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    The rules will be identical except BBC regional news will return as an accepted QO. There's a very boring technical issue with the site that has held me up for about a month from doing anything important, which I won't dull you with. However, I think 2019 should see the end of "updates" in the traditional sense...
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    Thanks! I intend to open up the new thread on the 2nd of December, at latest.
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    It's official! @gcreptile is your new host for the 2019 competition. A big round of applause for him please. I'll save my corny retirement speech for the end of the year, haha.
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    I'VE FUCKING DONE IT. TAKE THAT PLUSNET YA CUNTS. Hilariously, the domain was still registered to Big Iain. As in, the email address on the domain registry was at least 15 years out of date, possibly more. Now to upload the 14,000 files to get back to square one (if certain pages look out of date or irregular for the next hour or so, don't worry).
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    She was a game old bird. I can't find the clip of her on HIGNFY where she said she couldn't understand why she had to sign a document at the age of around 90 saying she wasn't pregnant. Here's a clip from the same episode about after sex activities: RIP dear lady. @Sir Creep, a good innings is a cricketing term meaning achieved a high score and is used to describe someone who has lived to a great age.
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    Joan Plowright Larry King June Whitfield Nick Nolte Sepp Blatter Barbara Walters Stanley Donen
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    Update. First time I've ever updated on Southwestern Trains wi-fi.
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    1. Don't pick prisoners on compassionate leave, you know they only bluffing cuz they wanna go home 2. Don't let breast cancer patients in, they have significantly longer stage 4 survival rates than other cancer 3. Don't be Ryan Buell's friend. Seriously, don't.
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    Devin Lima's smelling like a Lyte Funkie One, leading to a few teams dropping in scores. Alas, the narrow hopes of a grand paddyfool comeback seem to be quashed. 1. machotrouts 17 2. The Dead Cow 22 3. John Key 23 4. theoldlady 25 5. Joey Russ 28 6. CastAway 30 =7. Death Impends 31 =7. msc 31 =9. drol 32 =9. Grim Up North 32 =11. deadsox 33 =11. gcreptile 33 =13. Toast 37 =13. Wormfarmer 37 15. Pedro67 38 16. Bibliogryphon 39 17. Torva Messor 40 18. YoungWillz 42 19. FixedBusiness 45 20. Dr_T 48 =21. Garn2 49 =21. Sean 49 23. CharonsCrew 50 =24. CaptainChorizo 53 =24. Mercarte 53 =26. Bentrovato 54 =26. Book 54 28. Dead Wait 57 29. Spade_Cooley 62 30. paddyfool 67 31. time 68 32. Phantom of the Midway 69 =33. GraveDanger 70 =33. Sir Creep 70 35. Deathray 76 36. The Unknown Man 84
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    You guys are nowhere even close. Cain was killed at the age of 730, at the hands of his great,great grandson Lamech. Unfortunately, no QO, because Genesis doesn't qualify I don't think.
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    This do? Sudhakar Chaturvedi Shiva Safai-Hadid Siva Kaneswaran Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan Sri Sri Guruji Maharshi Swapan Kumar Pati Suryanarayanasastry Ramasesha Shreemajjagadguru Shankaracharya Shri Gangadharendra Saraswati Swamij Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (actor) Shiva Shivraj Singh Chouhan Shanthakumaran Sreesanth Sivakarthikeyan Sivakumar Kumaravel Somasundaram Sri Srinivasan Shivayogigalu Shatayushi Dr. Sri Sri Sri Shivakumara Swamigalu [JOKER] Nagaraju Shiva Putta Swamy A.K.A. Shiva Rajkumar Sreekumaran Thampi Shivkumar Chanabasappa Udasi Subs: Sharbat Gula Shilpa Shetty Sissy Spacek
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    Guyana isn't in Africa; it's in South America.
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    I feel bad, soon as I saw it I bolted to here
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    I'm indifferent towards most celebrity deaths (except in special cases like serial killers). It also depends on circumstances like age & cause of death. Doris Day dying at age 96 of natural causes in her sleep is less likely to upset me than if 24-year-old Justin Bieber was suddenly diagnosed with stage 4 pancake cancer only to be devoured by a shark just a day after his doctor proclaimed that his cancer had been cured and he went to the beach to celebrate while yelling "FUCK YOLO, I'M GONNA LIVE FOREVER NOW". And I like the former celeb much more than the latter one. Age has always been a factor, maybe because it reminds me of my own mortality, and that youth is not a shield that necessarily protects you from death.
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    So that will be, like, 82% of everybody who dies, gets an obit and is posted up on the forum, you know, people we have barely heard of. Brilliant thread, you must inhaled a shit load of tear gas on the streets of Paris the weekend to have come up with that.
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    Success - no school today! The snow was very heavy and thus harder to clear roads and driveways. Lots of trees got knocked down. Many lost power for a while. So, y'know, Chi-town in the winter. Here's some pictures I took. Our biggest snowfall since February.
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    AC-DeCeased for Malcolm Young on this day last year, aged 64.
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    Good grief. I've printed this out and given it to my mum to take to her next Women's Institute meeting. She was only saying the other day that topics of conversation there had become a bit stale.
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    I think the fact he can be arsed is the exact reason he's not the best candidate for repopulating the human race...
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    DJ Casper came up as a top prospect in the 2017 TCD but I decided to look the other way. We were both rewarded, as he lived anyway! Some names floated during the Cup I am still keeping secret in case folk wanted to use them in the DDP (ie I've probably forgotten them!). Name on a team you and the person know about only, and it's how you found out? Don't, imo. Name mentioned on this forum publicly at all? Fair game. You already knew about the person? Well, that's just life and nowt stopping you doing what you were doing. S'all about trust imo. Maryport has seen my DDP team in advance (or most of it) about 7 years running now thanks to the Deathrace, and has never "nicked" a single pick.
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    Well, first of all, many thanks for these regular updates and the very professional management of this huuuge pool. Secondly, I could offer hosting services.
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    Note to oneself: If one's being photographed in a line-up make sure one's standing at either end or slap bang in the middle.
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    While I understand that safety has improved and racing drivers and spectators are safer than they have ever been, it has to be said, Formula One is as boring as fuck.
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