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  2. Banana

    Alt Obituaries Deadpool

    Maybe 2
  3. Fergie86

    Death In The Family

    Mother in law died yesterday aged 68, a miracle she lived as long as she did to be fair as she has been on her ‘last legs’ since about 2010 when she had cancer the first time, cancer took her in the end almost certainly brought on by her decades of alcoholism which she almost died of several times, she was told time and again she needed to stop drinking but she never listened or tried to stop. Sad she died but she could of prevented it or at least tried .
  4. Gooseberry Crumble

    The Fringes Of Fame/family Of The Famous

    https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/14914345/adele-dad-dead-rows/ The father of singer Adele has died aged 57.
  5. arghton

    African Despots

    Valentine Strasser (b. 1967), currently the earliest living leader of Sierra Leone 1992-1996 could very well be a goner soon despite his young age. Critically ill in 2019, sent to Ghana for treatment and now lives in poverty in Ghana. Looked skeletal in 2019. From a 2015 article: "Six months after self-coronation, he was responsible for the execution of 29 “rebels”. All of these people have been deemed innocent. When the journalist forced him to reflect on these murders, his response was stylistically cynical: “Fuck off, man. In Texas they kill people every day.” Today, the 48 year old Strasser is a washed up alcoholic living in his mother’s house. He is easily the poorest retired African dictator, earning a pension of $46."
  6. Spade_Cooley

    Dying Off The Radar

    I think this is the Perfecto Telles, as in the hairdresser who was arrested alongside 100% heterosexual 60s leading man George Maharias for some totally innocent interactions in a public bathroom. Died in 1988, while Maharias is still with us and slaying mad pussy aged 92.
  7. Bentrovato

    Life In Prison

    Lots of coverage in the UK too. This from the BBC. Michel Fourniret: Jailed French serial killer dies aged 79 - BBC News
  8. Bibliogryphon

    Famous celebrity births , pregnancies and babies

    Alex Scott is married to all of BTS who have to work shifts just to keep her satisfied
  9. arghton

    Political Frailty

    Group of Seven (named Group of Eight 1997-2014) participants alive (1975-2000) 1975 and 1976: None 1977 and 1978: Jimmy Carter (b. 1924) 1979: Jimmy Carter and Joe Clark (b. 1939) 1980: Jimmy Carter 1981-1984: None 1985-1987: Brian Mulroney (b. 1939) and Jacques Delors (b. 1925) 1988 and 1989: Brian Mulroney, Jacques Delors and Ciriaco De Mita (b. 1928) 1990: Brian Mulroney, Jacques Delors and Toshiki Kaifu (b. 1931) 1991: Brian Mulroney, Jacques Delors, Toshiki Kaifu, John Major (b. 1943) and GUEST: Mikhail Gorbachev (b. 1931) 1992: Brian Mulroney, Jacques Delors, John Major and Giuliano Amato (b. 1938) 1993: John Major, Bill Clinton (b. 1946) and Kim Campbell (b. 1947) 1994: John Major, Bill Clinton, Jacques Delors, Silvio Berlusconi (b. 1936), Jean Chrétien (b. 1934) and Tomiichi Murayama (b. 1924) 1995: John Major, Bill Clinton, Jean Chrétien, Tomiichi Murayama, Lamberto Dini (b. 1931) and Jacques Santer (b. 1937) 1996: John Major, Bill Clinton, Jean Chrétien, Jacques Santer, Romani Prodi (b. 1939) and GUEST: Michel Camdessus (b. 1933) 1997 and 1998: Bill Clinton, Jean Chrétien, Jacques Santer, Romano Prodi and Tony Blair (b. 1953) 1999: Bill Clinton, Jean Chrétien, Tony Blair, Gerhard Schröder (b. 1944) and Massimo D'Alema (b. 1949) 2000: Bill Clinton, Jean Chrétien, Tony Blair, Gerhard Schröder, Giuliano Amato, Romano Prodi, Yoshirō Mori (b. 1937) and Vladimir Putin (b. 1952).
  10. MariNisia

    Windy City Deadpool 2021-2022

    It's all right, no pressure... and take your time.
  11. Bibliogryphon

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool IV

    They should have held a Cabinet Position
  12. The Ashes Urn

    Death Anniversary Thread

    Actress Deborah Walley died on this day 20 years ago, aged 59.
  13. Deathrace

    27. Bob Newhart

    He looks a bit like Prince Philip a year or two before he died.
  14. I've just realised that people are going to be allowed to come in my house again. Fuck! I might have to get the vacuum cleaner out.
  15. Grim Up North

    The Nothing Lasts Forever Sweepstake

    You still win this closest prediction until sometime near end of June I think.
  16. MariNisia

    The 100 Club

    They look younger than their actual age. gcreptile... Harry, Ruth and Thelma are eating the same things. I'm fed up of eating the same food, every day. I have known people to eat themselves sick. I really want to meet Harry, Ruth and Thelma... I want to eat the same... it is what I would like to know, if possible.
  17. En Passant

    Famous celebrity births , pregnancies and babies

    Hm, you're onto something there my Wombling chum. Name one boy band member married to a lady from WSL?* *I can't really name any of either camp off the top of my head apart from maybe Robbie Williams, but I realise that's a personal distaste for junk pop and football and isn't widely held.
  18. RoverAndOut

    The Nothing Lasts Forever Sweepstake

    4 deaths in Wales today the only ones recorded in the UK. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-57055340
  19. RoverAndOut

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool IV

    Out of interest, on Wikipedia there is a distinction between Members of the Cabinet and 'Also attending Cabinet' - do I assume we're only picking members who were part of the Cabinet at some point? (Most eventually got an upgrade to the full Cabinet if at one point they attended, but not all). Only one I've researched so far!
  20. NotTheNagsHeadReading

    FIFA World Cup Players

    There's been a slow trickle of Mexico 86ers departing over the last couple of years. My first World Cup so rather poignant.
  21. arghton

    Minimalists (and other classical composers/musicians)

    https://www.radiofarda.com/a/31247271.html Abdolvahab Shahidi, Iranian barbat player, singer and classical composer has died aged 98. His career started in 1940 and he was called one of the contemporary pioneers of Persian music by BBC Persian in 2006. The 8 people BBC Persian called pioneers were: Abdolvahab Shahidi (1922-2021) Homayoun Khorram (1930-2013) Parviz Yahaghi (1935-2007) Ali Tajvidi (1919-2006) Mohammad Nouri (1929-2010) Rahmatollah Badiei/Badi'i/Badiee (b. 1936) Lives in either Netherlands or Germany now according to the Persian wikipedia. Attaullah Khorram (1926-2014) Faramarz Payvar (1933-2009)
  22. Genfærd

    Dead Danes

    Johannes Møllehave, famous Danish priest and author, dead at 84.
  23. For years I thought her name was Louise Frometernal
  24. arghton

    The 100 Club

    The "Vodka shot before going to sleep" general. I've picked this guy in two pools but I'd be happy if he lived to 110. Seems to be a nice person
  25. Gooseberry Crumble

    Famous celebrity births , pregnancies and babies

    You sound cynical!!
  26. Bibliogryphon

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool IV

    Just to clarify on the UK Cabinet Ministers eligibility. Junior ministers do not count but remember not everyone in the cabinet is an MP for example in the run up to the Falklands War Lord Carrington was Foreign secretary even though he was a member of the House of Lords Four entries in so far. Some minor verification issues hence the clarification. I even had to disqualify a couple of my entries during verification
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