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  1. msc

    Derby Dead Pool 2022

    If anyone sees an error on the website, a wizard did it. Or msc. I'm sure you did but never turn down compliments.
  2. msc

    Derby Dead Pool 2022

    Ah I should apologise, @Death Impends was fixing one of my own bits there. Basically, I was too lazy to remember which Grim team it was whenever I threw the original list up, and forgot to double check it. My bad!
  3. msc

    The Dead of 2022

    Yeah, my uncle died in his late 80s a decade ago. When the family mentioned this to one of his neighbours, their reaction was: "Oh no, and he was going to fix up my kitchen!" He remained active and healthy, right up to the day he felt a bit tired, went for a nap, and never woke up. A proper shock, yes, but still considerably preferable to him suffering from cancer or dementia for years imo.
  4. msc

    Hollywood Possibilities

    An ER regular, he was in it for years. Also had a recurring role in The West Wing as the DNC chair, a spot in one of the last original X-Files episodes (about an evil Brady Bunch house, it's crap but he's good in it), and more recent roles in Yellowstone, Fringe and American Horror Story. He was also in 2010's zombie flick The Crazies, as the true to life Mayor who refuses to quarantine his town as shit breaks down.
  5. msc

    Dead Pop Stars

    He found his way home. RIP. DDP hit, too.
  6. msc

    Aaron Ramsey

    Aaron Ramsey completely missed his crucial penalty in last nights Europa League final, so look out for one of your favourite national treasures coming back from the dead instead.
  7. msc

    Derby Dead Pool 2022

    Scenes when the 2022 DDP is decided by the BBC End of Year memorial page for sport randomly including Ronnie H...
  8. msc

    British Character Actors

    My issue is for an allegedly acclaimed stage actor born in London, she must have a paper trail a mile long. But I'd never heard of her before this. My suspicions are her imdb page is an amalgamation of 2 or 3 actresses with the same name.
  9. msc

    British Character Actors

    It's been wiped off the internet now, by looks of it, but when imdb was new, someone claimed that regular 60s actor George Pastell was born in 1886, which would make him early-70s in Tiger Bay, mid-70s in From Russia with Love, and 82 years old in Tomb of the Cybermen. Pictured - 82 year old. Despite this being bollocks by basic evidence (watch him scrambling nimbly down cliff faces in Dr Who, or running around in one of many 60s thrillers) some people believed this one for ages, until research pointed out he was actually born in 1923. So, he was actually 45, not 82, in the picture above. Who knew? We're not that far off the 15 year error in Jane Freeman's age either. Basically, yes, if she's 98, I'd be stunned.
  10. msc

    Derby Dead Pool 2022

    I think you may need to take one for the good of humanity here, Biblio!
  11. msc

    Dead Screenwriters Society

    If I can precede this by noting Gaynor Faye is always one of those actresses I am aware is in things rather than seen (as its mostly Corrie, Emmerdale and her mums shows). This is me learning Gaynor Faye is younger than I thought! She's 50. I legit thought, as a 90s Corrie name, that she'd be ages with Kirsten Scott Thomas and the others from that 1990s generation of actors who are in their early 60s now!
  12. msc

    Dead Screenwriters Society

    I can't remember if it was her or Lynda La Plante who made the "everyone I know has dated a serial killer" line in an interview about 20 years ago, because I laughed at that one. And I always mix those two up.
  13. msc

    Dead Screenwriters Society

    I was just referencing Children's Ward in the other thread. And tbf, how many Hit Dramas do ITV ever have these days? It's usually Netflix, or BBC/Channel 4, who produce the talked about shows. ITV is the home of afternoon quiz shows, reality TV and This Morning.
  14. msc

    The Dead of 2022

    Genuinely surprised, she's a huge name in British TV screenwriting going back decades. Created Children's Ward which was a huge kids TV show in the early 90s, before writing the acclaimed Band of Gold, a who dunnit set among prostitutes which was considered groundbreaking at the time. She also co-created, wrote and directed much of The Syndicate, and lots of romance type dramas.. Her stuff really isn't my cup of tea but yeah, she's a massive behind the scenes name.
  15. msc

    Bernard Cribbins

    I think - and I could be wrong here - the wheelchair is for the character, as he's seemingly playing a much older Wilf than last time, and the character was already older than Bernard Cribbins himself iirc. But even so, he's a very old national treasure, so the production will be taking great care with him.

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