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  2. Death Anniversary Thread

    Bessie Smith wouldn't feel blue anymore after this day 80 years ago, aged 43.
  3. Country For Old Men (And Women)

    Rodney Crowell cancels tour due to "unspecified health issues", and states "dealing with the root cause of my health issues requires complete rest". He was also taken to emergancy room late October 2016 after experiencing what had been described as "cardiac symptoms" prior to his scheduled performance. http://www.wpxi.com/news/national-news/ap-top-news/rodney-crowell-cancels-tour-due-to-unspecified-health-issues/612044294
  4. Sir Alex Ferguson

    And he already has his own thread. https://forums.deathlist.net/topic/696-alex-ferguson/ And here as well!: https://forums.deathlist.net/topic/1411-alex-ferguson/
  5. Sir Alex Ferguson

    He's 75 and he's been known as a big whisky drinker for years. He's from Glasgow, the place with the lowest life expectancy in the UK. He grew up in a working class family during World War II.
  6. Dead Pop Stars

    I think his art has been a refuge to him, he can lose himself in his drawing and escape from the cancer worries. I can quite understand the fear that this might be taken from him. Have you seen his drawings? The guy has enormous talent and imagination.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Political Frailty

    Joseph M. McDade, a Republican congressman representing Pennsylvania (1963-1999), has died aged 85. Edit: Daily Mail obituary. Samuel H. Young, a Republican congressman representing Illinois (1973-1975), has died aged 94.
  9. Dead Pop Stars

    What I find pretty strange in his post is that he appears to be much more worried about the "irreversible" side effects of the chemo than the cancer recurrence. Yeah, permanently losing sensation in one's hand sounds pretty bad, but he might soon lose his life as well, which to me would seem to be a bigger problem.
  10. Interesting Ways To Die...

    Get eaten by dogs http://www.wiltshiretimes.co.uk/news/15555715.Woman__62__mauled_to_death_by_stray_dogs_in_Greece/
  11. William Gladstone Stewart

    The donor being none other than the brother of Roger Lloyd-Pack, fact fans.
  12. The Dead Of 2017

    I thought he was dead already too. *rushes off to check IMDB for Ready Steady Go and Juke Box Jury* Edit: looks like one of my picks this year directed for Ready Steady Go...no sign of him dying though..
  13. Curse Of The Eurovision

    Oh thanks, I definitely had a feeling that he might become an interesting DP-candidate pretty soon, although now it seems like he might not even make the start line. Btw. here's almost the same shit in English for those of you that don't like google translated german articles: http://metro.co.uk/2017/09/25/eurovision-2017s-winner-salvador-sobral-in-intensive-care-as-he-awaits-heart-transplant-6954013/
  14. Clive James

    Oh do fuck off.
  15. Dead Pop Stars

    Greg Gilbert and a new update about cancer. From his Instagram, he says the results are a bit better than what his oncologist was expecting, but says some of the nodules in his chest have grown back, which means more chemo. For a picture, he posted a picture of himself and he doesn't look too bad, but it's just a headshot so it's kinda hard to tell.
  16. Foreign Personalities, From Stage, Screen, Politics And Life

    Oh yeah, maybe I should put this here because I saw a list on this thread earlier with her name... I also only have her in the 100 Club thread. ...Gisele Casadesus dies at 103 All I can find/see are French obits.
  17. The Dead Of 2017

    No links as yet but it's being reported that pioneering TV producer Jack Good (Oh Boy! Six-Five Special) has died aged 86. I didn't he was still alive (until now) and thought he was a lot older.
  18. The Dead Of 2017

    It's fine to post it in the "Dead of" year thread. All deaths would be posted here if I was in charge.
  19. The Dead Of 2017

  20. Death Anniversary Thread

    The final hole-in-one for Arnold Palmer on this day one year ago, aged 87.
  21. The Dead Of 2017

  22. Curse Of The Eurovision

    In intensive care, waiting for a donor heart: http://www.spiegel.de/panorama/leute/esc-sieger-salvador-sobral-auf-intensivstation-warten-auf-spenderherz-a-1169865.html (german link)
  23. Reality TV

    "reports (that) Ami Brown is just days away from succumbing to stage-four lung cancer" http://www.intouchweekly.com/posts/what-happened-to-matt-on-alaskan-bush-people-142555
  24. Political Frailty

    Lord Laird not in the best of health, has heart problems, or so he says: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-northern-ireland-41349379
  25. The Deathlist Howto

    Hmm, not really...try a different broswer? Allow some cookies?
  26. Shove Off, Eh?

    Reverend David Mainse, Canadian evangelical leader, televangelist and host of the Christian talk show 100 Huntley Street, has died aged 81.
  27. Comics & Comedy Writers

    He'll always be Albert Selby in "How We Used to Live." to me.
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