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  2. The 3rd Crowdsourced Deathlist (2018 edition)

    Oh drat it would have been a third hit for the crowdsourced deathlist if we had collectively voted to have kept Nanette Fabray on the list
  3. Yesterday
  4. 2017 Ddp Salvage Lot

    And now his son follows...
  5. 20 /20

  6. The 3rd Death Of 2018

  7. 20 /20

    1920 Clarissa Eden Javier Perez De Cuellar 1921:Carol Channing Hugh Downs 1922:Betty White Denis Norden 1923:Jill Knight Lee_Teng-hui Hui 1924:Mary Warnock Doug Ellis 1925:Katherine MacGregor Hal Holbrook 1926:Doreen Mantle Valery Giscard D'estaing 1927 June Brown Sidney Poitier 1928 Marion Ross Lionel Blair 1929 Joan Plowright Roger Bannister
  8. 20 /20

    1920 - Jerry Maren, Franca Valeri 1921 - Sidney Rittenberg, Francoise Gilot 1922 - George Blake, Micheline Presle 1923 - Sumner Redstone, Rhonda Fleming 1924 - Atai Bihari Vajpayee, Machiko Kyo 1925 - Mahathir Mohamad, June Lockhart 1926 - Phil Phillips, Gillian Lynne 1927 - Harry Whittington, Gina Lollobrigida 1928 - Hans Kung, Queen Ratna of Nepal 1929 - Gaston Glock, Vera Miles
  9. 20 /20

    NY Times obituary for Nanette Fabray 1920 Roger Angell, Kate Murtagh 1921 Walter Mirisch, Carol Channing 1922 Doris Day, Bert I. Gordon 1923 Glynis Johns, Bob Dole 1924 Charlie Munger, Cicely Tyson 1925 Russell Baker, Angela Lansbury 1926 Roger Corman, Gloria Jean 1927 Albert Uderzo, Barbara Rush 1928 Desmond Morris, Judith Krantz 1929 John Napier Turner, Lynne Reid Banks
  10. Hollywood Survivors

    Fabray was a Vaudeville performer too. Diana Serra Cary is the only Vaudeville survivor now I think.
  11. Derby Dead Pool 2018

    You might also add the apocryphal fact that I was Ruth Negga's first crush...
  12. Hollywood Survivors

    Never had a June Foray like DeathImpends, or a Mary Wilson like msc. But the trio of Rose Marie, Nanette Fabray, and Bill Macy came pretty close. 2 out of 3 dead now.
  13. Dead Architects

    'the area' presumably being 'Sheffield'.
  14. Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Guilty as charged although I'm sure Vic & Bob made that gag as well...
  15. Hollywood Survivors

    That's a shame. She was good.
  16. Hollywood Survivors

    Picked her in every Hartlepool Deadly Pool I've participated in... alas, always down low.
  17. The Hare's Death Pool

    No No, Nanette, you were supposed to go later in the year. Fabray is a unique hit on this pool, just an hour or so before the updated leaderboard.
  18. That's Entertainment!

    For completeness, Nanette Fabray has died aged 97: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/23/obituaries/nanette-fabray-star-of-tv-and-stage-comedies-dies-at-97.html
  19. The Weather

    I understand the joke, however not being an 8 year old, I have higher wit to pleasure myself with.
  20. Hollywood Survivors

    Nanette Fabray, dead at 97. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/23/obituaries/nanette-fabray-star-of-tv-and-stage-comedies-dies-at-97.html
  21. Death Anniversary Thread

    John Quincy Adams gained total independence and freedom on this day 170 years ago, aged 80.
  22. The Deathlist Cup 2018

    Right, for some reason I've gone all optimistic and sent my March team to msc. It's all terribly exciting down at the Thistle Wanderers United pitch, the only failures are the ability of each team to score and the floodlights.
  23. The Weather

    Not often you see a yellow warning telling you "Some rural communities could become cut off. Power cuts may also occur and other services, such as mobile phones may be affected". That's an Amber/Red warning in waiting and will be upgraded later in the weekend early into next week. Only reason it's only yellow is because of how far away the event is in weather terms (on the edge of high confidence). Also fully expected snow and ice warnings to be released for over areas by Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday based on current chart output, the usual "subject to change" caveat applies. The government has issued a Level 3 Cold Weather Alert for NHS and other care organisations, government bodies to expect extremely high demand on there services and major effect to provision. The highest level is Level 4 - Cold Weather Alert which would only be used in a state of National Emergency. Weather seen next week has the potential in some areas to be significantly disruptive for a Level 4 alert to be released, however that is unlikely. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/cold-weather-alert/#?tab=coldWeatherAlert Your mileage may vary with snow amounts, but there is potential for blizzards from this set up into the latter part of next week. Keep an eye on your local forecast and top your heating meter up - even without snow it will be very very cold for the UK full stop - never mind this time of year.
  24. Dead Drummers

    Pete May, long term drummer for Cliff Richard and who was briefly in Manfred Mann's Earth Band, has died, according to Sir Cliff himself.
  25. 9. Linda Nolan

    Nolans were an answer on Mastermind tonight. She's doomed (I tell ye, doomed).
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