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  1. msc

    The deaD of 2023

    A journalist once mentioned to Tony Benn of all people how disappointing it must be for him that one of Tony's sons was right wing. Benn told them never to disparage his children and wouldn't speak to the journalist for years afterwards. Family trumping politics tends to be the norm I find. Certainly is in my family.
  2. msc

    FIFA World Cup Players

    Shortlisted for my oldies team but never made the final twenty.
  3. msc

    General Election 2024?

    Imo she saw the Brighton local results and is jumping before pushed.
  4. msc

    The deaD of 2023

    In Terror of the Autons he played one of the two Auton policemen. (The one that wasn't Terry Walsh, who did the famous drop down the cliff stunt, but I think Powell was the one the UNIT car accidentally crashed into for real.)
  5. msc

    Julie Goodyear - Coronation Street legend

    I got a browser notification about this for some reason! Anyhow, as I suggested above, I think if they do pick her (again I said "possible", not likely) it'll be directly linked to them missing out on Windsor. She went downhill faster than most folk thought.
  6. msc


    Damnit that no good jabroni reaper, beating a double yew double yew eff champion... Beautiful baby Sheikh loved it! Rest in peace you mad bastard.
  7. msc

    Julie Goodyear - Coronation Street legend

    if I were a betting man, Drop 40 next year, given frail health before this, name value and how quickly Barbara Windsor went. Possible DL pick too given age/illness/their liking for soap actors. I know @Gooseberry Crumble has been calling for it for the last year or two.
  8. msc

    Pope Francis

    I'll repeat what you said in early 2021 about Pele. imo, if the DL wants to pick the Pope, they'll have one more chance at most...
  9. Valli is and was a much bigger name than Vinton. He's got so many iconic songs to his name, he's got the stage play. Proper DL front page name. Duane Eddy is one of the great WTF Still alive names though.
  10. msc

    Time Added

    Celtic won the Scottish Cup today, beating plucky but limited lower league side Inverness. Famously, Inverness beat Celtic in the Scottish Cup at Parkhead back in February 2000, and the BBC showed an entertaining documentary about that match last night, ahead of this years Cup final. A repeat from 2020. Lots of talking heads in it, from Jonathan Gould to several of the Inverness team. Not appearing at all is the Inverness manager of the time, Steve Paterson. At one time the big new thing in Scottish football, his career fell apart at Aberdeen in 2003 when his alcohol issues got in the way of his job. Some minor jobs afterwards, before tailing off into drink, gambling debts and domestic issues. He's 65 now, was in court last year over a domestic assault charge, and did an interview this week to the Press and Journal talking up his future in football (!) but now in his mid 60s and with four decades of extensive addiction on the go, one we should keep a closer eye on, imo.
  11. msc

    Phillip Schofield

    Context as you say is key. Especially in power dynamics. There's a difference imo between Vince McMahon the sleazy old man who sleeps with interns and Vince McMahon who threats unemployment and forces people to sign ndas over his "flings". The latter involves forcing the imbalance for sexual gratification. There's no middle ground on the internet (Clinton and Trump aren't that comparable as much as David Lee Travis and Jimmy Savile shouldn't be, which isn't to say Clinton and Travis should be let off for dodgy behaviour) between ethically unwise, legally dodgy and internet rumours mills exaggerating everything so it sounds exactly like something that happened to you or a loved one. So I can understand older folk being WTF tbh. After all in my teens I had a short term fling with a woman in her thirties. I regret nothing but I will say my age immaturity is a main reason it was a short one! But these caveats are important because they don't appear to apply to Phillip Schofield here. It's not just that he knew the boy from a very early age, and that as a child fan meeting one of the biggest names on UK TV that power dynamic is fucked especially when Schofield is responsible for the chaps career. But if Schofield is correct that it ended his marriage then the lad was seventeen or eighteen at the time AT MOST. So hes, even in the best possible explanation of events, on really worrisome ground. And the reason the press keep focusing on it is because people are unsure just how dodgy that ground is. Even in a pre Savile pre Twitter environment his career would be fucked.
  12. msc

    Dead Pop Stars

    Will remember this post when Tim McInnerny drops dead in October!
  13. Aye, nothing great. Apart from Louis Armstrong. And Arthur Brown. And Fleetwood fn Mac. And The Bee Gees. And The Scaffold. And The Stones. And Marvin Gaye. And Desmond Dekker...
  14. msc

    Crashing Companies

    They've been completely shut down and first staff knew was when the liquidation team arrived in the office. Frankly horrible news for all of us who like niche archive TV.
  15. msc

    MMMDP 2023

    Graham Caveney

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