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  1. msc

    8. Jimmy Carter

    In mid-1964, when he was clearly approaching the end and frail, friends used to ask Winston Churchill how he felt, and he described the sensation as being at the end of a long air flight, hanging around above the airport, waiting for the clearance to land and rest. Jimmy's now taxiing above the landing strip imo.
  2. msc

    Academic Footnotes

    Yeah, it was shit. Thanks @Death Impends!
  3. Guess we might all want to put money on Soubry at this rate of accurate predictions!
  4. msc

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2020

    Missed this earlier, Maryport, but Paul Stephenson attended a lecture in his own name last November but was referred to being "Now in frail health".
  5. They're just taking away all of Deathray's election night excitement... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2019-50369905
  6. msc

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Rewatching The X-Files and the conspiracy group have shown up. I used to think the guy in charge was played by Jay Leno. 25 years later, I don't, obviously. But anyhow, that is Don S Williams who was antagonist in three series of The X-Files, so I went to his Wiki to see what became of him and it looked very vandalised. But then a glance at the history said that page had been edited a few times this year, yet the uncited death claim had been kept. So I went digging and found this: So yeah, Random Uncited Wiki Guy is right. Of the Syndicate, only 4 are still alive btw: Nicholas Lea (Krychek) b 1962 Jerry Hardin (Deep Throat) b. 1929 William B Davis (Cigarette Smoking Man, of course) b. 1938 All of whom will will piss obits in their sleep. And also: Armin Mueller-Stahl (b. 1930) who was Strughold the Big Boss in the film, and who has been in everything from The West Wing to Shine (for which he was Oscar nominated, so another QO cert). Peter Donat, George Murdock, Walter Gotell and the great John Neville are all long gone now.
  7. msc

    The Dead of 2019

    Nik Powell dead. Co-founded Virgin Records, produced The Crying Game, shagged Sandie Shaw. Had cancer so probably on someone's shortlist somewhere...
  8. msc

    The Beatles Death Curse

    Robert Freeman who did a lot of the Beatles photography dead at 82.
  9. Probably. Although bar their deposits the Greens have little to lose. Plaid on the other hand could lose most of their seats.
  10. It's not actually. 9 times out of 10 in these situations mass death is caused by panic and crowd crushes rather than actual fire, so the fire brigade try to avoid that as well as put out the fire. In the case of Grenfell, no one had bothered to tell the fire service about the flammable cheap cladding, so they worked on the standard principle: avoid panic, isolate area of fire, evacuate the necessary, put out fire. The firemen used the safety advice that helps to save thousands of British lives every year. Its just that in this instance, crucial information was kept from them and the residents, and well, the results were as they are. JRM is using hindsight to judge and thus is open to criticism.
  11. msc

    The Fringes Of Fame/family Of The Famous

    Fan social media groups (example below) claiming Pauline Sutcliffe has died. Sister of former Beatle Stuart Sutcliffe, she was the source of many of the scurrilous rumours about Stu and John Lennon, and wrote a controversial book on her brother.
  12. msc

    Political Frailty

    Seen it in a copy of the Scottish Daily Mail someone was reading while on the school run! That's as much as I saw over their shoulder! My radar for hot DL tips is always switched on!
  13. msc

    Political Frailty

    Can't find a link to it online, but David Steel is apparently in hospital right now after having an operation linked to his cancer he had in the 90s. He's also back in the Lib Dem party after his little suspension.
  14. In case anyone takes the Obvious Crap Joke seriously (see DL Forum 2003-19 TM), I have agreed that forum copper DCI Cat Of The Yard will have copies of my teams before the end of the year and before I see anyone elses, to reassure the paranoid among us. And in true Douglas Adams fan style, I aim to split Pan Breed's already weaker roster between Ark A and Ark B teams. Although I currently have a bit of a Curse of Pan Breed going on. One particular spot in my shortlist. Valerie Harper had it, died, so I went for Bobby Mugs. Who died, so I went for Chirac. Who died so I went for Kaplan. Who died, so I went for Brackers. Who was already bloody dead. Now Bob Dole has that spot, so you might want to say your farewells on this sort of form...

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