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  1. paddyfool

    45. Terry Jones

    Cartoon tribute in the Herald: https://twitter.com/CamleyCartoons/status/1220110712581885954?s=20
  2. paddyfool

    38. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    Who says that all of that 80% are dying of pancreatic cancer? Those who had operable tumours etc might very well die of something else in the space of 15 years. For instance, age alone makes RBG unlikely to live that long, regardless of cancer status. No argument here that it's a killer, however.
  3. paddyfool

    Inverse Dead Pool 2020

    Not a good start...
  4. paddyfool

    Ozzy Osbourne

    If Ozzy keeps falling over, he might not be a bad pick for a future year.
  5. paddyfool

    Deathlist Correctlist 2020

    Generally speaking, a hit should mean a score increases by 2 points (the difference between -1 and +1). Before you adjust for other bonuses and penalties, that is. Also, did anyone else leave Terry Jones off partly because they didn't want him to die?
  6. paddyfool

    Inverse Dead Pool 2020

    Sir Creep, The probability of surviving pancreatic cancer at one year from diagnosis is about 20%. https://www.cancerresearchuk.org/about-cancer/pancreatic-cancer/survival Being young doesn't really help the chances, since younger people tend to have more aggressive cancers. Being physically fit does help the chances, but probably not enough. EDIT: In short, I accept your challenge. (I choose the foodbank option, btw).
  7. paddyfool

    Inverse Dead Pool 2020

    1 Bill Turnbull 2 Queen Elizabeth II 3 Linda Nolan 4 Dick van Dyke 5 Billy Connolly 6 Paul Gascoigne 7 Angela Lansbury 8 Henry Kissinger 9 Rolf Harris 10 Olivia Newton-John 11 Jean Louis Trintignant 12 Betty White 13 Olivia de Havilland 14 Greg Gilbert 15 Barbara Windsor 16 Terry Jones 17 Prunella Scales 18 Stirling Moss 19 Little Richard 20 Jimmy Carter 21 Doddie Weir 22 June Brown 23 Bob Barker 24 Bob Dole 25 Mikhail Gorbachev Reserve: Sam Lloyd Got hard to pick anyone towards the bottom of the list. Last three picks were basically random. Thank you for running this again!
  8. An interesting contrast of media coverage: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/ellievhall/meghan-markle-kate-middleton-double-standards-royal
  9. paddyfool

    1. Prince Phillip Duke Of Edinburgh

    At the age of 98, it's very easy for "bedrest" to become "bedridden". The body doesn't have much muscle to lose at that point, so if you lose the core muscle strength to hold yourself sitting up etc, it's very hard to get it back.
  10. Still way too many. The sheer wasted effort that goes into these campaigns...
  11. paddyfool

    Deathlist Correctlist 2020

    One thing I never made a ruling on would be what would happen if someone died before the end of the entry period... hope that headache doesn't happen this time either!
  12. paddyfool

    26. Genesis P-Orridge

    100% agreed.
  13. paddyfool

    The 1st death of 2020

    I've gone for Tom Smith, but who knows?
  14. paddyfool

    Inverse Survivor Dead Pool I

    Congrats theoldlady on that marathon effort! And thank you wormfarmer for running this - definitely a marathon effort from you too.
  15. paddyfool

    Deathlist Correctlist 2020

    1) Tom Smith (joker) 2) Prince Philip 3) Daniel Arap Moi 4) Kirk Douglas 5) Bob Dole 6) Leon Spinks 7) Vera Lynn 8) Jean-Marie Le Pen 9) Olivia de Havilland 10) Nobby Stiles 11) Bob Barker 12) Joanne Woodward 13) Jimmy Carter Unlucky for some...

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