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    Just in case The Queen is reading this in her final moments I'd just like to share with you all a funny family moment that we shared with Her Majesty. We went on a trip to London and were outside Buckingham Palace sightseeing when the big black gates opened and a car drove towards us and through the gates - we were the only people around, no crowds just the 5 of us. As we casually looked in the back of the car there was The Queen herself looking out. My wife's face was one of excited bemusement and she started waving frantically - she must have looked comical because we all saw The Queen look at her and then uncontrollably chuckle to herself as if 'who the fuck else did they think would be coming out of Buck Pal in a big Daimler'. She then gave her a little wave back. This will always be a favourite memory of a moment we shared with The Queen and how we will always think of her. May your final moments be peaceful and thank you for being such a wonderful sovereign for our country.
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    I don't really have anything to add that hasn't already been said, but I'm impressed at how the DL servers are holding up so far
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    She did have a happy ending. She was working on Tuesday, meeting with two Prime Ministers, and less than 48 hours later, she'd slipped away. No drama, no hospitals, no painfully drawn out decline, just here, and then gone. Who could ask for a better final public appearance than this?
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    Ma'amageddon In 1932, psychologist Harry Harlow conducted a famous experiment on the nature of maternal bonds. Infant rhesus monkeys were presented with two inanimate surrogate mothers – one made of wire, which provided milk, and one made of cloth, which did not. Overwhelmingly, the monkeys bonded with the cloth mother, visiting the wire mother only to feed, thus demonstrating the importance of contact comfort to an infant's development. Harlow then conducted a follow-up experiment with a third mother, this one made of stolen diamonds. This mother would too be inanimate, possessing no identifiable personality traits or intelligence, but would also provide no nourishment and not be physically accessible – the monkeys would simply be shown a picture, and told "this mother is richer and more powerful than you". While monkeys with self-respect and dignity naturally rejected the diamond mother, an unusually deferential contingent of monkeys genuflected before her, instinctively subservient in the face of power, accepting and even craving their own personal immiseration in her name. Harlow, harrowed by his findings, abandoned the experiment and deported this profoundly maladjusted monkey contingent to a rainy and inhospitable island to keep them away from the civilised world. That island later became known as "Britain", and the monkeys evolved into what we now know as "British people". Queen Elizabeth II, socialite and tabloid star, has died at the age of 96. If there's one vaguely nice-sounding thing that every obit struggling to come up with a tangible positive fact about the Queen has to say, it's that she was "always there" – and that's certainly true when it comes to the Inverse Dead Pool, where she appeared on a majestic 43 out of 48 teams, this year's 6th most popular pick. This means revolution on the leaderboard, with former top 3 @Pedro67, @theoldlady, and @Newjack all finding themselves guillotined for the treason of ranking her too high. They're succeeded by @Philip, who gallops from 13th to 3rd as one of the few players who evidently knew his grieving widow well enough not to pick her at all; @Sean, who "only" incurs a 10-point penalty and returns to 2nd in the line of succession; and @YorkshireBanker, whose measly 4-point gain anoints them to the current Inverse Throne. Hopefully they're the banker in charge of updating all the currency, because they clearly know what they're doing. They're not the only ones benefitting from only slightly not thinking the Queen would die – just 5 points for @Joey Russ, who arises to 6th, just 3 points for @ThereWillBeDeaths7, who rides a gilded carriage from 26th to 10th, and just 0 points for @Sir Creep and @CastAway, who make like Prince Andrew and jump into the teens. Meanwhile at the bottom of the leaderboard, @Hell has not been burnt by the Queen (though one can't say the reverse is true). This means our new last in line to the throne is @chilean way, who falls down like London Bridge, their 25-point penalty bringing them to an apropos number of doom: 96. As we're almost all red-faced this week, let's experiment with a new column to signal who the actual risers and fallers are: GAINED TOTAL 1. ▲ YorkshireBanker +4 14 2. ▲ Sean +10 18 3. ▲ Philip 20 4. = machotrouts +14 21 5. ▼ Pedro67 +19 22 6. ▲ Joey Russ +5 23 7. ▲ BuffaloPhil +10 25 8. ▼ theoldlady +20 26 9. ▼ Newjack +21 27 10. ▼ Sideik +19 28 10. ▲ ThereWillBeDeaths7 +3 28 12. ▼ An Fear Beag +16 30 13. ▼ gcreptile +18 33 13. ▲ LizLemon +12 33 15. ▲ Book +13 35 16. ▲ Banana +14 36 17. ▲ Sir Creep 37 18. ▲ CastAway 38 19. ▲ YoungWillz +15 39 20. ▼ CaptainChorizo +22 40 20. ▲ Spade_Cooley +8 40 22. ▼ Funeralopolis +21 41 22. ▼ GuyFromFuture +21 41 22. ▼ Nick +19 41 22. = Toast +18 41 22. ▲ The Unknown Man +13 41 27. ▲ deadsox +11 42 28. ▼ Predictor +22 44 28. ▼ MortalCaso +18 44 30. ▼ MariNisia +24 46 31. ▼ wannamaker +20 47 31. = The Old Crem +16 47 33. ▼ Pedro67's wife +24 48 33. ▼ drol +20 48 35. ▼ Grim Up North +25 49 36. ▼ TQR +17 50 37. ▼ Death Impends +19 51 38. ▲ Bibliogryphon +17 58 39. ▲ Great Uncle Bulgaria +21 62 40. ▼ BabyBlue +24 63 40. ▼ Annami +23 63 42. ▼ Perhaps +20 64 43. ▲ machotrouts' mum 70 44. ▼ msc +23 73 45. ▲ Hell 81 46. ▼ Neobrakeon +25 83 47. = Doulton +13 85 48. ▼ chilean way +25 96
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    As some have said, it’s still odd to read ‘King Charles III’. Maybe the subheading of this thread should be ‘The artist formerly known as Prince’?
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    I'm not British nor a royalist. But the fortitude of a 96-year old woman barely standing and suffering from a terminal Illness still finding the strength to meet the new PM and absolve her duties is only to admire. You'll miss her.
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    Incidentally, just confirming she qualifies for a q/o by the looks of this: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-61605149
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    My condolences to the UK and to the British people on this website.
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    She can't leave yet, this thread hasn't reached 200 pages.
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    Even I don't believe in that shit.
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    Phillip came to me today, and said it was time to go. I looked at him and smiled, as i whispered that "I know" I then turned and looked behind me, and seen I was asleep. All my Family were around me, and I could hear them weep. I gently touched each shoulder, with Phillip by my side. Then I turned away and walked, with My Angel guide. Phillip held my hand, as he lead the way, to a world where King's and Queens, are Monarch's every day. I was given a crown to wear or a Halo known by some. The difference is up here, they are worn by everyone. I felt a sense of peace, my reign had seen its end. 70 years I had served my Country, as the peoples friend. Thank you for the years, for all your time and love. Now I am one of two again, in our Palace up above. Poem written by unknown author Reposted from a Facebook Friend..
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    She joined the Women’s Auxiliary Territory Service as soon as she turned 18, despite the protestations of her parents. BTW I am by no means a royalist either but your idiotic thread creation and your deliberately truculent attitude should probably do a bit of shuttyfuckups for now. Advocate for a republic without shouting in everyone’s faces like a prick.
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    The vast majority of us in the UK have no idea what it’s like to not have Her Maj as a figurehead. She was a constant, she never stopped. Even two days before her death she was talking to Tory cunts on our behalf. Royalist or not, to varying degrees, we mourn.
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    Pressing refresh on deathlist.net
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    Unexpected source calls it first.
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    Good afternoon, Mr/Mrs Speciality. I’m delighted to inform you, as one of the many curmudgeons here, that your idea, oozing with love and positivity though it may, does indeed pass the idiocy threshold. I’m the creator of the Punt Pool, which is a deadpool in a sense but it goes out of its way to exclude those who were, at time of launch, imminently in danger of dropping dead. Believe me, if you see how low the hit rate has been, it is extremely easy to pick people who won’t die. So I suppose how your proposed game will play out is we’ll all just pick a load of fit and healthy fellows in their twenties and thirties and then have a soapy titwank celebration at the end of every year, having smashed it yet again with a 50/50. Fucking idiot. Best regards, Curmudgeon
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    She is a hit for @Perhaps, @Yvonne, @Great Uncle Bulgaria, @theoldlady, @Torva Messor, @Book, @The Old Crem, @John Key, @Bibliogryphon, @The Daredevil, @Annami, @Johnnas, @The Unknown Man, @msc and @Kenny CONGRATULATIONS ALL!!!
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    Tributes continue to pour in:
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    I'm absolutely devastated. What an extraordinary woman. What a moment in our nation's history. I don't know what else to say. Working right up until the end. Rest in Peace, Your Majesty.
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    That's disgusting, @Joey Russ. Have some respect. A lot of us are genuinely heartbroken here. It's not even funny.
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