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  1. paddyfool

    Inverse Survivor Dead Pool I

    A potentially fatal point for me, indeed.
  2. paddyfool

    The 9th Death of 2019

    Gone back to Kirk Douglas
  3. paddyfool

    How many hits this year?

    Apologies for missing that update. With Harper's demise, so too ended the reign of MirandaGurl, and the boy king YoungWillz took the throne. This however, was missed by chroniclers at the time, causing some historians at a much later date to speculate that King YoungWillz was a mythical figure, after the manner of King Arthur. The facts remain that YoungWillz did have a short reign however, before being succeeded by King dean1991 with the demise of Mugabe. It seems doubtful that dean1991's reign will be nearly as long as that strongman's, however...
  4. paddyfool

    Oldest Living State Leaders DP

    I'll go with Mustafa Ben Halim please
  5. paddyfool

    Deathlist correctlist 2019

    And as Robert Mugabe slips away in Singapore taking the total deaths to 8, many of our punters score points. In addition to those predicting his death, quite a few predicting 13 hits cease to suffer a -2 penalty; Bibliogryphon has a particularly good round as he also hits his 3 hit bonus; and En Passant goes into the lead for total hits and scores a 6 hit bonus. Meanwhile the only player to pick Bobby Mugs as their joker, theoldlady, makes their first hit with his demise and now looks less in danger of falling to bottom on the board. While at the top of the board, YoungWillz gains a point for getting close to his estimated total of 9 deaths and remains in the lead, but Grim Up North and The Quim Reaper are gaining on him as they pull out of the negatives. Player Score Hits Change in score YoungWillz 3 5 1 Grim Up North 0 4 2 The Quim Reaper 0 5 4 John Key -1 2 2 drol -2 3 0 Phantom of the Midway -2 4 2 Sir Creep -2 5 4 alt obits guy -3 4 2 gcreptile -3 5 2 Torva Messor -3 5 2 Banana -4 5 2 Bibliogryphon -5 3 5 BlackLivio -5 3 2 Book -5 5 2 En Passant -5 6 3 Master Tech -5 3 0 Sean -5 3 0 Joey Russ -6 4 2 Zefph -6 3 2 Great Uncle Bulgaria -7 5 2 SuperSowder -7 4 2 The Cosgroves -7 3 2 Dr_T -8 4 2 msc -8 5 2 ebless -9 5 0 theoldlady -9 1 4 nantonian2013 -10 3 0 Squonk -10 3 0 The Old Crem -10 5 2 Gooseberry Crumble -15 3 0
  6. paddyfool

    The Weather

    Incidental factoid: this is the first time on record that there has been at least one Cat 5 hurricane each year for four years in a row. Which makes Trump's recurring ignorance of the existence of Cat 5s even more remarkable.
  7. paddyfool

    Deathlist correctlist 2019

    Unlucky hit number 7 for Valerie Harper. Only 5 punters predicted it, but one of them was YoungWillz, reinforcing his lead, as he goes a mighty 2 points into the positives; incidentally, I now reckon that it's theoretically impossible for his figures to go negative again in this year's game. The Cosgroves and Gooseberry Crumble both score their 3rd hit bonus. A number of players who guessed a target total of 12 have increased their score by 2, as the number of deaths have got within 5 of that figure now; among them is Grim Up North, who moves into equal 2nd place in the scoreboard, catching up to drol. Currently YoungWillz, En Passant and ebless are tied for most total hits at 5 apiece. NB: Where scores are tied, I have not, at present, bothered to apply any tiebreaker rules in terms of the order by which names appear. That faff can wait until the end of the year.
  8. I've given up trying to predict British political outcomes. Recent events have been just too ludicrous. What I do wonder, though: If BoJo goes ahead with the threatened purge of Ken Clarke and other rebels, how much will he split the Tory vote if these then run as independents etc?
  9. paddyfool

    Inverse Survivor Dead Pool I

    Looks like Bobby Mugs is my number 10. I didn't really re-research my list at all this time.
  10. paddyfool

    Inverse Survivor Dead Pool I

    Returning to list number 1: Paddyfool's Perimortum Powerful People Queen´╗┐ Elizabeth II Jimmy Carter Yasuhiro Nakasone Prince Philip Javier Perez de Cuellar Henry Kissenger´╗┐ Luis Escheverria Pope Benedict XVI Roberta McCain John Paul Stevens Reserves: Robert Mugabe Bob Dole
  11. paddyfool

    Deathlist correctlist 2019

    Away for the weekend; scores will update on Monday. I think it's safe to say who'll be in the lead, though.
  12. paddyfool

    Inverse Survivor Dead Pool I

    I may have had a very narrow escape indeed. How much longer can I keep posting the same 3 theme teams with only minor variations?
  13. paddyfool

    Oldest Living State Leaders DP

    Same again, I guess.
  14. It's almost impressive how quickly senior Tories in cabinet have spun from saying that proroguing would be mad, bad and dangerous to democracy to backing it all the way to the hilt: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/aug/29/then-and-now-what-senior-tories-say-about-proroguing-parliament Hypocrisy at its most shameless.
  15. Probably spells the death knell for Tory ambitions in Scotland all over again.

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