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  1. 10 hours ago, Slackhurst Broadcasting said:

    There's a clip of Emily Maitlis in which she farts live on air as she introduces a news item. She gets through her script while she's visibly cringing and some people off-screen are laughing. One for devotees of embarrassment.



  2. 8 minutes ago, The Daredevil said:

    Trevor Peacock is actually a better DL 2021 pick than I initially thought. He has lived with dementia for over a decade and it was announced as advanced in 2017. Furthermore, Peacock is at the extremely dangerous age of 89, the most common age of celebrity death nowadays, in my opinion.


    Roger Moore, Michael Lonsdale, Lauren Bacall, Peter Alliss, François Lalande, Bernard Fox, John Carson, John Bluthal, Martha Hyer, Warren Mitchell, Frank Finlay, B.B King, Fats Domino, Bruce Forsyth, Martin Landau, Robert Guillaume, Katherine Helmond, Jeanne Moreau etc all died in recent years at age 89.


    AND now John le Carre.... A particularly sad 2020 blow. 

  3. On 12/12/2020 at 12:12, frleon said:

    I've been lurking around the DL for years, this time I'll finally have a list of my own for the first time. It goes:





    Same here. Here is my list so far (possibly subject to minor changes, particularly in terms of the order, as the New Year approaches!) The final couple of entries are perhaps there more out of hope than expectation...


    1 - Gerd Muller

    2 - Rush Limbaugh

    3 - Leon Spinks

    4 - Michael Parkinson

    5 - Larry King

    6 - Tommy Lasorda

    7 - Dilip Kumar

    8 - James Whale

    9 - Jiang Zemin

    10 - Bob Barker

    11 - Shannen Doherty

    12 - Duke of Edinburgh

    13 - Duke of Kent

    14 - Jimmy Carter

    15 - Rosalyn Carter

    16 - Prunella Scales 

    17 - Jimmy Tarbuck

    18 - James Lovelock

    19 - Robert Fyfe

    20 - Patricia Routledge

    21 - Jean-Louis Trintignant

    22 - Henry Kissinger 

    23 - Michael Gorbachev

    24 - Bob Dole 

    25 - Gunter von Hagens

    26 - James Watson 

    27 - Yoko Ono

    28 - Ray Reardon

    29 - Glynis Johns

    30 - Pope Benedict XVI

    31 - Bill Turnbull

    32 - Bill Oddie

    33 - Beverly Cleary

    34 - Alain Delon

    35 - Trevor Peacock

    36 - Jack Higgins 

    37 - Doddie Weir

    38 - Noam Chomsky

    39 - Leslie Phillips

    40 - C.J. Sansom 

    41 - Raul Castro 

    42 - Pierre Cardin 

    43 - Emperor Akihito

    44 - Sarah Harding 

    45 - Ronald Blythe

    46 - Cormac McCarthy

    47 - Michael Collins

    48 - Lee Child

    49 - Mitch McConnell

    50 - Harvey Weinstein 

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  4. 4 minutes ago, Deathrace said:

    The aforementioned Joe Don Baker is older than Yaphet and was the main villain in the Living Daylights 

    Ok - personally I think Jeroen Krabbe  was the main villain in that film but I see I have made a claim easily disputable based on the perception of the word "main"! I withdraw it immediately.

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  5. 5 hours ago, Deathrace said:

    Any thoughts on who might be a surprise 2021 death? Although lots of very famous people have died in 2020 most of them have been over 80 so can't be considered surprises. Chadwick Boseman is the only massive surprise death that came out of nowhere for me. I suppose Sarah Harding or the bloke from the Wanted if either of them die before the end of the year considering where they were at the start of 2020. 


    I am CONVINCED that Lee Child is very unwell. 


    On recent interviews over the last year he's looked strikingly thin (he has always been slim, but never as near-skeletal as recently). He smokes marijuana unashamedly (pain relief?)  and now freely comments on it (not sure if it's a new habit, but him talking about it is). He has recently handed over writing duties of his Jack Reacher books to his younger brother. He's had an authorised biography written and published. In a recent interview with that biographer from the Hay Festival she kept using language like "final", "last", and when I commented on it on twitter she even "liked" the post! The whole interview was strikingly elegiac. 


    I may be barking up the wrong tree, but...

  6. I have had to register with my work email address (which I'd rather not, really) because the validation/verification emails just do not get delivered to my normal email address. I also can't change the email address back to the one I want it to be after having registered because there's a need for an email to be received at the email address that won't seem to receive emails from this site...


    ....can anyone help? Is there somewhere in particular I should be posting this question?


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