Running this again, for better or worse. Please submit a list of names from this year's deathlist to predict who on the list is actually going to die this year.    Points will be allocated as follows:   +1 per death correctly predicted -1 per death incorrectly predicted +4 if the number of deaths you predict matches the actual number of deaths, i.e. the number of names in your list matches the actual number of deaths +2 if you only miss the correct total number of deaths by 1 -2 if you miss the total number of deaths by more than 5 +1 bonus for a "unique" correct prediction (predicted by no other punter here) +1 bonus if you pick the bookie's favourite (single most popular guess in this contest) and they are a hit. -1 penalty if you pick the bookie's favourite and they are a miss. A further +1 bonus for every 3rd correctly predicted death (+1 on 3rd, 6th, 9th etc)   You may if you wish select one entry as a joker. We are changing the rules for the Joker this year: you get an additional +2 if correct, and an additional -2 if incorrect; no more multiplication.   In the event of a tie on points, the dead-lock (see what I did there) will be broken by the following: 1) Whichever team had the most hits 2) If unbroken by 1, whichever team was closest in their guess of predicted deaths for the year 3) If unbroken by 1 and 2, whichever team was submitted first.   Entries in by Jan 10th, please, either by pm or by posting here. Any deaths before then will still score for any lists entered at least 24 hours before the death and will still count towards the total deaths for the year.   Good luck.