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    Round 1 (ties to be played in the month of February) 1. JoeMoneyPenny Vs. Pedro 2. Nantonian 2013 Vs. Maryportfuncity 3. Gooseberry Crumble Vs. John Key 4. Spade Cooley Vs. Squonk 5. Dr T Vs. Markb4 6. Banana Vs. Great Uncle Bulgaria 7. Yorkshire Banker Vs. Skinny Kiltrunner 8. Alt Obits Guy Vs. Time 9. Clorox Vs. Fixed Business 10. The Mad Hatter Vs. Exu 11. Master Tech Vs. Bibliogryphon 12. The Unknown Man Vs. Boudicca 13. Torva Messor Vs. The Old Crem 14. The Quim Reaper Vs. BuffaloPhil 15. Wormfarmer Vs. The Old Lady Teams may now be submitted for these matches. Closing deadline for that is midnight on the 31st, as usual.
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    At least one House of Windsor had a fatality this week. Wrong. Fucking. One.
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    OK, so I've been brainstorming this as it did not make sense. Checking stuff with a friendly Admin who was as stumped. But through a series of experiments with Reptile, we have come to the bottom of the problem. On DL forum, and I have never seen this on any other forum... If you delete a PM to make space, then no reply to that PM will come to you. So what I imagine has happened is Dr T sent his team into this original invitation PM, but as there is a 50 PM inbox limit for non-Admins, and there's a fuck lot of you sending in stuff, I basically record info and delete the original to free up space. Having never assumed that would block PMs, because who would? So, two things. First, please welcome the reinstatement of @Dr_T, victim of a forum bug. Second, if you send in a team from now on please make it a new PM and not a reply to anything. Thanks.
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    My dad has been discharged today! We know and he knows his time is limited, but we are trying to spend it at best. For now I'm happy we did not lose dad when we had lost all hopes.
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    Round 1 1. JoeMoneyPenny Vs. Pedro 2. Nantonian 2013 Vs. Maryportfuncity 3. Gooseberry Crumble Vs. John Key 4. Spade Cooley Vs. Squonk 5. Markb4 vs Dr T 6. Banana Vs. Great Uncle Bulgaria 7. Yorkshire Banker Vs. Skinny Kiltrunner 8. Alt Obits Guy Vs. Time 9. Clorox Vs. Fixed Business 10. The Mad Hatter Vs. Exu 11. Master Tech Vs. Bibliogryphon 12. The Unknown Man Vs. Boudicca 13. Torva Messor Vs. The Old Crem 14. The Quim Reaper Vs. BuffaloPhil 15. Wormfarmer Vs. The Old Lady JoeMoneyPenny (Ricksen*, Anh, Trintignant, Ho, Tinsulanonda, Slick, Little Richard, McGahan, Carr, Gibb E, Bowie) Vs Pedro (Trintignant, Blanco*, Robucci, L Johnson, Capon, Jackson K, McGahan, Ricksen, Stiles, Kerslake, Gascoine) Nantonian 2013 (D Butler*, Bosbach, Hoare, Ricksen, Dent, Wouk, Dole, Zafke, Eden, Kamala, Turnbull) sub – K Jackson, J Hume Vs Maryportfuncity (Pratley*, Blanco, G Jones, T Conway, N Conway, Stiles, Robucci, Trintignant, Ricksen, McGahan, Gerneth) sub - McCain Gooseberry Crumble (Rupe*, Bracknell, Wouk, Tompson, Fyfe, Cameron, Little, Prowse, H Reid, Chirac, Benedict) sub – V Lynn Vs John Key (Bracknell*, Mugabe, Vervoort, Kerslake, Chapman, McGahan, Kumar, Blanco, Quinn, C James, Buydens) Spade Cooley (F Robinson*, Ricksen, P O’Reilly, McGrath, Conway T, Rister, Cain, W Jones, A Ali, Kerslake, A Boyle) vs Squonk (Ricksen*, Blanco, McCain, C James, Hawke, Anh, H Reid, Redstone, Porridge, Dole, Benedict XVI) Dr T - (McGahan*, Capon, Conway T, Gerneth, Ginsberg, Kerslake, McCain, Murphy, Spicer, Tanaka, Trintignant) Vs Markb4 (T Conway, R Tompson*, K Douglas, McCain, J Gibson, Wouk, GD Jean, Philip, Bracknell, Turnbull, N Lloyd) - sub K jackson Banana (W Jones*, F Robinson, Bowie, McLean, Boyle, Tobin, Ricksen, Capon, Rehbogen, Powlison, Kadir) Vs Great Uncle Bulgaria (Trintignant, Tork, Anh, Hawke*, Reid, Bowler, Wouk, Tompson, Gerneth, Criibbins) sub - Hume Yorkshire Banker (T Conway, McGahan, DeHavilland, Lynn V, Bassett, Trintignant, Barrie, Caldow, Lynn L, W Jones*) sub - Pei Vs Skinny Kiltrunner (W Jones*, Ricksen, H Reid, Kerslake, K Lewis, Coleman, Bayh, Dixon, Blanco McGahan) sub - Capon Alt obits Guy (C Duncan, Hawke, Howard M, Kerslake, Levine, McGahan, Mzembii, Nugroho, Parrikar, Robinson F*, Spicer) sub - Ricksen Vs Time (Barker*, Mercier, Holbrook, Leyton, Russell, Lotterby, O’Connor, Longthorne, Moyne, Wouk, K Douglas) Clorox (Dones, Jones*, Kerslake, Lockridge, McGahan, S Andre, Ricksen, Robinson F, Hanh, Walker J, Watson) sub - Mzembi Vs Fixed Business (Pratley, Nanh, Kerslake*, Chapman, Bracknell, Stiles, Samu, McGahan, Philip, Blanco, Spicer) sub – T Conway The Mad Hatter (F Robinson*, Kerslake, Andretti, McGahan, Blanco, Ginsburg, ONJ, Ricksen, Woodward, Moss, H Reid) Vs Exu (Ricksen*, Manners, Lauda, McCririck, Mccain, Hawke, Clegg, Muller, Stiles, Greaves, K Douglas) sub - Mugabe Master Tech (McCain, Bracknell, Cleary, Pratley, Ginsberg, Gascoine, Barker, De Havilland, Jackson*, Trintignant, Wouk) Vs Bibliogryphon (Watson*, Pei, Porridge, Dyson, Greaves, Hume, Bracknell, Cleary, Jose, Moss, Yarrow) sub - Hawke The Unknown Man (Ricksen*, Cuellar, ONJ, Kerslake, Harper, Day, Napolitano, Nakasone, Kilmer, Alagiah, Bracknell) sub - Turnbull Vs Boudicca (Ginsburg, Clegg, Ricksen, Stiles, Blanco, Hawke, Fraser, Kerslake*, R O’Donnell, Reid H, W Jones) sub - Andrett Torva Messor (McGahan*, Hawke, Cocks, Palau, Gerneth, Trintignant, Ricksen, Strain, Blanco, Tompson, Tanaka) sub - Simonot Vs The old Crem (de Havilland*, Philip, Cleary, Buydens, Kerslake, Jose, Flynn, Shah, Lynn V, Redgrave, Price K) sub - Strain The Quim Reaper (N Conway, H Reid, Robucci-Nargiso*, Trintignant, Flynn, McGahan, Jackson K, Ricksen, Blanco, T Conway, Stiles) Vs BuffaloPhil (Jackson*, McGahan, Anh, Philips, Ricksen, Buydens, WT Johnson, Tanaka, Cameron, Rister, Gendle) sub - Trintignant Wormfarmer (Hawke, Barker, T Conway, Chapman, Blanco, Trintignant, McGahan, Alagiah, Turnbull, W Jones, Ricksen*) sub - Tanaka Vs The Old Lady (Mugabe*, T Conway, Fujimori, Ricksen, Trintignant, Tork, Clegg, Hawke, Li Rui, Anh, McCririck) – sub - Chapman
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    Masterlist Round One (Its Alphabetical except for the bits that aren't) * denotes Joker 1. George Alagiah – TUM, Wormfarmer 2. Alauddin Ali - Spade 3. Soeur Andre - Clorox 4. John Andretti – Mad Hatter 5. Le Duc Anh – Squonk, old lady, GUB, Phil, JMP 6. Paddy Basset – Banker 7. Barbara Barrie - Banker 8. Bob Barker – Wormfarmer, Time*, Tech 9. Susan Bayh - Skinny 10. Benedict XVI – Squonk, Crumble 11. Kathleen Blanco – TQR, Torva, Squonk, Wormfarmer, Skinny, maryport, FB, Mad Hatter, Bou, Pedro*, Key 12. Wolfgang Bosbach – Nantonian 13. Michael Bowie – JMP 14. Micah Bowie - Banana 14. Kate Bowler – GUB 15. Anne Boyle – Spade, Banana 16. Leah Bracknell – Mark, Biblio, TUM, Crumble, FB, Key*, Tech 17. David Butler – Nantonian* 18. Anne Buydens – Phil, Crem, Key 19. Paul Cain - Spade 20. Eric Caldow - Banker 21. Earl Cameron – Crumble, Phil 22. Edmund Capon – pedro, Banana, Dr T 23. Pearl Carr - JMP 24. Beth Chapman – Wormfarmer, FB, Key 25. Jacques Chirac - Crumble 26. Johnny Clegg – Exu, old lady, Bou 27. John Cocks – Torva 28. Norm Coleman - Skinny 29. Noel Conway – TQR, maryport 30. Tim Conway – Mark, TQR, old lady, Wormfarmer, maryport, Banker, Spade, Dr T 31. Bernard Cribbins - GUB 32. Doris Day - TUM 33. Javier Perez de Cuellar – TUM 34. Olivia de Havilland – Banker, Crem*, Tech 35. Frederick Dent – Nantonan 36. Ricky Dixon - Skinny 37. Bob Dole – Nantonian, Squonk 38. Beverly Cleary – Biblio, Crem, Tech 39. Pau Dones - Clorox 40. Kirk Douglas – Mark, Exu, titme 41. Chris Duncan – AO Guy 42. Freeman Dyson - Biblio 43. Clarissa Eden – Nantonian 44. Paul Flynn – TQR, Crem 45. Stuart Frazer - Bou 46. Alberto Fujimori – old lady 47. Robert Fyfe - Crumble 48. Jean (Grand Duke) – Mark 49. Jill Gascoine – Pedro, Tech 50. Tanya Gendle – Phil 51. Ellen Gibb - JMP 52. Julie Gibson – Mark 53. Jimmy greaves – Exu, Biblio 54. Gustav Gerneth – Trova, maryport, GUB, Dr T 55. Ruth Bader Ginsburg – Mad Hatter, Bou, Tech, Dr T 56. Valerie Harper - TUM 57. Bob Hawke – exu, Torva, Squonk, old lady, wormfarmer, GUB*, Bou, AO Guy 58. Stanley Ho - JMP 59. Mad Mike Hoare – Nantonian 60. Hal Holbrook – Time 61. Mark Howard – AO Guy 62. John Hume – Biblio 63. Clive James – Squonk, Key 64. Katherine Jackson – TQR, Phil*, Pedro, Tech* 65. Leonard Johnson - Pedro 66. WT Johnson - Phil 67. Grace Jones - Maryport 68. Walter Jones – Wormfarmer, Skinny*, Banker*, Bou, Clorox*, Spade, Banana* 69. Jose Jose – Biblio, Crem 70. Wafa Abdul Kadir - Banana 71. Kamala – Nantonian 72. Lee Kerslake – TUM, Skinny, FB*, Mad hatter, Bou*, AO Guy, Clorox, Crem, Pedro, Spade, Key, Dr T 73. Val Kilmer – TUM 74. Dilip Kumar - Key 75. Niki Lauda – exu 76. Rocky Lockridge - Clorox 77. Sydney Lotterby – time 78. Emily Levine – AO Guy 79. Karen Lewis – Skinny 80. John Leyton - TIme 81. Jeanne Little - Crumble 82. Norman Lloyd – Mark 83. Joe Longthorne - time 84. Loretta Lynn – Banker 85. Vera Lynn – Banker, Crem 86. John Manners – Exu 87. John McCririck – exu, old lady, 88. Andrew McGahan – TQR, Torva*, Wormfarmer, Skinny, maryport, Phil, Banker, FB, JMP, AO Guy, Clorox, Pedro, Key, Dr T* 89. Bat McGrath – Spade 90. Heather McLean (historian) - Banana 91. Sheila Mercier - Tiime 92. Stirling Moss – Biblio, Mad Hatter 93. Baron Moyne - time 94. Robert Mugabe – Old lady*, Key 95. Gerd Muller – Exu 96. Michael Murphy - Dr T 96. Walter Mzembi – AO Guy 97. Yasuhuro Nakasone – TUM 98. Thich Nhat Han – FB,Clorox 99. Giorgio Napolitano - TUM 100. Olivia Newton-John – TUM, Mad Hatter 101. Sutopo Nugroho – AO Guy 102. Des O’Connor – time 103. Randell O’Donnell – Bou 104. Philip Leo O’Reilly - Spade 105. Little Richard - JMP 106. Luis Palau – Torva 107. Manohar Parrikar – AO Guy 108. IM Pei - Biblio 109. Prince Philip – Mark ,FB, Crem 110. Leslie Philips - Phil 111. Genesis P-orridge – Biblio, Squonk 112. David Powlison - Banana 113. Marsh Pratley – Maryport, FB, Tech 114. Katie Price -Crem 115. David Prowse – Crumble 116. Bishop Francis Quinn – Key 117. Roberta McCain – Mark, Exu, Squonk, Tech, Dr T 118. Vanessa Redgrave – Crem 119. Sumner Redstone – Squonk 120. Johann Rehbogen – Banana 121. Harry Reid – TQR, Squonk, Crumble, Skinny, GUB, Mad Hatter, Bou 122. Fernando Ricksen – Nantonian, Exu*, TQR, Torva, Squonk*, old lady, Wormfarmer*, Skinny, maryport, Phil, Mad Hatter, JMP*, Bou, Clorox, Pedro, Spade, Banana 123. Fred Rister – Phil, Spade 124. Frank Robinson – Mad Hatter*, AO Guy*, Clorox, Spade*, Banana 125. Maria-Guiseppe Robucci-Nargiso – TQR*, Maryport, Pedr 126. Li Rui – old lady 127. Art Rupe – Crumble* 128. William Russell - Time 129. Samu – FB 130. Amit Shah - Crem 131. Grace Slick - JMP 132. Jimmy Spicer – FB, AO Guy, Dr T 133. Julie Strain - Torva 134. Nobby Stiles – exu, TQR, maryport, FB, Bou, Pedro 135. Kane Tanaka – Torva, Phil, Dr T 136. Peter Tobin - Banana 137. Ruthie Tompson – Mark*, Torva, Crumble, GUB 138. Peter Tork – old lady, GUB 139. Jean Louis Trintignant – TQR, Torva, TUM*, old lady, Wormfarmer, maryport, GUB, Banker, JMP, Pedro, Tech, Dr T 140. Bill Turnbull – Mark, Nantonian, Wormfarmer 141. Marieke Vervoort - Key 142. Johnnie Walker – Clorox 143. James Watson – Biblio*, Clorox 144. Joanne Woodward – Mad Hatter 145. Herman Wouk – Mark, Nantonian, Crumble, GUB, time, Tech 146. Hubert Zafke – Nantonian 147. Arnold Yarrow - Biblio
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    So the next crash by that logic will be in 2074, we will all be long dead and Phillip recovering from his 10th hip replacement will be injuring our grandchildren and coming away from the accident without a scratch.
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    STATS AND FACTS The Inverse Dead Pool has seen its most robust participation rate yet, with 48 teams entered (+12 compared to last year). Like last year, no name was unanimously picked or excluded (3 teams at worst, 46 teams at best). The names to come closest to being unanimous picks were the Donald, Her Maj, and Gazza, who were only omitted by two teams each. CaptainChorizo left out Gascoigne, Sir Creep's daughter (whose team was picked by randomly choosing numbers) didn't land Trump or Elizbaeth, and msc's deliberate "take one for the team" excluded all three! The people's choice for 2019 is as follows, sorted by overall points, but with the amount of teams to plump for them also included. The top four remains identical to last year (last year's #5, Angela Lansbury, narrowly missed out on being selectable again). Trump may well start keeping copies of Inverse Dead Pool stats in the Oval Office considering how popular he is here! Name Total Points Total # of Teams 1. Donald Trump 1048 46 2. Queen Elizabeth II 988 46 3. Paul Gascoigne 972 46 4. Dick Van Dyke 838 43 5. Linda Nolan 777 42 6. Billy Connolly 750 43 7. Jimmy Carter 662 43 8. Betty White 540 40 9. Terry Jones 539 39 10. Doris Day 526 39 11. Ruth Bader Ginsburg 517 37 12. Marieke Vervoort 458 36 =13. Henry Kissinger 427 39 =13. Prunella Scales 427 34 15. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI 378 34 16. Bill Turnbull 361 28 17. Prince Philip 352 34 18. Valerie Harper 347 32 19. Olivia de Havilland 330 32 20. Jimmy Greaves 307 26 21. Olivia Newton-John 282 25 22. Michael Robinson 257 24 =23. June Brown 235 23 =23. Greg Gilbert 235 25 25. Vera Lynn 228 25 The people's choice for 2018, if an actual team, would have finished at =8th place with 36 points. Carol Channing would've been a big landmine had she lasted a few more days... which names out of the above will follow suit and shake up the scoreboard this year? On the flip side, few anticipate this lot making it through 2019: Name Total Points Total # of Teams 1. Kathleen Blanco 25 3 2. Andrew Fairlie 38 3 3. Jean-Louis Trintignant 49 6 4. Lee Kerslake 59 7 =5. Johnny Clegg 64 7 =5. Andrew McGahan 64 5 7. Nobby Stiles 73 11 8. Fernando Ricksen 74 7 9. Herman Wouk 82 7 10. Clive James 85 12 Though it is worth noting that only half of last year's bottom ten actually died. And two of the survivors of that (Vervoort and Gilbert) are on over half of this year's teams!
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    A few hours ago, in light of the issues the PM limit caused here, I bumped the PM limit for members in general from 50 to 75. If problems continue, I'll likely further increase the limit specifically for deadpool runners.
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    Kicked the bouquet?
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    Alright, so, I've decided I want to change my username back to the original RadGuy. It's been 1 and 1/2 years since I changed it to Phantom of the Midway, but people still call me Rad. Also, I'm occasionally confused with the OG @Phantom So fuck it, we're going back to RadGuy. Apologies to pool runners in advance for needing to edit my name in their masterlists/scoreboards... (Also, as this might help with confused folks, could my tagline be changed to: "AKA Phantom of the Midway")
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    Round 2 DRAW (matches to be played in March) 1. Rad Vs. Yorkshire Banker OR Skinny Kiltrunner 2. Chorizo Vs. Grim Up North 3. Clorox OR Fixed Business Vs. Alt Obits Guy OR Time 4. Nantonian2013 OR Maryportfuncity Vs. The Quim Reaper OR BuffaloPhil 5. DDT Vs. Death Impends 6. The Dead Cow Vs. Deadsox 7. Charon Vs. Engineer 8. Deathray Vs. The Mad Hatter OR Exu 9. Gcreptile Vs. msc 10. Joey Russ Vs. Banana OR Great Uncle Bulgaria 11. Sir Creep Vs. Spade Cooley OR Squonk 12. Torva Messor OR The Old Crem Vs Dr T OR Markb4 13. Master Tech OR Bibliogryphon Vs. Book 14. Gooseberry Crumble OR John Key Vs. Heef 15. Young Willz Vs. JoeMoneypenny OR Pedro 16. Wormfarmer OR The Old Lady Vs. The Unknown Man OR Boudicca
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    I have been diagnosed with a rare form of amnesia where I deny the existence of certain 80s bands. There is no cure.
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    Each year I cross reference my long list with the DDP selections and I produce a list of the top 20 picks that have never appeared on the DDP within the last six years. Antonia Fraser – Writer (b.1932) Shirley Conran - Writer (b.1932) Michael Frayn – Writer (b.1933) Sheila Steafel - Actress (b.1935) Gary Player - Golfer (b.1935) Michael Eavis - Farmer (b.1935) Jan Pienkowski - Illustrator (b.1936) Robert MacLennan – Politician (b.1936) Silvia Kay - Actress (b.1936) Carl Davis – Composer (b.1936) Tom Stoppard – Playwright (b.1937) Terry Dicks - Politician (b.1937) Freddie Davies – Comedian (b.1937) Anne Stallybrass – Actress (b.1938) Harvey Smith – Show Jumper (b.1928) P J Proby – Singer (b.1938) Helen Oxenbury – Illustrator (b.1938) Larry Niven – Writer (b.1938) Eleanor Bron – Actress (b.1938) Ralph Bakshi – Director (b.1938)
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    Early lead for me! No, hang on a minute...
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    We (cough... drol...) like to complain that nobody dies, but honestly, we lost quite a few veterans/mascots in the past year. Starting with Billy Graham, Karunanidhi, Tiwari, Overton and now Sri Sri. We lost a couple of eternal heads of state as well. Of course, Le Duc Anh still remains. And Kumar. And those who populate the upper regions of the deathlist.
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    I used to disapprove of organ transplants..... But then I had a change of heart.
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    OFFICIAL RULING ON DR T SITUATION Dr T said in here that he sent me his team. I didn't receive it, and despite multiple efforts from me, he hasn't sent in a repeat. In the spirit of fairness, given this is an alleged forum PM glitch I have myself suffered from in the past, and every other team is in, I am giving Dr T 3 hours (ie till 3am UK time) to publicly post his team here in this thread. Otherwise I will be forced to DQ him from the tournament despite this alleged error.
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    I see nothing wrong with him driving again, he had to get behind the wheel quickly to see if he could still do it. Nothing to do with his age, it just had to be done ASAP. If nothing else, it keeps Brexit off the top spot "Journalists: "Brexit will monopolize the front pages for weeks!" Prince Philip: "Hold my beer!""
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