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  1. The Transformers World 2005 website is reporting that Jack Angel has died age 90.




    We are saddened to report that veteran G1 voice actor Jack Angel has died, as confirmed but fellow G1 voice actor Hal Rayle via his Facebook account.


    Mr. Angel legacy for the Transformers franchise involves several key characters from the original G1 cartoon like: Omega Supreme, Ultra Magnus, Smokescreen, Astrotrain, Breakdown, Ramjet, Cyclonus, a Sweep and some other support characters of the show. Besides Transformers, he had a prolific career being part of other classic franchises like Voltron, Spider-Man: The Animated Series, G.I Joe and more.




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  2. On 16/01/2021 at 20:06, CoffinLodger said:

    Judging by that pic he doesn't have to worry too much about dying for a few years yet ! 

     I suspect that's an older picture. I saw a video of him from last October and he doesn't look grand:


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