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  1. 8 hours ago, CastAway said:

    The genie's out of the bottle, and it's not going to be corked up. LA already cut ~150 mil from the police budget, including the budget for 'hero pay' during Coronavirus. About a million places in Minnesota have cut contracts w/ the MPD, including the public school system in Minneapolis and UofM - and those are multi-million deals.

    That could potentially stoke some anger in those otherwise mild-mannered heavily  armed young officers.

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  2. On 14/12/2019 at 20:02, Cat O'Falk said:


    Here she is in one of her Oscar winning performances as Cleopatra in a play what Ernie wrote.



    Seeing this reminded me of a post I made  nearly 13 years ago:


    If only Tony Benn had shown the same concern for his offspring...


  3. On 20/05/2020 at 13:07, Toast said:


    Then I think you should be restored to moderator status without delay!

    Let's wait and see if I intend sticking around for a while first :)


    PMs are now back at a manageable size. I archived most of them in a safe place.  There's still a lot of heavy late-night stuff to trawl through involving one of America's most original moralists, a certain Mr. B. Scream of New York.


    How is everyone anyway?


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  4. On 19/05/2020 at 11:55, Miracle Aligner said:


    He last posted in March 2016 and just sorta disappeared. 


    Also your PMs are either full or off...

    My PMs are at 260%. Probably the size of my box was reduced when I was demoted from moderatorship.

    There's a lot of interesting stuff in there including some grand conversations with Banshees Scream, so I'm slowly working though them, deleting the less interesting ones. It should only be a matter of weeks before I'm reachable by PM.

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  5. 16 hours ago, Miracle Aligner said:


    Jesus. Anyone else want to revive themselves from the annals of Deathlist history?


    Rotten Ali, Margere Hein, Stayin Alive, 

    Is Hein Gone?

    I have fine, if somewhat unclear memories of getting severely guttered with him in a bar in Utrecht a few years ago. Nice chap.

  6. Hello all.

    Glad to see my baby (not to say brainchild) is still on the go.

    I'm still available to judge guilt of Crimes Against Humanity if anyone needs me to. I know I've got it well wrong before in at least one case. Luckily the corpse in question was dead already.

    Big thanks to Death Impends for keeping the show going. Is it too late to join in?

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  7. This bloke https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/jul/27/george-mcrobie-obituary?CMP=share_btn_link

    George McRobie has died. Interesting to me because he was my great uncle. I never actually managed to meet him but he was clearly a top fellow. Tomorrow I'm going to visit the house near Moscow where he spent part of his childhood and to meet my cousin three times removed for the first time who was Uncle George's first cousin. All very exciting. It seems I have a few ancestors and distant relatives who were actually good for something.

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  8. I'm going to change the manor of the penalty. Instead, no bonus points will be awarded. Since having the unique bonus is a feature of having overstepped the rule about being a notable qualifying celebrity (which I quite frankly don't buy) This will be a little more harsh. Thus Mr Glenny will score Maryportfuncity 45 basic points, rather than 53.2 points as previously considered, post initial reduction from a total of 84 points.


    Leader Board:


    1st - 66 points - Maryportfuncity

    2nd - 11 points - STAB in the DARK

    3rd - 1 point - Deathray

    4th - 0.375 points - LFN

    =5th- 0 points - everyone else but

    20th -1point - Banshees Scream


    This is appauling: "quite frankly" is clearly a sub-clause and, therefore, needs commas on either side and "This is more harsh" simply continues the sentence so the "t" should be lower case!


    This from someone who thinks "peddling" has something to do with riding a bicycle :)

  9. Well.

    I'm reminded of something I wrote a week or two ago about Rule 5:


    "I think the spirit of the law in this case intends to penalise those selecting very young, low hanging fruit of the tabloid variety."


    Admittedly he isn't extremely young, though far too young to die.

    I can't imagine how he could be more tabloid than he is. I mean his widow's name is Cola for pity's sake. I don't know, I've been out of the country for 20 years, but back then you would have got in the papers just for being called Cola.

    Low hanging fruit definitely.



    Which brings us to the question of his celebrity.

    Taking the rule literally. it follows that since his death was reported in the paper he must be famous enough to qualify for celebrity. Unfortunately his death was reported in the Mail, an organ which no intelligent person in the world, never mind Notapotato, could consider to be a reliable, respectable source of international news. So that's definitely an infringement, unless someone can find an obit somewhere else.

    The rules don't specify the penalty for breaking rule 2 but the tacit implication is that the candidate is not a valid choice and thus scores no points.


    Include with this the penalty for breaking Rule 5 and Mary should actually be getting minus points for his candidate.






    That was me summarily ridiculing MPFC. Others should feel free to join in.


    PS: I'll leave it up to Rotten Ali to decide what really to do. He does a grand job and is probably a bit fairer than me.

  10. 5. Anyone selecting tender-aged sufferers of terminal diseases or anyone under sentence of death or highly likely to be sentenced to death at the start of the year will be summarily ridiculed and very likely penalised in an arbitrary and unpleasant way should their candidates actually die or be killed.


    She was 29. I'm only 25.


    In my view, that makes her ancient.

    I don't think Notapotato would consider 29 to be a tender age. 25 might be a different matter.


    Clearly, this may expose a pick choice but...


    "Tender years" and "cancer" in the same sentence of the rule book isn't totally clear and Kristen Hallenga, battling the disease and raising money for charity is one of a number of 20 somethings who might be in the frame re national obits etc.


    Could we agree "tender years" end on your 21st birthday? Or summat.


    I think the spirit of the law in this case intends to penalise those selecting very young, low hanging fruit of the tabloid variety.

    The above exchanges sort of imply that Notapotato's definition of tender years is a somewhat higher age that I would have expected. Nevertheless, I don't think Hallenga falls into this category.


    Just to keep things fair, I'd like to propose a new rule:


    "Notapotato reserves the right to ridicule any participant at any time for any or no reason. In the absence of Notapotato this task may be performed by anyone else so inclined."

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  11. Hi NAP. As you're passing, could I trouble you for your opinion on the eligibility of the late Hakimullah Mehsud for a Crimes Against Humanity bonus? He was somewhat lacking in diplomatic tact, to put it mildly.


    Hmm. Hard to say.

    Give me some examples.

  12. I had to think about this one because I've never really considered Misch to be a particularly nasty piece of work, but I suppose on the bottom line protecting the Führers life has to be considered a crime against humanity, whatever he may or may not have believed he was doing.

    So yes. Crimes Against Humanity Bonus for Rochus Misch.




    I just went through the teams to see which one might be eligible for the prize for the most interesting or original or unusual or whatever selections. None of them made me laugh, which may have been a decider. I'm still thinking about it.


    Can anyone be bothered counting to see which teams are the most original, in that they have the most unique picks? That might help.

  13. Well Bruges was lovely. A bit expensive on the whole but very beautiful and only a bit too full of tourists in one or two places.

    Took me an hour or two to stop repeating the mantra "this place is a complete feckin' shithole", but after that I had quite a lot of fun with my festival friends.

    Sadly no Deathlisters were there; Hein may have come if I'd stayed a day longer but it wasn't possible :(

  14. So folks, sorry to be so unpredictable. I've decided not to drive to the UK.

    There's a festival on in Bruges I'm quite interested in so I'm driving there tomorrow morning. I'll stay for two, possibly three nights, though hotels seem to be pretty pricey.


    If anyone wants to come by for a Grimbergen or three then please PM me.


    I'm now going to prepare for my trip by watching the film.

  15. I know, I know. I was fed up, and I excitedly jumped at the opportunity of meeting up with you wonderful people without thinking about how I would get there. The ferry cost is around £200., train costs in this country are around £130, then there's the train to Bruges, the hotel and the many, many drinks. It's also the summer holidays and I have two children who want to do things other than stay home in front of the TV, and unfortunately, I'm not rolling in cash. I would very much like to be able to visit Bruges, but I can't. Had this been arranged a few months ago, prices would have been slightly cheaper and I could have budgeted my way around it.


    I hope my explanation is satisfactory to you, dear RA. I shall think more carefully before I speak in future.


    Don't worry about it; he loves you.


    £200 for the ferry? The ones I'm loooking at cost between €80 and €130 return with a car.


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