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  1. Here are some suggestions for tennis players who may die soon (due to advanced age):

    • Bobbie Heine Miller: Born 04.12.1909, aged 104. Won the French doubles title in 1927 !!!
    • Gardnar Mulloy: Born 22.11.1913, aged 100. Oldest living tennis HOF member.
    • Dorothy Bundy Cheney: Born 01.09.1916, aged 97. Oldest living female Grand Slam singles champion.
    • Thelma Coyne Long: Born 14.10.1918, aged 95.
    • Welby Van Horn: Born 08.09.1920, aged 93.
    • Pancho Segura: Born 20.06.1921, aged 92.
    • Earl Cochell: Born 18.05.1922, aged 91. Only player barred for life by the US tennis association.
    • Patricia Canning Todd: Born 22.07.1922, aged 91.
    • Vic Seixas: Born 30.08.1923, aged 90. Oldest living male Grand Slam singles champion.
    • Budge Patty: Born 11.02.1924, aged 90.

    I don't think any of these are really famous names, but most were grand slam champions so will get obits.


    The players we generally think of as 'old' are not that advanced in years by today's standards (Rosewall, Laver, Court, King etc. are all in their 70s).

  2. I swore I would never post on this forum again other than on this day.


    There can be no other Dunn: he more than anyone has symbolised the DL for the last 26 years. Now that we know he is not immortal, we can nevertheless maintain that he will forever remain an iconic legend of DL history.



  3. Yep, Bush, but that's just down to the might of the US forces. What I was after, was the typical Poll- Pot type leader who stamps down on his own nation.


    Certainly now that Bin Laden, Gaddafi and Kim Jong-Il have died, he has few if any living contenders for such an 'honour'.



    I like to think he became Lib Dem MP John Thurso (first hereditary peer to win a seat in the Commons after the Lords were shaken up).




    Whaddaya thunk?


    I think we all know he became Freddy Mercury.


    "Killer Queen", their breakthrough hit, was No 2 in the charts when Lucan disappeared.


    Nuff said. :P

  5. Good list, mind, definite deaths on there and lots of them hard to call. The only safe prediction is that the eventual winner will have to honestly claim luck played a part in their victory.






    1.Michael, George


    2.Doherty, Pete


    3.Lohan, Lindsay


    4.Prince Philip


    5.Gascoigne, Paul


    6.Dunn, Clive


    7.Ali, Muhammad


    8.Forsyth , Bruce


    9. Charlie Sheen


    10. Vera Lynn


    11. Eric Sykes


    12. Bush, Sr., George H. W.


    13. Fidel Castro


    14. Larry Hagman


    15. Michael Douglas


    16. Ian Brady


    17. Hugo Chavez


    18. Christopher Lee


    19. Stephen Hawking


    20. Dickie Attenborough


    21. Eric Sykes


    22. Andy Williams


    23. Jack Klugman


    24. Al-Assad, Bashar


    25. Robin Gibb


    You put Eric Sykes twice.

  6. 1. Clive Dunn :P

    2. Charlie Sheen

    3. Pete Doherty

    4. Paul Gascoigne

    5. Lindsay Lohan

    6. Ian Brady

    7. George Michael

    8. Michael Douglas

    9. Bruce Forsyth

    10. Larry Hagman

    11. Geoffrey Hughes

    12. George H.W. Bush

    13. Andy Williams

    14. Christopher Lee

    15. Penny Marshall

    16. Jerry Lewis

    17. Jim Stynes

    18. Prince Philip

    19. Nelson Mandela

    20. Dickie Attenborough

    21. Eric Sykes

    22. Fidel Castro

    23. Ariel Sharon

    24. General Wojciech Jaruzelski

    25. Patrick Moore

  7. Hopefully Warsi's visit today will finish him off. After all, I nearly had an aneurysm when I read her latest drivel


    This post will do nothing for my reputation on these boards as an alleged "women hater", but....she has a face I'd never tire of slapping.


    Actually I'd say it's done rather a lot for that reputation.

  8. I've been off this forum for ages and it's good to see Clive Dunn still on the list.


    As I understand it there is an unwritten rule that he will remain on the list until he dies....if he ever does. :P


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