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  1. msc

    Alain Delon

    Never mind Delon, how's his dog doing?
  2. msc

    The EU Referendum Hokey Cokey

    What you do with your piss is up to you!
  3. msc

    The EU Referendum Hokey Cokey

    Those posts are too long. I think Reptile and Lord are actually agreeing with lots and lots of words? Did someone say something about house prices being a stupid economic measure? I think they did. I agree with them. All of these politicians are shite. I'd rather Tony Benn as he is now than any of them. Yeah, Zombie Benn the mad Brexiteer, still more common sense than the rest of them. As you were...
  4. msc

    So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    Half way through Episode 1. That Jodie Comer is quite good.
  5. msc

    Monty Python

    Thought I was going to have to write up more Scottish idiom translations or something. Probably co-written with Willz, can you imagine if charon wrote it? "Fuck off and Google it, you no righter wrong un cuntos!" or something like that.
  6. msc

    Monty Python

    Aye, noted, but... I assumed that was covered by the "all things considered" bit! You know, in the same way Kirk Douglas is looking good, all things considered (ie he's still breathing)!
  7. msc

    Monty Python

    Well... duh? "Oh I'll just let the demented celeb out for a donder by himself, what's the worst that can happen? Oh shit, he's fallen off a cliff chasing that nonexistent tiger!"
  8. msc

    Monty Python

    New pic of Terry Jones. Not looking too bad, all things considered. Via Michael Palin.
  9. msc

    Oldest Living State Leaders DP

    I'll take Milos Jakes then.
  10. IT'LL BE ALL DEAD ON THE NIGHT 11/50 19th September 2018 Only 14 people had been picked on all three Crowdsourced lists to date, and that number dwindles with the death of Denis Norden. Norden got his break in the 1940s writing comedy routines for other performers, and it was during this time he met Frank Muir. Together, they formed first a writing/performing partnership and also a friendship which lasted fifty years until Muirs death in 1998. They were the nucleus of early BBC radio comedy series My Word, a pioneer in the word of improv comedy: an example of the sort of malaprop that show relied on was "Infamy infamy, they'll all got it in for me". Shame no one ran with that one. In later years, Denis Norden became host of perennial favourite collection of TV goofs, bloopers and fluffs It'll Be Alright on the Night, which began in 1977 and is still running. Once asked if he'd thought that show would have lasted 30 years at the time, he quipped: "I didn't think I'd last 30 years at that time!" A reassuringly consistent figure on TV, whose autobiography is refreshingly lacking in rancour (and indeed, biography!), Norden worked into his late 80s, and has died aged 96.
  11. msc

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    Damnit, beaten to the gag by Ulitzer!
  12. msc

    40. Denis Norden

    My mind is embarrassingly drawing a blank here.
  13. msc

    The 10th Death of 2018

    Does this feel a bit like a year of random hits to you too? That's why the next hit will be Javier Perez de Cuellar, plunging his many fans on Deathlist into mourning...
  14. msc

    The Hare's Death Pool

    You ever get one of these picks you are 100% convinced you picked in something, then can't find them? This.
  15. msc

    40. Denis Norden

    That's a shame, I always liked his little meandering comedic tales on My Word (basically, mishear a common phrase and explain it...), and the TV goofs stuff was frequently on. Good age though.

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