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  1. Hollywood Survivors

    That's a shame. She was good.
  2. Dead Pop Stars

    Eddy Amoo of The Real Thing dead aged 73, getting obits everywhere. BBC. Did a search, nowt came up.
  3. The Deathlist Cup 2018

    This was suggested last year and I said we'd cross the bridge if it came up. However, you chose to win within the 30 days. I do propose that a drawn final shall continue into July under the old golden goal rule. ie next death wins. Rubbish for football, good for deadpooling. Though, this will hopefully never need to happen.
  4. The Deathlist Cup 2018

    ^ Either that, or she's on every single team in March!
  5. Last Word

    Damn, John Bosco McAtasney was naturally one of the last names on my shortlist, of course...
  6. What Kind Of Person Deadpools?

    Yeah, a world possessed by the human mind!
  7. Aristocrats

    Yeah, those cats are hilarious.
  8. Aristocrats

    Well, that's the crux of a good joke. All you need is...
  9. The 3rd Death Of 2018

    Hah, if you'd seen my vote of confidence in Tsvangirai's health a week or two ago, you'd be doubling down on Nolan right about now!
  10. The 3rd Death Of 2018

    Yer nuts! Nah, a lot of top DDP sides have gone for her in 2018. I think she's a goner but more likely 2019/20, but time will tell. Next week (ie for the Cup), however? I'd be amazed.
  11. Derby Dead Pool 2018

    There is actually a John Majors but given the rest of their team, typo? He was Major till 2015 when a very similar team had him as an unique with the S. Although that got me looking up Lee and Herring, which took me to this: Apparently, Herring did, it's where they met. You pop on to Deathlist Forums for 5 seconds and accidentally learn something new...
  12. Name Shame?

    Hah. I should probably come up with my own tag line soon. I am open to ideas from the floor.
  13. Dead Architects

    Those houses look shit tbh.
  14. Journalists

    Ian Aitken, former political editor of The Guardian and Tribune writer, aged 90.
  15. Only Famous For Being Ill And Dying

    Me too. Though I'm narked in general that Everest climbers, Disney voice actresss and pioneering rocket scientists aren't getting QOs, but no name mums with fatal cancers are.