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    Well this surprised me! (Link)
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    Iris Apfel, businesswoman and fashion icon, joins the 100 Club today! I wish you a great day with your family and friends. Then...
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    Sure, have two at once: Trygve Brudevold (wiki), Norwegian Olympic bobsledder (1952, 1956), dead at 100. Ruth Apilado (wiki), American newspaper editor and anti-racism activist, dead at 113. Apilado ofc was the last living person of note (for reasons other than age) born in 1908.
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    Holy shit! That's amazing. A £5 saving when you shop at sports direct.
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    Michael Constantine, an Emmy Award-winning actor and co-star of the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, has died. He was 94. Constantine won his award for the TV series Room 222. A DDP pick, too. https://www.readingeagle.com/2021/09/08/michael-constantine-reading-native-dies-actor-my-big-fat-greek-wedding/
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    And, like with the Golden Girls, she holds this distinction while being the earliest-born cast member!
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    I suggest you start making sensible posts in future.
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    Please learn how to string a fucking sentence together
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    Actor Art Metrano, known as Lt./Capt./Cmdt. Mauser in the second and third installments of the Police Academy franchise, died at 84 years: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/art-metrano-dead-police-academy-stand-up-comic-1235010490/ He also had roles in films such as the original The Heartbreak Kid and Warhead.
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    Yevgeny Zinichev, Russian Emergency Minister dies trying to save a cameraman fallen from a cliff. He honored his duty till the end
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    Worth noting that while not a household name she's not just "the wife of someone famous", but a dialect coach with work on 118 films to her name. One of those leading the tributes is multiple Academy Award nominee Jessica Chastain. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-58436099
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    Dead https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnn.gr/ellada/story/279919/pethane-o-moysikosynthetis-mikis-theodorakis/amp
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    Soon be time for the arsehole "Why wasn't he on the list this year" brigade to start.
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    Jacques Rogge, Belgian competitor at various games and former President of the IOC, reportedly dead: https://olympics.com/ioc/news/amp/ioc-announces-passing-of-former-ioc-president-jacques-rogge
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    Reminds me of the priest whose church was being threatened by a flood. As the waters rose, one of his parishioners with a small boat floated past the church and called for the priest to get into the boat and save himself. "No" said the priest, "l'll be fine. The Lord will provide for me." A while later, as the flood waters rose to the second floor of the church, other parishioners came by in another boat and pleaded with the priest to get into the boat and save himself. "No," replied the priest. "I place my faith in the Lord." Later still, the waters rose up the church steeple and, as the priest hung on tightly so that he wasn't washed away, another boat came by. But still the priest refused to get into the boat. Eventually, the flood waters covered the church, and the priest was swept away and drowned. When he got to heaven, Saint Peter met the priest at the pearly gates. The priest approached Saint Peter perplexed and even a little angry. "I had faith in the Lord," he said, "why didn't he assist me in my hour of need?" "Well," said Saint Peter, "We did send three boats, you know."
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    Yes is your 10th hit, you are wining this game now @gcreptile, also a hit for @deadsox and @Great Uncle Bulgaria CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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    Adlai Stevenson III, a former US Senator and member of the Illinois House of Representatives, has died. He was 90. Stevenson died of dementia according to his son, Adlai Stevenson IV. https://chicago.suntimes.com/2021/9/7/22661586/adlai-stevenson-iii-former-senator-illinois-candidate-governor-dead-obitutary
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    27 teams are running in the wrong direction with the death of Sarah Harding. The final two clean sheets Book and Sir Creep are among them, though both placed her very low and thus remain among the serious contenders. 1. Book 1 =2. deadsox 3 =2. Sir Creep 3 4. The Quim Reaper 6 5. Sideik 7 =6. Charles De Gaulle 8 =6. JoeMoneypenny 8 =6. Pedro67 8 9. Perhaps 13 10. BuffaloPhil 15 11. Bibliogryphon 17 =12. BabyBlue 18 =12. machotrouts 18 =12. YorkshireBanker 18 15. Grim Up North 19 =16. drol 20 =16. gcreptile 20 =16. Spade_Cooley 20 =19. Annami 21 =19. Banana 21 =19. The Old Crem 21 =22. An Fear Beag 22 =22. Great Uncle Bulgaria 22 24. Funeralopolis 24 25. CaptainChorizo 25 =26. maryportfuncity 26 =26. Salmon Mousse 26 28. Toast 28 29. Death Impends 30 =30. Joey Russ 31 =30. Newjack 31 =32. LizLemon 32 =32. theoldlady 32 34. ThereWillBeDeaths7 35 35. En Passant 38 36. YoungWillz 39 37. msc 46 38. machotrouts' mum 49 39. chilean way 55 40. The Unknown Man 68 41. GuyFromFuture 71
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    After Dos Santos became oldest ever third oldest living person (surpassing previous record of Sarah Knauss - 116 years and 314 days), now Lucile Randon ties with Sarah Knauss' record of oldest ever second oldest living person at the age of 117 years and 204 days. It took nearly 25 years but finally both Sarah Knauss' records were broken.
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    German Traumschiff-actress Heide Keller has died at age 81. She was on our long list but didn't make the main list. https://www.stern.de/lifestyle/leute/heide-keller---traumschiff--schauspielerin-ist-gestorben-30695740.html
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    Dead aged 91. Legit a bit surprised at this.
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    Edmond H Fischer in great shape for someone who is dead: https://www.lindau-nobel.org/news-nobel-laureate-edmond-h-fischer Oldest living Laureate now is....?
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    Ruth Apilado is a hit for @Kenny, @arghton, @gcreptile, @Salmon Mousse, @MariNisia and @Daniel-San CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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