A thread it gives me no pleasure to start for one of my favourite actresses.   Brilliant DL worthy actress in poor health earns her own thread, in my book. Jean Marsh is the one actress in the big six (Dench, Smith, Atkins, Marsh, Philips, Syms who were all born within 18 months of each other and dominated British TV and stage through the 60s and 70s) not to have a Damehood, allegedly at her own choice in the past. You might recognise her from Frenzy, or Upstairs Downstairs (which she also co-created), or Return to Oz, or 3 different Doctor Who appearances, or The Eagle Has Landed or countless other films and TV shows in the last 60 years.     Alas, Jean Marsh is no longer in good health. She suffered a severe stroke in 2011 (which would have killed most people, despite her downplaying it in that interview linked) but managed to recover and return to acting. A second period of ill health in 2014 forced her retirement from acting. Last year I heard she was unable to appear in a documentary due to her failing health (and had suffered a big heart attack too), which I mentioned on the forum.     (The latter bit is also telling as Jean Marsh was on record several times as loving fan mail - especially the saucy ones - and replying to as much of it as possible over the decades. This stopped around five years ago.)   Unfortunately looking into it, she appears to have declined further since then. According to the head of the International Wizard of Oz fan club (see Return to Oz above) she is now in such frail health that even simple email questions dictated by an agent (which is a route folk regularly get interviews with very old actors!) isn't possible. This backs up what I've heard from several other good sources about Marsh being in dire health now, so as she's famous enough and sick enough for the DL front page, here is her thread.   It's an Eagle Has Landed cast 2 for 1 with Donald's yesterday, although tbh it was that thread that inspired me to check up who she was doing.