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  1. msc

    Martin Bashir

    Nothing trivial, I hope. See above about that fucking interview. The whole handwringing about that fucking Diana (a person more annoying than the Markle talk!) interview from 1995. For 25 years no one gave a shit how they got her in that room, it was all "boo hoo poor Diana, Charlie's shagging about (lets ignore the mutual shagging about)" which only intensified post-1997 when she was dead. I remember the press digging into her in summer 1997 as a twit shacked up with Al-Fayed, and overnight she turned into The Peoples Princess (TM). Then, after dining out on that interview for quarter of a century, suddenly the same press are all "Oh wasn't it immoral how they did it?" Fuck off. Bunch of useless hypocrites, the lot of them. imo Diana "there were three in our marriage if you ignore mine" was one hell of a politician and PR mind, and still has them eating out of her hand over 20 years after she died because she couldn't be bothered to wear a fucking seatbelt. But they can fuck off with the pretend handwringing about false bank statements, the lot of them - the media - got what they wanted in 1995 out of it. Bit far too late now. imo, anyhow. Anyhow, Martin Bashir has always struck me as a jumped up no talent gobshite promoted well beyond his means on TV, but other opinions are available...
  2. msc


    DL potential imo - certainly one of those recognisable TV faces since I was a kid, and a bit of a heartthrob in her day too. Although the current news is not promising in terms of lasting another 7 months tbh.
  3. msc

    Windy City Deadpool 2021-2022

    Just to add, Litsa Menounos is absolutely the lowest bottom of the barrel acceptable name allowed in the DDP, and because she had a "career" of her own Which turns out to be not worth a licence to shit by the looks of the obits. I dont think she'll get a Windy reference pool. That rule applies to Roz Paterson, an actual journalist with a long career from Glasgow whose CV was ignored in favour of "dying mum" stories when she was ill. Much to my fury. Terry Lubbock would be a known name to most of the Brits here - a well known justice campaigner for close to two decades. He'd be perfectly acceptable as a pick.
  4. msc


    Every show would be main evented by Ryback and New Jack by default...
  5. msc

    Political Frailty

    "I was able to recover from the corona. I can't wait to get coffee." Said Terminator Manolic to the press. Going to take a lot to get rid of him - I saw some recent footage of him a few months ago and he could have passed for circa 20 years younger even when speaking.
  6. msc

    Authors Last A Long Time, But....

    He's not dead, but Disney have given in and are paying Alan Dean Foster his royalties.
  7. Artist formerly known as Coffin Lodger/Iain/notaguest/ countless other names over the years.
  8. msc

    Derby Dead Pool 2021

    Good spot, we are open to bribes.
  9. msc

    Death Anniversary Thread

    At such a frankly ridiculously young age that even now feels like an age too young let alone 20 years ago. Just imagine how much fun the patron saint of cool new technology would have had with every advance since 2001. A genuine and proper genius who had the foresight to completely see where the internet and video games and even social media were going to go, but snuffed it before he could enjoy any of the fun bits.
  10. msc

    Patricia Routledge

    I know you're joking but this DL trope has officially jumped the shark now.
  11. There is (or at least was) a parliament deadpool with a lot of participants. I knew someone who was a member of it a decade ago and apparently there was much frustration everyone involved had completely missed the "Gerry Rafferty gravely ill" news.
  12. msc

    Disc Jockeys

    Apparently prostate cancer since 2008! Even more luckily to survive the aortic issue then, but like others in the same boat, on borrowed time, sadly. Bob Harris on Instagram: “This is a very special and emotional post for me because today is the 6th month anniversary of the day I suffered my Aortic Dissection, an…”
  13. @Gooseberry Crumble did I call it or did I call it?
  14. Yeah that one genuinely surprised me. The mood music was grim before hand. I don't see many changes of incumbency, although Tories worried about Ayr, Eastwood (!!) and whichever Edinburgh seat Angus is running in.
  15. msc

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    A while ago, I suspect - time caught up with Askwith and he looked a lot older and thinner when doing TV last year.

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