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  1. msc

    The Ukraine Crisis

    tbh I disagree. Numerical advantage only works if you have tactical advantage and knowledge to go alongside it, as Russia itself proved in Finland and Afghanistan. Otherwise it's just sending cannon fodder mooks to run up the Grim Reaper's score. The little training these men are getting attests to that too - most of them going from the streets to the heart of war within a week and will die or surrender unless very lucky or a natural soldier, both of which are rare attributes. Ukraine would do a deal today, because all they want is Russian troops out of Ukrainian territory. Putin would lose too much face from that, so we're left at stalemate. Given the number of assassins Putin continues to send after Zelensky, you can see why he might not been keen on a deal where the compromise is him being dead. Where Putin's Russian troops have worked best is in actions like in Georgia, a quick blitzkrieg to overwhelm the state, and back home in time for the postcards. When they get bogged down, as here, it gets messy. But you are correct, I do not believe Putin suffers internal issues. He spent 20 years bumping off his rivals, and his local police/troops in Moscow are loyal to him. Also, he knows the tricks of the KGB, hence he never meets people close enough to do anything to him. Afghanistan was a muddy graveyard until Brezhnev and his cartel were dead. Ukraine might well be the same.
  2. msc

    Thoughts On The 2022 List

    Starmer-Smith, Lansbury and 1 other for 12. Though I've a feeling one of Faithfull/Ronstadt won't see 2023.
  3. msc

    Thoughts On The 2022 List

    Aye, and in every year since 2003, there has been!
  4. msc

    7. Loretta Lynn

    Ran out of steam on TCD nominations after an early start. 3rd name in 3 days to die who made the top 100 but didn't make the actual 50.
  5. msc

    The 10th death of 2022

    Added Starmer-Smith to the shortlist. That surely jinxes him.
  6. msc

    7. Loretta Lynn

  7. 32 million voters in 2019 so about 1.5% The ref petition only got mentioned by the Beeb when it went over 2 million iirc.
  8. msc

    9. Jimmy Carter

    I chose my years carefully, remembering well from school the inter-war French capacity for changing leaders more often than seasons! We never heard to remember all the sods though.
  9. msc

    9. Jimmy Carter

    Explanation: In the years between 1974 and 2007, France had three Presidents - Giscard d'estaing, Mitterand and Chirac, all of whom are dead and were DL hits. In the same period of time, the US had: Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr, Clinton, and Bush Jr. Your country was too stable, basically.
  10. msc

    9. Jimmy Carter

    Trump and Clinton I both expect to snuff it with very little warning at some point in the next decade or so. Clinton is what LBJ would be if he'd tried to take care of his health in the 1970s, and Trump takes less care of his health than a Glasgow addict. Bush Jr seems in reasonably good nick for his age, barring future illnesses (I do remember when Paul Newman seemed like the healthiest 70 year old in town) - I think he's around for a while yet. Biden's longevity depends on if he retires in January 2025 or not. He could easily go into a quiet long decline and wrack up the years. Even if Obama died young-ish, we're still talking not for another fifteen years plus imo. Once Jimmy Carter goes, it's a fight between Donald and Billy Boy to be next to go, I think.
  11. msc

    Brian Murphy

    Lynda Bellingham was the second Helen in All Creatures. Carol Drinkwater and Christopher Timothy (last seen on TV looking rough after a tough battle with cancer, btw) had a lot of chemistry together as an onscreen couple. So much chemistry, in fact, that Timothy's first marriage broke up, and Drinkwater was re-cast when the show returned!
  12. msc

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    Ah Craig, what a lovely chap he was, an awful tragedy. No matter his own troubles, if he heard someone he knew had problems, he'd be right there with emails full of advice and jokes and other help.
  13. msc

    The Dead of 2022

    I need to listen to my own tips more often. Though, Clorox posted the same thing before more. @Clorox Bleachman I need to pay more attention to your own tips!
  14. In theory, yes. In actuality, Brits dont tend to sign government petitions these days, here are the most signed ones not destroyed. And about 6 million people signed the 2nd ref petition, only for the government to announce they didn't see petitions as democratic, so you know, a million odd on another will do about the same. This lot will hang on till the bitter end of this parliament. If folk want rid of them, they'll just need to vote then in 2024-ish and not give them another final chance.

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