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    When interviewed by reporters, Tanaka adfirmed she felt sad. They asked her why, and she answered the Old Crem had created threads for everyone but not for her.
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    INVERSE DEAD POOL 2021 No doubts 2020 was a bonkers year. Somehow we have survived it, but the same could not be said for 19 of the selectables for last year's Inverse Dead Pool. There were a number of hits that were selected by at least half the participants - Jill Gascoine, Michael Robinson, Little Richard, Olivia de Havilland, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Barbara Windsor (34 out of 36 teams!) - and the end result was the Quim Reaper winning with the highest score yet. But even as the farewells to Kirk Douglas and friends leave us wondering who could be left, fear not, there's still plenty of popular DDP pickings to root for the survival of... Rules From the list of the 50 most popular DDP picks of 2021, pick a team of 25 names who you think will survive the year. Rank your list in order of least likely to die to most likely to die. Post your team in this thread. If someone dies and they are listed on your team, then you will receive points according to their position. If your #1 pick dies you'll receive 25 points, whilst if your #25 pick dies you'll receive 1 point. If someone dies and they are not on your list, then you receive no points. In case one of the names available for entry dies before the submission deadline, you are allowed to have one sub. The sub can be anyone from the top 50 or the 51st most popular name, who will be revealed alongside the top 50. The 51st name can not be part of the original 25 if no one dies. In the case of one of your original team dying pre-deadline, the sub goes into 25th place by default, but if the sub was previously the 51st, you are allowed to change the position of the new pick. If the above scenario happens, you are also allowed to name a new sub and I will reveal the 52nd most popular name. Whoever has the lowest score at the end of the year is the winner. If two or more teams are tied at the end of the year, the tie will first be decided by who has less hits. If they have an equal amount of hits, then whoever among the teams died latest in the year, and thus came closest to being a correct prediction, will decide the winner. If said name was on multiple teams in the tie, whoever had said name lowest will win. If multiple teams had said name in the same position, the second most recently-deceased name will be referred to, and so on, until a winner is found. If, by some alignment of the stars, the tie is of either no hits or of all of the exact same hits in the exact same positions, all teams in the tie share victory. Credit to Toast for inadvertently coming up with a peach of a topic description, and of course, credit to Spade for creating this wonderful game. Credit to Dead Cow for his job as previous host, laying the framework for the Inverse Dead Pool's OP, and the idea for a "dies during entry period" rule. Credit to machotrouts for the suggestion of the latest hits factoring into tiebreakers. Previous Winners 2020 - The Quim Reaper - 34 points 2019 - drol - 10 points 2018 - machotrouts - 17 points 2017 - drol - 25 points 2016 - Pedro67 - 21 points 2015 - Death Impends - 15 points 2014 - Bibliogryphon - 10 points 2013 - N/A 2012 - Esturian Float - 4 points 2011 - Garn2 - 15 points Top 50 George Alagiah David Attenborough Bob Barker Susan Bayh Pope Benedict XVI Tim Bilton June Brown Rob Burrow Jimmy Carter Bobby Charlton Billy Connolly Dai Davies Shannen Doherty Bob Dole Queen Elizabeth II Paul Gascoigne Greg Gilbert Mikhail Gorbachev Jimmy Greaves David Gulpilil Sarah Harding Rolf Harris Larry King Henry Kissinger Angela Lansbury Jerry Lee Lewis Rush Limbaugh Norman Lloyd Carlos Menem Gerd Muller Willie Nelson Olivia Newton-John Linda Nolan Yoko Ono Tom Parker Prince Philip Leslie Phillips Yoo Sang-chul Prunella Scales Tom Smith Leon Spinks Jean-Louis Trintignant Donald Trump Bill Turnbull Desmond Tutu Dick Van Dyke Murray Walker Doddie Weir James Whale Betty White #51 Sidney Poitier
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    Got to be Betty Boothroyd, never got married so I think the only Miss on the list.
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    The D-A-CH-DeathList 2021 01. Rainer Langhans, German writer, filmmaker and activist, *19.06.1940 02. Uta Ranke-Heinemann, German theologian, academic and author, *02.10.1927 03. Armin Mueller-Stahl, German actor, *17.12.1930 04. Benedict XVI, German Pope Emeritus, *16.04.1927 05. Ingrid van Bergen, German actress, *15.06.1931 06. Gerd Müller, German football player, *03.11.1945 07. Fritz Pleitgen, German television journalist and broadcast director, *21.03.1938 08. Jürgen Habermas, German philosopher and sociologist, *18.06.1929 09. Traute Lafrenz-Page, German physician, member of resistance group “White Rose”, *03.05.1919 10. Liselotte Pulver, Swiss actress, *11.10.1929 11. Nadja Tiller, Austrian actress, *16.03.1929 12. Tony Marshall, German Schlager and opera singer, *03.02.1938 13. Martin Walser, German writer, *24.03.1927 14. Freddy Quinn, Austrian Schlager singer, *27.09.1931 15. Klaus von Dohnányi, German politician (SPD), Mayor of Hamburg, *23.06.1928 16. Uwe Seeler, German football player, *05.11.1936 17. Horst Eckel, German football player, *08.02.1932 18. Janosch, German children's book author and illustrator, *11.03.1931 19. Hans Modrow, German politician (PDS), last communist premier of the GDR, *27.01.1928 20. Rolf Eden, German businessman and night club owner, *06.02.1930 21. Ursula Haverbeck, German author, Holocaust denier, *09.11.1928 22. Gottfried Böhm, German architect and sculptor, *23.01.1920 23. Henry Kissinger, German-American politician and diplomat, *27.05.1923 24. Philipp Mickenbecker, German YouTuber, *1997 25. Michael Schumacher, German racing driver, *03.01.1969 26. Friedrich Nowottny, German television journalist and broadcast director, *16.05.1929 27. Kurt Biedenkopf, German politician (CDU), *28.01.1930 28. Helmut Berger, Austrian actor and enfant terrible, *29.05.1944 29. Alfred Biolek, German TV Showmaster and producer, *10.07.1934 30. Nino de Angelo, German Schlager singer, *18.12.1963 31. Egidius Braun, German president of the DFB, *27.02.1925 32. Täve Schur, German cyclist, *23.02.1931 33. Jürgen Schneider, German real estate entrepreneur and scammer, *30.04.1934 34. Rolf Schimpf, German actor, *14.11.1924 35. Friederike Mayröcker, Austrian poet, *20.12.1924 36. Ralf Wolter, German actor, *26.11.1926 37. Margit Carstensen, German actress, *29.02.1940 38. Maria Riva, German actress and daughter of Marlene Dietrich, *13.12.1924 39. Heide Simonis, German politician (SPD), *04.07.1943 40. Arthur Cohn, Swiss film producer, *04.02.1927 41. Marianne zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn, Austrian photographer and jet set expert, *09.12.1919 42. Margret Homeyer, German actress, *17.10.1927 43. Gerhard Richter, German artist, *09.02.1932 44. Gunther von Hagens, German anatomist, *10.01.1945 45. Franz Josef Wagner, German journalist and writer, *07.08.1943 46. Werner Herzog, German filmdirector and screenwriter, *05.09.1942 47. Herbert Köfer, German actor and TV presenter, *17.01.1921 48. Arnulf Rainer, Austrian painter, *08.12.1929 49. Trude Unruh, German politician (SPD) and author, *07.03.1925 50. Anne Buydens Douglas, German-American philanthropist, producer, widow of Kirk Douglas, *23.04.1919
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    Fear not, the thread for an established forum icon like Kumar can stand. Here we see our man in a moment of tender reflection, remembering those dearly departed immortals who once guffawed with him at us mortal deadpoolers.
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    A place in which TOC can wank himself into a coma with a batch of names he’s got in his head, rather than shitting threads out left, right and centre like pigeons over Trafalgar Square.
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    Servus, Grüezi und Hallo! Welcome everybody to a little German/Austrian/Swiss pendant to our very beloved bible „DeathList Top 50“ and to its equivalents of the French, the Canadian and the Australian/New Zeelandian DeathList, created by forum users. We, the German forum fellas frleon, gcreptile, Prophet, TomTomTelekom, WEP and Book, created a list of 50 German, Austrian or Swiss people (from the so-called D-A-CH-countries*) of who we think that 2021 could be their final year. *By the way, D-A-CH means D = Deutschland (Germany) A = Österreich (Austria) CH = Schweiz (Switzerland) „Dach“ is the German expression for „roof“. First we collected several names which came to our mind, also of people who were born in the German speaking countries or later became a citizen of that countries. Then everyone selected 50 names and put them in order 1 to 50. First place = 50 points, last place = 1 point. At the end I added up all the points and the result was the German DeathList, now called The D-A-CH-DeathList. I'm sure you'll find some surprise inclusions but also some “obvious misses!” Every obit in the German language is accepted, because dead means dead Maybe this thread could also be used for German deaths generally, like the ones for the Danes or the Slavs or the famous Belgians. So, to cut a long story short: In the next post are the 50 German, Austrian and Swiss people of our very first D-A-CH-List 2021! Thank you for your attention. Enjoy!
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    Running this again, for better or worse. Please submit a list of names from this year's deathlist to predict who on the list is actually going to die this year. Points will be allocated as follows: +1 per death correctly predicted -1 per death incorrectly predicted +4 if the number of deaths you predict matches the actual number of deaths, i.e. the number of names in your list matches the actual number of deaths +2 if you only miss the correct total number of deaths by 1 -2 if you miss the total number of deaths by more than 5 +1 bonus for a "unique" correct prediction (predicted by no other punter here) +1 bonus if you pick the bookie's favourite (single most popular guess in this contest) and they are a hit. -1 penalty if you pick the bookie's favourite and they are a miss. A further +1 bonus for every 3rd correctly predicted death (+1 on 3rd, 6th, 9th etc) You may if you wish select one entry as a joker. We are changing the rules for the Joker this year: you get an additional +2 if correct, and an additional -2 if incorrect; no more multiplication. In the event of a tie on points, the dead-lock (see what I did there) will be broken by the following: 1) Whichever team had the most hits 2) If unbroken by 1, whichever team was closest in their guess of predicted deaths for the year 3) If unbroken by 1 and 2, whichever team was submitted first. Entries in by Jan 10th, please, either by pm or by posting here. Any deaths before then will still score for any lists entered at least 24 hours before the death and will still count towards the total deaths for the year. Good luck.
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    Limbaugh has always been a solid #2
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    The DDP hits total and CoffinLodger are both broken records, in completely different ways.
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    I'm just starting some leave from work - the first time I've had more than one day off - including weekends - since April 20th! So I've got out of bed early to make sure I get my money's worth, otherwise I am so tired that I could just doze through the next week. Am going to look into my 2021 DDP entry later. For a while I genuinely thought I might have to give it a miss due to other life stresses getting in the way. I don't need to win, but I do want to be there. Thanks to my admin colleagues in Paul Bearer and Death Impends for picking up the slack while I ignored PMs, reported posts, thread crimes, etc. I'd like to wish everyone a belated happy Christmas and a prosperous 2021. Better days are coming!
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    Firstly, I'd like to congratulate every entrant as Akihito was picked by no-one and survived the year. So, like, everybody is a winner, of sorts....(Yeah, this is the sort of thing a teacher says at Sports Day!). Anyway on to the final table. So the outstanding bonuses are: +4 if the number of deaths you predict matches the actual number of deaths EDIT for clarity: by which I mean the number of names in your list matches the actual number of deaths +2 if you only miss the correct total number of deaths by 1 -2 if you miss the total number of deaths by more than 5 There were 20 Deaths in 2020. So here we go: Etushispushingupdaisies  +09 10 +2 (19 deaths predicted) Deathray +08 11 +0 (17 deaths predicted) ThereWillBeDeaths +08 12 +0 (18 deaths predicted) Buffalo Phil +07 8 -2 (9 deaths predicted) gcreptile +07 10 +0 (16 deaths predicted) Grim Up North +07 9 -2 (12 deaths predicted) Great Uncle Bulgaria +06 10 +0 (15 deaths predicted) The Quim Reaper +06 11 +0 (17 deaths predicted) Banana +05  10 +0 (16 deaths predicted) Clorox Bleachman +05 9 +0 (16 deaths predicted) nantonian2013 +04 8 -2 (12 deaths predicted) The Old Crem +04 10 +2 (19 deaths predicted) Annami +03 8 +0 (15 deaths predicted) Book +03 9 +0 (16 deaths predicted) chilean way +03 9 +0 (18 deaths predicted) RadGuy +03 8 +0 (15 deaths predicted) Skinny Kiltrunner +03 7 -2 (12 deaths predicted) msc +02 9 +2 (19 deaths predicted) theoldlady +02 10 +2 (21 deaths predicted) Bibliogryphon +01 7 +0 (15 deaths predicted) Captain Chorizo +01 8 +0 (17 deaths predicted) dean1991 +01 6 -2 (9 deaths predicted) DeathClock +01 8 -2 (13 deaths predicted) Sir Creep +01 6 -2 (11 deaths predicted) Zefph +01 8 -2 (14 deaths predicted) Torva Messor +00 9 +0 (18 deaths predicted) Newjack -01 6 +0 (15 deaths predicted) Joey Russ -02 6 +0 (17 deaths predicted) LizLemon -03 6 +0 (15 deaths predicted) paddyfool -06 5 -2 (13 deaths predicted) So I'm declaring Etushispuhingupdaisies (good luck with the Hall of Fame, @msc!! Thought Khrushchev was bad?), with Deathray and ThereWillBeDeaths taking equal second (no third place awarded. Well done to our winner (yeah, I'm only typing that once more!). Haven't decided whether to take this forward, but paddyfool is welcome to take it back for this year, as inventor he deserves first refusal. Huzzah!
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    Yeah, I decided in the end to pick Bou’s wish list. Plenty of them amused and interested me, but the fact hers was sold so unashamedly as a shopping list for the Grim Reaper made me laugh a lot. She has nominated Women’s Aid, I think we can all agree a very worthy cause, for a small Christmas gift from the bank account of yours truly. So, potential winners, get your thinking caps on for who you’d like to support...and hold that thought for about 15 years while we wait for the fucking game to end. Don’t worry, I’ll make that donation worth the long wait. Now, I’ll run a final check during the week when I’m hungover and bored and then we’re good to go! Merry Christmas, everyone!
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    A today photo of Kane Tanaka. Behind her you can see birthday cards she received by fans from all the world and as always some colas.
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    So... we have got the first winner of 2021... and after 2019 it is @Vaagheid again, the creator of the DL Prediction Game! Woohooo!!! Well done, won by a large margin. This is the scoreboard; the teams are also updated in post No.2: +129 Vaagheid +107 Prophet +105 TomTomTelekom +96 Annami +92 RoverAndOut +88 chilean way +87 msc +86 14:22 +83 WEP +74 Book +68 Etushispushingupdaisies +60 ThereWillBeDeaths7 +53 Buffalo Phil +49 gcreptile +49 Joey Russ +44 CaptainChorizo +40 The Daredevil +33 Great Uncle Bulgaria +25 The Old Crem -1 Steve -17 Bibliogryphon -21 theoldlady -23 Elephant -38 The Quim Reaper I'd like to say Thank You for playin' again or maybe for the first time! I'll try to note every hit in every team, just take a look if you like. Have a great year!
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    It appears that little time or thought was spent on this list. A number of people chosen just because they are in their 90s and with no other justification. Some of them may die, but it will be more down to luck than judgement.
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    So, here it is. Among the late December thread frenzy, here's one about the toughest people on Earth. What is the purpose of this? Well, that when it will be updated it will mean one of these fuckers has finally fallen and not another sportsperson in his 60s as it happens in the Dead of 20xx threads. So here is the list I took from a previous post. New names will be added with valid reasons, i. e. continued hospitalizations and extreme old age (57 names till now, 1 dead) Dilip Kumar (1922). The King of Them All. 98 years old an counting. If three years ago someone would say he would be still alive by now he would have been transferred to Bedlam Asylum immediately. Bob Dole (1923). With an incredible history of hospitalizations at Walter Reed, extensive heart and lung disease and having looked like a corpse for at least seven years, this wheelchair hero deserves his high spot on the list. Jimmy Carter (1924). Cancer survivor who seemed fucked, fall, brain hemhorrage, extremely frail. But going on nonethless. Which is amazing. Thich Nhat Hanh (1926). Suffered a tremendous stroke in 2014, expected to be dead within months then. Went to Vietnam two years ago to "spend his last days" there. Was reported to be dying last year. Sought treatment for pneumonia in Thailand in autumn 2019. Again weak and not eating at his 94th birthday, quickly recovered. Syed Ali Shah Geelani (1929). Has suffered from heart failure and lung disease for years. He has been on the brink on death at least four times in the last five years. In February 2020 his death seemed imminent. Tin Oo (1927). Survived a terrible stroke and a consequent fall in 2017. Expected to be dead within days, he is still hanging around in his wheelchair with seemingly swollen legs. Mikis Theodorakis (1925). Has suffered many heart attacks and he was reportedly "on the brink of death" (yeah, again...) last year in March. Leslie Phillips (1924). This guy is incredible. He has suffered multiple strokes, has been on a wheelchair for years and anyway kept watching while many other beloved British actors and entertainers were wiped out in recent years. Monica Vitti (1931)/Joanne Woodward (1930)/Carmen Sevilla (1930). Their resistance to Alzheimer's is incredible. Vitti has had a neurodegenerative illness for 17 years and counting, the other are above 10 years (not sure about Woodward). Ma Shitu (1915). Popular writer of Sichuan, he is a three-time lung cancer survivor and also suffered from other types of cancer. Was on his deathbed in 2003, he pulled a surprise recovery. Retires in July 2020 due to failing health, likely another recurrence of cancer. Hospitalized again some months later, he bounces back as nothing even this time. A prodigy. Meshulam Dovid Soloveitchik (1921). He has been close to death many times. In December 2019 he was so much dying he was a Deathrace pick. Now he is still dying, but a human corpse like him survived a severe bout with COVID, which put him on life support and forced him to undergo tracheostomy. Now in danger for complications. But his time never comes. Saleh Ajeery (1920). A COPD and heart failure sufferer who has been on a critical condition with COVID for two weeks. Seemingly he will test negative and be in a Meshulam-like situation. Against the unbelievable odds, again. David Musuguri (1920). This Tanzanian general was reportedly near death at his 100th birthday due to "sever complications of diabeetus". Wheelchair bound guy is still somehow going. Vassos Lyssarides (1920). Suffering from emphysema and heart failure, he bounced back from a critical condition ahead of his 100th birthday and itw as the second time at least. Wan Haifeng (1920). Reportedly bedridden, selling memorabilia, and mostly unable to even speak, his moment seems to never come anyway. Saalumarada Thimmakka (1911). Was in a critical condition some years ago, was in a bleak condition in May this year. Somehow this incredibly frail environmentalist from K'taka (also the land of Venkatasubbiah, we hail you, 108 year old fucker) looks good enough at her last appearances. K'Taka has something magical, way too many old geezers down there. Henry Kissinger (1923). Already overweight at birth and sometimes hospitalized, at 98 he does not show any sign of impeding death. Carlos Manha Manha Menem (1930). Has suffered from double pneumonia (June 2020), heart failure (July 2020), urinary trait infection, heart failure and kidney failure (December 2020). Still, their concern is if he will be able to vote on abortion tomorrow and everyone is confident he will get out alive of this. Fauja Fraudster Singh (1911). Age has caught up with him. Has been increasingly frail for the last two years. When? V. S. Achuthanandan (1923) and K. R. Gowri Amma (1918). The former has survived cerebral hemorrhage and organ failure in 2018, the latter has survived a fall this summer and has been in failing health for years. Philipose Mar Chrysostom (1918). He was so frail at his 2019 birthday that practically no celebration was held. Result: this years his younger successor died. G. Venkatasubbiah (1913). He was still able to vote in 2019, but looked like he had lost dozens of kilos. Reportedly frail at his last birthday, still heading to 108. Edwin Edwards (1927). He gets acute pneumonia each year, is regularly hospitalized and alway discharged within a week. This year it has happened twice. His health has been utterly frail for the last 4 years. Jiang Zemin (1926). Fan favourite Jiang spent many months in a coma in 2012 following a heart attack. At least, that's the most plausible version, other ones including his abduction by alien zoologist to study frogs. Rumoured to be dead once in a while, had at least a serious health issues in 2017. Hu Qili (1928) and Zou Yu (1920). They were on their deathbed respectively in 2018 and 2017. Somehow bounced back better than ever. Emmanuel Evans-Anfom (1919). Ghanaian academic administator who looked like a Goblin at 98, the like a dugong at his 100th birthday. Unable to hold a knife properly and mostly bedridden. Florence Alice Lubega (1917). She has been wheelchair bound for years and was suffering from a "serious illness" in March this year. Gaositwe Chiepe (1922) and Archibald Mogwe (1921). Interesting outliers of Botswana longevity. Chen Ning-yang (1922) and Tsung Dao-lee (1926). What surprises more about them, like the couple above, is how they share incredible longevity as unrelated people. Prince Philip of Edinburgh (1921). Last year he seemed on his last legs. This year he is likely perfectly fine. Competes with all Indian and Chinese phenomenons on this list. Alberto Fujimori (1938) and Mulayam Singh Yadav (1939). Far younger than the other names on this list, but their number of ailments and hospitalizations is impressive. Fujimori survived heart failure and tongue cancer, Mulayam recently beat COVID (and his wife is currently in ICU with complications) Luis Echeverria (1922). Hospitalized a ridicolous amount of times with pneumonia, sometimes for months. In 2006 he was already in failing health with cerebrovascular disease. Lucia Hiriart (1922) and Leonor Oyarzun (1919). The Bad and the Good. Absolute monster Hiriart survived a serious stroke two years ago which kept her in hospital for weeks. Also congestive heart failure sufferer and morbidly overweight. Oyarzun recently survived COVID. Lotfollah Safi Golpaygani (1919). Iranian Twelver Maraj who has looked 1000 years old for 20 years. Apparently invincible. Also a remarkable cunt. John Rigas (1924) had terminal bladder cancer in 2016. The jailbird is still flying high as to this day. Sarh Onyango Obama (1922) is cranky old and was hospitalized in dire conditions two years ago. Maria Nyerere (1930) has an extensive history of ill health with many hospitalizions, most notably in Kampala last year. That doesn't seems to have affected her too much. Tran Thiem Khiem (1925) was wheelchair bound and on his last legs when he received baptism in 2018 and has grown increasingly frail. Yuriko, Princess Mikasa (1923) is known for many health woes, most notably congestive heart failure which sent her in hospital recently. Queen Sirikit (1932) has been a zombie since the stroke she suffered in 2012 and hold the Thai record of hospitalizations. Chief Raoni Metuktire (1930) has survived severe internal bleeding with ICU hospitalization and a subsequent bout with COVID. Also widowed in 2020. Song Ping (1917) the last living hardliner from Tien An Men era, rumoured to be dead or gravely ill many times, he seemed near the end when his wife died in 2019. Kenneth Kaunda (1924) survived multiple bouts with pneumonia, has been overweight and walking with sticks for a long time. Also rumoured to have Parkinson's. Tommy Lasorda (1927-2021) has suffered at least four heart attacks and has been hospitalized many times since 2016, the last one being this past December. Still in hospital but expected to go home soon. Good for another time. VMAR Ri Yong-mu (1925) is the eldest North Korean leadership member and also the frailest. Wheelchair bound for years, he periodically disappears from ceremonies before bouncing back every time. Larry King (1933) has survived heart attacks, strokes, lung cancer and possibly COVID, beside the deaths of two children. Ahmadou Mathar M'Bow (1921) is the designated Senegal immortal, so is Abdoulaye Wade (1926), who was already reported dead at least three times, all fake news.
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    The banning of a true trolling legend ! I cried over many years watching his trolling ! I am crying more than ever tonight ! R.I.P you genius !!
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