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  1. msc

    The EU Referendum Hokey Cokey

    Labour hate it because it's Tory policy. Lib Dems hate it because they are the pro-EU-iest of all parties. The SNP hate it because they think it fucks over Scotland. Plaid hate it because it's not written in Welsh. The Tory Remainers hate it because they want to Remain. The Tory Brexiteers hate it because it's not Brexity enough for them. The Scottish Tories hate it because it doesn't protect the fishing industry (as called by msc on this forum in 2016!). Jacob Rees-Mogg hates it because he stands to earn more money if there's a no deal Brexit. The DUP hate it because it doesn't declare atomic war on the Republic of Ireland. Frank Field likes it, so it's not all bad news for May...
  2. msc

    By-Election Bingo 2017-22

  3. msc

    The Dead of 2018

    There's 34 episodes on repeat on Freeview in the next week alone, apparently! ftr it's never off those string of dull channels that focus on that sort of thing - True, Really, etc and their predecessors.
  4. msc

    Hooroo, Mate.

    Could crosspost with Folk yer surprised are still alive thread, but Reg Watson, one time producer of Crossroads and creator of Prisoner Cell Block H and Neighbours is apparently still alive aged 92.
  5. msc

    By-Election Bingo 2017-22

    OK, dont get too excited, but anyone got Edmonton for future reference? Also involving this MP: currently a trial on the go involving speeding, someone driving and an MP in the car. All very Chris Huhne, by sounds of it. EDIT- Yes, Joey has Osamor, so this will affect the game if she goes full Huhne...
  6. And TJ's is still open? If that guy doesn't get Leicester worker of the year...
  7. Even the Cup shortlisters are going now. (Also likely Deathracer and potential Alt Obit'er.)
  8. msc

    Do We Live In A Simulation?

    Yep, here's your problem. Someone set this planet to "evil."
  9. msc

    British Science Fiction Series

    It's the same guy, here he is in The Prisoner, on right hand of McGoohan (via Telegraph).
  10. msc

    Time Added

    Folk who try to improve team performances by use of stats heavy lists to target the best results. Think they were inspired by Rotten Ali.
  11. msc

    The Law of Averages.

    Every statistical coincidence I ever noticed in the DL has died a death as soon as its pointed out. (Due to, you know, coincidence...) So with that said, note that statistically, there's never been a dozen hits between 13th November and 25th December.
  12. msc

    Reality TV

    Implies you have seen CBB! None of these shows interest me in the slightest. Unless Pointless Celebs counts...
  13. msc

    Reality TV

    Hmm, checking it on Wiki, between 'appy 'Arry, her from the Inbetweeners, her off Eastenders and The Barrowman, that's probably more actually celebs I recognise than the last decade of Celeb Big Brother...
  14. msc

    The 12th Death of 2018

    Never 11 without the 12th. So I'll stick to OoO's advice, and go for Stirling Moss.
  15. msc

    13. Stan Lee

    A shame, but not unexpected given recent years. RIP.

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