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  2. Amazed we have gone so long without a hit.Lots of low hanging fruit.Reminds me of penny slot machine where the coins are hoveribg over the edge.
  3. Was it Bill Crosby-style 'seduction'? P.S. Looks like someone animated the Michelin Man as a blow up sex doll. He's going to be a popular fellow if he does get jail time
  4. Margaret Hamilton... surprisingly she wasn't on my space theme team longlist. Well took care of that just now...
  5. Yeah, why not... but with very famous people like these three
  6. I can easily create a theme around these 3..mwahahahahaha.....
  7. How about a dead pool surrounding music?
  8. What about Mick Jagger , Keith Richards and Ozzy Osbourne? They are deathlisty for the 2018? I was trying to create a "dead"pool regarding these three but I can't. .
  9. Today
  10. So... looks like he is gonna be drope out of the next year list
  11. Leah Bracknell
  12. He must have been the oldest politician in the world !
  13. Bets on the next on the list on page 1 to die next? I am going with Gord Downie.
  14. Agreed. It is prostate cancer, and unless we know for certain it has spread, it's not the best idea to pick them. And sorry about the telly, my yankness got in the way this time...
  15. Returning to the telly* He sounds fine, will definitely make it to 2018 and this isn't the first time I have expressed this but, one of the weaker picks for the list. So many better picks.
  16. Oh, I'm sure there's a fairly large amount of republicans who will constantly cry his impeachment isn't right and blame it on the democrats as usual...
  17. Assassination would make him a matyr.Impeachment would disgrace him and the republican establishment would gladly bury him and his legacy.
  18. People would call him a martyr if he got impeached. The republicans who voted for him love him.
  19. I would much rather have him impeached than assassinated. The last thing we want is to turn him into a martyr !
  20. Returning to the television for new series of The Meaning of Life.
  21. Widow Shopping
  22. Like a slug that got to the lettice first.
  23. Ángel Nieto, the Spanish motorcycling legend, suffered a head injury and is an induced coma following a quad bike crash. He is reportedly in a serious, but not critical condition. He is 70 years old.
  24. Nope. Died earlier this year. Guardian obit:
  25. There's another one that might be worth to take note. Republican Representative Phil Roe from Tennessee has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.
  26. Annie Glenn widow of John is worth keeping an eye on.
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