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Windy City Deadpool 2019-2020

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Got a Pei and Wouk double. 

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will have update 1 over the weekend



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In this update
Tim Conway-Banana,FixedBusiness,JoeyRuss,markb4,RadGuy,theoldlady,quim,torva,wormfarmer,theunknownman
Sprent Dabwido-Banana,Book,CaptainChorizo,Clorox,DI,drol,FixesBusiness,GCR,GUN,Jiroemon Kimura,MSC,RadGuy,Quim,Torva,WormFarmer
Tommy Donbavand-Banana,Book,Clorox Bleachman,DeathImpends,Drol,GrimUpNorth,JoeyRuss,Msc
Bob Hawke-Book,FixedBusiness,TheOldCrem,theoldlady,thequimreaper,TorvaMessor

Roz Patterson-CaptainChorizo
IM Pei -Bibliogryphon,Bou1,ebless,FixedBusiness
Jean Vanier-Death Impends,drol,JoeyRuss,Msc
Herman Wouk-Bou1,Captain Chorizo,ebless,Great Uncle Bulgaria,Gun,Gooseberry Crumble,markb4,radguy,TheQuimReaper,TheUnknownMan,TorvaMassor,YoungWilz



*John Starling also died but has yet to recieve QO


First Scoreboard

1st place DeathImpends-1100
2nd place GunUpNorth-990
3rd place TheQuimReaper-820
4th place TorvaMessor-815
5th place Book-770
6th place CloroxBleachman-700
7th place Wormfarmer-675

8th place Msc-665
9th place TheOldLady-650
10h place Banana-575
11th place ebless-545
12th place TheOldCrem-500
13th place Markb4-485
14th place JoeyRuss-476
15th place FixedBusiness-445
16th place Bibliogryphon-400
tied 17th place GreatUncleBulgaria-350
tied 17th place GooseberryCrumble-350
19th place Jiroemon Kimura-300
20th place Drol-285
21st place RadGuy-281

22nd place CaptainChorizo-240
tied 23rd place Bou1-210
tied 23rd place TheUnknownMan-210
25th place Gcreptile-200
26th place YoungWilz-50



Any names missed or mistakes just let me know

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