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  1. msc

    British Science Fiction Series

    Richard Franklin being a bit vague on twitter, but is apparently having another op soon which may or may not be serious and may or may not permanently retire him. https://twitter.com/PlanetFranklin/status/1421902886871654400
  2. msc

    The 2021 Deathlist Cup

    Congratulations Reptile. The best man won! Thanks for running my baby, Joey. You did very well. I'd offer to take it back but understandably I'd quite like a deadpool hosting rest in 2022!
  3. Well, tbf I predicted that because people, cooped up together, long nights... But it turns out younger folk on the whole prefer to have 1 or 2 kids tops now and are really good at taking precautions. Either that, or they just wank each other off for all I know. Right, that's my work in stunning Gooseberry done for the day.
  4. Look, what more do you want, he fucked up responding to a major pandemic, he tried his best for population control! (Although iirc despite this thread's evidence, the birth rate in the West has started to level off...)
  5. msc

    Doctor Who

    Hah couldn't resist! (Chris Bidmead's "Doctor, I shall defeat you with hard mathematical formula" era was a bit insomnia curing for me as a kid though.) I think Chibnall has been focusing on the story, because he can't write characters. Alas, he can't write story either.
  6. msc

    Doctor Who

    Spot the Adric era fan!
  7. msc

    The Deathlist Poker Tournament 2021

    Nope, apart from the two you noted already, I'm giving Msc's gift of life to all on my team so far! (As mentioned elsewhere, there are now 6 Gooseberry Crumble DDP hits since I last scored in the DDP, which is a run now weeks off being my worst ever! Hah)
  8. msc

    Doctor Who

    I know social media goes nuts about gender/race/etc of characters but as long as the actor/actress is right for the role I don't care if they are male, female, 20, 70, white, black, etc... Although I would add that the showrunner is more important. Much as I could point flaws in Russell T Davies or Steven Moffat's writing (or things not to my own taste), they know how to write engaging characters and plots. Chris Chibnall has been responsible for some of the worst written TV I've seen in the last decade, and some of it won awards and praise too. ie Broadchurch: "You need to do your job properly." "I can't, I'm too emotional!" "That's OK. You are a woman after all." Fuck off Chibnall. A hack who politicked his way into a job and then proved completely inept at even the basics. He wont be missed.
  9. msc

    Glen Michael

    tbh with the Cmme of a certain age he felt like the type of person they'd be pick at some point?
  10. msc

    The Cardinals Of The Roman Catholic Church

    One of JP2's favoured sons, he was on my shortlist a few years ago due to frail health but I suspect its "frail health" in inverted commas.
  11. msc

    Doctor Who

    Chris Chibnall leaving Doctor Who at the end of the next run. I'd list TV writers who'd do a better job but it'd be longer than Lewd Squirrels annual list tbh...
  12. msc

    British Science Fiction Series

    Despite being a fan of The Mind of Evil, I couldn't place this guy at all. Turns out he's in the background of the opening scene before being the guy killed off-screen 5 minutes in, with no dialogue of his own. No wonder I didn't recognise him!
  13. msc

    Derby Dead Pool 2021

    While I had little to say about Douglas Cramer (this does happen sometimes with 400 odd obits to write), I did add a little quip in there for you about our respective success in this years DDP!
  14. msc

    Derby Dead Pool 2021

    Heh, always next year, as they say. Admittedly I say that around midday on January 1st when I see the opposition!
  15. msc

    Derby Dead Pool 2021

    Yes, it's more interesting to put together a resume for the likes of Schluter or Anerood Jugnauth than it is some of the ambulance chasing picks. Plus teams like yours and Willz and Predictor, its not just throwing darts at a wall, there's always some well thought out deduction behind your unique picks, or you'll spot some health news other folk miss. I'm not patronising (Intentionally anyhow!) when I sayI look forward to see them (and then their rational sometimes!) as much as some of the big hitters teams each January 1st.

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