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  2. Hollywood Possibilities

    A hit for me in the 30/30 pool.
  3. What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Part two was on last night. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p060ms2h
  4. Crashing Companies

    Probably cheaper to move where there are cheaper labor costs. Good-bye South Korea. Hello somewhere in Africa...
  5. 25. George Bush Senior

    but no heart problem
  6. Hollywood Possibilities

    John Stride has died aged 81. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/obituaries/2018/04/24/john-stride-actor-obituary/
  7. 25. George Bush Senior

    Sepsis at 93 with a history of health problems including parkinsonism and persistent lung infections.Still very serious.
  8. Somewhere Over The Rainbow

    Dead late January.
  9. 25. George Bush Senior

    Can I have May 8th?
  10. 25. George Bush Senior

    He,s alert,talking and ready to go home .cancel the sweepstake! https://www.thestar.com/news/world/2018/04/24/tweet-notes-george-hw-bush-eager-to-get-well-and-go-to-maine.html
  11. 25. George Bush Senior

    Alert and talking. That doesn’t mean more shit won’t go down tho. Im pretty sure this is happening sooner rather than later
  12. Today
  13. Activists

    Updating your disappointment as of April 24.
  14. Dale Winton

    Yes. This, obviously, does not answer the question 'Who went up Dale Wintons aisle?
  15. DL Status Updates: Statements, Obsevations & Verbal Tennis

    I've said it before and I shall say it again, UK Truck drivers are c**ts. Fact.
  16. Chirac's couple

    This is quite true CA. We need somewhere where we can try and light farts and stick our bogeys under the desks etc etc.
  17. Sweepstakes

    Will go 3rd May for Bush senior
  18. Sweepstakes

    05.05. Bush Sr. 12.07. Jowell 04.08. McCain
  19. Sweepstakes

    McCain: June 13
  20. Sweepstakes

    McCain 25th June Jowell 21st July
  21. End Times - The Rapture

    Today is April 24th and Norway is still here and all the Norwegians I know have not left for heaven (or space ships - for those who are ancient astronaut theorists.)
  22. Sweepstakes

    Jowell: June 1st McCain: July 1st Bush Sr: August 1st. A quick scan and I think those are not already gone.
  23. Birth List

  24. End Times - The Rapture

    Heh that was on my part, I thought I was being clever by adding the "Cuck" part in
  25. Sweepstakes

    I think Jowell will go before McCain. Jowell: May 2nd. McCain: July 4th.
  26. Sweepstakes

    And while we're at it with American political figures, I thought a John McCain sweepstakes would be interesting. I'll start with July 15th. Zsa Zsa's leg: July 15th, 2018
  27. 25. George Bush Senior

    Can we welcome these posts into the sweepstakes thread?
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