksen

12. Joni Mitchell

13. Desmond Tutu

14. Prunella Scales

15. Vera Lynn

16. Rev. Billy Graham

17. Matt Cappotelli

18. Stan Bowles

19. Nobby Stiles

20. Kirk Douglas

21. Tori Black

22. Glynis Johns

23. Val Kilmer

24. Stefan Karl Stefansson

25. Herman Wouk

26. Robert Mugabe

27. Angela Lansbury

28. Jose Jose

29. Clive James

30. Doris Day

31. Olivia de Havilland

32. Nanette Fabray

33. Greg Gilbert

34. Jill Gascoine

35. Earl Cameron

36. Robert Duvall

37. Jimmy Greaves

38. Aretha Franklin

39. Stan Lee

40. Devin Lima

41. Norman Lloyd

42. Gordon Banks

43. Stirling Moss

44. Sidney Poitier

45. Carl Reiner

46. Jerry Stiller

47. Liam Miller

48. Linda Nolan

49. Peter Carrington

50. Charlotte Rae


2. Wilko Johnson

3. Kenneth Kaunda

4. Harrison Dillard

5. June Brown



1 Joss Ackland

2 Paul Alock

3 Satoru Anzaki

4 Pope Benedict Benedict XVI

5 Leah Bracknell(joker)

6 George Bush Sr

7 Gay Byrne

8 Monsterrat Caballe

9 Matt Cappotelli

10 Mary Carlisle

11 John Cocks

12 Prince Phillip

13 Fernando Del Paso

14 Ken Dodd

15 Dean Francis

16 Aretha Franklin

17 Doug Ford

18 William Frankland

19 Greg Gilbert

20 Vanessa Goodwin

21 Rev Billy Graham

22 Jimmy Greaves

23 Clive James

24 Freddie Jones

25 Jose Jose

26 Tessa Jowell

27 Olivia DeHavilland

28 Kenneth Kaunda

29 Barrys Kit

30 Dilip Kumar

31 Devin Lima

32 Ted Lindsay

33 Jerry Maren

34 John McCain (joker)

35 Liam Miller

36 Patricia Morrison

37 Stirling Moss

38 Robert Mugabe

39 Linda Nolan

40 Sidney Poitier

41 Charlotte Rae

42 Fernando Ricksen

43 Mitzi Shore

44 Stefan Karl Stefansson

45 Nobby Stiles

46 Nabi Tajimi(joker)

47 Marieke Vervoort(joker)

48 Eileen Whelan

49 Herman Wouk(joker)

50 Franco Zeffirelli


Jens C. Skou

Harrison Dillard

Joni Mitchell



Michael J Fox

Ennio Morricone (Joker)

Terry Jones

Stirling Moss

Rick Davies

Shane MacGowan

Jerry Maren

Charles Aznavour

Linda Nolan (Joker)

Linda Ronstadt

Rev Billy Graham

Geoffrey Palmer

Meat Loaf

Morgan Tsvangirai

Sidney Poitier (Joker)

Nobby Stiles

Prunella Scales

Kirk Douglas

Little Richard

Gordon Banks

Charlotte Rae

Desmond Tutu

Herman Wouk

Bernard Cribbins

Sepp Blatter

Freddie Jones

Bob Hawke

Stan Lee

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Clive James

Andre Previn

Leah Bracknell

Dilip Kumar

Valerie Harper (Joker)

Val Kilmer

Ronald Atkins

Prince Philip

Murray Walker

Angela Lansbury

Franco Zeffirelli

Stephen Hawking

Fernando Ricksen

Isabel Peron

Joni Mitchell

George Bush Senior

Aretha Franklin

Honor Blackman

Peter Carrington

Shirley Williams

Max von Sydow


B. Ken Dodd

C. Rolf Harris

D. Tessa Jowell

E. John McCain


Phantom of the Midway

1. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

2. Paul Alcock

3. Satoru Anzaki

4. Charles Aznavour

5. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

6. Wolfgang Bosbach

7. Leah Bracknell (JOKER)

8. Ami Brown

9. George H. W. Bush

10. Matt Cappotelli

11. Lord Peter Carrington

12. Sara Chivers

13. John Cocks

14. Noel Conway

15. Simon Ricketts

16. Kirk Douglas

17. Nanette Fabray

18. Dean Francis

19. William Frankland

20. Aretha Franklin

21. Jill Gascoine

22. Greg Gilbert (JOKER)

23. Vanessa Goodwin

24. Jimmy Greaves

25. Valerie Harper

26. Clive James

27. Jose Jose

28. Tessa Jowell (joker)

29. Barys Kit

30. Dilip Kumar

31. Devin Lima

32. Bill Macy

33. John McCain (JOKER)

34. Liam Miller

35. Stirling Moss

36. Javier Perez de Cuellar

37. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

38. Amy Price

39. Charlotte Rae

40. Fernando Ricksen

41. Jen C. Skou

42. Stefan Karl Stefansson

43. Nobby Stiles

44. Nabi Tajima

45. Jean Louis Trintignant

46. Morgan Tsvangirai

47. Marieke Vervoort (JOKER)

48. Eileen Whelan

49. Herman Wouk

50. Franco Zeffirelli


Amber Snailham

Sidney Poitier

Vera Lynn

Muhammadu Buhari



1.Al-Baghdadi, Abu Bakr

2.Alliss, Peter

3.Atkins, Ronald (joker)

4.Aznavour, Charles

5.Blatter, Sepp

6.Bracknell, Leah (joker)

7.Bush Sr, George

8.Byrne, Gay

9.Caballe, Montserrat

10.Cappotelli, Matt

11.Carrington, Peter

12. Ayckbourn, Alan

13.Day, Doris

14.De Havilland, Olivia

15.Douglas, Kirk

16.Eden, Barbara

17.Frankland, William

18.Franklin, Aretha

19.Gascoine, Jill

20.Gilbert, Greg

21.Graham, Rev Billy

22.Greaves, Jimmy

23.Harper, Valerie

24.Hawking, Stephen

25.James, Clive

26.Jowell, Tessa

27.Kaunda, Kenneth

28.Lansbury, Angela

29.Lee, Stan

30.Lima, Devin

31.Lynn, Vera

32.McCain, John

33.Moss, Stirling

34.Mugabe, Robert

35.Nevin, Catherine  (joker)

36.Newton-John, Olivia  

37.Nolan, Linda

38.Perez de Cuellar, Javier

39.Philip, Prince

40.Richard, Little

41.Ricketts, Simon

42.Ricksen, Fernando

43.Scales, Prunella

44.Stefansson, Stefan Karl

45.Stiles, Nobby

46.Desmond tutu

47.Gudrun Ure

48.Vervoort, Marieke (joker)

49.Wouk, Herman

50.Zeffirelli, Franco

Reserve ;

2.Fox, Michael J

3.MacGowan, Shane



1.       Jowell, Tessa

2.       Barlow, Thelma

3.       Stiles, Nobby

4.       (JOKER) Bracknell, Leah

5.       Rae, Charlotte (joker)

6.       Floyd, James C

7.       Greaves, Jimmy

8.       (JOKER)  McCain, John

9.       Kumar, Dilip

10.   Brenner, Sydney

11.   King, Clive

12.   Poitier, Sidney

13.   Aaron, Hank

14.   Cappotelli, Matt

15.   (JOKER) Beattie, Johnny

16.   Athill, Diana

17.   Zeffirelli, Franco

18.   Crider, Bill

19.   James, Clive

20.   Ford, Doug

21.   Jose, Jose

22.   Ayckbourn, Alan

23.   Stefansson, Stefan Karl

24.   Miller, Liam

25.   Frere, Albert

26.   Nevin, Catherine

27.   Churchill, Dick

28.   Vervoort, Marieke

29.   Kara, Ritchii

30.   Beaton, M.C.

31.   Ricksen, Fernando

32.   Latham, Louise

33.   Goodwin, Vanessa

34.   Philips, Sian

35.   (JOKER) McNee, David

36.   Bush Sr, George

37.   De Havilland, Olivia

38.   Douglas, Kirk

39.   Gilbert, Greg

40.   Bannister, Roger

41.   Moss, Stirling

42.   Trintignant, Jean Louis

43.   Anzaki, Satoru

44.   Baker, Ginger

45.   Chivers, Sara

46.   Cocks, John

47.   Conway, Noel

48.   Francis, dean

49.   Graham, rev Billy goat

50.   Alcock, Paul

And given last year's massacre, here are ten subs JUST in case!

Brown, Ami

Carrington, Peter

Frankland, William

Gascoine, Jill

Higgs, Peter

Lee, Stan

Philip, Prince

Tsvangirai, Morgan



01. Ray Anthony

02. David Attenborough

03. Benedict XVI.

04. Wolfgang Bosbach

05. Leah Bracknell (Joker)

06. George Bush Sr. (Joker)

07. Earl Cameron

08. Matt Cappotelli

09. John Cocks

10. Diana Athill

11. Kirk Douglas (Joker)

12. James C. Floyd

13. Dean Francis

14. Albert Frère

15. Jill Gascoine

16. Greg Gilbert

17. Vanessa Goodwin

18. Billy Graham

19. Valerie Harper

20. Olivia de Havilland

21. Thelma Houston

22. Jose Jose

23. Tessa Jowell

24. Stephen Sondheim

25. Elizabeth Kelly

26. Val Kilmer

27. Louise Latham

28. Devin Lima

29. Bill Macy

30. Jerry Maren

31. Doris Day

32. John McCain (Joker)

33. Liam Miller

34. Joni Mitchell

35. Stirling Moss

36. Olivia Newton-John

37. Linda Nolan

38. Prince Philip

39. Rosamunde Pilcher

40. Charlotte Rae

41. Fernando Ricksen

42. Mitzi Shore

43. Nobby Stiles

44. Jerry Stiller

45. Stefan Karl Stefansson

46. Jean-Louis Trintignant

47. Marieke Vervoort (Joker)

48. Eileen Whelan

49. Herman Wouk

50. Franco Zeffirelli



Death Impends

Ford, Doug

Cameron, Earl

Lynn, Vera

Kraft Jr, Christopher

Skou, Jen C

James, Clive

Graham, Rev Billy

Tsvangirai, Morgan

Atkins, Ronald

Stiles, Nobby *JOKER*

Perez de Cuellar, Javier

Carrington, Peter

Bracknell, Leah *JOKER*

Trintignant, Jean Louis

Maren, Jerry

Rae, Charlotte

Randi, James

McCain, John *JOKER*

Kit, Barys

Macy, Bill

Hawke, Bob

Bush Sr, George

Cappotelli, Matt

Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus

Cocks, John

Wouk, Herman

Tajima, Nabi

Whelan, Eileen

Jose, Jose

Jowell, Tessa

Greaves, Jimmy

Johns, Glynis

Churchill, Dick

Gilbert, Greg

Cole, Richard

Frankland, William

Lima, Devin

Miller, Liam

Gascoine, Jill

Francis, Dean

Lindsay, Ted

Fabray, Nanette

Anzaki, Satoru

Vervoort, Marieke *JOKER*

Athill, Diana

Ricksen, Fernando

Bannister, Roger

Morison, Patricia

Lee, Stan

Lloyd, Norman


Kumar, Dilip

Douglas, Kirk

Masekela, Hugh



Torva Messor

1. Leah Bracknell (JOKER)

2. Clive James

3. Matt Cappotelli

4. John McCain (JOKER)

5. Herman Wouk (JOKER)

6. George H. W. Bush

7. Linda Nolan

8. Greg Gilbert

9. Kirk Douglas

10. Stefan Karl Stefansson

11. Devin Lima

12. Simon Ricketts

13. Rev. Billy Graham

14. Sir Stirling Moss

15. Marieke Vervoort

16. Nobby Stiles

17. Donald Trump

18. Charlotte Rae

19. Nanette Fabray

20. Liam Miller

21. Vera Lynn

22. Paul Gascoigne

23. Jill Gascoine

24. Aretha Franklin

25. Stephen Hawking

26. Tessa Jowell

27. Doris Day

28. Norman Lloyd

29. Shane MacGowan

30. Jimmy Greaves

31. Honor Blackman

32. Jose Jose

33. Fernando Ricksen

34. Dean Francis

35. Olivia de Havilland

36. Terry Jones

37. Luke Halpin

38. Catherine Nevin (JOKER)

39. Stan Lee

40. Valerie Harper

41. Val Kilmer

42. Mel Stottlemyre Sr

43. Dilip Kumar

44. Doug Ford

45. Chris Rea

46. Morgan Tsvangirai

47. Ken Dodd (JOKER)

48. Robert Mugabe

49. Bill Macy

50. James Randi


Jerry Maren

Charles Aznavour


Gooseberry Crumble

Richard Cole

Leah Bracknell

Nobby Stiles

Rolf Harris

Bob Hawke

Charlotte Rae

Dennis Skinner (JOKER)

Pope Benedict

Patricia Morrison

Sepp Blatter

Elizabeth Kelly (JOKER)

Javier Perez de Cuellar

Bridget Bardot

Diana Athill

Joseph Kony

Patty Maloney

Stan Lee

Catherine Nevin

Mitzi Shore

Michael J Fox

Kenneth Kaunda

Robert Worcester (JOKER)

Luke Halpin

Jerry Maren

Murray Walker

Doug Ford

Clive James

Bobby Tambling

Jen C Skou

Jenna Welch

Jean Louis Trintignant

Norman Lloyd

Eileen Whelan

Stirling Moss

David Mcnee (JOKER)

Clive King

Louise Latham

Max Von Sydow

Franco Zeffirelli

Noel Blanc

Bill Macy

Ken Dodd

Barys Kit

Ginger Baker

Roman Polanski

Roger Bannister

Vera Lynn

James Randi (JOKER)

Johnny Briggs

Aretha Franklin


Robert Duvall


Dead Cow

Diana Athill

Satoru Anzaki

Matt Cappotelli

Dean Francis

Rev. Billy Graham

Clive James

Barys Kit

Dilip Kumar

Stefan Karl Stefansson

Catherine Nevin

Herman Wouk

Franco Zeffirelli

Leah Bracknell (joker)

Morgan Tsvangirai

Saul Kripke

Stan Lee

Marieke Vervoort (joker)

Greg Gilbert

John McCain (joker)

Jose Jose

Vanessa Goodwin

Noel Conway

Joss Ackland

John Cocks

Ginger Baker

Paul Alcock

William Frankland

Devin Lima

Stirling Moss

Amy Price

Simon Ricketts

Fernando Ricksen (joker)

Kate Adie

Nobby Stiles (joker)

Charlotte Rae

Sidney Poitier

Liam Miller

Jerry Maren

Glynis Johns

Earl Cameron

Peter Alliss

Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi

Hank Aaron

Dr John

Tessa Jowell

Carl Reiner

Nabi Tajima

Bobby Shantz

Peter Higgs

Jill Gascoine



Bracknell, Leah

Bush Sr, George

Cappotelli, Matt

Douglas, Kirk

Gascoine, Jill

Gilbert, Greg

Goodwin, Vanessa

Harper, Valerie

Hawke, Bob

Hawking, Stephen

James, Clive

Jones, Terry

Jose, Jose

Jowell, Tessa

Kaunda, Kenneth

Kumar, Dilip

Lima, Devin

McCain, John (Joker)

Miller, Liam

Mitchell, Joni

Moss, Stirling (Joker)

Mugabe, Robert

Nevin, Catherine (Joker)

Perez de Cuellar, Javier

Ricketts, Simon

Ricksen, Fernando

Scales, Prunella

Stefansson, Stefan Karl

Stiles, Nobby (Joker)

Trintignant, Jean Louis

Tsvangirai, Morgan

Vervoort, Marieke (Joker)

von Sydow, Max

Williams, Shirley

Wouk, Herman

Zeffirelli, Franco

Caballe, Montserrat

Lynn, Vera

Nolan, Linda

de Havilland, Olivia

Graham, Rev Billy

Banks, Gordon

Cameron, Earl

Day, Doris

Poitier, Sidney

Atkins, Ronald

Al-Baghdadi, Abu Bakr

Dodd, Ken

Kelly, Elizabeth

Skinner, Dennis


Ackland, Joss

Parsons, Nicholas

Tajimi, Nabi

Harris, Rolf

Ure, Gudrun



  Ackland, Joss

2.       Athill, Diana

3.       Aldrin, Buzz

4.       Alliss, Peter

5.       Banks, Gordon

6.       Bowen, Jim

7.       Bracknell, Leah

8.       Byrne, Gay

9.       Cameron, Earl

10.   Carrington, Peter

11.   Darrow, Paul

12.   Dodd, Ken

13.   Douglas, Kirk

14.   Gascoine, Jill

15.   Gilbert, Greg

16.   Graham, Rev Billy

17.   Greaves, Jimmy

18.   Higgs, Peter

19.   James, Clive

20.   Johns, Glynis

21.   Jowell, Tessa

22.   Caballe, Monsterrat

23.   Kelly, Elizabeth

24.   Kilmer, Val

25.   King, Clive (JOKER)

26.   Lynn, Vera

27.   MacGowan, Shane

28.   Maren, Jerry

29.   McNee, David

30.   Mitchell, Joni

31.   Morricone, Ennio

32.   Moss, Stirling

33.   O'Sullivan, Richard

34.   Pilcher, Rosamunde (JOKER)

35.   Poitier, Sidney

36.   Ricksen, Fernando

37.   Ronstadt, Linda

38.   Stefansson, Stefan Karl

39.   Stiles, Nobby

40.   Tajima, Nabi

41.   Tsvangirai, Morgan

42.   Tutu, Desmond  (JOKER)

43.   Ure, Gudrun

44.   Vervoort, Marieke

45.   Wouk, Herman (JOKER)

46.    Zeffirelli, Franco (JOKER)

47.   Bannister, Roger

48.   Bush, George H W

49.   Beaton, M C

50.   Franklin, Aretha


2.       De Havilland, Olivia

3.       Brown, June

4.       Reiner, Carl

5.       Eden, Barbara



Alcock, Paul

Alliss, Peter

Anzaki, Satoru

Athill, Diana

Bannister, Roger

Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus

Bosbach, Wolfgang

Bracknell, Leah (JOKER)

Buhari, Muhammadu

Bush Sr, George

Caballe, Montserrat

Cappotelli, Matt

Chivers, Sara

Churchill, Dick

Cocks, John

Cole, Richard

Conway, Noel

Crider, Bill

Davies, Rick

De Havilland, Olivia

Dodd, Ken

Douglas, Kirk

Fabray, Nanette

Francis, Dean

Frankland, William

Gascoine, Jill

Gilbert, Greg (JOKER)

Goodwin, Vanessa

Graham, Rev Billy

Greaves, Jimmy

Halpin, Luke

Harper, Valerie

James, Clive

Jose, Jose (JOKER)

Jowell, Tessa

Kumar, Dilip

Lima, Devin

Maren, Jerry

McCain, John

Miller, Liam

Moss, Stirling

Nevin, Catherine

Perez de Cuellar, Javier

Rae, Charlotte

Ricksen, Fernando

Stiles, Nobby (JOKER)

Trintignant, Jean Louis

Tsvangirai, Morgan

Vervoort, Marieke (JOKER)

Zeffirelli, Franco


Cameron, Earl

Obaldia, René De

Kamprad, Ingvar

Newton-John, Olivia

Nolan, Linda



Cameron, Earl

Moss, Stirling

Fabray, Nanette

Duvall, Robert

Palmer, Geoffrey

Athill, Diana

Ricketts, Simon

Baker, Ginger

Miller, Liam

Kit, Barys

Zeffirelli, Franco

James, Clive

Ricksen, Fernando

Ackland, Joss

Cappotelli, Matt

Bannister, Roger

MacGowan, Shane

Briggs, Johnny

Clarke, Roy

Kaunda, Kenneth

Vervoort, Marieke (joker)

Caballe, Montserrat

Wouk, Herman (joker)

Johns, Glynis

Rea, Chris

Lloyd, Norman

Shore, Mitzi

Philip, Prince

Bush Sr, George

Greaves, Jimmy (joker)

Rae, Charlotte

Soames, Nicholas

Francis, Dean

Pilcher, Rosamunde

Trintignant, Jean Louis

Ure, Gudrun

Bracknell, Leah

McCain, John (joker)

Carrington, Peter

Stiles, Nobby

Alcock, Paul

Jowell, Tessa (joker)

Gascoine, Jill

Kumar, Dilip

Kilmer, Val

Poitier, Sidney

Goodwin, Vanessa

Graham, Rev Billy

Mitchell, Joni

Gilbert, Greg

Subs:  Pope Emeritus Benedict, Linda Nolan, Olivia Newton-John



Jose, Jose

Alcock, Paul

Atkins, Ronald (JOKER)

Attenborough, David

Aznavour, Charles

Banks, Gordon

Bardot, Brigitte

Betts, Dickey

Black, Tori

Blackman, Honor

Blakiston, Caroline

Bracknell, Leah

Brenner, Syndey

Bush Sr, George

Byrne, Gay

Caballe, Monsterrat

Conway, Noel

Day, Doris

De Havilland, Olivia

Douglas, Kirk

Gascoine, Jill

Gilbert, Greg

Graham, Rev Billy

Harris, Anita

Hawking, Stephen

James, Clive

Jowell, Tessa (JOKER)

Kit, Barys

Kumar, Dilip (JOKER)

Lansbury, Angela

Lynn, Vera

McCain, John (JOKER)

Miller, Liam

Morricone, Ennio

Moss, Stirling

Mugabe, Robert

Nevin, Catherine

Perez de Cuellar, Javier

Peron, Isabel

Polanski, Roman

Rea, Chris

Ricketts, Simon

Scales, Prunella

Skou, Jen C

Stefansson, Stefan Karl

Stiles, Nobby

Tajima, Nabi

Vervoort, Marieke (JOKER)

Worcester, Robert

Wouk, Herman


Lima, Devin

Lloyd, Norman

Duvall, Robert

Fabray, Nanette

Francis, Dean


And here are the picks for this year alphabetized:


Hank Aaron - dc, ms

Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi - dc, hf, jr*, pd, pm

Joss Ackland - bg, cc, dc, to

Paul Alcock - ca, cc, dc, dr, ms, pm, to  

Kate Adie - dc

Buzz Aldrin - bg

Peter Alliss - bg, dc, dr, pd

Ray Anthony - bk, jr

Satoru Anzaki - cc, dc, di, dr, ms, pm

Diana Athill - bg, bk, dc, di, dr, gc, ms, to

Ronald Atkins - ca*, di, hf, jr, pd*, yw  

David Attenborough - bk, ca, jr

Alan Ayckbourn - jr, ms, pd  

Charles Aznavour - ca, pd, pm, yw

Ginger Baker - dc, gc, ms, to

Gordon Banks - bg, ca, hf, um, yw

Roger Bannister - bg, di, dr, gc, ms, to    

Bridget Bardot - ca, gc

Thelma Barlow - ms

M.C. Beatton - bg, ms

Johnnie Beattie - ms

Dickey Betts - ca

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI - bk, cc, di, dr, gc, pm, yw

Tori Black - ca, um

Honor Blackman - ca, tv, yw

Caroline Blakiston - ca

Noel Blanc - gc

Sepp Blatter - gc, pd, yw

Wolfgang Bosbach - bk, dr, fb, pm

Jim Bowen - bg, jr

Stan Bowles - fb, um

Leah Bracknell - bg, bk*, ca, cc*, dc*, di*, dr*, fb*, gc, hf, jr, ms*, pd*, pm*, to, tv*, um*, yw

Sydney Brenner - ca, ms

Johnny Briggs - gc, jr, to

Ami Brown - pm

June Brown - fb, jr

Muhammadu Buhari - dr

George Bush Sr - bg, bk*, ca, cc, di*, dr, fb, hf, ms, pd, pm, yo, tv, um, yw

Gay Byrne - bg, ca, cc, jr, pd  

Montserrat Caballe - bg, ca, cc, dr, fb, hf, pd, to

Earl Cameron - bg, bk, dc, di, fb, hf, jr, to, um

Charles Campion - jr

Matt Cappotelli - bk, cc, dc, di, dr, fb, hf, ms, pd, pm, to, tv, um

Clark Carlisle - cc

Peter Carrington - bg, di, jr, pd, pm, to, um, yw

Sara Chivers - dr, ms, pm

Dick Churchill - di, dr, ms

Roy Clarke - to

John Cocks - bk, cc, dc, di, dr, ms, pm

Richard Cole - di, dr, gc, jr

Noel Conway - ca, dc, dr, jr, ms, pm  

Tim Conway - jr

Bernard Cribbins - jr, yw  

Bill Crider - dr, ms

Patrick Cryne - bk, cc*, di*, fb, gc, jr, ms*, pd*, pm*, um* DNS due to death

Paul Darrow - bg

Rick Davies - dr, yw

Doris Day - bk, ca, hf, pd, tv, um

Olivia de Havilland - bk, ca, cc, dr, fb, hf, jr, ms, pd, tv, um  

Fernando del Paso - cc

Ken Dodd - bg, cc, dr, gc, hf, tv*

Kirk Douglas - bg, bk*, ca, dr, fb, hf, ms, pd, pm, tv, um, yw  

Dr John - dc

Robert Duvall - jr, to, um  

Barbara Eden - jr, pd

Nanette Fabray - di, dr, pm, to, tv, um

James C Floyd - bk, jr*, ms  

Doug Ford - cc, di, gc, jr, ms, tv   

Michael J Fox - fb, gc, jr, yw

Dean Francis - bk, cc, dc, di, dr, fb, ms, pm, to, tv

William Frankland - cc, dc, di, dr, fb, jr, pd, pm

Aretha Franklin - bg, cc, gc, jr, pd, pm, tv, um, yw,

Albert Frere - bk, jr, ms  

Jill Gascoine - bg, bk, ca, dc, di, dr, fb, hf, pd, pm, to, tv, um

Paul Gascoigne - tv

Greg Gilbert - bg, bk, ca, cc, dc, di, dr*, fb, hf, ms, pd, pm*, to, tv, um

Vanessa Goodwin - bk, cc, dc, dr, hf, ms, pm, to

Rev Billy Graham - bg, bk, ca, cc, dc, di, dr, hf, ms, pd*, to, tv, um, yw

Jimmy Greaves - bg, cc, di, dr, ms, pd, pm, to, tv, um

Kristin Hallenga - fb

Luke Halpin - dr, gc, tv

Valerie Harper - bk, dr, fb, hf, jr*, pd, pm, tv, um*, yw*  

Anita Harris - ca

Rolf Harris - gc

Bob Hawke - di, gc, hf, yw

Stephen Hawking - ca, fb, hf, pd, tv, yw

Peter Higgs - bg, dc, jr

Thelma Houston - bk, jr

Clive James - bg, ca, cc, dc, di, dr, fb, gc, hf, ms, pd, pm, to, tv, um, yw  

Glynis Johns - bg, dc, di, fb, to, um  

Freddie Jones - cc, jr, yw

Terry Jones - hf, jr, tv, yw

Jose Jose - bk, ca, cc, dc, di, dr, fb, hf, ms, pm, tv, um

Tessa Jowell - bg, bk, ca*, cc, dc, di, dr, fb, hf, ms, pd, pm*, to*, tv, um*

Ingvar Kamprad - bg, bk, cc, dc, di, tv - DNS due to death

Ritchii Kara - ms

Kenneth Kaunda - cc, gc, hf, pd, to

Elizabeth Kelly - bg, bk, gc*, hf, jr

Val Kilmer - bg, bk, to, tv, um, yw

Clive King - bg*, gc, ms

Barys Kit - ca, cc, dc, di, fb, gc, pm, to

Joseph Kony - gc

Christopher Kraft Jr - di

Saul Kripke - dc, jr

Dilip Kumar - ca*, cc, dc, dr, fb, hf, ms, pm, to, tv, yw  

Angela Lansbury - ca, pd, um, yw

Louise Latham - bk, gc, ms

Stan Lee - dc, di, fb, gc, pd, tv, um, yw

Devin Lima - bk, cc, dc, di, dr, fb*, hf, pd, pm, tv, um

Ted Lindsay - cc, di

Norman Lloyd - di, fb, gc, to, tv, um

Meat Loaf - yw

Des Lynam - jr

Vera Lynn - bg, ca, di, fb, gc, hf, pd, tv, um  

Shane MacGowan - bg, fb, to, tv, yw  

Bill Macy - bk, di, gc, pm, tv

Paul Maloney - gc

Jerry Maren - bg, bk, cc, dc, di, dr, fb, gc, yw  

Hugh Masekela - bk, gc, jr, ms, yw* DNS due to death

John McCain - bk*, ca*, cc*, dc*, di*, dr, fb*, hf*, ms*, pd, pm*, to*, tv*, um*

David McNee - bg, fb, gc, ms*

Liam Miller - bk, ca, cc, dc, di, dr, hf, ms, pm, to, tv, um

Liza Minnelli - fb

Joni Mitchell - bg, bk, hf, jr, to, um, yw

Sara Jane Moore - jr

Patricia Morison - cc, di, gc  

Ennio Morricone - bg, ca, yw*

Stirling Moss - bg, bk, ca, cc, dc, dr, fb, gc, hf*, ms, pd, pm, to, tv, um, yw   

Robert Mugabe - ca, cc, hf, jr, pd, tv, um

Catherine Nevin - ca, dc, dr, gc, hf*, jr, ms, pd*, tv*

Olivia Newton-John - bk, fb, jr, pd, um  

Linda Nolan - bk, cc, fb, hf, pd, tv, um, yw*

Richard O’Sullivan - bg

Ozzy Osbourne - fb, jr

Geoffrey Palmer - jr, to, yw  

Nicholas Parsons - fb

Javier Perez de Cuellar - ca, di, dr, gc, hf, pd, pm, um

Isabel Peron - ca, um, yw

Prince Philip - bk, cc, pd, pm, to, um, yw  

Sian Phillips - jr, ms

Rosamunde Pilcher - bg*, bk, to

Sidney Poitier - bg, cc, dc, fb, hf, jr, ms, to, um, yw*

Roman Polanski - ca, gc

Andre Previn - jr*, yw

Amy Price - dc, jr, pm  

Charlotte Rae - bk, cc, dc, di, dr, fb, gc, ms*, pm, to, tv, um, yw

James Randi - di, gc*, tv

Chris Rea - ca, to, tv

Carl Reiner - dc, um

Little Richard - pd, yw

Simon Ricketts - ca, dc, hf, pd, pm, to, tv

Fernando Ricksen - bg, bk, cc, dc*, di, dr, hf, ms, pd, pm, to, tv, um, yw

Linda Ronstadt - bg, yw

Prunella Scales - ca, fb, hf, pd, um, yw  

Bobby Shantz - dc

William Shatner - jr

Mitzi Shore - bk, cc, fb, gc, to

Dennis Skinner - gc*, hf

Jen C Skou - ca, di, gc, pm

Nicholas Soames - to

Stephen Sondheim - bk, jr

Stefan Karl Stefansson - bg, bk, ca, cc, dc, hf, ms, pd, pm, tv, um

Nobby Stiles - bg, bk, ca, cc, dc*, di*, dr*, fb, gc, hf*, ms, pd, pm, to, tv, um, yw  

Jerry Stiller - bk, fb, um

Mel Stottlemyre Sr - tv

Nabi Tajima - bg, ca, cc*, dc, di, fb, pm

Bobby Tambling - gc

Jean Louis Trintignant - bk, di, dr, gc, hf, ms, pm, to

Donald Trump - tv

Morgan Tsvangirai - bg, dc, di, dr, fb, hf, pm, tv, yw

Desmond Tutu - bg*, pd, um, yw  

Gudrun Ure - bg, pd, to

Marieke Vervoort - bg, bk*, ca*, cc*, dc*, di*, dr*, fb, hf*, ms, pd*, pm*, to*, tv, um

Max von Sydow - gc, hf, yw

Murray Walker - fb, gc, yw  

Eileen Whelan - bk, cc, di, gc, pm

Jenna Welch - gc

Shirley Williams - hf, jr, yw

Robert Worcester - ca, gc*

Herman Wouk - bg*, bk, ca, cc*, dc, di, fb, hf, pd, pm, to, tv*, um, yw  

Franco Zeffirelli - bg*, bk, cc, dc, dr, fb, gc, hf, jr, ms, pd, pm, to, yw

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Thanks Joey, I'll be giving it a go again.


Perhaps change the title of this thread to 2018 or summat? There are two threads with the same title atm, your original for last year and this one.

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3 minutes ago, YoungWillz said:

Thanks Joey, I'll be giving it a go again.


Perhaps change the title of this thread to 2018 or summat? There are two threads with the same title atm, your original for last year and this one.

Thank you for noticing that. It would have been quite embarrassing if the name was just the exact same as last year. :lol: 

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Cool  I'll be entering this. Just to make sure, can we enter now? Thanks for bringing this back =)

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You can if you want, but it's not recommended at all, especially since there are currently only 50 names that I can confirm as joker's. 

FYI, if anyone has a joker that isn't on the list, please let me know so I have less work to do when the first update drops...

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I'll be sure to whittle a list down to fifty within three minutes whenever the full list is out ^_^

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I'll be in this year as well!


Also, the jokers from my DDP theme teams aren't on your list at the moment - 

John ‘Chick’ Webster

Sydney Brenner

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@Phantom of the Midway Who's your joker for your slavic theme team. I am assuming your politics one is McCain (though someone else already picked him as there joker as well)...

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Just now, Joey Russ said:

@Phantom of the Midway Who's your joker for your slavic theme team. I am assuming your politics one is McCain (though someone else already picked him as there joker as well)...

Yep, McCain for politics. 


For Slavic it's... uh... *goes back to email*  Barys Kit.

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I'll enter this as well when the full list is revealed

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18 hours ago, Joey Russ said:

You can if you want, but it's not recommended at all, especially since there are currently only 50 names that I can confirm as joker's. 

FYI, if anyone has a joker that isn't on the list, please let me know so I have less work to do when the first update drops...

My three jokers were Kirk Douglas, Clive King & Ennio Morricone.

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And the death of Rayya Elias shows why you shouldn't make your team before the first DDP update. She wouldn't have scored you points anyhow if you did make your team now...

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12 minutes ago, Joey Russ said:

And the death of Rayya Elias shows why you shouldn't make your team before the first DDP update. She wouldn't have scored you points anyhow if you did make your team now...


I think last year I had more ineligible picks die in January after you asked me to send in a team, than I did the whole rest of the year!

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Hey JR, I'll have another bash at it.

You I know prunella Scales and Angela Lansbury have been picked as Jokers.

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My three jokers are Marieke Vervoot Leah Bracknell and Tessa Jowell.

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I think Dame Tessa would approve of my all women shortlist :P

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I would like to once again remind you that once you can start choosing your teams, you can't select people who are already dead. Bobby Zarin becomes the next confirmed joker to die, so I wanted to make that clear...

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Just a heads up, I know that a DDP update is coming very soon. There are already five people that I know are jokers from forum research this year that has already died! 

Anyways, I wanted to bring this up because if the first update is sometime tomorrow between 6:00 AM Central Time and 4:00 PM central time, then you’re going to have to wait for me to come back from an event before I can count all the other jokers and open this dead pool up. I will also be reducing the time of entry to one week so this dead pool can start up before the end of January. 

Anyways, whenever this opens, good luck everyone this year. :)

At the very least, you should beat your host, as my team is random this year...

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Not on a computer right now, so it will be a while before this can start. You’ll know it’ll have opened once I post my randomized team...

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Just say the word Joey, I'll have a team to you...

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Alright, I'm finally on a computer now. Give me about an hour or so to finish up the list of joker's. Team making stars very soon...

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The list is finalized. 235 jokers in total with 6 dead, which means a drop of 29 names from last. Now that my randomized list is below (sigh, I even drew one of the dead names), the entries can now be entered until the 28th. 

  1. Frankland, William 
  2. Higgs, Peter 
  3. Mitchell, Joni 
  4. Lynam, Des 
  5. Conway, Noel 
  6. Jones, Freddie 
  7. Osbourne, Ozzy 
  8. Brown, June 
  9. Bracknell, Leah
  10. Fox, Michael J 
  11. Palmer, Geoffrey
  12. Cameron, Earl 
  13. Campion, Charles 
  14. Houston, Thelma 
  15. Rumsfeld, Donald
  16. Al-Baghdadi, Abu Bakr (joker) 
  17. Byrne, Gay 
  18. Sondheim, Stephen 
  19. Kripke, Saul
  20. Shatner, William 
  21. Ayckbourn, Alan
  22. Jones, Terry 
  23. Poitier, Sidney
  24. Zeffirelli, Franco
  25. Masekela, Hugh
  26. Carrington, Peter 
  27. De Havilland, Olivia
  28. Eden, Barbara 
  29. Williams, Shirley 
  30. Cribbins, Bernard
  31. Ford, Doug 
  32. Kelly, Elizabeth
  33. Newton-John, Olivia  
  34. Atkins, Ronald
  35. Previn, Andre (joker)
  36. Franklin, Aretha 
  37. Cole, Richard 
  38. Attenborough, David (joker)
  39. Phillips, Sian 
  40. Moore, Sara Jane 
  41. Floyd, James C (joker) 
  42. Price, Amy 
  43. Harper, Valerie (joker) 
  44. Duvall, Robert 
  45. Anthony, Ray
  46. Cryne, Patrick
  47. Frere, Albert
  48. Mugabe, Robert 
  49. Briggs, Johnny 
  50. Conway, Tim 

Five subs:

  1. Fabray, Nannette 
  2. Nevin, Catherine 
  3. Worcester, Robert 
  4. Nicholson, Jack 
  5. Weinstein, Harvey

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I made a masterlist to start keeping track of individual's teams now...

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A little small analysis from my team. 

People who returned to my team the second year in a row are Olivia de Havilland, Doug Ford, Leah Bracknell, Robert Mugabe, and Richard Cole. 

Now, some of you might try to chant to tell me to change my team since Bracknell, Zeffirelli, Price, and Cryne made the top 50. But let me remind you last time that Peter Skellern, Steve Hewlett, and Lisa Magill were on my team, and did that do me too well? No, not at all...

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