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    After the fire here in 2016, I told Mrs msc about Magere's disappearance, and what'd happen if I just keeled over one day. Her response? "Don't worry, I'd let your fellow loonies know..." See? She cares.
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    Duly translated the opening paragraph. Thanks.
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    First Jim Bowen, now Eric Bristow. Non dart player went first.
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    Ehh. Even if this thread was started a long time ago, DeathList Under 45 sees more activity, and I don't think there's enough of a distinction to warrant an under 40 AND under 45 thread.
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    Yeah, but he still looks better than Bush Sr.
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    Hello everyone! Been a lurker here since the Sam Simon days. My job is to miss obvious jokes and start threads that already exist.
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    My father in law has been discharged yesterday and he seems to be quite well now. And no, his name is not Shivakumara Swamiji!
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    Columbine was nineteen years ago today. Avicii was 19 for a whole year once. Take the digits of today - 20/04/2018 - 2+0+0+4+2+0 =8 and 1+8 =9 =89. Avicii was born in 89. Coincidence? Yup.
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    Corbyn won't like that...
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    Right, I think that's every bio written and every image uploaded, except for a couple that have fell through the cracks that I'm going to tidy up. Will do check-overs of old bios next, catch up on any outdated references (Obama's bio still saying he was president, f'rinstance). As for front page, getting the Theme Team running and linking back to previous months is next, which shouldn't be too troublesome.
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    A thread concerning both aviation and space flight coupled together with the branch of science which deals with celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole. The Chinese space station Tiangong-1 is set to fall to Earth over this weekend. The latest from the European Space Agency (ESA) predicts 1615 hrs GMT on Sunday 1st April 2018 plus or minus nine hours. This tracker is continuously updated to show the current position and height as the orbit decays. When Skylab fell to Earth in 1979 a $400 littering ticket was issued by a park service official in Western Australia; apparently it still hasn’t been paid and has been written off. Useful Sites Heavens-Above is a website developed and maintained by Chris Peat as Heavens-Above GmbH. The web site is dedicated to helping people observe and track satellites orbiting the Earth without the need for optical equipment such as binoculars or telescopes. It provides detailed star charts showing the trajectory of the satellites against the background of the stars as seen during a pass. Special attention is paid to the ISS, Iridium flares and other satellites. Space shuttle missions were tracked until the program was retired in July 2011. The website also offers information on currently visible comets, asteroids, planet details, and other miscellaneous information. N2YO provides real time tracking and pass predictions with orbital paths and footprints overlaid on Google Maps.It features an alerting system that automatically notifies users via SMS and/or email before International Space Station crosses the local sky. The N2YO.com system powers ESA's, Space.com's and many other's satellite tracking web pages. NASA Lunar Eclipse Explorer computes the local circumstances for every lunar eclipse for any century from 2000 BC to 3000 AD. Forget about city etc, just enter your latitude and longitude as a decimal. NASA Solar Eclipse Explorer computes the local circumstances for every solar eclipse for any century from 1500 BC to 3000 AD. Again, forget about city etc, just enter your latitude and longitude as a decimal. International Space Station Transit Finder calculates when the ISS transits across the face of the sun and moon from a position near you. Don’t forget your solar filters if you’re looking at the sun. Telescope.org is where you can request The Open University’s automated telescope on Mount Teide, Tenerife to take a photograph for you. Airliners.net is an aviation website that includes an extensive photo database of aircraft and airports, as well as a forum catering to civil and military aviation together with spaceflights. If you have any questions, please ask and I’ll do my best to answer them.
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    Aye, but context for that photo. See that one wee light in the middle of nowhere right at the top? That's no light pollution, that's just charon sneaking a quick ciggie at 3am.
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    Nina Simone got her hair, got her head, got her brains, got her ears, got her eyes, got her nose, got her mouth, and it all got cremated after she got her death on this day 15 years ago, aged 70.
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    So we have Zsa Zsa's leg and Spade changing their vote? Shame! Shame! Shame!
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    ^ Logged into the wrong gimmick account, JTrost - that's the one that doesn't want people to die. 4/10.
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    Sumner Redstone now communicates via IPad and three pre-recorded voice messages saying "Yes", "no" and "Fuck You": http://www.news.com.au/finance/work/leaders/billionaire-media-mogul-sumner-redstone-uses-an-ipad-to-say-yes-no-and-fk-you/news-story/2bd9f8c9dbbdfc82a16a3f6017b61c00 Otherwise, his health now only allows him to communicate via grunts.
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    Nah Hawking was the biggest.
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    It's Good Friday, so like a good Catholic boy I'm eating a lot of squid and done you a DDP update.
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    Yes it will be up April 5th or 6th ish. Rules will be 97% the sameish with some slight alterations of Obit sources and removal's of Cancer Mum's/Athlete's wives etc unless they have some actual fame/notibility outside of their corpsey status.
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    "some deadpoolers are terrified that her cancer has returned. Hollywood Gossip journalists tracked down top DDP player Shaun of the Dead, who said: "Get in there, you fucking dancer!"" PS Hollywood Gossip journalists also tried to get a comment from Sir Creep, but he doesn't do so many interviews since his retirement from Club Nacional in 2015.
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    I like how Bernie's a weekend death.
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    Ah, April. As the weather gets warmer, the DDP hits get fewer. But - not to fret - as the Windy City Deadpool is here to save us all from a summer of deadpooling boredom! Basics: Pick a team of 21 people. The higher their rank, the more points they get when they die and obit. Submit it to me via PM or on this thread, by the end of April. Scoring System: 1st pick: 500 points 2nd pick: 450 points 3rd pick: 400 points 4th pick: 350 points 5th pick: 300 points 6th pick: 275 points 7th pick: 250 points 8th pick: 225 points 9th pick: 200 points 10th pick: 180 points 11th pick: 160 points 12th pick: 140 points 13th pick: 120 points 14th pick: 100 points 15th pick: 85 points 16th pick: 70 points 17th pick: 55 points 18th pick: 50 points 19th pick: 45 points 20th pick: 40 points 21st pick: 21 points As you can see the margin slowly decreases from 50 to 25 to 20 to 15 to 5 until the 21st pick. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by whoever has the most unique hits. Bonus Points Luck Of The Irish Bonus-Anyone who dies March 17 is worth a bonus 50 points Día de Muertos aka Day Of The Dead Bonus-Anyone who dies btwn Oct 31 and Nov 2 is worth 31 points Belsnickel Bonus-Anyone who dies on Dec 25th/Christmas Day get's a 25 point bonus Festivus Miracle-Anyone who dies on Dec 23 get's a 23 point bonus Auld Lang Syne -Anyone who dies on New Year's day get's a whopping 1 point bonus Acceptable Obits: Anything accepted by the Derby Dead Pool, plus The Independent. Plus the following national American news sources: - New York Times - LA Times - CBS News - Fox News -TMZ Plus the following International news sources: http://www.cbc.ca/ https://www.theaustralian.com.au/ http://www.heraldscotland.com/ https://www.univision.com/ * Cancer Mum's/Athlete's Wives(IE Tiffany Youngs) and other Famous For Being Ill Types will not be accepted even if they get a qualifying Obit Duration: The competition lasts from May 1, 2018 to April 30, 2019. Get your team in before Big Ben welcomes the month of May.
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    A DL dating app? Great idea. Can call it Cinder.
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    To be fair, neither do the DUP! *drum roll*
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    Took a pill in Oman, to show Avicii I was cool. Gotta be one of the biggest "at their chart peak" deaths of all time really, up there with Jim Reeves and 2Pac.
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    Why so shy? I think Ballbag is a great middle name
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    Or c.: Just report without "tactical" considerations because this is a forum after all.
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    They WERE, in their thousands. But it's understandable, she was under a lot of pressure. Pish. I'm under a lot of pressure in my life, and I haven't kidnapped, tortured and slaughtered that many people at all. Good riddance to the heinous old terrorist.
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    Statistically, you and Sean have the best defence so far. 0 conceded in 2 rounds so far. DDT has 0 in 1 round. Most Conceded 1. Dead Cow 13 2. Heef 9 3. Sir Creep 6 4. Joey 6 5. Deadsox 6 6. Sean 0 7. DDT 0 8. YWillz 0 Most Scored 1. Dead Cow 26 2. Sir Creep 17 3. Joey 13 4. Heef 10 5. Sean 9 6. Deadsox 7 7. DDT 6 8. YWillz 4 So The Dead Cow is basically Klopp's Liverpool here.
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    Right, then. The Penalty Shootout Sean (Heads) vs Charon (Tails)- - Tails, Charon goes 1-0 up. - Heads, Sean levels it. - Heads, Sean goes 2-1 up - Heads, Sean wins 3-1. - Bad luck to Charon. Joey Russ (heads) v Grim Up North (tails) - Joey heads, Grim tails - Tails, Grim leads 1-0 - Heads, Joey equalises 1-1 - Tails – Grim leads 2-1 - Heads, 2-2. - Next flip wins it. - Heads, Joey wins 3-2 - Bad luck to Grim. Commiserations to Rad, charon, Grim Up North, Death Impends, Roverandout, Gcreptile, Chorizo and, err, me. Better luck next year?
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    Why beer is better than a man: Beer doesn’t fucking lie, so fuck off you twat.
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    Great thread. (I'm just posting this because I can)
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    She knows that. She said as much to Sir David Attenborough the other day on the telly when they were discussing planting trees. But I'm sure she would appreciate your sage advice.
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    Joey - accepting that depression is a serious illness that can hit anyone I still can't help imagining the conversation. Hi Joey Hi Feeling a bit low Low, yep Been able to go outside recently and get any fresh air and sunlight? No, inside mostly. Inside mostly? Hmmm, how do you pass your time? Well I'm really interested in people dying and who's going to die next. I surf the internet every waking minute looking for people who might die and are terminally ill and then I post about it on a forum and also I've got some teams of people I think are going to die and I check up on them all the time and sometimes I post on the forum about whether it's going to be a quiet year for deaths or maybe there will be an upsurge soon and maybe someone's cancer is going to get a whole lot worse and I just can't get enough of researching death to be honest. Hmmm, sips coffee.
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    Surprised she's he's transitioning that late in life, but it's good when people find their true selves I suppose.
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    Hate to break the sad news to you, Zsa Zsa, but it's not her birthday as she died fucking ages ago.
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    Extra curricular for sure. And Ronnie Biggs has never complained about DL merchandising.
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    With Ray Wilkins dead, Joey wins his first deadpool! Cheers!
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    I'm going to keep well clear of his mobility scooter then.
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    Not yet but by the time he comes to get it there will be additional amazing features like a hammer through the screen