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2019 General Election - 4 way Clusterfuck or a End to Brexit?

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5 hours ago, maryportfuncity said:

So, some enjoyable rants for those who're struggling to face the realities:


Jonathan Pie says "fuck you Boris" - https://dorseteye.com/jonathan-pie-speaks-more-truth-in-5-minutes-than-laura-kuenssberg-and-robert-peston-have-in-their-whole-careers/?fbclid=IwAR3hBVUUCNlfQQLZvKX3FkSugE6VVxBHQQsXovF-M-oFb8xpsaPLCn8rTTg



Frankie Boyle get's stuck in, comparing Gove to the scrapings from a serial killer's drains scooped up and stuffed into a pair of brogues - https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/dec/07/frankie-boyle-election-countdown-praying-prorogue-next-parliament



That's not even in character Jonathan Pie, the bloke who plays him has went into full rant mode there, burning really fury. 

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One of these is very wrong folks (or both if history is anything to go by).



Con 41

Lab 33

LDM 12





Con 42

Lab 36

LDM 11





Con 41.5

Lab 34.5

LDM 11.5

BXP 3.5





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2 hours ago, gcreptile said:

The Left needs to be more populist sometimes. After all, 50% of people are dumber than the average person.

People don't want lofty explanations, they want to be talked to, in easy words and short sentences.


No matter if it's the USA, the UK, or the European continent, the conservatives are currently much better at dumbing things down to the desired level.


(I would even say that people DO understand more complicated arguments, they just don't want to be bothered with them.)


You may have a point. I've no idea why the panchrestons fed to us by countless gormless Tory cunts don't rile the general public as much as they do me, but they don't. Their tactic of mindless sloganism seems to work. What a sorry indictment for the public that many of us buy into this shit.

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I think a significant proportion of the population are thick bastards who believe any bollocks they are told by someone with a posh voice who "speaks his mind" ( for some reason that seems to be an endearing aspect of Johnson's character to many). I prefer my politicians to engage their brains before they open their gob. That leaves us with....er...


Where I live you can stick a blue rosette on a dustbin and if would get voted in as my MP. 

There really is no point and the election will be won or lost by the decisions that a few thousand people make in marginal seats across the country.  How you can call that democracy I'll never know.

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So I wake up to a video of Boris Johnson recreating that scene in Love, Actually. Quite clearly he doesn't have a hardon for the woman at the door, he has a hardon for Brexit.


What's next? Corbyn grows a plant in his allotment in a spoof of Little Shop Of Horrors, and when the plant screams "Feed Me!" he throws barrels of taxpayers' cash in it's greedy mouth. Jo Swinson boils Boris and Jeremy's pet bunny rabbit (called Brexit, obvs) in her Fatal Attraction to remaining in the EU. Nicola Sturgeon eats England for breakfast while shouting "Get in my belly!" in her Austin Powers parody.

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