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    Saturday night update
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    After a chat with Joey and Rad the other night, here's a msc Stat Attack. This time, the List of the Lost. Namely, not who made it, but what their fame was. Since 2007, then: 2007 – snooker ref*, NASCAR driver, French WW1 vet*, Germanys oldest man, Italian WW1 vet, Canadian social activist, New Zealand film director*, Australias oldest man, Australia radio broadcaster 2008 – Russian actor, CBC sports commentator*, Hairdressing Champion, Cancer Mum, Forester, Swedens oldest person, Oldest living French person, Video Game Designer, Super centenarian German, US Talk show host* 2009 – Last surviving Finnish Civil War participant, Cancer mum, Oldest Living Spaniard, Oldest Japanese Man, Another Really Old Japanese Person, 5th Oldest Man in the World, Another Oldest Japanese Person, Romanian Prime Minister*, Hungarian academic, Formula One Driver*, German SS soldier, 1970s Comedian*, Musician (The Lit), Milton Freidman’s widow, An American Super centenarian, Filipino Actor, Another Japanese Super Centenarian, British Female Rugby Star* 2010 – Miss World 1956, Reality TV star*, Tongan historian, WW2 sniper, Silent Film Actress*, Nazi*, Cardinal, Maltese murderer, 1924 Olympian (no medals), Bluegrass musician, American compassionate release prisoner, Canadian comic, British super centenarian, Chicago Bulls player* 2011 – NZ cancer mum, Cancer mum, Indian poet, 1920s child actor, Former President of Fiji,Brazilian centenarian who saved Jewish children during WW2, Mother of Islam, Record Producer*, Miami Dolphins Player*, Super centenarian German, Austrian physicist, American football player, WW2 war criminal, Triplet (briefly famous in 1980s), Random OAP with cancer, mobster, Band of Brothers member, Former Yugoslavian President, cancer mum, Familiar face Character Actress*, Well Regarded SF Author*, Hurling Champion, German actor, Opera singer, NZ V8 Supercar Driver, German businessman, Famous Kids Author (Died on 31st Dec) 2012 – German visual artist, French actress, Olympic Gold medallist (rowing, 1948),German economics professor, cancer mum, Businesswoman, Alpine Skier, Nun, NZ cricket international*, Britains oldest living person, Estonian poet, Belgian super centenarian, American SF actor, HOF pro-wrestler*, Band of Brothers member, Radio host, British super centenarian, Cardinal, Shah’s family member, Band of Brothers member, German F1 driver, NBA player, American TV actor*, Anti-Nazi, Spiro Agnew’s widow*, cancer mum, tennis player*, US Air Force commander*, American super centenarian, Former German Vice-President, Cardinal, French TV star, Australian author*, Monaco minister, Italian poet, Gerhard Schroder’s mum, Cartoon Voice Artist*, Corrie Actress*, colonial officer 2013 - Cancer mum (model), Oldest Living Poltician, cancer mum, NZ TV star, Band of Brothers member, Vatican official, Japanese super centenarian, Chinese soprano, Cardinal, Cardinal, Centenarian artist, Country Singer*, Son of Nazi, NFL coach*, Oldest Living European, Peruvian dissident, Mayor of Swansea, German poet, Plymouth Argyle vice-chairman*, pro-wrestler, Icelandic artist, cardinal, 1906 earthquake survivor, Archbishop, Cardinal, centenarian crime victim, blues singer*, Ukrainian war vet, Nobel Prize winning chemist*, Uncle Phil* (Only announced in 2014) 2014 – Canadian actor, singer, table tennis player, cancer dad, actress*, radium girl, Swedish actress, French 1934 World Cup player, Estonian artist, Dutch TV star, obscure rocker, Danish Anti-Nazi, Israeli actress, Cardinal, German actress, Thabo Mbeki’s mum, Super centenarian, cartoonist, film composer, mum of a dissident, South African politician, actor, Dr Who writer, German actor, Oldest NHL player, Big Finish star, Mexican super centenarian, cardinal, Cardinal, Country Singer, actor 2015 – Bishop of Amiens, Indian actor, Bishop of Motula, Puerto Rican activist, American WW2 pilot, well known character actor*, actress, former boxing world champ*, 1932 Olympic gold medallist (USA), oldest living twin, Spanish Civil War vet, 1948 Olympic Gold medallist (Dutch), 1963 Eurovision Song Contest Winner*, Patriarch of the Assyrian Church, Flintstones voice actor, philanthropist, German actress, cancer mum, folk musician, baseball player, President of Argentina*, Canadian feminist, American Republican, Austrian entrepreneur, Nazi, cancer mum, centenarian Swedish footballer, musician, cancer mum, folk singer, cancer mum, pro-wrestling HOF*, Welsh rugby player*, defence lawyer, well regarded actor* (news broke in 2016) 2016 – French singer*, cancer dad, Famous Singer*, German actress, cancer mum, cancer mum, cancer dad, BBC Presenter*, magician, cancer mum, cancer dad, French TV star, New York Senator*, German actor, German WW2 flying ace, Austrian actor, CEO, Nobel Prize winning physicist*, ska performer, cancer mum, Japanese composer, mathematician, 1957 Eurovision Song Contest Winner, Larry Hagman’s widow, Dachau surviving priest, Cleveland Browns Vice President, TV journalist, cancer dad, Hewlett Packard chairman, snyth musician, oldest French person, cancer dad, Norwegian businessman, Dutch PM*, French actress, Chinese economist, oldest living cricketer, Finnish politician, Scottish singer, Baltimore Ravens coach*, American football centenarian, South African actor, cancer mum, French screenwriter, 1970s TV actress*, NASCAR driver, NZ trade unionist, President in exile of South Moluccas, comedian, Pakistan director, Belgian cartoonist, Italian architect, box producer, cancer mum, President of Costa Rica, cancer mum, cancer dad, cancer dad, cancer dad, scholar 2017 – Corrie actress* (death announced in 2018), Film actress* (death announced in 2018), US Lt Governor of Connecticut, American broadcaster, film composer*, American SF author, Hungarian 1954 world Cup player, French actress, Christian apologist, 3D Buzz founder, photographer, Sultan of Kedah, Luton Town chairman, French theologian, Nobel Prize winning physicist, German Eurovision singer, mu of mass murderer, German artist, blogger, cancer mum, European Commissioner, prelate, comic book artist, guitarist, Illinois House of Reps member, chess grandmaster, film/tv director*, Filipino politician, Childrens Author*, Sister of Boxer, Swiss actor, actress, NHL player, cancer dad, Irish politician, Italian super centenarian, baseball player, French playwright, Familiar Face Character Actor*, Canadian politician, Nobel Prize winning physicist, tribute band singer, cancer gran, voice artist, tap dancer, Italian resistance fighter, cancer criminal, journalist, Dutch retailer, model, cancer mum, spitfire pilot 2018 (so far) – Irish TV host, German actress, Norwegian Fantasy author, NZ speedway champ, prisoner, Dutch athlete, Olympic gold medallist 1952 (USA), TV producer, Oldest Living European, cult author, French poet, baseball player, Japanese CEO, football coach, MLB coach, cancer blogger, architect, soap actor, Eritrean singer, NZ politician and war vet, Germanys oldest person, Patriarch of Antioch, photographer, France centenarian, games theorist, Witney Carsons father in law, FFBI, art critic (Italian), novelist, neuroscientist, feminist*, Canadian pilot, ascetic, crime author, American actress*, American SF author, opera singer, actress, rocket scientist, cancer mum, Nicaraguan author, NHL player, Everest climber, sound mixer, vicar/ghost expert, Filipino actor, screenwriter, cancer mum, Aston Villa goalkeeper*, Nazi, Aston Villa captain*, cancer mum So, bad news for baseball players. And New Zealanders. Biggest Shock lack of QO since 2007 (imo) 1. Kitty Kallen 2. Luis Bacalov 3. Nicolas Bloembergen 4. Frances Bay 5. Lindy Remigino 6. Peter Arundell 7. Ronald Hines 8. Alan Deakin 9. Jeffrey segal 10. Nigel Sims 11. Linda Uttley 12. Nick Bockwinkel 13. Zara Nutley 14. Walter kohn 15. Cyril Frankel 16. David Fisher 17. Jean Fritz 18. Cynthia Heimel 19. Sara Douglass
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    Lies. That’s Matt Lucas in character.
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    Is trending on Twitter for all the right reasons: looking amazing at the Emmys!
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    Yes. It's true. Black sexual predators do get sent to the state pen. White sexual predators become President/Supreme Court Justice.
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    He'll never live to see the next set of Super Smash Bros. newcomers: Le Duc Anh, Dilip Kumar, Sri Sri, and Richard Overton. All are the most overpowered fighters in the game because nothing can kill them.
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    Must be his time then.
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    "Infamy, infamy, they've all got it in for me."
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    Half the signed on members who are allowed to create a thread - shouldn't be.
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    I've started reading a horror novel in braille. Something bad is going to happen, I can feel it.
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    First day in prison. Has a hotdog bun thrown at him, falls down a few steps. https://consequenceofsound.net/2018/09/bill-cosby-hotdog-bun/
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    That's not a Deathrace QO? Damn it. *tears up entire shortlist*
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    A bit more than half of our participants thought Denis Norden would be alright for another 365 nights. He instead takes his longest pause yet, moderately shaking up the scoreboard, and while theoldlady stays in first place, she's dropped just enough to have to share the podium with John Key. Also, ten teams now place below the guy who used Random.org to decide his names. My word... =1. John Key 9 =1. theoldlady 9 3. Grim Up North 12 4. machotrouts 17 =5. deadsox 20 =5. Joey Russ 20 7. The Dead Cow 21 =8. CastAway 22 =8. drol 22 =10. Bibliogryphon 23 =10. Death Impends 23 =10. Wormfarmer 23 13. Torva Messor 24 14. gcreptile 25 15. Pedro67 27 =16. CaptainChorizo 30 =16. YoungWillz 30 18. msc 31 19. Mercarte 33 =20. Dr_T 36 =20. Garn2 36 =22. CharonsCrew 37 =22. FixedBusiness 37 =22. Toast 37 =25. paddyfool 45 =25. Sean 45 =27. Book 46 =27. Spade_Cooley 46 29. Bentrovato 50 30. Dead Wait 51 31. Phantom of the Midway 56 =32. Sir Creep 57 =32. time 57 34. Deathray 58 35. GraveDanger 61 36. The Unknown Man 71
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    Completely misread that as "all trains" ie Thomas, Percy, the Flying Scotsman, Ivor and so on...
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    Oh I assure you all my jokes are nicked from others. Like this one, about an old guy who died. 99 years old, lived a health freak existence on orders of his wife, she's made him a vegan teetotaller exercise guy etc etc, anyhow they're killed in the same car crash. So they're up at Heaven together and St Peter meets them and gives them the low down on the afterlife, walking about, pointing out stuff. "Pubs over there!" "You've got pubs in heaven?" said the guy, surprised. His wife by his side. "OH aye", said St Peter, "All kinds of pubs, all the booze you can think of. It's Heaven, so you can drink all you want if you want with not even a hangover. You can live however you want." They walk by a MacDonalds. "You've got fast food up here?" said the guy. "Oh aye" said St Peter, "Any type you want, it's Heaven, you can eat anything you want up here." They pass by a brothel. St Peter nods. "Any type you want, it's Heaven after all." The tour ends. St Peter says "Anything to say?" Guy turns to his wife. "You cunt, I could have been here 70 years ago!" It's got the structure of a Mike Reid gag, but dunno, heard it off a drunk guy in the QMU years ago.
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    Absolutely. We have become a society that has turned the innocent until proven guilty on its head.
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    Happy 70th Birthday, Olivia! All the best to you!!!
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    The Odeon in my town was robbed last night of £754. The thieves took some M&Ms , Doritos, a hand full of pick n mix and a large drink...
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    What - like the next wedding is gay? Or he's working his way through ethnic minorities before starting on women in wheelchairs.
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    My heart sunk when I saw this topic was the last one posted in. Out of everybody on this years list Betty White is the one person I really hope survives for many more years
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    Someone seems to have removed all the punctuation keys from your keyboard...
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