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    All his life waiting for the second coming but on deathlist he is the second going
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    List of the Lost finally up, plus 100 new bios. Edit: and the List of the Missed! And some pictures as well! Someone's trying to put off their spring cleaning here...
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    On the bright side, if that were the case, at least Deathlist would go 50/50.
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    See in the weekend with an update.
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    Let's hope he doesn't go overboard with celebrations.
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    Nearly had one of the presumably youngest posters in Deathlist forum history there. Came back through from the kitchen to find the wean casually typing gibberish into the reply box on the Gazza thread. Alas, deleted it before it got posted and any smart sod went "most intelligent post from msc in a while there".
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    14 and a half years later ....
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    Six men but no Chesters (to my knowledge) were United in the belief Liam Miller's youth and fitness were enough to defy the grim statistics of pancreatic cancer and scrape by into next year. They'll now be Celtic-ed off as Miller's Hibern(at)ian plunges them into a dire land. As the vast majority of teams steered clear, we're still nowhere near a clear Leed-er. =1. Bentrovato 0 =1. Bibliogryphon 0 =1. CaptainChorizo 0 =1. CastAway 0 =1. CharonsCrew 0 =1. deadsox 0 =1. Death Impends 0 =1. Dr_T 0 =1. drol 0 =1. FixedBusiness 0 =1. Garn2 0 =1. gcreptile 0 =1. Grim Up North 0 =1. Joey Russ 0 =1. John Key 0 =1. machotrouts 0 =1. Mercarte 0 =1. msc 0 =1. Pedro67 0 =1. Phantom of the Midway 0 =1. Sean 0 =1. Spade_Cooley 0 =1. The Dead Cow 0 =1. The Unknown Man 0 =1. theoldlady 0 =1. time 0 =1. Toast 0 =1. Torva Messor 0 =1. Wormfarmer 0 =1. YoungWillz 0 31. paddyfool 1 32. Book 5 =33. Deathray 11 =33. Sir Creep 11 35. GraveDanger 14 36. Dead Wait 22
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    Sometimes Cup players get to revel in the demise of someone who wont be missed, your Ian Bradys per se, and other times, a 36 year old athlete dies from the dreaded pancreatic cancer. Such is the latter case with Liam Miller, formerly of Celtic, Manchester United and Sunderland. If you get a chance, find the Celtic goal against Lyon online. It's on YouTube, but the fuckers have cut the 20 passes leading up to it, something entirely out of the Argentina/Serbia playbook, and a whole 2 and a half years earlier too. Anyhow, this marks 3 years in a row a young sports man has produced a points bonanza in deadpooling, after Mark Farren and Joost van der Westhuizen. So what games does this change? Well, Sean goes 3-0 up on newcomers Fixed Business. Rad also takes the lead against Bibliogryphon, with a better goal than the Magill penalty from last year. John Key pulls back against Gcreptile to make that 4-3. Celtic fan charon scores with a Celt to take the lead against MPFC. Grim equalises against the Banker from Huddersfield (picked at random), and currently leads on age difference. And another age difference lead comes for The Dead Cow, who equalises his hotly contested tie with Pedro. This leaves 5 of the 12 games goalless, including yours truly. Notably Rover is still holding Spade Cooley after 9 days of competition. 1. Charon (Unrepentant) vs Maryportfuncity (Inter Youngboys FC) 3-0 2. Pedro (Trottingbum Hotsores) vs The Dead Cow 3-3 3. Young Willz (Glasgow Ron Weasley Ed Sheeran Slash Fanfiction Thistle Wanderers United) vs The Engineer 0-0 4. Grim Up North (Going Going GUN) vs Yorkshire Banker 3-3 5. Msc vs Wormfarmer 0-0 6. Spade Cooley (Great Railway Journeys with Hughie Gallacher and Robert Enke) vs Roverandout 0-0 7. Joey Russ vs Garn (Video Assistant Reaper) 4-0 8. Bibliogryphon (Bye Bye Biblio) vs Phantom of the Midway (AKA Rad Guy) 0-3 9. Sean (Shaun of the Dead’s Magical Funeral Parlour) vs Fixed Business (Business Fixed) 3-0 10. Gcreptile (The eaten tide pods) vs John Key 4-3 11. Deathray (First In, First Out and Never Invited to an Orgy Again) vs Sir Creep (The Month-to-Month Tenants) 0-0 12. Captain Chorizo vs Book (Never Heard of Soccer) 0-0
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    What kind of wood doesn't float? I'll get me coat
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    Death-dar is an imprecise science after all, unless you're Scottish and have the Second Sight from birth, of course. Anyhow, the last time I dreamt anything deathlisty was at Christmas, when I dreamed that I had won the DDP, only for the organiser (who was Morbid Kid for some reason) had DQ'd my team because the joker had apparently died in 1472 and I hadn't noticed.
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    Congratulations to @gcreptile on his 5,000th post.
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    I apologise for sounding like a broken record here, and I'm really not having a go at anyone (especially not the DDP organisers), but two ITV obits and a BBC one not being Qualifying obits makes the DDP more of a mockery than any B-team or dodgy pick, imo of course. I didn't get the push to get the local pages removed in 2015, it didn't remove the dodgy picks, they will always move to AN Other QO because journalists love playing at deadpools. It zapped a bunch of the fascinating Other Lives types instead.
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    STATS AND FACTS Not only is every name picked by at least one participant, but no one has been unanimously picked - just like how paddyfool's randomly generated team was the only one to have Bracknell and Vervoort, it was also the only one to exclude Queen Elizabeth II. Every death will thus cause help and harm for teams, although there's certainly a chasm between the potential impacts of Leah Bracknell and Paul Gascoigne! Using the cumulative point totals of each pick, the people's choice to survive the Inverse Dead Pool is as follows. The Donald tops the list, unsurprising considering among the 50 names he's the youngest teetotaler with no terminal diseases (unless you count narcissism as one). Who knew Dick Van Dyke was Satan? 1. Donald Trump 747 2. Queen Elizabeth II 713 3. Paul Gascoigne 707 4. Dick Van Dyke 666 5. Angela Lansbury 581 6. Betty White 549 7. Jimmy Carter 466 8. Terry Jones 432 9. Henry Kissinger 416 10. Doris Day 404 11. Aretha Franklin 386 12. Little Richard 365 13. Olivia Newton-John 363 14. Val Kilmer 344 15. Stan Lee 333 16. Stephen Hawking 323 17. Bob Barker 292 18. Prunella Scales 271 19. Prince Philip 267 20. Robert Mugabe 266 21. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI 241 22. Olivia de Havilland 215 23. Vera Lynn 214 24. Valerie Harper 196 25. Linda Nolan 191 In the grand tradition of Seve, Aherne, and Chuck Berry, which of the above will turn out to be landmines? On the other hand, the ten most fecked according to the views of our collective: 1. John McCain 6 2. Leah Bracknell 13 3. Nobby Stiles 21 =4. Charlotte Rae 23 =4. Stefan Karl Stefansson 23 6. Marieke Vervoort 24 7. Tessa Jowell 28 8. Fernando Ricksen 30 9. Greg Gilbert 39 10. Rev Billy Graham 43
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    The similarity between him and Stephen Hawking became uncanny towards the end
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    Maybe you could post it on the 'ideas and possibilities 2019' thread.
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    Look, I know I'm the 900th unfunny person to make that stupid gag, but it's like a big red button marked "DANGER", I could only resist for so long...
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    Both of those count. Poor old Bill, though he knew his days were numbered. Anyhow, he were a writer and his words will live on, or something like that. His death does a whole lot of things to the scoreboard. First up, Gcreptile adds to his lead, and has some breathing space. Rad also adds to his score, and at this point you have to fear for Biblio's chances. Book's valiant defence against 2016 DDP runner up Captain Chorizo finally ends, and The Dead Cow opens up a 7 point lead on Pedro. You can't count him out, yet, but no one has come back from a 7 point deficit in the short history of the Deathlist Cup... so far. Joey and Grim both score, and are on course as it stands for a grudge rematch in Round 2, with Joey suprisingly efficiently reaching another 7 point margin against much respected deadpooler Garn, and Grim now leading after an early scare. Who's left? Oh yes, it's me!!! I lead for the first time ever in my own Cup. Will it last? I doubt it, but it'll be fun for now! Only three matches remain goalless. YWillz v Engineer, though surely some of their picks must be fairly doddery by now. And Deathray v Sir Creep. Where are those dead certs university presidents? And most surprising of all, Rover is still holding Spade to a draw. Surely I'm not going to have to get a coin out for a "penalty shootout" again? And if so, will Mrs msc mock the shit out of me again? Yes. Yes she will. 1. Charon (Unrepentant) vs Maryportfuncity (Inter Youngboys FC) 3-0 2. Pedro (Trottingbum Hotsores) vs The Dead Cow 3-10 3. Young Willz (Glasgow Ron Weasley Ed Sheeran Slash Fanfiction Thistle Wanderers United) vs The Engineer 0-0 4. Grim Up North (Going Going GUN) vs Yorkshire Banker 6-3 5. Msc vs Wormfarmer 3-0 6. Spade Cooley (Great Railway Journeys with Hughie Gallacher and Robert Enke) vs Roverandout 0-0 7. Joey Russ vs Garn (Video Assistant Reaper) 7-0 8. Bibliogryphon (Bye Bye Biblio) vs Phantom of the Midway (AKA Rad Guy) 0-6 9. Sean (Shaun of the Dead’s Magical Funeral Parlour) vs Fixed Business (Business Fixed) 3-0 10. Gcreptile (The eaten tide pods) vs John Key 7-3 11. Deathray (First In, First Out and Never Invited to an Orgy Again) vs Sir Creep (The Month-to-Month Tenants) 0-0 12. Captain Chorizo vs Book (Never Heard of Soccer) 3-0
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    I'd like to remember three scientists who died this month and did not get the coverage they deserve. Joseph Polchinski died on February the 2nd aged 62 in Santa Barbara, CA. Cause of death was cancer. He was one of the world's most prominent string theorist and an expert of quantum physics. His amazing theories on wormholes are hardly verifiable so he'd never really had the chance to get a Nobel Prize. Anyway he was a well respected and beloved figure in the scientific community. Alan Baker, British mathematician, died on February the 4th after suffering a major stroke, aged 78. He won Fields medal, which is considered the Nobel Prize for Maths, in 1970. His works on Diophantine equations and Gelfond-Schneider theorem are indeed remarkable. Astrophysicst Donald Lynden-Bell died on February the 5h, aged 82, due to complications from a stroke. He theorized that galaxies contain supermassive black holes at their centers, which are the sources of qasar energy. Again. this theories are hardly verifiable, so no chance of Nobel Prize for Donald, but he won many awards, including prestigious Eddington Medal in 1984.
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    Actually, it's not. You mean the United Kingdom (of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - N Ireland added on because not in Great Britain, you see). Great Britain is the island on which the mighty Scots, the English and some Welsh types live. N Ireland's part of Ireland, another of the islands in the archipelago (The British Isles) but call them Irish or Brits and you'll piss off someone.
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    Fedora Aleman?
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    Like what Robert Wagner's cock tastes like?
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    Only when you are on it.
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    Let's have some Stalinist style authoritarian repression instead. Thread locked!
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    Latest update.... (up until last night, Beetle Bailey and Ikea lad can wait)
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    There's a pub in Brighton (The Lion and Lobster I think?) that is well known locally for its celebrity death prediction contest: put a pound in the pot and if you predict the next death you win the entire kitty. I have never entered it because I just know I'd end up in an argument over what counts as a "celebrity" with the barman, and possibly glassed.
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    I had noticed this. Was going to change it to "Reality TV star best known for his appearance in the second Home Alone movie".
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    Just came across this. Supposedly a real tweet:
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    IDK. Browsing through his Wikipedia page, the guy was a really pretentious jerk. All he cared about were titles and his place in the pecking order, throwing a tantrum and running abroad when his son (not him) was asked to host an event on behalf of the queen, loudly complaining that he was never given the title of "king" etc. He even refused to be buried with his wife because of that, in spite of the fact that the husband of a queen regnant is (and was) called a prince consort practically everywhere; except perhaps in some backward countries centuries ago where/when women weren't considered fit to rule (cf. Salic law).
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    Being a DLr, I always misread it as 'Pancreatic Day'. Far more appropriate.
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    Yes, yes I am. And I'm as astonished as anyone, let me tell you. Hoping for a Tsvangirai wonder goal Aguero-style in the last minute, but pleased I'm entering injury time for getting a money spinning replay. I rather imagine this is my current situation, now and for the remaining 15 days of February:
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    If he does turn out to be a fraud, can we refer to him as Roey Roey?
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    Cheeky update before I do some work behind the scenes over the next week, and before Morgan T dies.
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    Bibliogryphon's Blighty bound: https://www.flightradar24.com/BAW467/105189c9 Edit: Landed 1240 hrs GMT.
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    Actress Mary Carlisle turns 104 today and filmmaker (and nutshell) Kenneth Anger turns 91!
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    He was probably 100% fine and only at the hospital to try and play grabass with some nurses
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    Mowzey Radio gets the Brian Deane trophy this time out. Kudos Roey.
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    Mate I work in a psychiatric hospital.If you want to offend me you really need to up your game.
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    Chariot died on Sunday so been off all week trying to get a new one. Was due to go to scrappy on Monday, but the mouse that has lived in it the past few months finally chewed enough wires to kill it, 36 hours afore the wee cunt would've been crushed. Anyhoo, picked up a new one today from a bloke on Gumtree. Asked for the address and it was Invercharron. Fate , had to buy it.
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    John McCain, so Trump can tweet something insensitive about how he has "...the best Glioblastoma, nobody has Glioblastoma better than me..."
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    You are correct. My observational powers ARE shit. One time when I was a teenager, a friend of my dad’s pulled over in a car and leant across her passenger to call through the open window ‘do you want a lift home?’. ‘No thanks’ I said and went to carry on my merry way when her passenger said ‘get in you tit’ - the passenger was MY DAD and the car was MY DAD’S and I had not noticed
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    Some of the quotes in that report are quite amusing. Bryan Jones, 72, of Treorchy, Rhondda Cynon Taff, said: "It was like a tremor but it was quite frightening for my granddaughter - she swore a little bit and my wife got up asking 'What was that?'" Louise Craig, from Connah's Quay in north Wales, said it was "the most excitement I've had on a Saturday afternoon for a while".
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    She would be a shoe-in. (I'll get me coat).
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    Say what you want, but white genocide is a real problem not discussed enough.
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    She’s that bad even Saint Ed Sheeran ran in the total opposite a couple of years ago. Theres another one. Ed Sheeran. So fucking desperate for the UK Christmas number one he released the same song 3 different ways last month. Prick.