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  1. American, no? Not that I'd argue with anyone wanting to increase the QOs...
  2. Right, as he ought to be back on the list next year, worth noting that Chirac was unable to attend Simone Veil's funeral as his frail health now greatly reduces his mobility. All other living Presidents, including Giscard d'Estaing (90), made it. Also at the funeral was Bernadette Chirac, apparently quite weak herself now.
  3. I did a forum search and apparently no one got back to you on this one? Anyhow, he got a Times obit in May. It's paywalled but you can see from the preview it's the right person.
  4. Hah - just look at those boundaries!
  5. Ah, House, Congress, Senate - you know what I meant. Anyhow, last I heard, the one Ryan runs, the seats are all gerrymandered to hell, so unlikely to shift much.
  6. He's only in danger himself as long as the House will act against him. As long as the House is run by Mitch McConnell and co, that's not going to happen. The 2018 midterms don't look like changing that. So, he's in no danger whatsover, and can do anything he likes without any repercussion.
  7. Yes, prostate cancer in 2015, but caught early. Both the type of cancer and stage were kept rather quiet due to him being the Lama, and all that, so was worth keeping an eye on.
  8. He's writing about World War Three Under a quiet yewtree.
  9. Just as a sort of mini-update, now claims to be cancer free after check up in May.
  10. I genuinely went "eenie meanie" on Downie or Christie.
  11. @Sir Creep - Rayya has the pancreatic cancer AND liver cancer. She's cancelling work. There's 5 months of the year left. Patience will reap its points.
  12. Hey, it could happen thrice in a year. Though two of those were not typical Me picks and thus I deserve all I get...
  13. He could go anytime in the next 20 years.
  14. One of those names, @YoungWillz - in and about deadpools for years, but usually too many better or more famous picks to use instead.
  15. Looking for an old thread, stumbled across Steve Fossett. Reminded me I always liked the tagline on his thread: (paraphrased) 700 take offs, 699 successful landings... Or something like that. Amusingly, 4 silly sods picked Fossett in the 2008 DDP, and swiftly got no points.