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  1. Cool. Four lists in already, within...12 hours or so. Good start, this early on. For those who like my annual "after X lists" teaser, our current leader is, by a fair distance imo, the most famous person to have ever topped the list at any point. 2nd is someone connected to him, I believe they went to the same parties. And 3rd is a sports star. Of course this is early doors, and who was in the top 3 at this stage last year? Gina Lollobrigida and Sheila Mercier. Exactly.
  2. Hollywood Possibilities

    Been sitting on that one for three years as a potential unique.
  3. Updated: Who Will Win DDP 2017?

    Spade. The answer is always Spade. He'll win in 2018 with a theme team too.
  4. Had a funny moment a few days ago, when I was trying to find out more information about a pick. I kept resoundingly failing to find that information, but in doing so, kept stumbling across useful stats and research websites for work/non-deadpooling purposes. So thank you, anonymous D-lister who I think might be exaggerating both their claim to fame AND their illness.
  5. Who Should Be On The 2018 Deathlist?

    Tom has made a video about the Doctor Who anniversary!
  6. Ok, because I'm nice (read: suffering from another bloody chest cold), I am opening the submission period a few hours earlier. By which I mean, the submission period for ballots/lists for the 2018 Crowdsourced Deathlist is now open.
  7. Political Frailty

    Guess he didn't go for that check up, then.
  8. Christian Institute puts up the first obit for Blamires.
  9. John Hume

    Ok, someone who doesn't have their own thread and should, not only on notability but also on health. John Hume, Nobel Prize winner, was a leading Northern Irish politician (leader of the SDLP) and a key figure in the Good Friday Peace Agreement. He is also seriously ill now, having been diagnosed with dementia a number of years ago. He was able to get out and about to funerals and the like as recently as 2 years ago, but the first public seeds of his health really going downhill appeared when his wife had to make a statement on the death of Martin McGuinness earlier this year instead. Now, he is unable to attend screenings of films in his own honour. One to watch intently, and with a good deal of name relevance for updates, I give you this thread for 2 reasons. 1. He is an exceptionally Deathlist worthy name, and one whose health should be watched. And politicos/journos give a steady update on him being "badly ill", "if only he could see X" etc etc. 2. I stumble across health updates on him at least six times a year, and lose track of where to place them because updates on the man are in about 10 different threads now. So he gets his own. ...I'm going too guess there's a Peter Falk joke in 5...
  10. Stairway To Heaven/ Highway To Hell

    Iommi is OK for now but in cheery mood:
  11. Avakian is dead. NY Times obit. Was still talking to journalists last month so rapid decline or went in his sleep, I guess. PS Damn I was looking at an interview earlier that said he was doing well from October 2017, but I can't find it now, and it's been swamped from google by news of his death.
  12. World War II Veterans

    Watching the BBC documentary about Queenie and Philip's 70th wedding anniversary. Interview in it with the 97 year old Commodore Keith Evans. Served on the Hood, various war service, but also confidante in the 30s/40s to Philip, and apparently one of the only people to know he planned to ask (not yet Queenie) Libby to marry him ahead of time. Lucid speaker and looks good for his advanced age, but a cert Telegraph obit when he goes. Pic with his old buddy from earlier this year.
  13. Ric Flair

    Bowel obstruction which led to multiple organ failure but specifically kidney failure. He was expected to die, but hung in there, operated on, and can make public appearances again, but looks a lot frailer. Doctors say one more drink could kill him. PS He's an alcoholic, always has been, but when his son died in 2013, he jumped right off the wagon in spectacular fashion. Also bipolar and self-medicates with booze. Wont die tomorrow, but 70 (February 25th 2019) is going to be a standing ovation achievement imo.
  14. Deathrace 2018

    That's what TMIB did the year I forgot to name a joker!
  15. Aguirre Wrath of God the Herzog with the infamous line (badly paraphrased/remembered here) "Flying death sticks back in fashion"? Killed me when I saw it way back. I've really screwed that up as it's not showing up in Google. Guy gets hit by an arrow, quips, dies.