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  1. msc

    Meghan Markle

    She's allegedly a SF fan (she "intervened" in the 1950s when parliamentary figures wanted the BBC to cancel their repeat of the Nigel Kneale 1984 adaptation) and this is apparently a true story so it's not completely left field. Just mostly. *for "intervened" read "said aloud she was a fan, at which point they all were too!"
  2. msc

    Political Frailty

    There's also the Union factor - the old Scottish Tory heartland went back to them as the Unionist vote. In Glasgow, on the other hand, a Unionist voter trying to keep out the SNP would vote for another party... But there are many facets to the vote. North Lanarkshire problematic for SNP as well as Labour as its an area very much run by political cliques and huffs. (They lost a seat in 2017 because the MP sided with the wrong person in an interparty argument and their campaign support was cut off!) Yes, I am aware someone from Glasgow looking down on that is a bit glasshouses/stones... (There is of course the other possibility that the Scottish electorate are now in fact actually addicted to exciting election night coverage after the last decade, and so all seat bets are off...)
  3. msc

    Meghan Markle

    Indeed, its being a Head of State (for the ruling monarch) and their closest ambassadors for all sectors of society. One of the historical moments I'd love to have known is what went through the current Queens head when she realised she had become heir to the throne and not third in line going on 4th/5th as had been expected. (Well, that, and which Doctor Who is your favourite, ma'am? ) But in general, the interview stuff seems like that. So I can't see it lasting long. The spares go wild but they return to the flock.
  4. msc

    Political Frailty

    if she does quit, an open seat makes it even likelier, yes. (Also, note the double incumbency theory when it comes to some of the seats that changed hands in 2019.) As for Scotland, well, yes - if they expect to win back 41 seats and then some more as in 2010 (spoiler alert - some of them do measure that as the short term success plan) they are in for a long wait. But, in words which are difficult to type (because how often do you write "Jeremy Corbyn" and "successful electoral route" in the same sentence without a negative?) ...of all people, Jeremy Corbyn showed there was fertile territory for Labour in Scotland with their 2017 more square deal/focus on security type manifesto and campaigning. It won 7 seats (it should have got between 10-20 but their campaign up here was a complete and utter shambles, which led to near misses all over the central belt they would have won with anything near competence or an on the ground campaign). Of course, he then buggered it all up by being Jeremy Corbyn, and pissing over the student vote block, but lets take that bit as read. Essentially, there are seats which are gone for a generation, and that is a good chunk of them. (Chris Laws seat in Dundee, any of their seats in the borders/Ayrshire, and Mhairi Black's going to prove difficult to shift, as three examples, are done for Labour.) There's seats which they can't win, but the SNP/Lib Dems can (in terms of a UK general election). And then there's about 12-17 SNP held seats just now in which the swing seems less reliant on their SNP MP's capabilities and more on the UK wide Labour performance. But this brings us back to East of England, picking up odd seats here and there in unwelcoming territory, and full circle to the old appealing to working class voters and not just giving up. Anyhow, not trying to start a debate either but was worth (hopefully) clarifying that when we say theres possibilities for Labour in Scotland, we dont mean status quo, and as long as they hold onto their dreams of the old status quo reappearing, they'll remain pretty much as they are.
  5. msc

    Meghan Markle

    The Americans seem to have a completely different idea of the royals (see the Globe magazine) and she clearly never watched a single Diana documentary. Admittedly all of those are shite. If you thought you were getting an American style big celeb marriage and instead were Fergie, I can see that being a culture shock. We all know what Harry was getting out of it. "I'm shagging an actress, grandpa!" "Hmm, is she hotter than Zsa Zsa Gabor?"
  6. Just watched Raymond van Barneveld lose to some Scottish guy I'd never heard of (admittedly not much of a stretch for me and darts). But the ITV folk said something along the lines of van Barneveld being "away from the game for a while for his health"... anything us casuals should take note of?
  7. msc

    Political Frailty

    Indeed, though they did win it back during the Blair years (along with a host of entirely unlikely places!). My point was more Harlow was endangered in 83 but the split made it inevitable. You are right, East England is very Tory friendly now - 44 of those seats you mentioned are safe as houses. Of those that didn't change in 2017/19, Chloe Smith is fighting gravity long term and Colchester could be close next time round, but yeah, thats about it. I don't think Scotland is irreversible gone for them either, but they wont do anything until they learn their lessons in defeat, and they still haven't done that up here after 10 election losses to the SNP in 14 years...
  8. msc

    Political Frailty

    One of the many MPs who lost in 1983 as a result of the Labour>SDP/Alliance vote shift in seats where the Tory vote stayed relatively similar to 79 and they won. Foot would have still lost for obvious reasons but the SDP split lost them seats like Harlow above, turning certain defeat into a landslide.
  9. msc

    20th Century Americans Sitcoms

    Given they brought in Robbie Coltrane as one of her brothers, I'm pretty certain it was a gag.
  10. msc


    Hisashi Shinma (a DDP pick!) says alive for now, but fuck I don't give him long from this Tuesday video... Another tip from Japan is the original Tiger Mask is apparently very unwell. Given his history with Dynamite Kid, I think he could get a QO.
  11. msc


    Was about to say the news from Japan is he is "very unwell". Dead would qualify as that, I guess, but there was a false report the other day too.
  12. msc

    The 2021 Deathlist Cup

    One of the legit huge names in pro-wrestling history. - Took over Jim Crockett Promotions from his dad - Gave Ric Flair his big break, and was the biggest voice/supporter behind Flair becoming the NWAs biggest star of the 1980s. - Gave George Scott the booking (head writer) gig, he went on to write Hulk Hogans early title run in WWF and help start the 80s boom period. - Three time National Wrestling Alliance President, which made him the head honcho of North American pro-wrestling at the time (then second only to Vince McMahon). - The other successful expansionist of the 1980s alongside Vince McMahon - Verne Gagne tried but failed - Crockett Jr annexed the Florida territories into JCP, and various other southern companies. - Bought McMahons TV slot on Turner's channel, creating a rival to the WWF. - Launched Starrcade, the first major wrestling PPV event. - Sold the company to Ted Turner in 1988, creating World Championship Wrestling, which fuelled the wrestling boom of the 1990s. If the company had just gone to David Crockett in the 1970s, wrestling would have been much different and less big.
  13. msc

    People who've got a thread

    Yeah, I pity the fool who tries searching for him! Hey, it was an open goal!
  14. msc

    People who've got a thread

    Actually would be a useful resource to have, as the forum search engine is, as we all know, somewhat temperamental.

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