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  1. msc

    1. Kirk Douglas

    Aye, s'why we're try to see my nonagenarian aunt as often as possible. Still got her marbles and active for now, but you can't take anything for granted when folk get to that age.
  2. msc


    Something up with Nikolai Volkoff, apparently. Always reminds me of one of my favourite stupid wrestling lines, from Hacksaw Jim Duggan: "Nikolai, I'm not going to let you sing your song [Russian anthem] anymore, because this is THE LAND OF THE FREE!"
  3. msc

    Historically Already Dead Pool

    Oh, if we must: Dickens How Dickens helped expand Australian cricket - Australian Dickens used medical knowledge to change Victorian Britain - Guardian (1 picked of multiple papers) Dickens invented gammon - New Statesman How Dickens tried to silence buskers - Spectator New David Copperfield film - BBC Brontes Some weirdo names a rose after Emily Bronte - Argus Someone painted the Brontes - BBC Conan Doyle One of the many many, many articles linking Conan Doyle to the Oscar Slater case which is news again for some reason Faires Oscar Wilde Oscar Wilde loved sleeping with women - Daily Mail Oscar Wilde faced racism, evidence finds - Belfast Telegraph Oscar Wilde's tips on how to live with debt - Telegraph Oscar Wilde's tragic life - Irish Central Arts centre to be named after Wilde in place he was jailed for being bisexual - BBC Rupert Everett talks about playing Wilde in new film Poe Poe inspired a contemporary composer. Poe's house up for sale. Shakespeare Shakespeare stood on the right side of history BBC adapting King Lear again. When Shakespeare's Globe burned down (in his lifetime) Shakey's politics Snobs and Shakespeare's identity Shakespeare's sexuality Exam board rewrites Shakespeare due to being idiots. Well, there's a start.
  4. msc

    5. Prince Phillip Duke Of Edinburgh

    I think he's 97. Maybe that's why there are rumours floating around.
  5. Christ, this is deadlier than being at WrestleMania VII or name checked on a Half Man Half Biscuit album.
  6. msc

    5. Prince Phillip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Between 17.40 and 18.10, as the Youtube BBC2 version cuts out on that days repeat of Steptoe and Son.
  7. Now 55? I assumed Now 20 at the worst otherwise I wouldn't have bothered.
  8. Blimey. Well then Boyzone show up (plus folk like Aliyah, TLC and yer Georgie boy) so... Now 47? I haven't a clue who most of the people on that one are.
  9. Ah, yer Avicii? I *think* Now 24 is the earliest without a dead artist. Forgot about one of the Sisters Sledge. I *think* Now 28 is the earliest without a dead artist. Also Paul Hester, drummer for Crowded House.
  10. This was the first tape I ever bought. Although their track listing is wrong because the Secada track was right before Jesus He Knows Me. Anyhow, it is what it is.
  11. msc


    Also, Rayo de Jalisco Sr, who you might recall from random lists of really old wrestlers, will no longer be appearing on those lists aged 85. Got into Big Davey Meltzer's HOF in the 90s.
  12. msc

    Hymn Writers

    Also, Timothy Dudley-Smith, former Bishop of Thetford and author of (the dirge) Tell Out My Soul, still with us, and 92 in a few months. Brian Wren (b. 1936) is alive too, but he was URC.
  13. msc

    Dave Davies

    So Ray Davies is talking up reunion. I wonder which of Ray or Dave is terminally ill then...
  14. msc

    Broadway - "the Great White Way"

    Hitler in the original was Dick Shawn who died aged 63 in the middle of a comedy set. Ala Tommy Cooper, audience thought it part of the act at first.
  15. ^ See, and here's some Glasgow philosophy, I think this is beneficial on account of how big a cunt Morrissey is. Like, you can't forget how cuntish he is, to the point when even now the brain goes "I'm trying to tell you that you're a cunt, but everyone knows no one can be as big a cunt as Morrissey" and so knowing Morrissey exists in the world is like a big placebo or what not.

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