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    Kabosu (2005-2024) Age at death: 18 Known health issues: CKD, leukemia, bronchitis, canine dementia, blind, not able to move. Cause of death: choked by dogecoins. Alignment: Absolute Internet legend, who acquired popularity in 2010 and remained steadily popular until his death, even being the icon of Twitter for a day. First mentioned on DL in 2020, he was one of the top immortals, rivaling the likes of Shi Ping and the King Jimmy Carter. Of course you can never survive Jimmy Carter, but you surely did a good barking job.
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    Jason Carter warns that President Raisi is "nearing the end".
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    There's a better chance of him outliving your account.
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    I wouldn't necessarily say that this is sad as much as it is a relief, because the guy clearly had no quality of life. There are not many people who would have fought such a dreadful disease with such resilience, keeping such a positive outlook and raising awareness in spite of how much of a strain it was. A true inspiration, and deserved every bit of plaudit that he got. Rest easy dude.
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    No one is above the law.
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    Morgan Spurlock, huckster, alcoholic, probable rapist and the man who ruined documentaries forever, dead at 53.
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    Very sad indeed. RIP Rob. we should remember that he had a wonderful yet horribly short adult life prior to his diagnosis where he was a sporting legend with hero status doing something he loved and from what I have seen on the documentaries married a wonderful person too and had a fabulous friend in Kevin Sinfield. None of this changes the horrible way he died but there is a life there to be celebrated too - he should not be defined by MND.
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    And a second one for the price of one
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    Maria De Aragon, aka Greedo dead at 81.
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    Robbed of life 6/50 2nd June 2024 Rugby legend Rob Burrow has died following an almost five year battle with motor neurone disease. Borrow joined Leeds Rhinos rugby team in 1999 and started playing for them in 2001 and very quickly became a valued and regular member of the squad. 2004 saw him joining England’s national rugby league team, playing in 13 games nationally. His career at the Rhinos saw him appearing 492 times for the team across 16 years, scoring almost 200 tries and earning over 1000 points. He retired from the sport in 2017, with his final match seeing the Rhinos beat the Castleford Tigers in the final of Super League XXII. Sadly in December 2019 Burrow revealed he had been diagnosed with MND, a horrific disease that damages motor neurons in the muscles. Since his diagnosis, with the help of former teammate Kevin Sinfield he has raised awareness of the illness and raised millions of pounds to provide care for those afflicted. In 2021 he was appointed an MBE and in 2024 a CBE. Burrow died earlier today aged just 41. He was making his second appearance on the Crowdsourced Deathlist, this year at no.19
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    Rob Burrow has passed away. https://x.com/leedsrhinos/status/1797312588948144348?s=46
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    That pun (I'm not going to quote it) is a weird thing to say about a teenager who, by the sounds of things, has attempted suicide twice in a month. Poor girl.
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    Mehmet Ali Agca, who infamously tried to kill the Pope in 1981, suffering from terminal cancer. Guaranteed QO everywhere.
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    Gosh, what is she thinking? At 88 she should be zooming around. Lazy old bat.
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    After a hiatus of three years, I'm bringing back the much loved Poker Tournament to Deathlist. There's been a change of premises, but fear not, the Halls of Fame and Shame have been reconstituted faithfully to the original standard. Sadly, the petting zoo was privatised and all loss making animals have sadly been put down. But worry not, feel free to take a dip in the Casino's swimming pool - just don't go off the deep end! (I'm keeping George the Dolphin in there!). The manager's desk will be open as usual for helpdesk purposes. Just remember there's a lot of football, Olympics and a General Election or two going on, but TVs have been placed at suitable locations to distract players, especially if I get my arithmetic wrong! Once again, you don't have to know how to play. It's all skill (you pick the team) and luck (the cards you are dealt decide your fate). Just make sure you read the rules, select your victims and enjoy the thrill of the accumulation of points over the summer, autumn and winter. I ask you - is there any better feeling that you will get off a dusty Forum in a dark corner of the internet? I think not! Who will cash in their chips? You decide! Just make it clear who you are picking, as this cuts down my workload tremendously. Don't assume just because I have the title of manager that I am also a mind reader or psychic - those facilities are not yet available here! There are a couple of points of order: 1. Only members of the Forum whose name was registered on or before 1 January 2024 may enter. This avoids the need for me to calculate scores for former members now banned setting up temp accounts to enter and people who have joined since who may end up after a short period that the Forum is not for them and disappear. 2. I'm disallowing Yahoo obits. (I can already hear the howls from some former players!). The trend seems to be in that direction, so call me a trailblazer. It was one of the reasons I called it a day last time, but other Qualifying Obit providers are available. So PM your teams to me, I'll deal your cards and then you can relax. Whatever will be, will be. Que sera, sera.
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    I think we need a thread for Paul Biya. At 91 years old he is the world's oldest leader and the longest serving with a five decade reign. This guy has future immortal written all over him if you ask me. Given he is the longest reigning non monarch in the world, I think that means he deserves more than the odd mention on this forum.
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    An organisation responsible for enormous levels of sexual abuse, run by officially celibate men who believe in virgin birth. Exactly the people we should listen to on the subject of sexual ethics.
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    Oh yes, why didn't we think of that? Bound to be pretty likely. Lets put the dead ex-pres in a freezer for 6 months to hide the fact from the public and even better we can get another 100 pages on Deathlist with mad conspiracy theories. Fuck me.
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    Yeah, her hand was going ten to the dozen. She could wank somebody off without moving a single muscle.
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    Darryl Hickman dead at 92.
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    Ángeles Flórez Peón "Maricuela" dead at 105 https://www.eldiario.es/asturias/socialismo-llora-muerte-maricuela-ultima-miliciana-viva_1_11391311.html
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