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    Brilliant thread as ever, Ulitzer. Easily one of the best for easily sourcing information in the last few years.
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    Boris Pahor is a hit for @Perhaps, @Doulton, @Death Impends, @Yvonne, @drol, @arghton, @Great Uncle Bulgaria, @theoldlady, @Torva Messor, @CaptainChorizo, @ThereWillBeDeaths7, @Book, @Ulitzer95, @The Old Crem, @Hell, @Bibliogryphon, @Lafaucheuse, @The Daredevil, @Annami, @The Unknown Man, @msc and @Kenny CONGRATULATIONS ALL!!!
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    Boris Pahor dead at 108.
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    Rest in what? Sodano embodied the absolute worse of Vatican hierarchy! He used his immense power to cover up abuses from the clergy for years and he himself was a closeted homosexual and suspected paedophile. He defined abuses by priests as "petty gossip". He was so much of a cunt he was even hated in a place full of cunts like the Vatican. Hell of a good riddance, he was probably the worst.
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    Angelo Sodano dead. (link in Italian)
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    Didn’t show up to my daughters year 6 school jubilee party. Surely the end is near.
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    The slow hit rate of May was compensated for by losing one of the year's most popular picks. Superhero inksmith George Perez was tied with Gary Burgess and Jimmy Carter as the third most popular HPDP pick, with 16 selections. The hits are as follows: Funeralopolis, gcreptile, Thatcher, and Torva Messor draw up 40 points. BabyBlue, CaptainChorizo, drol, and Salmon Mousse 35. Banana and Perhaps 30. JoeMoneypenny and msc 25. MariNisia 20. Valhalla One 10. and Book and chilean way 25 sub points. Also dead this past month was Holocaust survivor and Slovene-language author Boris Pahor. Only six feet blunder placed him on the main team, and consequentially gains 70 points (50 base + 20 bonus). Annami lands her first sub for 25 points, while Perhaps lands his second for 50. The popular Perez hit means a lot of gains on the latest scoreboard, if not much change to the actual dynamic. Perhaps emerges the biggest winner thanks to also having Pahor. 1. Book 315 2. gcreptile 268.81 3. Banana 245.81 4. Salmon Mousse 211 5. msc 210 6. Perhaps 193 7. CaptainChorizo 187 8. drol 165 9. DevonDeathTrip 158 10. maryportfuncity 140 11. Annami 119 12. theoldlady 113.82 13. Pedro67 113 14. markb4 108.99 15. Torva Messor 104 16. Kenny 99 17. six feet blunder 95 18. Toast 91 19. Thatcher 85 20. Funeralopolis 80 21. MariNisia 78 22. Great Uncle Bulgaria 73 23. John Key 72.99 24. An Fear Beag 70.81 25. YorkshireBanker 56 26. The Unknown Man 42 27. JoeMoneypenny 39 28. BabyBlue 35 29. Exu 32 30. Famous6Eva 28 =31. chilean way 25 =31. Gooseberry Crumble 25 =31. GuyFromFuture 25 34. Valhalla One 10 =35. Hell 0.99 =35. The Old Crem 0.99 =37. Bibliogryphon 0 =37. CalebH 0 =37. Death Impends 0 =37. DeathByArsenic 0 =37. Doulton 0 =37. Dying Probably 0 =37. Joey Russ 0 =37. TheSpinosaurus 0 =37. time 0 =37. YoungWillz 0
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    Also a new portrait released of the cancer-riddled girl on her deathbed.
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    Yayyyy. I'm havings Ukrainian. Language barrier is hell, but fortunately I've got an app that helps. Looks like we'll be speaking Ukrainian in a few weeks and they'll be speaking with a Scottish accent soon too.
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    Yeah, just to contextualise this. Yes, a majority of the Vatican had nothing to do with abuse and knew nothing about it, and many of them would have certainly spoken out if they knew or suspected anything. There are others who heard whispers but assumed it had to be akin to those Jimmy Savile rumours. (ie that nearly everyone thought outlandish, until they turned out true.) There are those who were told about stuff but through some personal failing or other didn't report it. None of these apply to Sodano, who not only knew about the stuff going back to the 80s, he actively supressed the information for decades. He even pushed back on Pope Benedict on the matter, and when Benny is more liberal than you on this matter... He shielded known abusers from being revealed, left them to find new victims, and slandered anyone who came forward. He is legit the embodiment of evil in this regard.
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    Well said. I for one find this thread very interesting.
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    Alec John Such, original bassist with Bon Jovi, becomes another miss for my TOTP Theme Team as he reportedly dies aged 70: https://themusicuniverse.com/former-bon-jovi-bassist-alec-john-such-dies/ Reached #4 in December 1986 with Livin' On A Prayer.
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    He'll be troubling us no longer. SC
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    Russian chess master and trainer Alexander Nikitin reported dead: https://ruchess.ru/en/news/all/alexander_nikitin_1935_2022_passed_away/ Trained notable names such as Garry Kasparov and was second to Boris Spassky in the revenge match against Bobby Fischer.
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    That brings back a funny memory. Years ago an acquaintance of my mother worked at Sandringham Stud. One of the perks must have been free Christmas cards, because every year a card from him would arrive that bore inside the inscription : The Royal Household Well, my mum always waited expectantly for that card, and it would be displayed in a very prominent position. "Lovely card, always such class," she would say. It always featured a painting or item from the Royal collections. Then one year disaster struck. He left Sandringham and went to work at a stud in Newmarket. So no Royal Household card. Mum was very scathing about the card he sent that year. "Some people have no taste", she complained. And the card was relegated to the back row
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    Boris Pahor Times Obit @gcreptile: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/boris-pahor-obituary-dxs9hxz7h
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    Austrian psychologist Sophie Freud died at 97 years: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/06/03/science/sophie-freud-dead.html She was last surviving grandchild of Sigmund Freud.
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    And a third one to top it off, seeing as he's been on my extended Wiki watchlist for years... Professor Johannes W. Rohen (wiki), German anatomist, dead at 100. Produced the most detailed photographic atlas of the human anatomy, supposedly. Death notice.
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    I think that if she reached 100 years old there will be a huge celebration rather than wait for the 'Dubilee'
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    Miss Boudicca and Sir Creep attended ‘Immersive Van Gogh’ in Detroit, MI. We can’t post videos here I guess so allow these few still photos to do the event no justice. It was great. SC
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    Sometimes you need the rain to remind you of how beautiful sunshine can be.
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    Lester Piggott dead.
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    Larry Storch, new picture 22nd of May 2022 posted on his facebook page Doesn't look bad for a 99-year-old but there's also a video in which he sounds very frail. (https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=559771408864383)
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