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  1. Do You Actually Research?

    Yes, the Mail is the deadpooler's (and fascist's, of course) friend.
  2. Do You Actually Research?

    .... unless they're on my team, of course. wow, Joey, talk about ninja'ing a post in and completely wrecking the flow of this one!
  3. Kim Jong-Un

    Hey if you thought being a US general was dispiriting, imagine being a North Korean one round about now. Kim could be a 32 point joker next year... (10 + drop 40 + unnatural bonus)
  4. Barbara Walters

    Barbara Walters (allegedly), Jill Gascoine, Joanne Woodward, Winnie Ewing, Prunella Scales... Monica Vitti and Jeanne Mockford iirc... There's practically enough of them out there for a Famous Women With Dementia theme team...
  5. Do You Actually Research?

    Canada's weird like that. No one really dislikes it, it seems cool, but it rarely seems to be thought about. Canadian MPs, even less so. Unless they were a rare household name like Trudeau. Either Trudeau. Their PMs will obit, sure, but even their Cabinet members might struggle. Any Joe or Jane Bloggs who ever got into parliament in the UK (Scotland, Wales, N Ireland or UK as a whole) will get the obit. Any President, President's cabinet member, notable family of President, Senators, and probably most congressmen will get the obit. Their families too, if the stories big enough. Any state congress folk or dog catchers, forget it. This year's had a few wrong turns (bloody hockey players! what's up with really old chess guys? etc) but in general, the biggest group who don't obit are Obscure Nonentities no one has ever heard of.
  6. Room 101

    Sports, Doctor Who, random films and docs. Actually I watch a fair bit of TV now, in bits and bobs. It helps that the BT TV comes with in-built recording, so if there's something on which looks interesting, I can set it to record, then get to watch it 5 or 6 months down the line when I have the spare time and will.
  7. Derby Dead Pool 2017

    It is possible, it's always possible, but we're reliant on hindsight here.
  8. 20. Jake Lamotta

    16 – Clive Dunn 14 – Kirk Douglas, Ronald Reagan, Queen Mother 13 – Fidel Castro, Ronnie Biggs, Bob Hope, 12 – Jake Lamotta, Eli Wallach, Pope John Paul II List of most appearances last August - Lamotta's were consequetive, so... Castro missed 2011. Ronnie missed 2001. 1994 was Hopeless. Kirk is on 12 in a row. Reagan missed 1994. Dunn missed 2005. So there you go - no one has topped it.
  9. Ideas And Possibilities For 2018

    Oh I heard something about Chubby Checker. Apparently, last summer, he did the twist. And this summer, he wanted to do the twist again, like he did last summer.
  10. Derby Dead Pool 2017

    End result: 200 teams on 100+ points in 2018...
  11. Derby Dead Pool 2017

    Not everyone.
  12. Businesspeople, Investors, Ceos

    Ah, Tapie. Had heard rumblings but figured he was far too big a figure to be successfully kept secret. Went to jail for rigging a Champions League (and other stuff), you know.
  13. Time Added

    Didn't McGrain have heart issues recently? He was a bit before my time, the story I know him for best (possibly made up, tbh) is Celtic playing some Albanian side in Europe in the late 70s, and the Albanian dictators lot trying to ban McGrain entering the country because he hated beards.
  14. Derby Dead Pool 2017

    Out of interest, who actually leads if there's a tie between Spade and Bert?
  15. Derby Dead Pool 2017

    With Elias on the clock, its Spade's to lose now, imo.