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    OK, anyone else suspect Drol regrets saying anything right about now?
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    For everyone waiting for a Bessie Camm qualifying obituary, it has finally arrived. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/6363369/britains-oldest-person-dies-113/
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    Logging on to see this thread:
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    I appreciate Sir Creep. He might have his moments, but fuck it, its not like any of us are normal sods here.
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    It is Z indeed. WilliamGStewart is now taking after his real-life counterpart.
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    Yes, I had a horrible day too. My father in law suffered a stroke and is currently in ICU. You see, real problems come sooner or later, don't waste time creating them.
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    I appreciate Sir Creep. Call me crazy, but he's one of my favorite posters. He's a genuinely respectable man. Single dad. Oil field worker down South. Not like these dang hippies who never worked a day in their life. Had a couple nice chats with him years ago, when we still had a chatbox on here. Sure, he can be whiny and annoying at times. But aren't we all?
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    OK, so he lasted 39 minutes. I will pick someone else.
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    Off for a week. So currently we've gone a dozen miles down the road to a beach I know with no cunto on it If you just make effort, you can avoid tourists.
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    1981: 1. A prince in England gets married 2. Liverpool wins the Champions League 3. The Pope dies 2005: 1. A prince in England gets married 2. Liverpool wins the Champions League 3. The Pope dies 2018: 1. A prince in England gets married 2. Liverpool loses the Champions League 3. Popes Francis and Benedict become Madridistas
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    Dean Francis's demise deals a blow to six teams, among them CastAway, whose loss reduces us to just three hit-free teams. Though most of Francis's selectors had him in a lightweight position, this likely leaves Bentrovato and paddyfool down for the count. =1. John Key 0 =1. theoldlady 0 =1. YoungWillz 0 4. CastAway 2 5. Mercarte 4 6. drol 5 7. machotrouts 6 =8. Grim Up North 7 =8. CharonsCrew 7 10. Torva Messor 8 =11. deadsox 9 =11. Dr_T 9 =11. Wormfarmer 9 14. gcreptile 10 15. Death Impends 11 16. Deathray 13 =17. Pedro67 14 =17. Spade_Cooley 14 =19. Bibliogryphon 15 =19. Garn2 15 =21. msc 19 =21. The Dead Cow 19 =23. CaptainChorizo 20 =23. FixedBusiness 20 =23. Joey Russ 20 26. Toast 22 27. Bentrovato 26 28. Book 30 29. time 31 30. Phantom of the Midway 34 =31. Sir Creep 35 =31. The Unknown Man 35 33. Dead Wait 37 34. GraveDanger 38 35. Sean 40 36. paddyfool 45
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    He'll have been trying to find LFN's old avatars.
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    Pleased to announce that after 8 grueling and very patient months, my daughter’s stolen cat has been returned and has fit right in after a few skeptical hours. Everyone is happy. SC
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    I left school at the end of last week after finishing my exams. Finally this hellfire of a year's over, and I couldn't be more happy about it. I've got to give credit to the Scottish education system - it allows me to seamlessly glide into free higher education as a fresh-faced young thing (hmm) - but that didn't happen without me working my butt off and falling into a major depressive episode. Anyway, enough about that. I'm only new here. Nobody's got the time to listen to somecunt's sob story. The only thing that's going to change is my posting. Since I've got a 3 month holiday ahead, I'll be on here a lot more frequently. I'll try my best not to piss off any of the mods under this new system, coughing up £50 could be interesting before I start work! And to Joey, your contribution here is valid. You make so many posts that at least one of them's bound to make sense! You should try and focus on quality, not quantity. As long as you keep posting 'helpful' content then you have a place here. Maybe you should do what I just did for 3 days - burn some text books, cry whilst watching 4 consecutive episodes of Father Ted, find a spot in the hills and camp out without proper clothing, even. You will probably thank yourself for it.
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    You are a genuine fucking twat, aren't you.
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    Updated. List of the Lost/Missed can wait until tomorrow, I've got Jersey Shore to catch up on.
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    "Hello Mam whereabouts is your owner. Are you here to clean the church?"
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    Megalist of every DeathList pick ever and how long they survived after their first appearance! This took ages so there will be more stats to come, unless I find a better place to put them. The list will be updated every so often. I probably missed a few names.
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    Is the queen planning another car crash ?
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    Knowing how good she is with numbers she’ll probably offer him a 34!!
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    First ‘vacation’ in three years. It’ll last 4-5 days lol. Sir and Daughter Creep are in San Antonio about to tackle whatever SeaWorld and Aquatica can throw at us for two days. Then a day downtown hopefully dining at top of space needle (does one need reservations?), as well as fun at Guinness Records Museum and Alamo and Riverwalk. Not sure last day, maybe stop at Houston Aquarium or go swim in Gulf at Galveston. Leaving that one open for ideas. SirC
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    Hmmm A colleague - and former BBC journo - with a fairly hard-headed approach to this says she thinks Meghan "the new Diana, no doubt" In which case you'd give it 5-10 years tops and probs nearer the lower end Tbh - I'm not so sure and think Harry's relative unimportance regarding the role of king might give the pair of them more freedom to have something approaching a normal marriage - y'know taking it in turns to shout "cunt!" as the other one runs up the stairs
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    It's not shite - it's her local newspaper, you buffoon.
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