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    It's been a while, but here's an update. Bells and whistles (lists of lost, missed, news, theme team league) to be sorted out tomorrow.
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    Condolences to 123jeff.
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    Appalling that he's not on the BBC News front page, and those bloody wrestlers are.
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    Weirdo dream for a weirdo. So last night, I was dreaming that for some reason, the government had insisted all deadpoolers lived together. So they'd chucked a bunch of us in the same house, only all the other Deathlisters were all famous folk. So there was me, charon (Jerry Sadowitz), Sir Creep (Ed Harris as his character from the Abyss!), DDT (an old farmer I didn't catch the name of - looked a bit like the Fast Show farmer tbh) and Bou (Joanna Lumley). Apparently Deathray was in the house but asleep, and Death Impends lived there but was in court as "the neighbours thought his name was a threat". Charon/Sadowitz kept looking out of the windows for the police coming. Anyhow, knock at the door and I got sent to answer it. Sir Humphrey Appleby from Yes Minister. He walks into the room, and everyone else is all "Oh its Bibliogryphon here for the rent!" I said it was Sir Humphrey and Ed Harris/Sir Creep went "Yeah but everyone knows he's Gryphon!" They haggled over money, and Sir Humphrey/Biblio forbid charon from knocking down a wall in the house as it could hurt or kill people. "Only English passersby!" Anyhow, then DDT, who had been silent up to this point, suggests we had Sister Wendy over for tea - his only line in the entire dream - and then I woke up. So none of the rest of you got to show up. Very weird.
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    Right, so let's get this clear, this is the watertight evidence we have for the DoE being dead: The sartorial darkness of BBC News presenters. The (retired) man not being at work for a while. 23-year-old Sam, unemployed, from Preston confirming on Twitter to her 141 followers that royal sources close to her say Buckingham Palace will be making a statement at 18:00 GMT. Brilliant.
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    Four feet to go...
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    Think I'll lock the thread in an hour or so. Feel free to insult each other until then
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    Oooh, Sequel! Face Off 2: The Never Dying Reviews "Wish I'd thought of that" - Roger Ebert "Pah, these guys are amateurs" - Le Duc Anh
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    Unless he gets salmonella from eating too much of Edwina then he is around for a couple more decades.
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    That bio is very amusing. "Her 'big' scene in the film is a rather uncomfortable looking bathtub threesome. If you watch the scene closely you can see Helli pull a visibly pained expression as she catches her back on a bath knob. " Fnarr fnarr.
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    Is a Twitter rumour a Tumour?
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    It's always an interesting read when you type in 'Prince Philip' in the search bar on Twitter. The gist of it is that someone accidentally started the rumour yesterday, Chinese whispers made that an official thing and it'd be announced by Buckingham Palace at 1700 (yesterday), people who didn't read that bit carried the rumour on to today, fuelled further by the fact that a few news sites have re-pubished an article saying what will happen when he does die. The announcement of his death was then pushed from 5pm yesterday to 2pm today, which, unless I've got dementia at 22, didn't happen. The Twitterverse have ignored this, and now come up with several conspiracies as to how he's been dead for months. So all is normal and the DoE is alive and well. Probably.
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    Roger the cabin boy, usually.....
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    All these ancient Indians and Vietnamese have only been lingering for a year or two and yet it's going to be the same feeling as Zsa Zsa's death when one of them finally topples.
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    Not just fuming but "upset and enraged". https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-life/royals/the-queen-was-absolutely-fuming-over-false-death-rumours-about-prince-philip/news-story/8fc9b351297f9b5b21727a450b2a8065 Heaven help us if she ever finds out about this site, then...
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    Find me an obese 91 year old.
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    Curb your enthusiasm on Brickhouse Brown, he is still alive and kicking. Just his biological mother and the hospice care staff are a bunch of cunts and tought he was dead when he was sleeping. Not joking.
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    The irony though if she died in a plane crash!
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    Here's the contents:
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    No, it's my turn to say ENOUGH. If you don't like my postings, don't read them. I've often seen people post updates to threads when they find something humorous, strange, offbeat, etc. The article was a curiously morbid piece I posted to see how people would react. That's it. How can it be in the wrong thread, it's directly related to the death of Cilla Black? I decided to respect the person who originally posted her death notice by including it here. Christ, it's like there's an old boys club that doesn't like it when someone new joins and they just have to scrutinize every post for the slightest offense. I do appreciate it when somebody (properly) points out a more appropriate thread for a posting or indicates a death I've posted has already been included elsewhere, but when someone has nothing better than to whine because they personal disagree with another's post, the problem is theirs not mine and I don't want to hear about it.
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    Waaaay beyond homophobia, it was for popularising the permanent five o'clock shadow. I was like "grow a beard or shave ya tramp". *this may have been influenced by me not able to get the stubble effect as I couldn't grow a beard at the time, and still cannot.
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    The Queen going to Balmoral without him means there is no iminent death. If he were circling the drain she would stay put.
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