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    Texas chainsaw Massacre, a movie in which a crazy man kills white kids on a farm, surprised I've never heard of this.
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    Really can't stand the whole "acceptance of homosexuality is paving the way for acceptance of wanting to fuck children/animals/what have you" perspective. Only one of those involves two consenting adults.
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    That's how most of us feel when you post about university presidents and college basketball people.
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    I'm really sad, but not that surprised to read about the death of Grant Hart. In my view his musical and songwriting talents were incredibly underrated and I hope history will be kind to him, as he never achieved the recognition he deserved in life. There aren't that many drummers who sing lead vocals, and Grant Hart was right up there with the best of them. Years ago, when I was a teenager getting into grunge, lots of these bands cited Husker Du as a huge influence on them, so bought their live album on cassette and was blown away. Eventually I ended up owning all of Husker Du's albums and, to this day, some of them still get played regularly. As Vinegar Tits points out above, Hart's next project, Nova Mob, were pretty damned good as well, but he never saw much in the way of chart action. Nova Mob's concept album The Last Days of Pompeii really deserved far more airplay than it actually got, but Hart seemed destined to forever remain in obscurity. His solo career never took off and he spent years playing in bars for very little money. There were rumours going around a few years ago that he had HIV, which given the fact he was a promiscuous gay man with a raging heroin habit in the late 80s and early 90s, may have had some substance to them. Grant Hart never made much money; he lived in his late parents' home until he accidentally set fire to it a few years ago. But he kept of writing and performing right up to the end, in the face of complete indifference to anyone but his minuscule fan base. If ever there was a case of life not being fair, Grant Hart probably fits the bill as a prime example. Oh, and the name of the album that got me hooked? The Living End.
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    This is stating the obvious. Before the mid 20th century, there was no popular mass media, and therefore few "celebrities" - just famous people such as royalty, certain stage performers, notable inventors, explorers and suchlike. The advent of TV, film, tabloid newspapers and a wider range and availability of popular music brought with it many more familiar names and faces. Many of these personalities are now in or approaching old age. There's no "epidemic", it's just people reaching the end of their natural life span. The poll is pointless IMO as it's subjective and not quantifiable.
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    Floyd Maywillzer vs Conor McThatcher?
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    The one and only time I've emailed to request an obit was to the Guardian in 2010 when I told them it was unfair Stella Nova nee Steve New - a unique pick for me on the DDP - hadn't had a write-up. I obviously wasn't very subtle as I got an email back minutes later basically asking me if I had a deadpool team called The Living End and I was so disturbed at being outed that I've never done it again. That said, New/Nova did get his/her obituary in the end, but I couldn't honestly claim it had anything to do with me. As for Cameron-Blackie, I can't see her getting an obit now, which means my run of unique picks could be coming to an end
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    I can think of another reason why a man might want his hard drive destroyed after death....
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    Best Hair and Make Up....
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    Sudden Death? Scooby Doo? Sexual Deviant ?
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    I swear to God they are actually driving Dilip Kumar's corpse around in a car and pretending he's alive.
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    I would like to share a personal experience with you all about drinking and driving after a "social event" with friends. Last night, I was out at a party. I had a few cocktails & shots followed by several pints. Despite my merriness, I still had the sense to know that I was over the limit. That's when I decided to do what I have never done before: I took a taxi home. Sure enough, there was a police road block on the high street but, since I was in a taxi, they waved it past. I arrived home safely without incident. This was both a great relief and surprise because I had never driven a taxi before. I don't even know where I got it from and now that it's outside my house, I don't know what to do with it.
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    Oh, if you must... Old(ish) folk who seem Deathlisty (but haven't been on it): 1917 –Diana Athill 1919 –James Lovelock, 1920 – Michael Anderson (Dam Busters)), Liam Cosgrave, John Paul Stevens, 1921 – Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg, Carol Channing,Monty Hall 1922 – Lyndon LaRouche, George Blake, 1923 –Roy Dotrice, Glynis Johns, Franco Zeffirelli, Gen. Chuck Yeager, Judith Kerr, Freeman Dyson, Edwin Bramall, Sumner Redstone, 1924 –Eve Marie Saint, William Russell, Christopher Tolkein, Kenneth Kaunda, Tony Britton, Gloria Vanderbilt 1925–David Graham, Barbara Bush, June Whitfield, George A Cooper, Jacques Delors, Bernard Hepton, Mikis Theodorakis, Richard Baker 1926 –, David Attenborough, Mel Brooks, Gudrun Ure, Valery D’Estang, Roger Corman, Stanley Baxter, Glyn Houston, Norman Jewison, Alan Greenspan, Leonard Fenton, Charlotte Rae 1927 – Sidney Poitier, Hubert de Givenchy, Harry Belafonte, Rosalyn Carter, Albert Uderzo, Fenella Fielding, Geoffrey Palmer, June Brown, Ken Dodd, Freddie Jones, Barron Hilton, Jerry Stiller 1928 – Walter Mondale, Desmond Morris, Jim Lovell, Tom Lehrer, Burt Bacharach,, Hans Blix, Ennio Morricone, Noam Chomsky, Mark Eden, Frank Borman, Bernard Cribbins, Tommy Docherty, James Watson, Peter Wyngarde, Peter Firmin, Jean-Marie le Pen, Berry gordy, Monty Norman, 1929 – Patricia Routledge, Len Deighton, Sir Roger Bannister, Max von Sydow, Joseph Jackson, Bob Newhart, Barbara Walters, Bob Hawke, Imelda Marcos,, Stirling Moss, Winnie Ewing, Christopher Plummer, Mohammed Al-Fayed, Betty Boothroyd, Stuart Hall, Peter Higgs, John Nettleton, Rip Torn, Joan Plowright, John Woodvine, Vera Miles, Lennart Johansson, PJ Hammond 1930 – Tippi Hedren, Buzz Aldrin, Gene Hackman, Robert Wagner, Rolf Harris, Clint Eastwood, Ross Perot, Bernie Ecclestone, Warren Buffett, Sister Wendy Beckett, Douglas Hurd, Shirley Williams, Windsor Davies, George Soros, Eileen Derbyshire, Andre previn, Sandra Day O’Connor, 1931 – Robert Duvall, James Earl Jones, Don King, Mikhail Gorbachev, Rupert Murdoch, William Shatner, Norman Tebbit, Jackie Mason, Kenneth Cope, Mario Zagallo, Regis Philbin, Ian Holm, John le Carre, William Goldman, Lionel Blair,Ken Bates, Raul Castro, Michael Lonsdale, Virginia McKenna, Billy Bingham, Brian Glanville, Claire Bloom 1932 –Piper Laurie, Williams, Dennis Skinner ,Bill Roache, Donald Rumsfeld ,Petula Clark, Little Richard, Roy Hattersley,Nigel Lawson, Des O’Connor, Bernard Ingham, 1933– Kim Novak, Yoko Ono, Duchess of Kent, Michael Caine, Ruth Ginsburg, Philip Roth, Willie Nelson, Sian Philips, Joan Collins, Joan Bakewell, Cormac McCarthy, Julie Newmar, Roman Polanski, David McCallum, Michael Hesseltine, Michael Aspel, David Bellamy, Dickie Bird, Derek Martin, Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, Biddy Baxter, Quincy Jones, Dickie Davies, Ron Saunders 1934: Tom Baker, Barry Humphries, Ralph Nader, Annette Crosbie, Shirley MacLaine, Charles Manson, Alan Bennett, Richard Chamberlain, Russ Tamblyn, Eileen Atkins, Jean Marsh, Jonathan Miller, Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Giorgio Armani, George Chakiris, Albert II, Slyvia Sims, Timothy West, Wendy Craig, Jane Goodall, Gloria Steinem, Pat Boone, John Standing, 1935: Julian Glover, Derren Nesbitt, Erich von Daniken, Donald Sutherland, Ron Paul, Jerry Lee Lewis, Julie Andrews, Johnny Mathis, Woody Allen, Jack Charlton, William Freidkin, Topol, Michael Jayston, James Bolam, Johnny Briggs, duke of kent, Barry Cryer, Mahmoud Abbas, Melvyn Hayes, Bamber Gascoigne, Jim Dale, Mary Berry, Michael Eavis, Dalai Lama, 1936 – Alan Alda, Clive Swift, Dean Stockwell, Sepp Blatter, Ursula Andress, FW de Klerk, Engelbert Humperdinck, Albert Finney, Ken Loach, Kris Kirstofferson, Richard Wilson, Robert Redford, John McCain, Dick Cavett, Joe Don Baker, James Burke, Winnie Mandela, Diana Rigg, Bill Wyman, Brian Blessed, Tommy Steele, Uwe Seeler, Glenda Jackson, Pope Francis.
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    No it won't. It's just you upping your post count with a pointless thread.
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    Can someone change this guy's name to Dunnsky1211?
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    When I was a kid my mum let the neighbourhood kids who didn't have pets name our goldfish. I can't remember all of them but I do remember Salad and Deckchair as two of the names (of the fish not the kids). Could have been worse I suppose.
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    And this is a British based forum; we use British dates.
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    Stop the creation of "Who will die first between these two/three/several somewhat comparable people?" threads. That goes for "Who will die first between these people born in the same year?" and "Who will be the last survivor between etc etc" threads too.
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    I think there's a reasonable chance Parsons could still be presenting Just A Minute when he turns 100. Or 200 for that matter - the man seems completely indestructible.
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    Did I miss some news?
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    Just a heads up since last time it happened it was announced in this thread. Mad Hatter posted rather gruesome drawn porn in two threads (Famous For Being Ill, Stan Lee) and is enjoying another month vacation as a consequence.
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    Nah. Lardy will be dressed as a nurse, she will wheelchair me in straight through the front door, heavily disguised as somebody old and famous like Brian Blessed or summat, and when we are in we will open the tradesmans entrance ( Lardy has some experience of tradesmans entrances ) and let the rest of you in. It cannot fail.
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    Last night I dreamt I was on Pointless and Alexander Armstrong decided to come out of the closet and announce he was in a relationship with Richard Herring! What is wrong with me? I finally dream about someone I do find attractive and then I dream that he's gay.
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    I hate when people ask me where I will be in 3 years time I have to tell them I don't have 2020 vision
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    His death has gone global
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    While you are waiting for him you could update The Jokers Deadpool scoreboard ;-)
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    Update #14 for Richard Anderson, Connie Johnson, Peter Hall, and Violet Brown. msc 2140 drol 1965 Death Impends 1860 Joey Russ 1760 gcreptile 1535 Book 1460 Jiroemon Kimura 1460 The Dead Cow 1415 Grim Up North 1305 Captain Chorizo 1160 GraveDanger 1075 Wormfarmer 1035 YoungWillz 1010 RadGuy 970 The Unknown Man 855 Deathray 675 Shaun of the Dead 675 Bibliogryphon 500 ImNotHades 350 Gooseberry Crumble 275 Davy Jones' Locker 100 A lot of people get big boosts in this update. YoungWillz and Wormfarmer make it past the thousand points mark. DeathImpends and gcreptile make it into the top 5.
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    Who the fuck let him on a horse?Surprised he didnt end up on the motorway.
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    You are not new to this forums, Joey. Don't reports hoaxes which are clearly hoaxes. The poorly written article said she died on Sunday while we got positive news from The Sun about her improving health on Monday. It was a total load of bullshit, like the NE on Bob Barker, but though the latest has been reported by complete newbies, a pretty estabilished member like you should recognize, and therefore not post, implausible hoaxes. Thanks.
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    TMZ is a good source and they report deaths one minute after they happen. Don't compare it to that absolute rubbish called National Enquirer.
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    Though the idea of him going "fuck NBA, I'm off to Serie A" did raise a chuckle.
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    That's a rather sad end for such a great musician from a great band. RIP
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    they all seem to be having a problem figuring out where the sun is.No wonder they left the country in such a mess !
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    Heeeeeeeres jonnnngy
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    People who've lost all hope in life do not wear orange sweaters. It's a fact.
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    Don't fret, I'm sure work will pick up for you soon
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    Do you know what paedophilia means? It means being sexually attracted to PRE-PUBESCENT CHILDREN. You are trivialising the word. Being attracted to post-pubertal teenagers is totally different, and is not unnatural. It is not paedophilia. Neither is having a much younger/older sexual partner, which is something that has been going on since time immemorial. The only people who might be "trying to make paedophilia a normal thing" are paedophiles themselves. If people insist on re-defining the term 'paedophilia' and change its meaning, what do we have left to describe the much more serious, unnatural and disturbing condition of being sexually attracted to PRE-PUBESCENT CHILDREN?