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Death By Numbers 2019

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No problem :), at least, I can say, I got it!

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1. Jean Louis Trintigent (joker)

2. Tim Conway

3. Stirling Moss

4. Olvia Newton John 

5. Leah Brackneil

6. Robert mugabe

7. Claus van Barlow

8. Jose Jose 

9. john McCricket

10. Peter Tork

11. Clive James

12. Bob Barker 

13. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

14. John Paul Stevens

15. Le Duc Ahn

16. James Earl Jones

17. Sidney Poitier

18. Nobby Stiles

19. John Hume

20. Terry Jones

21. Kenny Rogers

22. Willie Nielson

23. Yoko Ono

24. Larry King

25. Bill Turnbull

26. George Alaigh 

27. Lee Kersalke

28. Sandra Day O'Connor

29. Barbara Windsor

30. Barbara Weston Chandler

31. Mikhail Gorbachev

32. Jerry Stiler

33. Gina Lollobrigida

34. Alberto Fugimori

35. The former emperor of Japan

36. Jerry Lee Lewis

37. Little Richard

38. The dalal Liama

39. Barbara Walters

40. Jean Marie Le Pen

41. Vera Lynn

42. Jacques Chirac

43. Bart Starr

44. Richard Petty

45. Iam Holm 

46. Tom Sheritt

47. Prince Philip

48. Dilip Kumar

49. Herman Wouk

50. Shivakumara Swami


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Camilla Skovgaard was on my team, so sub no. 3 comes now into play.


@The Old Crem Yes, I received your team.

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2.Barbara Barrie

3.Margaret Stuart Barry

4.Gerard Bassett

5.Paddy Bassett

6.Leah Bracknell

7.Bobbie Brown(Cherry Pie Eater)

8.Bobby Brown(Rangers Legend)

9.Bobby Brown(New York Yankee)

10.Bobby Brown(Us Singer)

11.June Brown

12.Lessie Brown

13.Pearl Carr

14.A A-Ron Carter

15.Tim Conway

16.Alex Ferguson


18.The Right Honourable Lord Hattersley

19.Bob Hawke

20.Paul Hogan(Croc Hunter)

21.Paul Hogan(Reality TV Butler)

22.Ivan Ivanov(Junior Eurovision singer b.2000)

23.Ivana Ivanovic

24.Jean Marie La Pen

25.Demi Lovato
26.Vera Lynn
27.Shane MacGowan

29.Robert Marchand

30.John McCririck(joker)
31.Muriel Pavlow

32.Redmond O'Neal

33.Ryan O'Neal


35.Joan Plowright

36.Fernando Ricksen

37.Jake Roberts

38.George Schappell

39.Lori Schappell

40.Queen Sirikit of Thailand
41.June Spencer
42.Jerry Stiller
43.Peter Sutcliffe
44.Kane Tanaka

45.Bella Thorne
46.Jean-Louis Trintignant

47.Gudrun Ure

48.Baroness Warnock

49.June Whitfield

50.Mike Willesee


Le Duc Anh

Robbie Coltrane

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I will be sending in my list of entrees in the early hours once I have organised the list into alphabetical order and chosen who to throw of the list to make way for Bob Hawke!


Thanks for your efforts in running this pool @gcreptile  :)

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List has been submitted.  This will be my first main pool here, so I probably messed up something, but I'm sure GC will let me know.  Good luck all.

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Simon Ricketts' death means my sub nr 4 comes into play... ughhh... 

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On 01/12/2018 at 12:02, gcreptile said:

You can choose one joker with double points - and you can also submit up to five substitutes in case one of your 50 dies before the end of the submission window. You may also choose new subs before the game starts if they die.


With regard to the latter sentence I nominate two new subs:




If you have pm'ed me... please make sure that you have enough subs, especially if you picked Ricketts and/or Whitfield. You can pm me again to add more subs - not to change your existing picks/subs.


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Sigh.... well, Subsub nr. 1 for Hector Timerman

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Just now, gcreptile said:

Sigh.... well, Subsub nr. 1 for Hector Timerman

Not having the best of times, gcreptile.....

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Just now, YoungWillz said:

Not having the best of times, gcreptile.....

I mean, having 6/50 of your team die in a month is kind of what you want to have... as a good sign, but yes, slightly depressing

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The 2nd post now has the people who, judging from the headline, have pm'ed me their teams.

If you don't find yourself there, notify me please.











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My 2019 team, this time alphabetically:

1. George Alagiah (Joker)

2. John Andretti

3. Le Duc Anh

4. Samu Anoa'i

5. Ed Asner

6. Diana Athill

7. Bob Baker

8. Kathleen Blanco

9. Leah Bracknell

10. Mel Brooks

11. Jimmy Carter

12. Violeta Chamorro

13. Jacques Chirac

14. Tim Conway

15. Javier Perez de Cuellar

16. Bob Dole

17. Kirk Douglas

18. Michael Douglas

19. Clint Eastwood

20. Queen Elizabeth

21. William Frankland

22. Jill Gascoine

23. Denis Goldberg

24. Olivia de Havilland

25. Bob Hawke

26. Clive James

27. Olivia Newton-John

28. Terry Jones

29. Tom Jones

30. Irrfan Khan

31. Jeanne Little

32. Norman Lloyd

33. Jean from Luxembourg

34. Vera Lynn

35. Roberta McCain

36. John McCririck

37. Andrew McGahan

38. Robert Mugabe

39. Yasuhiro Nakasone 

40. Martin Peters

41. James Randi

42. Fernando Ricksen

43. Nobby Stills

44. Ruthie Tompson

45. Jean Louis Trintignant

46. Bill Turnbull

47. Marieke Vervoort

48. Murray Walker

49. Joanne Woodward

50. Franco Zeffirelli


Johnny Clegg, Mikhail Gorbachev

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  1. John Andretti
  2. Samula Anoa'I
  3. Bob Barker
  4. Sonali Behl Bendre
  5. Kathleen Blanco
  6. Leah Bracknell (JOKER)
  7. Anna Buydens
  8. Gay Byrne
  9. Rosalynn Carter
  10. Jimmy Carter
  11. Beth Chapman
  12. Beverly Cleary
  13. Johnny Clegg
  14. Bob Dole
  15. Kirk Douglas
  16. Hugh Downs
  17. Le Duc Anh
  18. Queen Elizabeth II
  19. Bishop FAQuinn
  20. Julie Gibson
  21. Hal Holbrook
  22. Clive James
  23. Katherine Johnson
  24. Jose Jose
  25. Lee Kerslake
  26. Henry Kissenger
  27. Dilip Kumar
  28. Cloris Leachman
  29. Norman Lloyd
  30. Vera Lynn
  31. Vera Lynn
  32. Roberta McCain
  33. John McCririck
  34. Andrew McGahan
  35. Stirling Moss
  36. Robert Mugabe
  37. Olivia Newton-John
  38. Prince Philip
  39. Roman Reigns
  40. Carl Reiner
  41. Fernando Ricksen
  42. Kevin Spacey
  43. Shivakumara Swami
  44. Bill Turnbull
  45. Marieke Vervoort
  46. Betty White
  47. Wendy Williams
  48. Herman Wouk
  49. Pope Xvi Benedict
  50. Olivia de Havilland


A. Nobby Stiles

B. Jill Gascoine

C. Joni Mitchell

D. Vanessa Redgrave

E. Linda Nolan

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1) Emperor Akhito
2) Bob Barker

3) Pope Benedict XVI
4) Leah Bracknell
5) June Brown
6) Pierre Cardin
7) Pearl Carr
8) Jimmy Carter
9) Rosalynn Carter
10) Carol Channing
11) Thad Cochran
12) Olivia De Havilland
13) Bob Dole
14) Kirk Douglas
15) Clint Eastwood
16) Paul Flynn (British MP)
17) Pete Frates
18) Alberto Fujimori
19) Jill Gascoine
20) Greg Gilbert
21) Ruth Bader Ginsburg
22) Julie Goodyear
23) Jimmy Greaves
24) Valerie Harper
25) Bob Hawke
26) Clive James
27) Ian St. John

28) Terry Jones (Monty Python)
29) Jose Jose
30) Judith Kerr
31) Lee Kerslake
32) Val Kilmer
33) Angela Lansbury
34) Vera Lynn
35) Roberta McCain
36) John McCririck
37) Hosni Mubarak
38) Robert Mugabe
39) Olivia Newton-John
40) Linda Nolan

41) Javier Perez De Cuellar
42) Prince Philip
43) Chris Rea

44) Fernando Ricksen (JOKER)
45) Prunella Scales

46) John Paul Stevens (Former US Supreme Court Justice)
47) Kane Tanaka
48) Bill Turnbull
49) Desmond Tutu
50) Betty White



1) Loretta Lynn

2) Bob Newhart

3) Dick Van Dyke

4) Mahathir Mohamad

5) Queen Elizabeth II

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Last call for entries!


Also: I will be away from home from the 3rd to the 6th of January. So I will move pretty quickly with the master list - beginning with those who have posted their teams in this thread.


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New one for me to do,so here goes;

Le Duc Ahn

George Alagiah

Peter Allis

Ronald Atkins

Pope Benedict xvi,

Frank Bough

Norman Bowler

Stan Bowles

Kirk Douglas

Lady Myra Butter,

Ann Buydens

Bobby Charlton

Jackie Charlton

Dr Granville Coggs

Billy Connoly

Tim Conway

Anton Coppola

Doris Day

Norman Dewis

Joseph Fritzl

Alberto Fujimori

Greg Gilbert

Valery Giscard D’estaing

Roy Hattersly

Robin Herd

Clive James

Les Kerslake >>JOKER<<

Agnes Kluckhenn

Cliff Lazarenko

Gordon G Liddy

June Lockhart

Shane Magowan

Dan McCafferty

Sheila Mercier

Olivia Newton john

Monty Norman

Prince Philip

Lesley Philips

Bill Pitman

Christopher Plummer

Fernando Ricksen

Michael Robinson

Maria Giuseppa Robucci

Major Mike Sadler

Mary Stopes-Roe

Jean Louis Trintignant

Bill Turnbull

John Watson

Betty White

Herman Wouk

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Alright 30 entrants, thank you for participating!


I also have revealed my names.

Two points: My SubSub1 for Hector Timerman was Andrew McGahan, only, I already had him on my team. Anyone against using SubSub2 Edmund Capon?

Also, I must have forgotten an X with Bill Freehan, sorry! Hope it's ok. I hope you accept that I couldn't "steal" the name anyway as it was me who showed him on the forum first.


I think I've gotten all the answers I needed from you. If you didn't get a question, your team is ok!

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Sir Creep's Entry:
1. George Alagiah
2. Fatima Ali  (**JOKER**)

3. John Andretti

4. Joe Anoa'i (Roman Reigns)

5. Ginger Baker

6. Barbara Barrie

7. Gov. Kathleen Blanco

8. Kate Bowler

9. Ezra Castro Andrew Fairlie

10. Johnny Clegg

11. Beth Chapman

12. Tim Conway

13. Gabrielle D'Allonches  Pete Frates

14. Paul Dewar

15. Christy Dignam 

16. John Dingell

17. Stuart Francke

18. Bill Freehan

19. Jimmy 'G' (Gestapo)

20. Donnie Galyon

21. Ronnie Galyon

22. Mark Howard
(No #23) (Sir) Tom Jones  (Odd, his name fits alphabetically, his inclusion was totally roundabout.  This is amazing in fact.  Kizmet.)

24. Jim Kelly

25. Lee Kerslake

26. Lloyd Klein

27. Larry Langford

28. Gregg Leakes

29. Sacheen Littlefeather

30. Loretta Lynn

31. Cathy MacPhail

32. Andrew McGahan

33. Matt Millen (still has 12% chance of heart rejection)

34. Olivia Newton-John

35. Manohar Parrikar

36. Genesis P-Orridge

37. Marsh Pratley

38. Rep. Jean Price

39. Chris Rea

40. Jerry Remy

41. Fernando Ricksen

42. Nanci Ryder

43. Larry Shreve (Abdullah the Butcher)

44. Julie Strain

45. Bill Turnbull

46. Tommy Thompson

47. Marieke Vervoort (why the hell not)

48. Barbara Walters

49. Doddie Wier

50. Mike Willesee

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