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    China releases the name of its first corona virus victim. Ah Chu.
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    So, just been sent my results of covid 19 screening, no need to self isolate, don't understand why boss wants to see me.
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    Lol, yes indeed they are. Get yourself informed.
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    Well, this comes as surprise to me! When Charles dies, I shall be queen...again!!!
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    Hello everyone from Germany! Lurking around since around 2017, failed to compile my own list of picks yet another time for 2020 but surely won't miss 2021 (if there's anyone still alive by then).
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    My advice to you is to stop reading about the virus and take a break from it. Watch the news, if you must, no more than once a day. Do something else. Watch some films, read a good book, listen to music, do jigsaws, draw or paint, whatever floats your boat. Concentrating on doom and gloom and negativity will just make you feel worse.
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    It is now March 20th in the UK. 103 today!
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    I'd just like to admit that this was *slightly* overly optimistic...
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    Over 9,000 hours in Photoshop:
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    Poor Husband. I cant imagine how terrible it must be to have Amy Klobuchar as your wife.
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    Oh fuck - I mean, lots of what we do here is tasteless
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    1) I asked members if they were interested in me doing that thread and quite a few responded yes 2) I’ve been putting a lot of original research into that thread as the info isn’t readily available online. The biggest contribution you make is cut and pasting stories about obscure ppl from your Google news feed. Take a fucking seat.
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    Update after my holiday... Hits are the almost universally picked Genesis P-Orridge, our beloved Javier Perez De Cuellar and Henri RIchard. The latter was a hit for two people, including Banana, who advances to the nr. 2 slot: Rank Team Points 1 Death Impends 431 2 Banana 427 3 gcreptile 400 4 RadGuy 392 5 Cpt. Chorizo 377 6 Clorox Bleachman 369 6 Joey Russ 369 8 Grave Danger 366 9 The Quim Reaper 344 10 Deadsox 337 11 John Key 333 12 Skinny Kiltrunner 323 13 msc 319 14 drol 306 15 The Unknown Man 304 16 The Mad Hatter 291 17 Torva Messor 289 18 JiroemonKimura 287 19 Book 286 20 Sir Creep 248 21 theoldlady 245 22 Etushispushingupdaisies 239 22 Toast 239 24 Sean 216 25 DevonDeathTrip 208 26 The Old Crem 194 27 YoungWillz 170 28 Kenny 149 29 Chilean Way 138 30 markb4 101 30 Great Uncle Bulgaria 101 32 Bibliogryphon 92 33 ThePrematureBurial 58 34 Gooseberry Crumble 50 35 Pedro67 40
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    The World Health Organisation has announced that dogs cannot contract Covid-19. Dogs previously held in quarantine can now be released. To be clear, WHO let the dogs out. Patient Bearer BTW not being a drama queen. Just sayin my symptoms. It's only a cold I have.
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    Born 19 March 1912 (108 years of age on this day I create the topic in his name). A collaborator with Alexander Fleming in the development of penicillin. Frankland taught that increased levels of cleanliness and hygiene in modern life account significantly for the rise in allergies, the so-called Hygiene Hypothesis. He has said that "We don't set off our immune system early on, we are too clean. In the former East Germany for instance, with very poor work and housing conditions, people were less allergic". I recall my own GP in Birmingham (Mary Stone) who met Frankland - telling my mother (when I was very young) to: “Let him play in the dirt it will help build his immune system”. Frankland was instrumental in the creation of the British Association of Allergists in 1948. In 1962 the Association became the British Allergy Society, and Frankland served as president between 1963 and 1966. The society became the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology (BSACI) in 1973. Frankland is a founder member and president of the International Association of Aerobiology, and president of the UK charity the Anaphylaxis Campaign. Frankland continues to publish; at age 100 he authored "100 years of allergen immunotherapy", and most recently co-authoring, "Flight Lieutenant Peach's observations on Burning Feet Syndrome in Far Eastern Prisoners of War 1942–45" in the 'Quarterly Journal of Medicine' in 2016. A person well worthy of his own topic here on DeathList. Long may he continue to live.
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    Can it be passed on via tampons?
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    Yeah, I started it as a way of getting good tips for the DDP, but people kept sending in Prince Philip and Olivia de Havilland rather than off the radar unique tips.
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    No no no. This has CIA black ops written all over it. Developed it in Northern Italy in clandestine medical facilities with help from the Mafia. Meant only to be used on the hated enemies of Iran and China. But as with all these CIA plots they fucked it up and now it is leaking all over the shop. They also meant it to infect North Korea but as Americans have little to no knowledge of geography outside their own towns they infected South Korea instead. Simples.
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    Apparently didn't practice safe sax.
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    Just had a narrow escape. Checking medicine drawer for thermometer, I found two! Popped one in my mouth to make sure it was still working. Turned the other one over and saw, inscribed in marker pen, the word DOG.
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