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  1. msc

    Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Don't call it a comeback till the QO comes in, but David Shutts has died. Awaiting unique QO for Death Impends.
  2. msc

    Windy City Deadpool 2018-19

    Mike Higgison died earlier in the month and didn't get the Australian obit I gambled on. I know, right? A dead Australian the Daily Mail didn't cover!
  3. msc

    Matt Cappotelli

    No, no, wrong idea Sir Creep, surely. Sean is 50% this week on "sods law" here with creating threads on DDP folk who promptly snuff it. So if he'd like to start threads on Philomena Lynott, Devin Lima, Pete Frates and Kathleen Blanco any hour now, that'd be much appreciated.
  4. msc

    Boxing Clever?

    "And he knew, even as he was making it, that it was a catastrophic tactical error..." Brian Glanville claimed he was talking about Alf Ramsey subbing Bobby Charlton at 2-1 in the 1970 World Cup Quarterfinal, but clearly he meant my relegating Dean Francis to the B-team.
  5. msc

    DL's Video Vault

    Some lovely sod has put Beryl's Last Year (rarely repeated by the Beeb) on YouTube. A documentary in which Beryl Bainbridge (a perfectly decent novelist imo, Another Part of the Wood is a remarkable tale of relationship breakdown) narrates her own personal deathlist of one, herself, in line for what she was convinced was her own final year on the planet. Spoiler alert - it wasn't.
  6. msc

    Time Added

    Try the Crystal Palace website. .
  7. msc


    Thought the new Fiorentina was def back in Europe within the 5 years, but went to check, it was 7. Memory cheats!
  8. msc


    Speaking of Rangers, heard about UEFA's latest error (warning - big page of numbers in that link). New thing for Europe, 10 year rankings for coefficients instead of the old 5 year ones. Anyhow, they're counting old Rangers points from 2009-12 in as part of their new club. iirc when Fiorentina went back into Europe, treated as entirely new club, no old ranking points.
  9. msc

    John Bain

    Hardly going to figure on next years list, though, is he? Or indeed, any of our lists. Just points for Garn and Grim's 400 different teams all the same, when he goes this autumn.
  10. No option for "it's not my marriage/family/friends, I don't give a shit"?
  11. msc

    Authors Last A Long Time, But....

    Get Clive Cussler to a medical check up quick just in case.
  12. EDIT - Posted in wrong thread related idiocy.
  13. msc

    Nazi of SS

    Eden spent most of his Premiership up to the gills in amphetamines after botched surgery iirc. Also last 25 years Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron, May -not exactly a golden age of leadership there. Looking at those lists, the times had Lord North as worst (which is reasonable enough), Parris goes for Brown and McIntyre for Chamberlain (which denotes a degree of bias on their parts imo) and Riddell goes for Viscount Goderich, a complete historical non-entity. I'd err towards Lord North, but then we've had 240 odd years to assess his unleashing Americans on the world (), whereas David Camerons flaws are still relatively new, historically. Plenty of time for that reputation to plummet in the future! Really, there's far more mediocre or forgettable ones. And I don't know what it says that I could name all 45 US Presidents, but struggle on 20 or so UK PMs. Probably that we get bombarded by US history.
  14. msc

    Dale Winton

    Like putting a big Batman Logo in the sky for Charon! Here he is btw. SOuness not charon.
  15. msc

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Dementia announced in 2015.

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