This may sink like a stone, but fuck it, I'm ugly enough to deal with that.   Right, every year around this time on (and earlier, and later), we get hundreds of posts about next years Deathlist top 50. Who should be dropped, who should be kept, who is a cert, etc etc. It's different from the "What do you think of the years list" because that's discussion after the fact, whereas this is all fantasy booking, for lack of a better term. Some of our own are keen to present entire lists of 50 names, listed out in great detail. Which are cool, but this clogs up numerous threads in the main Deathlist forum.   So I suggest a "one size fits all thread" for all of those fantasy Deathlist booking bits. This.   To start with the inevitable "Drop X" stuff, I'd say Javier de Cuellar. Boring pick. Very boring pick. But, he ain't going anywhere...   Right, as you were.