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    Has anyone mentioned Norman Lloyd or Beverly Cleary yet?
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    Our thoughts and prayers are with the virus at this difficult time.
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    Deserves a thread or deserves death?
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    I gave your post a like, just in case it's your last one (lets hope)
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    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Comment of the year...... Anyhoo, I've allowed this post just for the laugh it's given me (and probably a few other members). Hahahahahahahahahahaha. You're still on mod preview.
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    You had better take me off this stupid mod preview or I am going to walk away from this forum forever. This is not a democratic site but rather like a dictatorship and I will not stand for it
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    Former Host of The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice Tests Positive for Covid-19 80's Babies might know him best for his cameo's in Home Alone 2 and The Little Rascals,but the reality star Donald Trump and his wife Melania have tested positiv for Covid-19
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    Of course his will be the most tremendous case in the history of viruses. Nobody has ever had such a tremendous virus. In fact his virus is tremendously smarter than everyone else’s by infecting the most tremendous president they’ve ever had. I hope he fucking dies tremendously.
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    70+ British royals and non-royals who are close family to royals Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, 99 Elizabeth II, 94 Katharine, Duchess of Kent, 87 Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, 84 Princess Alexandra of Kent, 83 Prince Michael of Kent, 78 Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester, 76 Princess Michael of Kent, 75 Birgitte, Duchess of Gloucester, 74 Charles, Prince of Wales, 71 Anne, Princess Royal, 70 Other relatives: Christopher Bournes Rhys-Jones, father of Sophie, Countess of Wessex, 89 Thomas Markle, father of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, 76 Michael Middleton, father of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, 71 George Brooksbank, father of Jack Brooksbank, 71 ----- Michael Markle, Meghan's uncle, 81 Frederick Markle, Meghan's uncle, 78 Annabel Elliot, Camilla's sister, 71 Mary Burke Roche, Diana's aunt, 86 ----- Children of the sisters of DoE: Maximilian, Magrave of Baden, 87 Princess Dorothea of Hesse, 86 Princess Beatrix of Hohenlohe-Langenburg, 84 Prince Ludwig of Baden, 83 Karl van Hessen-Kassel, 83 Georg Andreas Heinrich of Hohenlohe-Langenburg, 81 Rainer Christoph Friedrich von Hessen, 80 Princess Clarissa of Hesse, 76 Prince Georg of Hanover, 70 Queen's cousins: Simon Bowles-Lyon, 88 Lady Mary Cecilia Bowes-Lyon, 88 Michael Albemarle Bowes-Lyon, 80 Philip's cousins: Lady Pamela Hicks, 91 Prince Michael of Greece and Denmark, 81 Aging last royal dorgis, could be counted as family members. Both are atleast 14 years old, so if compared to human age they'd be around 78+ years old both: Vulcan, age not known Candy, age not known There are probably tons of more somewhat near old relatives of the royals, I could add more to the list if anyone suggests some
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    Another recent, in which he looks like a bit like he has a mission for you in Grand Theft Auto.
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    The deaths of Helen Reddy and Mac Davis yesterday marks the fourth time two Muppet Show guest stars died on the same day: Andres Bossard/Nancy Walker - March 25 1992 Dizzy Gillespie/Rudolf Nureyev - January 6 1993 Milton Berle/Dudley Moore - March 27 2002 Mac Davis/Helen Reddy - September 29 2020
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    Small Faces. He was a member of Small Faces. One wonders how you get it so bloody wrong all the time when all you’re doing is copying text from Wikipedia.
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    Could you post a bigger picture, please?
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    William H. Gates was a good pick by the committee.
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    The Tennessee Two became the Tennessee Three in 1960 when WS Holland joined it, however, he's dead at 85, taking it down to the Tennessee Two. EDIT: Actually it's the Tennessee None because Marshall Grant and Luther Perkins are dead.
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    In honor of our favorite ‘centrist’ who claims that Trump just makes mistakes and the left wanted Biden to be the Democratic nominee, I present to you this thread. So if you want to continuously post some intentional bad takes and don’t give a fuck about how others respond, this is the thread for you.
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    Give us time. He's no idea how close he is.
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    (just in case it's his last one...)
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    Dead So Far: Georg Ratzinger - 1 July Everton Weekes - 1 July Earl Cameron - 3 July Nick Cordero - 5 July Ennio Morricone - 6 July Mark Naley - 6 July - No Obit Johnny Beattie - 9 July Paik Sun-yup - 10 July  Judy Dyble - 12 July Zizi Jeanmaire - 17 July John Lewis - 17 July Lone Dybkjaer - 20 July - No Obit Stuart Wheeler - 23 July David Hagen - 24 July  John Saxon - 25 July Olivia de Havilland - 25 July Lee Teng-hui - 30 July Sydney Lotterby - 30 July Wilford Brimley - 1 August Bob Ryland - 2 August John Hume - 3 August Sumner Redstone - 11 August Hal Singer - 18 August Frankie Banali - 20 August "Bullet" Bob Armstrong - 27 August Pat Smullen - 15 September Stanley Crouch - 16 September Ruth Bader Ginsburg - 18 September Lee Kerslake - 19 September Michael Lonsdale - 21 September Jackie Stallone - 21 September Tommy DeVito - 21 September Juliette Greco - 23 September Bob Gibson - 2 October Mohammad-Reza Shajarian - 8 October Conchata Ferrell - 12 October Marge Champion - 21 October Death Impends: 1098 Points (Ratzinger; Jn Lewis; Wheeler; Hagen; Teng-hui; Redstone; Banali; Armstrong; DeVito; Gibson) (Sub: de Havilland [2 Hearts]) (MD: J [8]; A [3]; S[10]) Cards Played: Joey Russ: 1066 Points (Ratzinger; Cordero; Dyble; Jn Lewis; Wheeler; Hagen; Teng-hui; Banali; Armstrong; Gibson) (MD: J [2]; A [A]; S[5]) Cards Played: gcreptile: 933 Points (Ratzinger; Hagen; Banali; Armstrong; Crouch; Kerslake; Shajarian) (Sub: Cordero [A Diamonds]) (MD: J[J]; A [J]; S[Q]) Cards Played: msc: 851 Points (Ratzinger; Jn Lewis; Wheeler; Hagen; Banali; Armstrong; Singer; Gibson) (Sub: Cordero [Q Spades]) (MD: J [K]; A [K]; S[3]) Cards Played: An Fear Beag: 841 Points (Ratzinger; Jn Lewis; Teng-hui; Redstone; Banali; Smullen; Gibson) (Sub: Cordero [5 Diamonds]) (MD: J [J]; A [6]; S[4]) Cards Played: Sean: 784 Points (Cordero; Jn Lewis; Wheeler; Teng-hui; Brimley; Hume; Banali) (Sub: Weekes [Q Spades]; Ginsburg [7 Diamonds]) (MD: J [4]; A [6]; S[5]) Cards Played: Perhaps: 757 Points (Ratzinger; Jn Lewis; Teng-hui; Redstone; Banali; Smullen; Gibson) (Sub: Kerslake [K Hearts]) (MD: J [2]; A [5]; S[2]) Cards Played: Grim Up North: 729 Points (Cordero; Jn Lewis; Hagen; Banali; Armstrong; Smullen; Kerslake) (Sub: de Havilland [9 Clubs]) (MD: J [2]; A [8]; S[5]) Cards Played: Banana: 680 Points (Jn Lewis; Hagen; de Havilland; Teng-hui; Banali; Smullen) (Sub: Cordero [J Clubs]) (MD: J [10]; A [10]; S[A]) Cards Played: Captain Chorizo: 677 Points (Ratzinger; Jn Lewis; Hagen; Teng-hui; Banali; Armstrong)(MD: J [6]; A [9]; S[Q]) Cards Played: The Quim Reaper: 668 Points (de Havilland; Teng-hui; Hume; Redstone; Banali; Ginsburg) (MD: J [4]; A [10]; S[4]) Cards Played: Clorox Bleachman: 546 Points (Ratzinger; Cordero; Jn Lewis; Banali; Armstrong) (MD: J [A]; A [J]; S[J]) Cards Played: The Old Crem: 544 Points (Cordero; Lewis; de Havilland; Hume; Redstone) MD: J [Q]; A [A]; S[8]) Cards Played: YoungWillz: 536 Points (Morricone; Jn Lewis; Redstone; Ginsburg; Kerslake) (MD: J [K]; A [9]; S[A]) Cards Played: Yorkshire Banker: 491 Points (Weekes; Beattie; Teng-hui; Banali) (Sub: Cameron [Q Diamonds]) (MD: J [9]; A [2]; S[K]) Cards Played: DeathByArsenic: 474 Points (Jeanmaire; Lonsdale; Greco; Ferrell) (MD: J [10]; A[J]; S[3]) Cards Played: Bibliogryphon: 384 Points (Weekes; Jeanmaire; Stallone) (MD: J [A]; A [K]; S[2]) Cards Played: JoeMoneypenny: 379 Points (Weekes; Sun-yup; Ryland) (MD: J [4]; A [Q]; S[K]) Cards Played: theoldlady: 372 Points (Cameron; Jn Lewis; Banali) (MD: J [5]; A[4]; S[8]) Cards Played: Great Uncle Bulgaria: 272 Points (Ginsburg; Stallone) (MD: J [8]; A[3]; S[J]) Cards Played: markb4: 264 Points (Jn Lewis; Ginsburg) (Sub: de Havilland [6 Diamonds]; Champion [9 Hearts]) (MD: J [8]; A [Q]; S[9]) Cards Played: Toast: 228 Points (Lotterby; Lonsdale) (MD: J [K]; A [6]; S[9]) Cards Played: Miracle Aligner: 116 Points (de Havilland) (MD: J [7]; A [2]; S[7]) Cards Played: CalebH: 34 Points (MD: J [Q]; A [10]; S[Q]) Gooseberry Crumble: 28 Points (Sub: Saxon [4 Clubs]) (MD: J [3]; A[9]; S[Q]) Guy From Future: 26 Points (MD: J [4]; A [9]; S[K])
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    Would you like to crop out the 9GAG.COM footer and try that again?
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    You very obviously don’t. A dope is what you call someone who gets something a little bit muddled up, or trips over their own shadow or something clumsy like that. Trump is a sociopathic, solipsistic, perverted, misogynistic, racist, treacherous, precarious, imbecilic serial liar.
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    The CO2 emissions he has single-handedly contributed by swanning around the world is totally justified by the amount of people he's inspired into climate protection, conservation and the like... his lifetime worth of emissions is just a drop in the ocean of what's pumped in our atmosphere in a single day. Nobody has ever done anything close what he's done in inspiring multiple generations and nobody will for a very long time. This dude could rip off a newborn's head and shit down it's neck and it'll be ok with me. He's the MVP.
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